Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kal K. Korff is an IDIOT!

Breaking news this is not but what else is there to say about this fool? What it must be like to live your life in a charade and so vicariously through a computer screen.  I know not what else to say about lifelong idiot and pretender except that Kal K. Korff is an idiot and there is a village somewhere missing one. About the only real news is the rumor going around that the Czech police might finally be on to Kernal Klown. Cheers lads!


Anonymous said...

No more proof needed. Korff has gone silent. I'm sure it's a "test" to gauge what his kritics will say about him, etc.

Pure klaptrap.

By making the huge mistake to set-up shop on Face Book, Korff's imaginary world has come undone by his own mouth. His own words. His own behavior.

Korff’s lies, his endless promises to produce material, his “look at me, look at me” public behavior has taken him down a road he didn’t want to travel and one that he can get off of in only one way.

Delete your Face Book account, remove your web site and slip off into the night.

Oh, one more thing. I KNOW the Prometheus Books revelation, that Korff does have a dog eared contract, but no, he hasn’t tuned in a “manuscript” in many years, hurt him badly.

Here we have a solicited but nonetheless honest and professional response to a Korff lie.

This single revelation has pushed Kalvin away from his social network activities and back to the drawing board. Korff now MUST finish his book(s) and turn in something, to counter this revelation; so public and so stinging, he cannot let stand.

After all, Korff’s previous life as an author, of sorts, is really all he can hold onto. The television and UFO conferences dried up. Every opportunity for Korff to be “someone” has gone away.

So Kalvin, you get after it buddy! Get that manuscript done, turn it in, and await the scathing reviews you will certainly receive for your cut and paste 6 volume series.

Away you go little Kalvin, work, work, work.

Remember; don’t eat the paste and crayons.


Anonymous said...

Even if he turns in a manuscript, Prometheus is likely not obligated to publish it. I'm sure after they have read the delusional gibberish Kal has posted, Prometheus wants to stay as far from Kal as possible.

And we all know that if - and that is a big if - Kal actually turns a manuscript in, that it will never see the light of day and Kal will then have something to go on several tirades about.

I read that disorganized piece of jumble Kal said was a book about some shooting and it made me cringe that it was so horribly written.

Anonymous said...

And the light weight posts continue from Krazy Korff.

It's as if he doesn't know how to behave on Face Book anymore?

Hey Kalvin, why not promise some more videos, and books and law suits?

Oh, that's right? You have and nothing has come of it... any of it.

Kal Korff:

Did you know that FAT neighbors are known as `weighbors’?? It's true! :-)

Kal Korff:


Rent Is Too Damn High Candidate Doesn't Pay Rent
Your rent may be too damn high, but Jimmy McMillan's sure isn't.

Kal Korff:

Did you know that if you count the number of cricket chirps in a 15-second period, add 37 to the total, your result will be very close to the actual outdoor Fahrenheit temperature? Did you know that a pregnant goldfish is called a twit? The $64,000 Question: When Cheese gets its photo taken, WHAT does it say? :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard those rumours too.

Actually, they're more than rumours - my landlady works at the foreigners' police and she told me a month ago they are after him.

Anonymous said...

Part One

Thought I’d lay out exactly what’s going on with Korff’s youtube template videos, their views and just what a HUGE failure it’s been.

In general, Korff’s Billy Meier and Kennedy videos get the most views. From top to bottom.

Number 1 video:
Light YARNS-FAKEShips Of The Pleiades-The SILLY Meier Story
10,114 views - 2 years ago

Number 2 video:
Final Verdict: JFK's Murder SOLVED! - Part 3.
9,205 views - 2 years ago

Then things drop off in a huge way...

David Biedny THREATENS Colonel Kal Korff with Physical Harm
3,621 views - 3 years ago

From here we have Meier and Kennedy videos with ever decreasing views...

The next 15 videos, mostly Meier and Kennedy stuff and then...

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Is It REALLY True? - Question 6
785 views - 2 years ago

This would be 1.07 views per day.

