Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kernal Kockroach

I thought it time for you chaps to have a new posting for you to discuss Kernal Kockroach. I see that much has remained the same and the utter bollocks of Kernal Klap continue in his usual merry and clueless fashion.  I really do not know what else to say here lads so I will let you all march on. And this Guy fellow is cracked for this idea of letting Kernal Korknuts have at the air. Since Kal can't even get on that awful X zone radio program I am sure Kal is delirious with the thought of someone being foolish enough to give him the time of day on any show. Bad idea there chap.


Guy said...

Hey this is Guy Weddle from the Church of Mabus. Could the owner or rep of this blog contact me at guyweddle@gmail.com or friend me on facebook. I wanna put you on our show with Kal in Febuary

Guy said...

February is idiot month on our show. Come on lets have some fun.

Anonymous said...

Guy, FN here.

You’re going about this all the wrong way. Korff will not appear on your show if you let him know, ahead of time, that you plan to call him out, make fun of him, and have someone appear who takes issue with him.

For one, are you not aware that Korff reads this blog and responds to this blog? Are you not aware that Korff will call an “attackers” home and place of business (if he can), in his attempt to “disrupt” that person’s life? There’s little more this faker can do, as his own life is fantasy and he has no real power.

Nobody on this blog will play with you Guy. You don’t need us, you need to do your own research and call Korff out on each and every one of his lies, all of these you can find chronicled in depth on this blog.

Why not have the X-Zone guy appear with you. He tried to do a similar show and we told him to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but that Rob McC fruitcake was just trying to get ratings out of it. His show sucks monkey shit just like Kal. Guy, didn't you say something big was coming about Kal? If this is true then you shouldn't need anyone from here to come on your little show. After the bullshit Kal said about you and posted about you I'd call him for the fucking quack ass he is and leave it at that. That little bitch Kal Korff wouldn't get any time on a show if I had one. He just wants free publicity so he can hear his name on something again and add it to the list of ever growing old media shit he conned his way into years ago. Tell the little freak to take a hike and fuck himself.

Anonymous said...

>>> Tell the little freak to take a hike and fuck himself. <<<

Or that! Ha!


Anonymous said...

You are irredeemable scum, Korff. Just how many people have you lied to, cheated, deceived and otherwise hurt in your life? You are vermin.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kal gets eaten by rabid pitbulls

F1 Racer
still NOT in jail!

Anonymous said...

Me too (still waiting for the cops who've been staking out my apartment for the past eight months to swoop).

How are the anti-Jihadi nanobot operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan coming on, "Colonel"?


Anonymous said...

Face Book Update

Korff has been very quiet. Posting a few posts; Apple, Obama, humor, every 24 hours.

How's the manuscript coming Kalvin?

Guy, there's so much to ask Kalvin about. The nanobots, the manuscript, the endless threats and lawsuits NONE of which have even come to light.

You want somebody to appear, Micheal Horn is your man. He will if he's not already booked for that date.


Horn would like nothing more than to go head-to-head with Korff.

Anonymous said...

You Tube Update

Korff's last two videos are getting about 3 views per day.

Quailty stuff there Kalvin.

Guy said...

FN - I've done lots of research in regards to Kal. I just wanted to ask you to come on to respond to Kal directly. Thats it.

Sorry I made everyone hostile. I'll stick with my "little show" and bow out now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guy,

It's not my blog but I'm very much into Korffing.

We aren't ones to look for anything more than putting Korff to rest.


Anonymous said...

No hard feelings Guy. Many of us have followed Kal's 'career' from way back when and know all about him.
As desperate as he is for any kind of recognition, I doubt that he would ever make it to your show, or any other for that matter, since he has long since been 'black-balled' from them all.
He makes promises, then bails at the last minute due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.
Hope you and Jeff can entice him to be on the show though. That would be most entertaining for the 'Korffers'.


Anonymous said...

I predict another sudden "terror" emergency cooked up by Kernal Kolon at the last second.

If you really want to ask Kal something, Guy, then try asking him why he left Claris.

Ask Kal what qualifies him as any sort of expert since he doesn't even have a degree in basket weaving.

And finally, ask Kal why he *really* left the United States.

Oh, and be sure to ask Kal why he had to wait for someone else to replicate the Meier flying saucer pictures and why he didn't do it to begin with. Kal is infamous for riding the coattails of the research of others.

If you or someone you knows speaks fluent German, ask Kal some questions in German and ask him to respond in German.

