Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kal Korff's "promises"

Far too many broken promises to list here lads. Where are the free ipads Kalvin?


Anonymous said...

You got that right KIAI!


Anonymous said...

Broken record... Karlton is posting a lot today; Obama, UFO, Egypt....

Oh, by the way, everything Karltron ever said about suing Meier and Horn in the past, all lies.

"... start first work..."

Confirmed by his own words.

Kal Korff: Heading to Switzerland to start the first work with police over there to try to have the Billy Meier UFO Cult prosecuted for mail fraud, wire fraud, fraud in general and other crimes. I will post photos after I arrive in Switzerland, I wonder if Billy Meier will stop by my hotel and say "Shalom!" :-) I'll publish the police docs at end of this month.

Anonymous said...

No, kkk, you needn't go to all that trouble. Please don't publish those documents at the end of this month.

Anonymous said...

No worries, he wont.

The Unknown Korffer said...

OK, that's a FRAUD. He is implying involvement with law enforcement which is a lie. Other people may believe his claim and lay trust in him. That's called fraud.

Anonymous said...

We'll never see these "police documents" because they don't exist and never will. Come clean Kal and admit that there isn't and never was an prosecution or lawsuit against any of of these flying saucer people.

what little fame you had Kal is gone just like your youth. It's over and you might want to try and grow up while you might still have a minuscule chance of doing so.

You won;t be published again, you won't be appearing on any real television or radio shows, you won't be appearing in any real media again. You are an utter attention whore Kal and you can't suck enough of that attention dick.

The problem is that you never thought anyone else would turn the tables on you giving the sort of attention you don't like; a reality check. You've been exposed for the fake, shameless, uneducated, coattail riding and talentless hack you always have been.

Just man up Kal and admit that your time was over long before it started. Try to save what nano-speck of dignity you might have left and fade away.

Anonymous said...

So, Karlton removed a Face Book post for a specific reason, and then he makes mention of the removal reason in his reply as to why he removed the post.

That would be another lie. Or a path from a lie.

BNTW, the person Karlton is talking about / with; a 20 year old kid from the CZ, with a Beiber haircut and many photos of himself carrying guns on his Face Book profile, as well as paintball combat photos…! Interesting!

Kal Korff: To Dave Havranek, if you had not told people that I was in Gaza I would not have removed your comment. It wasn't personal, I promise you my friend. I'm off to Switzerland now to work with police to prosecute the Meier UFO Cult, then I have a meeting with Czech police (per their request two days ago) to meet them in two weeks to move charges forward against two criminal stalkers, I'll call you when I'm back in Prague.

Anonymous said...

>>> ... I have a meeting with Czech police (per their request two days ago) <<<

Ha, ha, ha.

It's always important and highly placed people contacting Karlton to meet with them; The CIA, heads of state, police from a round the world, the world wide press corps.

I have the grand daddy of all Korff, "at their requests" stories that I'll post, soon.

Things are heating up again.

We Korffers can wait Karlton out.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Are there non-criminal stalkers? I thought there was just stalkers and everybody else, and that stalking in general is a criminal act, had no idea there was non-criminal stalking or a need to distinguish between different types of stalking. Or was that a Freudian slip by Kalvin, who defines HIS stalking as benign, maybe even helpful & welcome? Helpful enough to induce poor Michaele K. to flee to Hawaii. Young Dave would be wise to remove Kalvin K. Karlton Korff from his "friend" list and stick to interacting with people who are not deluded psychopaths more than twice his age.

And right there is evidence that Kalvin K. Karlton Korff is engaged in an active FRAUD misrepresenting himself on Face Book. I doubt that he and Dave actually know each other in real life and from Kalvin Karlton K. Korff's ass-kissy pandering one can likely conclude that Kalvin believes there is something to be gained by having Dave amongst his buddies. Most likely pictures of girlfriends or female relatives whom Kalvin can masturbate to. De-friend him NOW and block him, Dave. Do it for your pretty cousins or sisters who do not need Kalvin Karlton Korff trying to friend them just so he can palm off to their pictures and then stalk them.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Oh, he's calling Dave on the telephone too. Which isn't difficult to manage since Face Book now provides users phone numbers anybody who's got access to your profile, he didn't even have to supply the digits. Sounds like you've got a friend for life Dave! whether or not you want it. And in spite of your best efforts to keep Kalvin at arm's length he'll be calling you next week, probably the week after and pretty much until you change your phone number.

"Hello, this is Colonel Kalvin K. Karlton Korff of the Super Duper Services calling from a pay phone in Germany, can you have Dave call me back at this number? I really want to talk with him on the phone so I can misrepresent our interactions as a genuine friendship on Face Book and look like less of a loser. He has lots of young attractive females on his friend list I can harass too. Thanks."