To the last one on the list...

Scandals Of Kevin Randle - Episode 15
58 views - 2 years ago

This would be 0.08 views per day.

Of interest is this video

Kal Korff Shows Upcoming Products and Exposes - Part 1
From: secretxwars | July 03, 2008 | 693 views

In this video, Korff claims that he “shut down” Steven Spielberg so his “Munich” and “Schindler's List” films wouldn’t be successful because their inaccurate and manipulative,.

Munich worldwide box office
= $130,358,911

Schindler's List world wide box office
= $321,306,305

For a total of = $451, 665, 216 million dollars.

Well done Korff, well done.

schkwonkomodeus said...

In this video, Korff claims that he “shut down” Steven Spielberg so his “Munich” and “Schindler's List” films wouldn’t be successful because their inaccurate and manipulative

Censorship of the arts & stifling freedom of expression is always the first duty of an aspiring tyrant after taking over the television stations. Freedom of speech isn't about protecting the speech you like, it's about protecting that speech you despise, a truism that never jibes with a genuine narcissist. And this guy boasts/brags about being a "volunteer" fighting against fascism. Next thing you know he'll make a video of him burning those books he deigns as acts of consumer fraud.

Well done, MR. Korff, well done.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now here we go, some real intrigue....

Poached from Krazy Korff's Wall....

Guy Weddle:

Kal, there is a storm coming. You can try and hide anywhere you want. You are a fraud and coward. I am coming for you

October 22, 2010 . 2 hours ago +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Same, Guy Weddle, from this Korff template video:


In this hard-hitting episode, self-proclaimed UFO "researcher" Guy Weddle, WHO MAKES A POINT TO ENGAGE IN HATRED and EXTREMISM, GETS XPOSED by UFO WatchCat and Kal Korff for outright LYING and making personal attacks, while avoiding relevant issues.

Weddle make the false claim that Kal Korff has never exposed anyone — not only is this an outright LIE, but highlights and excerpts from Kal Korff's dozens of Xposes are featured in this stunning episode.

Anonymous said...

2 hours later and Korff deleted that Face Book post. Gonna send it to the "police" I'm sure. Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

That Guy dude is the head of this:

This is the same person who's been talking smack on Kalvin for months, on his podcasts.

Also, Kalvin is no longer a "friend" on Guy's Face Book page...

So, the post by Guy was made, then 2 hours later, the post is removed and Kalvin is removed as one of his friends....

Anonymous said...

The life story of Kal K. Korff:

I - Wannabe
II - Almost was
III - Could have been
IV - Dismal failure


Anonymous said...

Krazy Korff is posting a lot on Face Book right now. Apple, Obama and this gem:

Kal Korff:

Congratulations to the Giants for finally winning a trip to the World Series. Now, if they can only W-I-N this thing, it will truly be historic. I have fond memories of the Giants, Oakland A's, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.

Living sequestered away in CZ while your old local baseball team, and their fans, enjoy life’s rewards. Fuck, that’s gotta hurt Korff.

And by the way Kalvin, this isn't their first time to the World Series. Dumb fuck.

Anonymous said...

Michael Horn is waiting Korff.

The world is waiting Korff.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why anyone doubts KKK can come up with his 500 book deal.
Something along the lines of Dick and Jane.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Korff... You're so much better than the other "pretenders" aren't you...?

Kal Korff:

Since I am not a fan of John Travolta, here ya go.... :-) This is for those who also love him.

So this why post it Korff.


Anonymous said...

Part 1

More pondering on what makes Korff, Korff. Notice that after Korff went after Face Book with a vengeance, he would post items and instead of having his “public” just read or watch his drivel in a muted syance, Face Booker’s responded, and many times, they questioned Kalvin on his thoughts, views and postings.

He responded with his generally long winded rants to which he rarely got a response. Nobody cared to read his rants because, Face Book is supposed to a fun distraction, like a magazine, which by their very nature is visually orientated with a bit of text for clarification, comments, etc.