Also, ask that fat fuck Kal what ever happened to the $25mil he said he had for television shows and exposing frauds.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Guy don't go away mad like that, it's exactly the kind of thing that Kalvin Korff would crow about victoriously. That's why I say he's using you, or almost surely intends to try and use you if he feels there's something to be gained from it. I did not however intend for that to be an attempt to deter you, if anybody is in a position to take Kalvin down to size its likely yourself. Yes, lets have some fun by all means, since the only function Kalvin Korff can serve is as entertainment.

If he does show:

Ask Kal K. Korff why he was wearing US Military rank insignia on his little SAPSTOE costume in several pictures & YouTube videos that Kal K. Korff himself posted himself to the internet. And, ask him why he removed the majority of them once the issue of STOLEN VALOR began to be raised amongst his detractors.

Ask him if the Mossad has paid him a visit to inquire about his intel work for the Israeli founded Super Duper Services. Ask him why he stopped boasting about being an intelligence analyst so quickly to his good friends on Face Book. If he had "volunteered" to fight communism at 19 you'd think he would have a bit more to say about it, plus verifiable evidence to support his claims of extraordinary service.

Ask Kal K. Korff if he is familiar with the Stolen Valor Act, and if he is aware that his fraud of impersonating a military intelligence operative detracts attention away from the men & women of all nations fighting against terrorism.

Ask Kal K. Korff why he doesn't pursue some legitimate form of supporting the troops fighting the war on terror, even by visiting military hospitals next door in Germany to meet some of the soldiers who have been maimed & scarred by the war Kalvin has based his reputation on.

Don't let him lie to you about having volunteered his time or support, don't encourage his fantasies and question everything, including his motives for doing your show. I do hope you go through with it and stop back for that beer I promised, just go into it expecting weirdness & mind games. He is not just a pathological liar but likely a psychopath who doesn't give one flying shit about you or your program -- beyond what it can do for him. Best of luck with the project and keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

Guy, ask him about the video tape he claimed Martina has that shows Korff delivering his manuscript to Prometheus Books. This never happened and yet he claims it did.

And what of his newest video series? He produced one segment and now, nothing.

And what of his report on the Obama speech he said he saw. No report was ever forth coming.

And what of his law suit against Royce Meyers III, it never happened.

And what of the Michael Horn paper to be served to Horn. It never happened.

No big foot law suit, no alien autopsy law suit, no Billy Meier law suit, no 500 book deal, no editor of some new newspaper, no Korff played and produced music CD promised back in 1997, etc., etc, etc.

Korff will have an answer to all of this but ask him, “What have you done which can be verified by a third source?” A source not already associated with Korff?

Goose egg.

And by the way, if you ask him who I am, he'll tell you he knows. He's lying, he doesn't. I've already asked him, myself.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff. What a festering asshole that guy is. Pretend soldier. Pretend analyst. Pretend investigator. Pretend colonel. Pretend everything. An interview with a fern would be more stimulating than hearing Kal babble the same shit he has for years now.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Happy Veterans Day to all the fine troops who defend freedom and universal human rights. There is no higher honor than serving God, country and family — veterans tend to do all three. May God continue to bless you, the preserve what you have sacrificed so much to protect, deliver and uphold.

So how does your stolen valor come into to play here Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

Kettle, black... Korff...

Kal Korff:

Pardon my ignorance here, but regardless of her claims, and here we go with the long ago discredited "Pleiadians" again — WHY has no one asked her about why her photos supposedly showing her "UFO" are hoaxes? Why fake photos if the "event" ...is real.

Please, ANYONE, PROVE to everyone here that her photos ARE REAL, after all the burden of proof that they are is on her, not others, it always resides with the claimant.

>>>> the burden of proof that they are is on her, not others, it always resides with the claimant. <<<<

Yup, it does Korff. You should know. Liar.

Anonymous said...

It's been a month since Kalvin updated his template site in any manner.

This is a good thing.

And 50 days and about 175 views later since he's posted a youtube template video.

Boy, this feels great!

Keep it up, fuck tard.

Anonymous said...

What do "you" believe?

Khurram Zaki:

where are you bro...long time...i hope you are not angry with me....

Kal Korff:

Hi, no I am NOT, please do not worry my brother, I have been very busy and all over the map lately. I will try to write in a week or two after I get some stuff done re what we have talked about before.

May God bless you and hope you are well..., and THANKS for thinking of me.

Can you say, manuscript?

