Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farewell to Kolonel Kornhole?

For anyone happening by at this late juncture news has been received that Kal K. Korff may have been given the top end of the boot out of Prague. Through all of Kal's cock ups and idiocy he has somehow managed to get a hold of some mugs and fool them into believing his rubbish.

Right now there is no set in stone information about whether Kal has been sacked from Prague or not. I hear visa problems can really be quite a pain in the rump for those flaunting around without the required credentials.

It appears that someone heard an American roughly fitting Kernal Kornass got tossed and some are under the belief it may by Kal. I hope someone can check with the consulate office to find out if it is true or not. Is it really true? ahahhhaaahahahahahahaa

I have a bad feeling that when Kal is found to be backin the states if it is true he has been booted that there will be a lot of people anxious for him to return so they can likely sue him or serve him with stalker papers. Kal will learn fast that you can't waffle on in the states like he has in Prague. The little world wide web terrorist may finally be at an end of his brazen bullying and we all know that Kernal Nitwit is a coward afraid to directly face people.

hopefuly Prague will be idiot free with the rumored sacking of Kal.


brit_in_Prague said...

I'd say it's time to put the word out (and stick up some posts asking if anyone's heard anything) on sites such as www.expats.cz and www.prague.tv and any UFO/Bigfoot-related sites out there.

I cannot allow myself to get too excited just yet, but boy - I'd definitely take the day off work if it turned out to be true.

I can see the headline in The Prague Post (the local English language rag*) now:


*Where, incidentally, one-time Korff dupe M*ch**la K*c*s first met the retard when she was working there as a researcher at the time of his short-lived IT column.

B.Hudson said...

I take it Kal will be finishing the "Final Uploads" to his site on the plane bound for the US??

My oh my, how S3 has fallen....

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Anonymous said...

I see two poaaibilities. Either that is a rumor or an actual fact.
Now, if it's a rumor, Kal will find a way to respond to the 'world' that it is just that. If it's for real, then we will be hearing no more from him.
But there are some clues indicating that it could be a fact. Kal had stated on his Facebook that he would be going to the USA on a 'book tour' this summer. He also mentioned about meeting with 'senior citizens' in Prague.
Fact or fiction?


Anonymous said...



It doesn't get any more accurate than this!!! LOL!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!

Brit_in_Prague said...

Yes, well ...

First (t my knowledge) posted here: http://kkkwatch.blogspot.com/2007/10/taking-korff.html

I'd say the person who keeps reposting it on this (several times) and other blogs is as grubby and nasty an individual as KKK himself.

George Adamski said...

Kal shows up in Connecticut calling himself William Joseph Trumpower:


Anonymous said...

For what you did to Michaela, Mr Sedlacek and countless others, I hope you are suffering, Korff ... wherever your sorry carcass has ended up.

As various parties have pointed out many times on this blogsite - you are vermin.

Anonymous said...

Something Horn sent me a few months back... a little interesting tid bit Horn through in the response....

>>> I should add that in one email to me he admitted his doubt that Meier had actually hoaxed all his UFO photos. <<<

Trying to track down Korff....


Anonymous said...

...Korrffff pops up in Texas?


Stop_LYING_Korff!!!! said...

Well. It looks like you're finished, "Colonel".

Good riddance.

God damn you to hell, you lying sonofabitch.

Anonymous said...

Been sending out e-mails here and there... nothing.


sqwuankomotiico said...

I think the answer is quite obvious: The Super Duper Super Secret Special Services have routinely re-deployed MR. Korff to Oregon due to a perceived terrorist threat in the area, and are in the process of relocating their global headquarters from Geneva into Dot Joss' basement.

Anonymous said...

Boy, if this really is the end of the "Colonel", I'm gonna miss the esteemeed Squonkie's posts.
Spot on, as per usual...

skwuonkoupmpitic said...


Cheers Jimmy! My own estimation is that unless there has been a court order compelling him to not use the internet MR. Korff will be back with a new spin on the reality of his situation. He will explain the disruption away with a new fantasy and start up again right where he left off.