Now Korff posts links to Apple, Obama and strange “{Did You Know?” items about cats, etc.

He posts virtually nothing about his escapades, his web site, his videos, etc.

We see the trend Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

You aren’t comfortable being questioned and you don’t like being slighted; people not reading your long winded rants about why you think and what you think about this and that, pisses you off, so why bother. Please, like me.

So, we now have Krazy Korff Face Book 2.0.

The quiet Korff. The Korff trying to be like the other Face Booker’s. The Korff trying to fit in so as to not scare away his “friends”. Those same “friends” he had to remove access to from his Face Book Wall, so his other “friends” i.e. Korffers, lost the opportunity to inform his Face Book “friends” just what a fucktard he really is.

So, an intelligent person would have to ask the question; Why hide your “friends” and are they really your “friends” or people you’ve held captive to your insane posts? Posts which you no longer make.


Anonymous said...

Or, what has been said, that Korff is being talked to, watched, under surveillance, might very well be true.

It does seem that Korff’s internet footprint is now decidedly that of a “normal citizen” imprint rather than his “public” fantasy and fraud of being terrorist and freedom fighter.

Any one from the CZ know if your internet access is routinely followed, recorded, etc?

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Since Korff has taken a powder and has gone into silent mode; which we assume is because we made public the truth:

Why his template web site was pulled - Michael Horn.


That he never turned any manuscript(s) thank you Prometheus Books employees.


That his venture into Face Book did not result in anymore Korff fans or in more interest in his template videos...

I thought it might be fun so show just how much of a failure Korff’s Youtube activity has been.

While this information may not be perfect to the last digit (I do have more to do in life than just Korffing), I can assure you that it’s 99% right on the mark.

Read it weep Korff.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Youtube Update

Kals Korner
6 videos posted
Total views for all 6 videos = 3198
No activity for 2 years.

Kal Korff
4 videos posted
Total views for all 4 videos = 2575
No activity for 3 years.

This is the only channel which Korff “allows” comments to be posted on. This is the most recent comment:

Anonymous said...

Part 3

Secret Wars
75 videos posted
Total views for all 75 videos = 60,851
No activity for 1 month

Total Youtube Korff activity:

Total videos = 86
Total views = 66,624

Cute kitty cat videos get more views Korff.

So glad to see you off the net on onto, something else.

Anonymous said...

It's been pretty much nothing but Obama posts from Korff for a couple of wekks now.

Anybody from the CZ knows what's going on?

Something has gone down with our fav cyber fuck.

Anonymous said...

By the look of your Face Book Wall and based on the nature of your posts, you might as well take all of these off your page now.

Analyst, Author, Broadcaster, Columnist, Investigative Journalist, IT Specialist, Lecturer, Media Personality, President & CEO CriticalThinkers, Colonel: Kidon Unit Commander Counterterrorism, YS3. Researcher, Sayanim.

You've been shut done.

And it feels... great!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Something has gone down with our fav cyber fuck.

Mossad doesn't take too kindly to chubby little over the hill losers impersonating one of their operatives to try and meet women. Maybe someone paid him a visit.

I'll take a bucket of Kernal Korff please, with some Web Hosters on the side.

Anonymous said...

More of the same on Face Book. Nothing of the past Korff; boasting about his past and lying about his future. Nothing at all. Obama, Apple, and other wasted space.

Nice to see.

But will it last?

Thank you Mossad.

Anonymous said...

There is some kind of mental health issue going on here?

Korff has gone from his past "can't stop, can't let it go" issues to nothing but Obama and Apple now.

Now if only Face Book would follow suit.

Mossad, thank you so much.

scghywonkmolotiactic said...

Was just checking in to see if MR. Korff had taken credit yet for thwarting 0bama's election eve terror scare. Delighted to be greeted by the sound of chirping crickets; Perhaps MR. Korff doesn't have access to Drudge Report this week for ideas to steal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fucking blog....