You cannot let this stand Kalvin. You MUST get something off to the publisher so you can THEN prove us wrong.

But wait, WE never said we sent off the manuscript to our publisher and video taped it as well.

You did....

Anonymous said...

Read the comments as well:


Remember, the case was THROWN OUT because Kalvin messed it up.

No money for Kurtis Kern Korff. just more jail time.

Anonymous said...

For a good laugh, check Kal's Youtube (secretxwars)rant about Sheriff Gilbertson regarding Kal's brother's case.
Nanotechnology? Liar? Corruption? Busted?
Kal even used the F-word again.
For the record Kal, your tirade did no good. Gil Gilbertson was just re-elected Sheriff of Josephine County, Oregon.
How does that grab you?


sghjkokjb jgkjwfsqwfgjkhqdgklqeghefheqh said...

"As a far more senior journlaist myself, officially accredited by a government, unlike your reporter, I guess checking facts first before lying is not required at your newspaper."

LOL the government accredits journalists now? MR. Korff is a liar, a fraud, a poseur and steals valor from the men & women fighting the war on terror. I guess he also wants to steal the prestige of journalists who actually practice being newspeople, since Kal Korff wasn't intelligent or hard working enough to study journalism in college & dropped out to be a vagabond living off his family's handouts. Instead, he lectures on UFO pictures & conspiracy theories like any mentally deranged loser who can't hold down a full time job. Being on a few Fox specials back in the 90s with the Spice Girls doesn't make you a journalist, MR. Korff. It makes you a poseur and a wannabee and a loser.

Anonymous said...

>>> officially accredited by a government <<<

Read it and learn Korff. You ARE NOTR and CONNOT be an accreditative ANYTHING. You MUST work for someone or at the least, be AFFILIATED with a media group.

You, are not.


Anonymous said...

The games lozers play....

Kal Korff:

Breaking News: Kal Korff leaves the Czech Republic, is busy traveling around the world. It's up to Kal's "kritics" and the ever-present CONspiracy nuts to figure out WHERE Kal has gone, WHAT he is doing, WHERE he is doing it, etc., and WHo is involved. Developing....

Let’s see; a possible trip to the USA to have Thanksgiving with Mom and convict brother and then maybe a trip to your publisher in the hopes that they will even look at your manuscript?

Of, maybe just a trip to Billy Meier land to update your past material?

We don't care Kalvin. That you've been quiet is good enough for me.

Look Kalvin, no hatred.


Anonymous said...

Book tour, a quiet Kalvin Korff, and Oreo cookies.....


I found Oreo Cookies in Prague, they're among my favorites of the American junk food staple. I bought a box, and some cold milk of course, and enjoyed them. The fact Prague now has Oreos is evidence of more Global Oreozation.

Mark Rose:

Kal if you were the Southeast United States, like me, you could enjoy DEEP FRIED oreo cookies. Out of this world....no pun intended :)

Kal Korff:

At Mark, there are such things as deep fried Oreos?? Who woulda thunk?? I MUST try them when I come to the USA for the book tour, etc. Thanks Mark!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Book tour my ass. Where will Kalvin be meeting with his adoring public? Usually when an author is on such a publicity push they usually cite WHERE they will be on what dates so that their fans can turn out. Kalvin cannot do that without risking having warrants called up and officers appear with handcuffs or a straight jacket.

I say he's being deported. We've heard scuttlebutt for months about how Czech authorities were on Kalvin's trail. But it could simply be that his guest visa has expired and he has to exit CR for an arbitrary period to re-apply. By now he has been there for a full 10 years, unemployed and non-student status, you'd think that eventually he would be asked to review his status and take steps to keep his presence in the country legal. My only hope would be that his return to CR would be denied, and Kalvin would be forced to face whatever it was he FLED the US for in the first place.

The only thing that anyone can count on for sure is that Kalvin's publicly stated reasons for leaving likely have nothing to do with why his little SAPSTOE wannabe game is being disrupted. He's gone silent and is now acknowledging planning to return to the US, so something big went down and he likely knows the game is up.

And by the way, KALVIN, I'm not a "critic" of yours, I'm a detractor who sees through your lies, manipulations, cons, and fraud for what it is. I do not criticize you, I lambast you for being an inept, buffoonish parasite who obstructs truth, justice, and the American way. You are a worthless loser, period. That's not a criticism, that's an observation.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Hi everyone: Just letting you know that I did leave the European Union and Czech Republic DAYS ago, I am also NOT in the USA but instead am on another continent entirely. :-) The FACT I am WHERE I am now is BAD NEWS for my "kritics" - -couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of bozos, look forward to uploading videos from this new (for now) secret location. I'll try to post tomorrow, if possible. Stay tuned.... :-)

Why would this be bad for your "kritics" any more so than at any other time you've promised soemthing, or threatened something, Kalvin?