Block him now.

Anonymous said...

So now Kal is trying to get friendly with a 20-year old kid?
What does that tell you?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Can someone who is one of KKK's Facebook friends, and who therefore has access to Dave's contact details, please contact Dave and put him in the picture regarding KKK's real nature?

Korffing should be a force for good as well as a source of amusement.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I'll be in Switzerland by Thurs, I'll be staying at a hotel in the small town of Wintertur, it's one of my favorites. It's the closest major town from the Billy Meier UFO Cult, where the Canton police have jurisdiction. After spending 5-7 days there, I'll then go to Zurich to do some work, then back to Prague to meet police. First police docs WILL be published by end of the month, proving AGAIN that my "kritics" LIE.

Orit Moshe Dean: Happy valentines day sweet kal!!-:)))))

Kal Korff: Aw....THANKS, Orit!

Happy Valentines Day to YOU as well, Orit.

I wish you only the best.

Make SURE your new husband SPOILS YOU ROYALLY today, and may you always LOVE each other like there is no tomorrow.

Orit Moshe Dean: My husband spoils me with infinite love every second of the day ,I really dont need any material things my dearest kal!-:)

Kal Korff: I think the ULTIMATE "Valentine's" present for that right, special person, is pure love. Chocolates are chocolates, love is love. Happy Loving Orit.

Orit Moshe Dean: So so true my angelic friend,God bless you always!!!-:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure "several" you's have asked for this link....

Kal Korff: Several of you have asked me where the web link is for the video which exposes Internet stalker, hater and extremist James Dalyrumple (aka "JimmyD") is. Here is the link. On Feb 28 the official police report in Prague WILL be published, naming him and his co-conspirator, Francis Underwood.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, I just found out that I'll be staying instead in the town of Wetzikon, in Switzerland, which is even better! It's smaller and closer to the Meier UFO Cult. Wetzikon is at the bottom of the mountains where Meier's farm and cult are, the police will instead take the reports and complaints from there, instead of Wintertur. I like Wetzikon much better, it's "cute," I like their church, which I'll attend.

Anonymous said...

Korff sends private messages to people using the public wall?


Because Korff always wants people to see what he's up too.

Kal Korff > Robert Kiviat: Hi Bob, EMAIL ME PLEASE I have some info of interest for you, hope you are well. Your friend Kal


Kal Korff . Mark Center: Hi Mark, the show on Pritchett's program may not happen, I got a letter saying there was a legal concern because I am taking action against Guy Weddle. I have replied that I WILL sign a legal waiver which is binding, this means there can be no "excuse" now. If the show does NOT air at the end of the month, I am ALREADY booked on another one and I will expose this charade, since it is bogus. Truth is truth, period. Hope you are well my friend.


Catherine Zangi: I love my life!!!!
I dedicate this status to Chen my chinese friend ;)

Kal Korff: We love you too, stay your great self....PLEASE! :-))

Anonymous said...


79 views since it ws posted on December 10, 2010....


Anonymous said...

50 videos...

50 lies.

>>> This is the first of 50 video Xposes which will be released proving that JimmyD and his "good buddy" extremists and haters do in fact lie to the public. The series documents their impending prosecution by police, and the legal actions now underway against them. <<<

Anonymous said...

I knew Kal would make some excuse and not have the balls to go on that show. He is a coward who will run away from the people exposing him just like he ran away from Kevin Randle. Tuck your tail between your vag Kal and run away like you always do.

Anonymous said...

Still havent been served.


Anonymous said...

I've been told that I should prepare a few releases and soon. Why not?

I'll start finalizing a couple and I'll send them to the admin. These will have dates, times and names.

This week or next.

Karlton is ramping things up again, I guess we Korffers should as well.

Yeah Karlton, where's my free iPad? Where's anyones free iPad?

Still a shell web site.... as expected.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: My appearance on Jeff Pritchett's show is being rescheduled, I'll let everyone know the date WHEN it happens, I just got the notice last night. Things are fine, don't worry, Jeff has been only professional about this and only honest as well. I thank him sincerely. Independent of this, my NEXT appearance WILL be on February 28th on another show, on different topics, I'll let everyone know soon these details. Thanks!

Kal Korff: For my upcoming show on Feb 28th, PLEASE SEND ME ANY QUESTIONS YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER, I'll do it on the show or the next one, I'll be on REGULARLY on a WEEKLY basis. Subjects are: Islamofascism, terrorism, UFOlogy, Roswell, Nanotechnology, Meier UFO Cult, 911 CONspiracy, JFK's murder, Bigfoot, paranormal, Living abroad, peace, Apple, IT, or they can be personal. You'll get credit unless you do NOT to be named.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I think it would be a useful exercise for someone to make a note of Kalvin's various lies: in each case, make a verbatim note of the lie, together with where and when he made it.