Part 1


Korff is out to lunch.

I'm sure his “quiet time” is just a test, like when his site was pulled by Horn... Ha, ha, ha.

But, I do think he's been approached and he's “decided” to tone down his internet activates, to the point of normalcy.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Kalvin, I know you read this blog. Look at it this way. When you’re quiet and acting like an adult, we’re quiet. We pretty much leave you alone. This doesn’t mean you’ll be off the hook for your asshole activities of the past; “Fuck You Bartu!” But it does mean that you “could” go on to lead a proper and “lie” free lifestyle if you chose to and we’ll go silently off into the night. Think it over Kalvin.

Might this be a better way to live your life, and thus, have a life?


Anonymous said...

I wonder how it must "feel" for Korff?

Posting nothing but Obama, Apple and little useless artcles on nothing useful.

The old Korff is gone.

The lying Korff is gone.

The boastful Korff is gone.

So many promises made and broken.

It had to happen Korff.

Thx to Face Book and Mossad, you're toast Korff.


Anonymous said...

Yup, even his website is toast. No more rants and raves, no more TV series, no more Youtube entertainment, etc., etc. In fact Kal is of no more interest to anyone anymore.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Martina...

She blocked him from her Face Book, even the fake Korff got blocked.

Korff wouldn't want to be Korff right now.

Jimmy D said...

"Colonel" - it's been eight months since you claimed that the police had my home under 24-hour surveillance. I was just wondering when they were going to swoop. Could you enlighten me?

You lying, thieving piece of pedophile dung ...

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Kalvin - haul down your website ... permenantly.

Haul down your Facebook page ... permenantly.

Stop lying ... permentantly ... and sink back into the woodwork.

Then we'll leave you alone. That's all you have to do.

It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last poster. After all, Kal's FB and web pages consist of nothing more than a/ lies, and b/ other people's work.

Anonymous said...

Korff showing more hatred for America. And his ignorance and his very poor writing skills.

Kal Korff:

CONGRATULATIONS to the San Franciso Giants — WORLD CHAMPIONS of baseball.

Kal Korff:

I think they call it this, like NFL says "world football champions" never mind the fact there is a thingy called soccer. How about this: World Champions of American Baseball?

Anonymous said...

And then, at nearly the same time, he's proud to be an American....

Kal Korff:

This is an AWESOME SONG for those fellow patriots who REFUSE to play this "liberal" vs. "conservative" game, this stupid "party" MENTALity — it's about WHAT'S RIGHT, it's about PRINCIPLES, it's about BEING AMERICAN, because we ARE Americans and this is America.

Anyway, it's nice to see Korff gone for the mosy part.

Jimmy D said...

Apologize to Mr S*dl*c*k, "Colonel".

Apologize publicly, unequivocally and in full.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Got invited by Radio Host Jeffery Pritchett to be the main guest on his show in a proposed debate with one of my "kritics" named Guy Weddle. Guy is Xposed in a video which can be found here. I have agreed to be on Jeff's show February 26, 2011 — this date was chosen from the ones Jeff kindly offered. I thank him for invitation, it should be a great show.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Kal Korff:

‎95% of ALL TABLET computers sold this past quarter were.....APPLE IPADS.

There's more than one revolution taking place now in America.

Mark Center:

Percentages based on desktop computer usage. Face Book users preferences:

7 % Mac - 85 % Windows

iPads are very cool and they fill a need, but iPad's are not a computer by definition or usage.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

(in response Korff wrote back a 795 word response)

Mark Center:

I won't post much here Kal. I'm tired of people taking my stuff off Face Book and posting it on that blog. Suffive to say, I'm no hater of Apple but I'll never own anything Apple. My 3ghz, 4 core, 6 gigs of ram, gig video card and two, 1 gig hard drives for a bit over $600.00 can't be touched by anything from Apple. That's a good enough reason for me. Thx Kal.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

To this post, Korff wrote a few hundred word response but here's what he has to say up front:

Kal Korff:

Hi Mark, what is someone doing with your posts, causing problems for you? I hope not.

