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Happy 54th Kalvin

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Is this a man who needs another pizza?

March 13, 2015 - Korffer Andre checks in via an e-mail he has sent out to his group....

Hi all:

Between now and June 21 Kal K. Korff’s docudrama “The Zeta Reticuli CONspiracy” about the Betty and Barney Hill case “will" be out for public consumption. The first sneak preview was aired last January, which was, as you all may know, very hilarious. On February 21 Kal Korff announced that the second sneak preview would be out in about a week. Well, so far nothing has materialized. When I asked him about it, again, in our regular discussions on social media, he sort of weaselled his way out of it, as he likes to do, by stating the following: "Preview will be coming soon, date not set yet, and we have filmed scenes for the longer Director's Cut or Special Edition, which will be likely one hour longer …”  Not only am I waiting for the second sneak preview, but also for the new website he had announced last January.
As some (or perhaps most) of you may know, I’ve been helping out an individual who has been monitoring Kal Korff’s lying and egomaniacal behavior for some time now, so I’ve been spending a lot of time and effort writing up lengthy solid and structured rebuttals (which can be mentally exhausting) since I started my discussions with Kal Korff on FB in late last May, which have always been countered by Kal Korff with the usual distortions, evasiveness and smearing. Recently, he even threatened to block me (again) and report me to FB (which is the first time), which hasn’t happened. I told him that his threats of blocking and reporting me seems to show the actions of a very irritated and mean individual in defeat unable to factually disprove my very relevant observations.
The latest news update from Kal Korff on his FB wall re his upcoming Hill movie dates from March 9 when he posted this announcement including the picture below: "Hi everyone. Quick update on the movie we are making that exposes the Barney and Betty Hill "UFO abduction" case. As I have said, the data presented in the new movie is original material, data that has not been made public before, and can be verified by anyone wishing to do so, as all facts can be checked. Here is one set of docs, this is a report I did in eighth grade that was 213 pages long, :) the highlight of which was the Hill case. Betty Hill contributed material for it. Here's a photo of the report which was written back in 1976, I got an A+ grade on it :)”  According to Kal Korff this picture “proves" his early Hill “research”, which is in fact a school project which he made in 8th grade in 1976 passing for real active research and all one can see is a picture of a portfolio with papers presented as proof for what? This picture is as hilarious as was his first sneak preview.

Kind regards.



The Accredited Journalist said...

Wow, we got some press. Thank you Korffer's!

Please subscribe and get the material to go viral.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you lunatic.

Here's to another year of titling at windmills.


Happy Birthday, Fucktard said...

"... then I went hoe to work on the movie thats coming out soon ..."

Thirteen words and thirteen conclusions:

1) Kal Korff subconsciously wishes he could at least afford a prostitute to spend his birthday with
2) Kal Korff wishes the prostitute would lower their standards to allow his vial hands on their body
3) Kal Korff's "movie" is being worked on at home rather than in a production studio
4) Kal Korff's "movie" is being created on consumer software rather than professional tools requiring workstation power
5) Kal Korff hangs out at the apartment a lot playing with his computer
6) Kal Korff has no friends who quietly insist that he do something sociable on his big day of the year
7) Kal Korff has no male friends who are game enough to chip in and afford him a prostitute or at least a decent lap dance in a gentleman's club type establishment, so he can be reminded of what women are and why its important to stay in shape for one
8) Kal Korff has no wife waiting at home
9) Kal Korff has no girlfriend waiting at home, or her home, to quietly insist on spending time with him
10) Kal Korff is already fudging on the release date of his "movie", meaning that it is a vanity project with no deadline for a commercialized public release which is being specifically scheduled for maximum market saturation
11) Kal Korff has no agenda for marketable return on the investment in his "movie", and is thusly not intended for commercial release -- since no money is being spent to create it no money is expected to be made by showing it
12) Kal Korff has no real friends who quietly insisted that he set aside his "work" on his birthday to enjoy himself
13) Kal Korff spent his birthday by himself, at home

Anonymous said...

Damn, that Fat Boy has REALLY SWELLED UP! What ya eating there Fat Boy? Cow semen?

Anonymous said...

I have a question.

Given Korff's somewhat muted activity over the last few years.... How long should Korff be "put on notice" and "kept on notice", monitored and reported upon?

As a long time Korffer I was thinking about this today.

I don't mean pulling the material, I just mean endless comments on his current activities, etc.

Just throwing it out there.

Anonymous said...

"His computer is his "canvas"? In a pig's eye! ~My~ computer is a canvas! His computer is better described as an instrument of obfuscation, misdirection, and literary imbalance ~~ a propaganda mill."

For more, look half way down this long page or do a search "Kal" to find the start of this interesting and entertaining rant about Korff:

Anonymous said...