And then one could simply rattle the lies back at him on this blog - say once a month?

Just a thought.

Keep on Korffing!

Anonymous said...

Brit and other Korffers,

I'm having the next release vetted as I write this.

I should be able to send it to admin by days end for a new thread.

If this goes well, I'll get another ready for next month and so on.

KIAI, don't worry about the material I've already sent you, I'll sort through it again and send send you properly researched and vetted material from here on out.

Regarding the photos I've sent you, you can use any and all in any way you want. The okay has come from the source.

The time is at hand.

Choke on it Karlton.


Anonymous said...

More lies.

If Korff gives the "copy and paste "manuscript" to his publisher in April 2011, that 6 book series, at 2400 pages long would take them through and into 2012 to edit and fact checked.

Yet, Korff promises to be on the book tour before the year is out?

Kal Korff: I have received 32 questions so far from all of you, I will answer as many as I can on the new show, which airs 28 February, more details soon, please keep the questions coming! THANKS everyone! :-))

Ron Garcia: when are you coming back to our area...old buddy?

Kal Korff: I will be there later in the year, my friend. I live half way around the world right now, and expect to come to the USA on my book tour later this year, I am finishing the six volume series on Islamofascism now and will be sending it off to Prometheus Books in March-April, it has consumed the last seven years of my life and existence. I DO plan to be in California to see many friends and would be honored to reconnect with you. I completely REGRET being out of touch for so many years with so many people, it is entirely MY fault.

Ron Garcia: Well nobody's at fault you just reached you goals and thats whats important you're friends will still be here when you come back . Its a pleasure seeing you on fB following you and checking on your status .Looking forward to seeing you when you arrive in March or April. Great chatting with you Kal Thx again for all you do...Ron

Anonymous said...

If this happens, I have a prediction. Korff will appear on some one else’s show, until that person or host wises up.

Let’s all remember the last promise – lie Korff made last June...

This "show" never took place, at any time, and any where.

>>> As we prepare for our first broadcast next week, I am honored and humbled to have Mr. Philip Mantle on my show as our first esteemed guest. This debut episode will take place this coming Monday, June 7th, at 8PM UK time, 9PM Prague Time, 3PM US East Coast Time, 1PM US Pacific Standard Time. <<<

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS: I'm pleased to inform everyone that my new International based show, so it can be seen worldwide, will make it's debut on February 28th. This is why I will also have several new, hard hitting Xposes released. My show will feature guests and I'll tackle tough issues, subjects will include everything from politics to the paranormal. More details soon...never a dull moment :-)

Anonymous said...

kkk - If I have the misfortune to pass in your vicinity somewhere in Prague in the near future, I will take you to the nearest McDonald's and get you whatever you want and then give you enough money for a tram or metro ticket back to your stinking hovel.


No bitching or whining. Oh yeah, and apologise to all of those people you have screwed over during your impotent little charade of a pompous existence before the doors close - that's enough.

Deal, old man?


The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS: I'm pleased to inform everyone that my new International based show, so it can be seen worldwide, will make it's debut on February 28th. This is why I will also have several new, hard hitting Xposes released. My show will feature guests and I'll tackle tough issues, subjects will include everything from politics to the paranormal. More details soon...never a dull moment :-)

Wow how stupid is this guy? He is incapable of formulating a complete sentence without some sort of syntax or grammatical error. That is barely 10th grade English, which would correspond with the age in which Little Kalvin's obsession with flying saucers got the better of him. He ceased learning and maturing, retaining the psychological profile of a mean spirited self centered 12 year old child who has created a fantasy alter reality and expects the rest of the world to play along, ignoring his constant mistakes.

I'm pleased to inform everyone that my new International based show, so it can be seen worldwide, will make it's debut on February 28th.

Hahh? I believe he meant "I'm pleased to inform everyone that my new international based show will debut on February 28 and can be seen worldwide." Even if it's a lie can you at least write in a manner that makes sense? Fuckwit!

This is why I will also have several new, hard hitting Xposes released.

Huh? That doesn't make any sense either and your Face Book friends will notice it, KALVIN. Perhaps what he meant was "There will be several new hard hitting exposes released then." Is this guy really a published author?

So the guy has this ongoing delusional fantasy about hosting his own radio show, having "guests", taking questions from an adoring audience of rapt listeners the world over -- and the best he can do is lie to people on Face Book about doing it. People who have never seen even one of Mr. Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff's claims EVER come to pass, and as if they really cared.

It's also a fraud, because the only reason to post such information is to try and get reactions from those who follow his pathetic delusional ramblings. There is no show, there are no guests, there is nothing except a little mean troll of a man who's suckered a bunch of people into playing this game of "claim & validate" like Dave and Ron, who seem like nice cheerful guys.