May I ask what blog you are referring to?

Ain't this freaking rich! Give me a break Korff. We know you check in here, everyday I'd say. Your web behavior has changed so drastically, you ain’t fooling nobody.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ryan here with something I over heard monday at the college. It seems his "girlfriend" was talking to the lab assistant and she mentioned that she was not sure if Kal was interested in her anymore. Sounds like his internet love affair has gone south. And from what I have read on here, not surprising. She seemed very upset, she mentioned to Dolores that she was just getting over something and he had assured her that he was okay with everything. I don't know what all that was, but Dolores took her to her office.

Anonymous said...


What college?

What lab is she in?

How old is "she"?

Who is Dolores?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Ryan = Kal.

He's done this before....

For example, search for the word "Ryan" here:

or here:

Anonymous said...

Part 4

Korff has not responded to this guy since this last post... Of course having "outed" Korff on this blog in a previous post, and Korff than acting like he didn't know what blog he was talking about and now "Ryan" making an apperance... Transparent Kalvin.

Mark Center:

The idiot blog. People are "poaching" most everything you and others post to you, on that blog. I'll be no part of that. As far as not being able to make a PC that'll run the Mac OS and all it's software, that's not right. I have friends who have kick-ass PC's that run Mac solo, Mac - Windows dual boot, Mac - Windows - Linux on a PC. This is very common, and they have very sturdy results. Anyway, it comes down to a money for power issues for me and I like the vast array of software options the Windows based OS affords me. To each his own. I watched every game. Sports bore me but I'm from the area so that made it more exciting.

schkwolalomotostchitc said...

LOL of course you can put Mac OS on a Windows machine in 2010. That's what the whole move to more Unix based system software in OSX was all about, not to mention the switch to Intel processors. MR. Korff doesn't even understand how Mac OS works and he's supposedly a developer? Total bullshit, lying through his teeth all along & revealed as a clueless buffoon right on his own Facebook.

Yeah back in 1988 you couldn't put Apple II software on anything else but its not 1988 or 1992 or even 2002 anymore. Mr. Mac Expert! He's a complete wannabe in every aspect of life including romantic prospects. No woman in their right mind would tolerate any kind of intimacy with such a complete loser.

I also remember the "Ryan" posts -- I suppose Dolores = Dorothy i.e. Dot Joss in some sort of Freudian slip? But I welcome MR. Korff bringing his lying wannabe ass on here. Fucking scumbag, impersonating Israeli intelligence officers & stealing valor from the men and women fighting the war on terror. Has he been outed for that yet on Facebook? or is he suddenly not interested in bragging about his Stupid Dupid Services anymore.

Anonymous said...

>>> or is he suddenly not interested in bragging about his Stupid Dupid Services anymore.<<<

Dat the truth.

Anonymous said...

Truth dat!!

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

"Nanotechnology is being used now to help eliminate terrorists. It is truly one of the last, and final frontiers where this war can be fought and still won. It is currently being deployed in Pakistan right now and Afghanistan, under my initiatives and in operations that I command."
---Kalvin K. Korff, on his website three years ago (he removed it within a couple of days).

Liar, fantasist,coward. You have no honor, Korff.

Anonymous said...


There are users of this “blog” (it’s not a web site), who are members of Face Book and who are friends of yours as well. They continue to “poach” your information and you have NO CLUE as to who these people might be. And yet, when you come up here and post as “Ryan” you’re found out almost immediately.

Why is this, secret agent?

In any event, life must be getting to you Korff? The boredom, the loneness of being so far removed from your Face Book friend’s home country as they post mementoes of their rich and full lives, while you post lies based on your fantasy life and those are gone now as well.

Man, that’s gotta suck?


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Just got some info that some Facebook "friends" or users by these names are really HACKERS: they are Fabienne Resch, Matthias Dannenberg, Mario Summer, Fabian Bern Eder, Roland Dryer,Frank Becker — I was told in an email that one should be careful "friending" them, or anyone in general, remember to always play it safe.