Nothing will happen, and you know what? You still have no idea who(s) is poaching your Face Book drivel, calling your publisher, and basically, keeping tabs on you.

Yes, I KNOW where you are Kalvin.

It's called an IP snip and yes, it can be run through a web site, like Face Book, and your site, etc. And it's legal.

Go hide Kalvin while you fix your CZ paperwork.

Say hi to Dot for us as well.

The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL upload all the videos you like, that will never change the fact that you're a LOSER, Kalvin! In fact, it shows how much of a dullard, botard, or fool you are for thinking something like that would ever change a thing. 100% clueless. Upload away, looking forward to some big laughs as you once again make a horse's ass out of yourself. Don't forget to wear some of your US Military rank insignia too, that'll show us!

And wherever you are it can't be all that exciting since you've had plenty of time time to READ THIS BLOG and come up with a comeback. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a Punk!

A wanna be Spy-not!

A wanna be best selling Author-not!

A wanna be Security Expert-not!

A wanna be TV presenter-not!

A wanna be Radio host-not!

A wanna be Lover- Hahahahahahahahaha!!

A wanna be Soldier- yeah right!

A Total Piece of Shit Loser-Okay that does sound right!

Korff- Just go away you Loser!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff has an identity problem.
It's known as IDtenT.
Or in plain English, aka


Anonymous said...

Hey fuck nut, you ARE NOT in India.

Kal Korff:

Hi everyone, THANKS for all of your guesses where I am at the present, but just so you know I am in INDIA now, I will be traveling to many different countries. As my "kritics" will find out over the next six months especially, the FACT I'm here and HAVE BEEN now for a bit, is "bad news" for them, great news for those who care about truth. I expect BIG THINGS to happen from here, life changing details coming soon...

Again, why is this bad news Kalvin? You are lying, again. That's the only bad news you should be concerned with.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha,! Getting fucked with by a cyber stalker! You are a cyberstalker Kalvin.

Kal Korff:
Dear James (I did not have sex with that woman) Clinton: For the LAST TIME, DO NOT EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN. I have BLOCKED YOU TWICE now on Facebook. I do NOT "care" what you "think" about Tina, how she looks, etc. Do NOT ever send me any emails again, or I will file a formal FELONY complaint against you for cyberstalking.

Ha, ha, ha! A felony complaint! That's fucking rich Kalvin.

I have sent Tina your email about her, do NOT bother me again!

Gwen Gleason:
What did you say to him?

Kal Korff:
I did NOT say anything to him, he keeps writing me. He has "the hots" for a woman we both know and does not want me to be with her. It is HIS problem and I will not comment on this matter anymore, life is too important to waste it. I posted this here because I have blocked him again, and maybe this will get "word" to him.

You god damn fucking idiot. Why did you friend him, twice Kalvin? Oh yeah, because you're so in need of Face Book fiends.

The Unknown Korffer said...

As my "kritics" will find out over the next six months especially, the FACT I'm here and HAVE BEEN now for a bit, is "bad news" for them ...

This is a 48 year old man writing this stuff. Forty eight years old.

He has "the hots" for a woman we both know and does not want me to be with her. It is HIS problem and I will not comment on this matter anymore, life is too important to waste it. I posted this here because I have blocked him again, and maybe this will get "word" to him.

NO, you posted it for ATTENTION and CONTACT with people who wouldn't otherwise pay you the time of day. You posted it to MANIPULATE your Face Book "friends" into interacting with you over bullshit. Why would anyone post anything about someone they blocked? FOR ATTENTION. And once again, wherever it is you have fled to now, Kalvin, it can't be all that exciting SINCE YOU ARE POSTING ON FACEBOOK ABOUT BULLSHIT.

48 years old! Loser.

Anonymous said...

This guy posted this to Korff regarding Korff's thought that his kritics will be very unhappy that Korff is in India... No response....

Mark Center:

Hey Kal, why is this bad news for your kritics? I don't understand what you're getting at? Why would "they" care that you're in India?

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

...quite apart from the fact that he's not in India. He's still in Prague.

You been spotted, you useless turd.