My own thoughts keep coming back to the timing of his apparent removal from Facebook followed 24 to 48 hours later a total absence of any new information anywhere on the internet. I can think of 10,000 things someone can do on Facebook that would get them in enough trouble to warrant attention from authorities but I think its safest to presume that the two events were unrelated & their timing a coincidence.

Only one thing is safe to bet on, which is that the world will never know the truth of what really happened as long as Kal K. Korff is the source of that information. Keep sending out those emails, FN! and keep churning through the Prague local news for bulletins on any Americans living in Prague running afoul of authorities. After two or three weeks he should have been able to figure out a way to get the information spin he would want out there somehow. He still has YouTube as a free outlet at any rate but according to the status on his channel he has not signed in for 3 weeks (which in YouTube time is more like five to six weeks).

With that in mind it is safe to conclude that there has been SOME sort of disruption in MR. Korff's life that has compelled him to do other things than find ways to spread his bile across the internet via free platforms. By now MR. Korff should have been able to figure something out no matter how desperate, cloying or shameless. He's down for the moment but I hardly think he's out, unless he did something so heinous which eventually caught up with him that he is now forbidden to access the internet at all. If that's the case then some local Czech news outlet will probably have note of it somewhere on their Crime & Safety or Tech news at some point. That would be one update I would look forward to seeing!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep at it.

It is of interest I think that Horn kept after Korff via the threats and such and his site(s) is gone, as Horn promised, and it seems a bit too much of a co-ink-e-dink that his FB page got pulled as well...? Maybe?

As a FB user, I didn't see anything posted nearly has stupid as he used to put on his site? He seemed very happy to have "friends" of any kind...

Also, Horn has been very quite on FB as well; couple of posted in over a week. And nothing new in regards to the "M.I. Exclusive Interview w/ Kal Korff May 30th 6pm E". That guy never responded to the questions about Korff.

I have "others" who have been e-mailing him direct, faking concern and asking him if he's okay; health, family, etc.


I would say that something pretty major has happened. Sickness, family, governmental intervention...


Anonymous said...

Korff and Face Book

So here’s what may have happened to Korff on Face Book. He started posting items which were critical of Face Books Privacy issues. Face Book will remove those links off your FB page a couple of times and then, they delete your account if that action continues.

This doesn’t account for his non response to personal e-mails but it could be what happened?


Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...


I think Kal's ex-girlfriend alerted the FB authorities to his truly bizarre account of his "upskirt" experience.

The thing is, he almost certainly (and pointlessly) invented this incident - talk about cutting his own throat....

What a retard.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Well I certainly wouldn't want to think that Kalvin had done something even more stupid like FAKING HIS AGE to try and seem younger for all those single ladies, EXCEEDING WALL POST USE LIMITS with spurious, annoying and repetitive posts to his or anyone else's board, or just EXCESSIVE FRIENDING or EXCESSIVE UNWELCOME FRIEND REQUEST COMPLAINTS, all of which can trigger an instant suspension. Also unwelcome group joins, spam email/alert campaigns, interacting inappropriately with minors (they are hardcore about people's ages for a good reason!) or even just harassing another user (Mikey Horn?). Little Kalvin was also a NEW, INEXPERIENCED and POORLY INFORMED user who did not learn what Face Books was before abusing it. Hopefully the ban is permanent, and lets hear it for all of those good, tight Face Book buddies of his stopping by here and KoK's blog to tell everyone what a great guy he really is, that we've got it all wrong, and that Kalvin deserves a chance just like anyone else.

Err, no, wait, none of them have. None of Kalvin's 22,460,128 friend list people he bragged about being so close to or getting such love and support from has come here to set us to rights or stick up for him. None except our hero Michelle, of course, and if she did manage to get him popped she's even COOLER than I thought the first time. Talk about blowing your chance, Kal!

Anonymous said...

The Unknown Korffer said...

Nice! :^)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ms Risso certainly has the first star in my Korffing Hall of Fame.

I salute you, madam.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Kalvin's dirtbag brother is getting on in the slammer.

Maybe he'll be getting some brotherly company soon.