Gee, thx lozer.

Anonymous said...

I see you guys are not as smart as you think you are. I met Kal's lady in a arts class. I was quite attracted to her and got her card under false pretenses. My fiance found out I was contacting her and called her out of the blue. That is when she told me she had just gotten into a "relationship" with Kal Korff and to look him up on the net and to leave her alone and never contact her again or hell would break loose. So I found this blog and I must say you are even more paranoid than you say HE is. I don't know if she still has her webpage, but it is


Anonymous said...

Nice try Ryan, but nobody's buying.
Tell us some more fairy tales!
We can use a good laugh now and then.

Anonymous said...

Ryans link is a store where you can buy jewlery and stuff. Safe enough to go look at if you care...?

The Unknown Korffer said...

I was quite attracted to her and got her card under false pretenses.

Wow! Just boasting about deception after deception after deception without even thinking twice about it. Everything is a lie and a game and an attempt at manipulation. Now that he's bottomed out on Face Book & being told off by his targets, Kalvun is coming here for attention. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Kal you are a kook. No one would be attracted to that red headed plump lil kitchen witch but you! Yea you've lost interest in her, she can't feed your trivial agendas so she's no longer useful to you. No wonder people are always wanting to kick your sorry ass, you are just a dildo. I take that back dildos are bigger and don't talk, preferable to your drivel !

Guy said...

Can the owner of this blog contact me at I am doing a show with Kal in Febuary and I wanna put you on.

Guy Weddle
The Church or Mabus

Anonymous said...

Hey Guy,

It'll be a miracle if Kal shows up. He’s been known to cancel shows where there may be a hint of unfriendly discourse. Good luck.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Hi Guy, nice to see you here and no offense but you're being used. I'll buy you a beer if he actually goes through with it, but Little Kalvin certainly won't show if he is aware there's a chance of someone who has the goods on him scheduled to share his bragging spotlight. Kalvin is a liar, a loser, a coward, dumb as a sack of hammers, and a dangerous online predator always looking for fresh marks or new ways to use people. From what I've read of your own encounters with him you are familiar with him enough to not need a specific warning, but BE CAREFUL when involving Kalvin K. Korff in any of your interests or you will almost surely regret it. He is dangerous, and if he agreed to do your show he has his own reason for doing it.

If you insist on involving him, question everything and do not encourage his fantasies even if you think it would be good radio. It will only come back to bite you later. He needs psychiatric help and will play you for a sucker if he gets the chance, will twist anything you say after the fact to his favor. Like all narcissistic sociopaths there are four kinds of people inhabiting Kal Korff's world: His targets, his alibis, innocent bystanders, and survivors of his manipulations who refuse to have anything more to do with him.

On this blog you can find documentation of what he does to each and every one of those who crosses his path, and none of those stories has a happy ending. Even people who have tried to help Kalvin end up getting screwed, he exists without a shred of apparent honor or respect for himself let alone anybody else, and I'm afraid that includes you too.

Just BE CAREFUL, and if he does the show stop on back for that beer.

Jimmy D said...

Kalvin - I might as well reveal that it is me who has been copying and pasting from your FB page.

In a rather clever bit of double bluff, I applied to become your FB pal under my Jimmy D monicker (naturally, you immediately blocked me from your account), while at the same time applying under my real name (this approach you blindly waved through).

I'll give you a clue, "Colonel". This was in May. Can you figure out who I might be? How many "friends" did you make in May? Which of those are male? Which of those haven't de-friended themselves in disgust? And which of those roll over and let you scratch their tummies, unfailingly give the thumbs-up to whatever tired old nonsense you come up with and generally stoke your bloated ego?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy D, playing with fire!

Anonymous said...

God damn you Kal Korff. God damn you.

Brit_in_Prague said...

You are lying, fantasist, criminal scum, Korff.