Anonymous said...

Humbled... This is a word Korff uses often. And the lies kontinue.

Korff, you're videotaping dummy. Film would incur the use of film.

And yes, please eat a lot of the food and drink much of that wonderful water.

More aware of things internationally... Than who, or what Korff? Oh, more America hating, now I understand.

It's easy to hate a kountry you can’t go back to isn’t Kalvin?

Kalvin K. Korff is full of hatred against America. Imagine that.

Kal Korff:

I'm falling in love with the country of India. I'm truly overwhelmed and humbled. It's certainly NOT "like Europe" nor especially America. All I can say is that we are filming away FURIOUSLY for the new show, we will have tons of amazing footage. The people here are amazing, friendly, very intelligent, incredibly cultured, much more aware of "things international," food is great, INCREDIBLE so far!

Anonymous said...

>>> You been spotted, you useless turd. <<<

Expect a poster of India in the background of his next video.

Remember that one Korffers? Ha, ha, ha!

sdfgjksadfglqwdfghjaqriucv said...

All I can say is that we are filming away FURIOUSLY for the new show, we will have tons of amazing footage.

Liar. YouTube is not a show and MR. Korff is not a television personality
"filming" anything -- never were, just a freak that Fox trotted out whenever they needed a handy debunker for their retarded UFO shows that nobody watched in the first place.

MR. Korff is an unemployed UFO expert and conspiracy theory advocate, nothing more. Lunatic fringe and worthless aside from being an alternative form of internet based entertainment.

Anonymous said...

>>>> All I can say is that we are filming away FURIOUSLY for the new show, we will have tons of amazing footage. <<<<

But wait... Didn’t you have 20 videos ready to go and you posted one of them, and it’s at 176 views as two months pass you by. Do you see what I’m getting at Kalvin? It’s all for not. It’s a waste of your time. Nobody cares and nobody watching. Check out your views stats Kalvin.

Virtually nobody comments of your Face Book posts; your personal template web site has not been updated with anything personal since September.

Your own publisher has gone public to back up your lie; you never, ever turned in anything to your publisher as you’re non existent video claimed.

And, most sweet, Michael Horn never received any legal paperwork and...

Michael Horn laughs at you.

The world laughs at you.

Face Book, et al, laughs at you.


Anonymous said...

Hey kal, my wife and I are going to our favourite *Indian* restaurant tomorrow evening (here in Prague of course.) Maybe we'll see you there for a chicken or lamb korma, hm? Num-num!! Oh wait. Yeah, I guess you probably can't really afford to eat out..except for McD's. What a pity. And yeah, I remember that you're not so hot on being seen in public and all. Never mind, maybe next time eh, big boy?


Anonymous said...

I have followed this "korffing" for several years now and as much as I really do hate to say it, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Let's face it, Korff is (IMHO) clinically insane, or disturbed, or psychotic or some damn mental thing. The moron is hiding out in Prague, terrified of going back to the U.S., he knows it and he knows we all know it. He steps a public foot in the U.S. and as sure as God made small green apples he will get hit with lawsuit after lawsuit. Korff, you are fucked and you know we know that you are fucked. Have a nice day Loser.

Anonymous said...

I know Kal pretty well as I do his sexy time woman. No one would fight him over him for that phony red headed giant heifer, he is just trying to make up publicity to himself and male her out to be some Goddess she's not. Trust me she the one who wished she was one if us prettier popular girls.

Anonymous said...

fuck you michele

Anonymous said...

Before you fuck me you May thank mentor exposing him for the weak pathetic character he is. Even his own sister doesn't read his websites due to the fact he has become so different since his friend Bills death. His mom couldn't comment about his psycho tirades either because she DIDN'T know how to, this straight from Kyras mouth! Secondly, he told me himself he was going to be considered " a person non grata "(if im repeating his words accurately) by the U.S. And this was last summer! He was flustered and clearly agitated by this but never ever said he would have to miss his "book tour" or even our class reunion, the 30th. Too many holes Kal, I am too curious And a truthseeker to boot to be smothered by your inconsistencies. Friends don't let friends lie to them Kal, at least old acquaintances! Goodbye Kal, I will be enjoying he warmth of my fireplace in my lovely home with my beautiful
Family while you eat flat bread and drink chai, SUPPOSEDLY?!?

Anonymous said...

well to whomever referred to Tina as a heifer, she is not. I have known her since 83 and I do not consider a women with a 36DD bust and wearing a size 12 pants a heifer.