Friday, September 28, 2018

McCunttell & Korff -#Korfftoo


Anonymous said...

hahahaha whatever kal. see this headline you fat fuck???
Apple Found To Violate 1 Qualcomm Patent

Anonymous said...

This lady obviously has no idea what a fruitcake Kal really is.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on September 27, 5 days later.... she Liked his post, he Liked her post and that was it. Two comments and two shares... as expected.

Johanna Rae: Fun times and a great chat! Thanks for having me as your guest this evening Kal Korff

Kal Korff: THANKS, Johanna Rae. My pleasure, my honor.

Anonymous said...

Kalon facebook "This is arguably illegal butt Trump haters don’t mind, yet if this were done to them..." You mean illegal like stealing Apple products and identity theft like posing as a lawyer and stolen valor for posing as a fake colonel? Kal knows all about illegal.

Jimmy_D said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff - living proof of the banality of evil.

Getting close to the 10th anniverary of the start of this blog.

Perhaps Santa in a Floppy Hat could lay off the liquor (or alternatively, down a few more than usual) and mark the occasion in his own inimitable style?

Still waiting for the police you had stake out my apartment to finally pounce, Kalvin. You worthless piece of dung.

Anonymous said...

Santa in a Floppy Hat!! Santa in a Floppy Hat!! Santa in a Floppy Hat!!

Oh yes ... PLEASE Santa, make an appearance!!!