You lying scumbag, Korff. I hope you're about to reap the whirlwind.

Rob McConnell said...

I was kust sent this link from an people on this blog. http://www.scribd.com/doc/31913524/New-Kal-Korff-Intrigue. I am also going to be doing a "What Ever Happened To Kal K Korff show and woudl any mmber of this blog who would like to join me, please send me an email to xzone@xzoneradiotv.com


Rob McConnell said...

I apologize for the errors in my previous posting - I had to change keyboards.

I was just sent this link from a member of The 'X' Zone Nation and thought the people on this blog would be interested in it: http://www.scribd.com/doc/31913524/New-Kal-Korff-Intrigue. I am also going to be doing a "What Ever Happened To Kal K Korff" show and would like to invite any mmber of this blog to come on the show or send me an email to xzone@xzoneradiotv.com.


Godzilla said...

Well Rob, isn't that just brilliant? You are going to do a what ever happened to the fraud that I promoted for years. Well Rob, how much responsibility do you take for your promotion of this fraud? Birds of a feather flock together and what have you. Right?


Anonymous said...

McConnell - you are as big (if not bigger) a scumbag bullshitter as the "Colonel". Go take a hike.

FN - maybe you could just message The Great Man's uncle to find out what's up with him?

Keep on Korffing...

Anonymous said...

Jimmy D,

I'm on it.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting guests might be -
Paul Kimball, Don Ecker, David Biedny, Michael Horn, Stan Friedman, et al.


Rob McConnell said...

Thanks DG.

I have already been in touch with Michael Horn who is presently in Switzerland - he will be coming on when he gets back. I have also been in touch with Kevin Randle. Once again, thanks for your feed back.


Anonymous said...

Is Rob McConnell really so desperate for ratings he has to do a show on Kal Korff, the same guy Rob allowed to defame people on the air without question?

Go crawl back under your rock, Rob. I can't believe you have the balls to come here after what you allowed Kal to pull on your show. You're a ratings whore, Rob.

The Unknown Korffer said...

What a creepy, sleazy little request. Do your own homework, and I hope Colonel Kevin Randle tells you to stuff it.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Korff = McConnell = udder scum.

Anonymous said...

From Korff's template site today:

OK, we WILL launch in a few HOURS! Now that we've enjoyed laughing at the gossip and the rumors, here comes reality... :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord...

Anonymous said...

"...here comes reality."



You nutcase, "Colonel".

sqyuibmbftactic said...

The reality is that MR. Korff is an incompetent, inept buffoon who has tried to steal valor from the proud men & women fighting the war on terror. Anything else is a fantasy and I hope the few people who were sympathetic to his situation are aware of that by now.

If Colonel Randle chooses to do Rob's show that's his business, though I also hope that he refuses to participate. It is beneath him to have anything more to do with Kalvin K. Korff beyond a possible defamation of character lawsuit.

The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL can't wait for a new round of laughs.

My prediction of BREAKING NEWS! post #1 is that Little Kalvin explains his removal from Face Books by claiming that he deleted it due to privacy concerns such as those that dominate tech news almost daily now. Though a more likely explanation if in fact he was the one who nuked it was to stop the humiliation he was facing from those who know him personally & his stories don't wash with, i.e. Michelle R. and his uncle. He was really taking a beating there for a while and it was very entertaining to witness!

B.Hudson said...

I really appreciate that the "Korff-ers" on here have some standards and refuse to blindly follow a former Korff enabler in his attempt to garner a few more listeners.

As far as Kal's "internet comeback", expect endless amounts of spin. I'm sure Kal will tell us all how he simply deleted his FB account and went underground to study the reaction for his so called "thesis". I wonder if Kal will ever put 2 and 2 together and realize that anyone with even a vague familiarity with the way higher education works knows his "thesis" is Kal's go to move whenever he gets busted for his shennanigans.

We all know that your "thesis" is yet another figment of your obviously mentally ill imagination.