Here's the material in that link, you won't have to do a word search here:

Anonymous said...

Well, almost two years past due .. where is that book or series of books Mr. Bubble Butt? Like everything else in your life .. bull shit and more bull shit without even one thought of carrying thru your countless number of promises and lies.

By the way Tubby, what is your weight now?

Kal Korff said...

Dear Sir,

How dare you question my claims and my weight issues! I remind you, Sir, I am Kal Korff and the SOONER you come to terms with this fact, the SOONER you will SEE your MISTAKE.

Kal Korff

Anonymous said...

How long should Korff be "put on notice" and "kept on notice", monitored and reported upon?

As long as Kal kontinues to be entertaining. He's appointed himself as an expert and public figure & that kind of scrutiny is the price of fame.

Anonymous said...

I took a look at the YouTube channel for Korff's new media giant.

3 subscribers and view totals into the ones...

Speaks for itself.

Go Fuck Yourself, Kalvin said...

The fucking idiot is using the old "red line on the globe" graphic from his CR years video work. He's using the same software and looks like a fucking loser cracker shithead in that camo shirt. Playing news anchor now Kal? WELL AT LEAST YOU AREN'T DOING ANYMORE FLYING SAUCER SHOWS you worthless shitbag valor stealing fuckwit.

And yes, as long as horse shit like this keeps turning up Korff deserves being ridiculed, mocked, made fun of, exposed, confronted, and told to go fuck himself.

Anonymous said...

What "Go Fuck Yourself Kalvin" said ....

niedermeyer said...

it is interesting to see kal utilizing what are now ten year old graphics to pad out his "news updates" for this "global media giant"

they can't even afford their own software, and the angle on his camera is all macbook photobooth webcam. ten year olds simulate newscasts more convincingly. it can't be a genuine demo for an up coming journalist either because he's dressed like a slob so he can forget about that as a reasonable explanation.

the purpose of it can only be an attempt to deceive people who wish for kal to actually succeed at something for once in his pathetic miserable life. and that is evil

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen .. what I have said and have been saying for years!

This asshole slob has been and IS .. Mentally Ill. For any of you that look for some type of REASON in Kalvin and his antics ...

What part of "Mentally Ill" don't you get?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sums that up. :-)

Anonymous said...

To quote Star Trek, "Jim insanity has no reason but it may have a purpose." It's disgusting that Kal chooses to try to trick people into thinking he may have succeeded. But yes, it's all just a pathetic fucking game by somebody who is too far gone to realize what a horse's ass he makes himself out to be. And it's sad he will probably never be compelled to get the help he needs.

And entertaining! I hope Kal makes more newscasts and can't wait to see this three hour movie of people in India sitting around in cafes talking about a UFO abduction case. Climaxing in that plaid covered binder opening to reveal ratty forty year old newspaper clippings. Break out the big guns Kal! It's now or never bro, your chance to prove all of us wrong with a three hour long youtube video nobody will ever have to pay a dime to see. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Look what Korffer Andre found:

Nice web site Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

You know what Kalvin's movie reminds me of? Lets go "way-way" back to the 1940's when Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland were still kids doing those old "Andy Hardy" movies. Remember the scenes where either Mickey or Judy would say;

"Hey Kids! Lets do a show (usually in the fucking horse barn where every body will sing and dance on horse-shit and straw) to make the money to bail Pop outta jail! (or fucking whatever the deal was.)

So one day our ol' buddy Fat Ass Kal musta said to his beauty show people, "Hey, lets make a Flying Saucer movie to make some money to hire folks to pick up the shit and clean the piss off our sidewalk! Yea!! Lets make a Fucking Movie!!!!

I LUV KAL said...

Hmm, make some money to clean up his sidewalk? Well maybe .. but I vote for ....



PIZZA!!! I think the lard ass wants continuos and copious amounts of .. PIZZA!! God, that fucking SLUG looks like he could explode!

Anonymous said...

Is that shitty little website the best Kal can do? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But I thought Kal was a pioneer in computing working on Hyper Card and for Apple and....and....and..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There are kids in the fifth grade who can build better website than that pathetic piece of shit. Kal failed at impressing anyone here in the US with his fifth rate computer skills or anything else he was doing so he had to leave the US to try to be a somebody in another country. It didn;t work in Prague and Kal fled after he hit bottom again and was forced to steal from people there while burning every single bridge he might have had there. The same thing will soon happen in India when Kal begins to not being able to help himself and decides to get his crazy on. Kal will be his own undoing as unusual. Just give the fat dumb fucker a little more time to hang himself. Perhaps we should start a pool to see what country Kal will flee to next. And Kal cannot go to Israel because it appears his special super duper secret services nonsense made it to the Israeli government.