Produce a college degree from any accredited university, Kal, plus an advanced degree from said university. It makes a "thesis" look much more legitimate. Of course you can no more produce a degree in anything than you can produce a video of you mailing a manuscript to a publisher, or documentation of your "qualifications".

You're a bad internet joke, Kal, and an embarrassment to the few family members who even bother to speak to you anymore. Of course, good old Dot is still funding your European vacation while you hide out from various process servers and the people lined up to deliver their own form of justice once you set foot on American soil.

BTW, whenever you grow up and actually face your problems as opposed to running from them, people might actually cut you some slack. Until then, expect the people on this blog to continue to document your lies, damn lies, and larcenous behavior. Admit that everything you've done since, say, 1998 has been nothing more than complete BS, pay off your debts, and for Chris'sakes apologize to Sedlacek and make amends for using the goodwill of a pillar of the community for your own needs.I mean, I've done some bad things in my life, things I'm not proud of at all, but I've never taken advantage of someone who takes it upon himself to help out those less fortunate than himself. It truly takes a complete and "udder" piece of shit to do what you did to Mr. Sedlacek. I'm pretty sure that all religions frown upon that, and someone who claims to be a serious follower of Judaism would know that stealing from a charity is a good way to punch your ticket on the "Hell Express".

Go die in a fire, Kal.

Your pal,

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas
Not a Hate Criminal (see, I beat you to it)

The Unknown Korffer said...

Give it to him, Brad! Whatever Kalvin K. Korff posts it will just be a distortion, exaggeration, or outright lie. And who cares anyway beyond the potential entertainment factor, which just got even better:

"OK, we WILL launch in a few HOURS! Now that we've enjoyed laughing at the gossip and the rumors, here comes reality... :-) "

Since this is the only place on the whole god damn internet to have speculated on this subject we can now take it as the gospel truth that this blog has made Kalvin K. Korff its bitch. LOL.

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

"OK, we WILL launch in a few HOURS! Now that we've enjoyed laughing at the gossip and the rumors, here comes reality... :-)"
---What is this "we" business, "Colonel". You are completely alone.

You liar. You crook. You madman.

Don Ecker said...

From "Major Jesse Marcel: The Hidden Truth," by Kal Korff

In my book I publish for the first time excerpts from the military file of Jesse Marcel, excerpts which
prove that although Marcel served his country honorably, he was not a credible witness and should
not be considered as such. (Despite this fact, Stanton Friedman and other pro-UFO Roswell authors
consider his every word to be gospel truth.)

Okay, the above is interesting, right? Kal K Korff, that paragon of truth, leader of the fight against international terrorism, author of 500 books, recipient of $25 Million Dollars from some Arab Sheik, inventor of an atomic bomb at age 14, litigant against Don Ecker, Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, etc. etc. etc.

Korff, you are but one thing and that thing is a World Klass Moron, Liar, and delusional LITTLE PUDGY man-child. Period. Savy, Kimo-sabe?

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Don Ecker... You're my hero!


Anonymous said...

I see where Kal's scheduled 'appearance' on the Jeffrey Pritchett chat show for May 30 has been canceled.
Is anyone surprised? I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Face Book response from Korff's uncle:

James TurpinMay 28, 2010 at 1:36pm
Re: Kal K Korff
I have not a clue, sorry.


Anonymous said...

"OK, we WILL launch in a few HOURS..."

We're waiting, "Colonel".

You stupid fucking tool.

The Unknown Korffer said...

I see where Kal's scheduled 'appearance' on the Jeffrey Pritchett chat show for May 30 has been canceled.

This is why it is unlikely that Kalvin himself deleted his Face Books page. He was banking on the access they gave him and reveling on having a free platform on which others were compelled to pay attention to him.

It was also only after his removal that he paid attention to his URL after it had been neglected for over a month following his prior Scottish lawyer web hosters' termination of his account.

Daniela is correct, Kalvin is surely all alone (that "we" myth dates back to his earliest activities & was just as bogus then) and has nothing going for him at all anymore. The only reason to follow this subject is for the potential entertainment value, and I am ready to pop some popcorn & watch him flame out. Go Go Go Kalvin!!!