Kalvin makes the claim -- doesn't matter what it is -- and the "score" is simply getting responses from people which then occupy his otherwise perpetually free time since he does not work or have a job. Between responses he thinks up more claims to fuel more responses, never actually doing anything other than just type on a keyboard. The guy is completely insane and Face Book is enabling this.

Anonymous said...

FN, I did get your email messages. ahahahahahhhaaa!!! This is some classic fucking stuff there lad!!! I will post soon. ahahahhhaaaa!!!

Brit_in_Prague said...

"This is some classic f***** stuff there lad..."

Karlton, it looks as though your name is about to be dragged through the mud yet again.

And yet, there is a way out of all of this. Stop lying. And (just in case you should feel tempted to start lying again in the future) eliminate the conduits/outlets for those lies. To wit: haul down your crappy website and deactivate your Facebook account and YouTube account.

That is all you have to do. Why won't you do it?


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: My new show will debut on the Internet so that it can be viewed anywhere. I will not keep it on Facebook, because my show is not the reason I have a Facebook page. I'll give everyone the web address once I know it and a final decision has been made. What is SURE is that it will debut Feb 28, along with hard hitting Xposes and other stuff I have long promised. Invitations are now going out to guests to be interviewed.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I do NOT HATE and do not support either the Repubs nor the Democrats. I have always been clear on this. I broke ranks with the Bush administration when we started torturing people, and since Obama continues torture policies as well, I can never support him. Obama is the president, NOT Bush. To focus on a horse per se, who left the barn three YEARS ago is not focus, it is stalking and obsession. I don't do that, my "kritics" do.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get 3 police to respond to, anything.... That Karlton, he's a special guy.

Kal Korff: Leaving for Switzerland tomorrow, I'll Czech in later, and show photos from there on my new show and publish the first police docs, and release Xposes. Looking forward to seeing Wetzikon again where I will be staying, Switzerland is a VERY beautiful country.

Czech police contacted me again, a new additional officer is now involved in the two stalkers case, they're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Korff a mess.

His problem stems from; gaining intelligence, gathered over time (as any person of normal intelligence will do), mixing in a bit of celebrity, and living a solitary, mental masterbation lifestyle and you end up with Korff.

He's right, your wrong and people will not only pay him for this viewpoint but they will hang on every word.

His Face Book posts assume that people can't get enough, etc.

However, his Face Book user feedback posts, and his pathetic Youtube view totals counter his assumptions, dreams and hopes.

His behavior and his words prove out his delusion of grandeur.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Oh, priceless:

Kal Korff: My new show will debut on the Internet so that it can be viewed anywhere. I will not keep it on Facebook, because my show is not the reason I have a Facebook page. I'll give everyone the web address once I know it and a final decision has been made. What is SURE is that it will debut Feb 28, along with hard hitting Xposes and other stuff I have long promised. Invitations are now going out to guests to be interviewed.

It's just typical mentally retarded 12 year old tit for tat mentality combined with the implied upgrade of eliteness: Kalvin got axed from Jeff Prichett's radio show, so now he has his OWN show. And not just a radio show, but a show which can be "seen", implying television.

But wait! No, now the "show" will only be on the internet. And he doesn't know the URL, has only just "invited" the guests he boasted of (why the obsession with having guests? is it just the implied cooperation of those more accomplished to obtain unearned validation?) yet insists that the "debut" -- implying regular installments -- will be twelve days hence.

Kalvin just doesn't know how, where, or with whom it will take place, which are just minor procedural details after all. But at least he won't have to rely on that crooked Jeff Prichett and his shady buddy Guy Weddell to finally win the respect of his former middle school classmates. He can have his own show and it will be broadcast live ... when he uploads it to YouTube.

The guy is a FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I'll be in Wetzikon later tonight, then returning to Prague after I finish my work re the Billy Meier UFO Cult. On Feb 28th, some new Xposes on different subjects will appear, I'm looking forward to it. I have received confirmations from three guests so far, two regulars, who will be on my new show, response so far has been positive.

Anonymous said...

What a *stupid* man you are, Kalvin.

squlkahjnswd;gjklahnsdgcv said...

Eleven days to think up a good bullshit story for your Flakebook buddies that explains why "your show" exists as a Youtube uploaded video of you sitting alone in a shabby two room apartment. Good luck, MR. Korff!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Maccabee, would you like to be on my new show? Well, I'm not sure? Maybe a Youtube show? Maybe a radio internet show? Maybe a Skype recording I'll upload to Youtube? I'll give you the URL when I get one!!! I'm so excited! What happened to the show I booked you on last June that never took place.....?

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Dr. Bruce Maccabee, who is one of the top serious and scientific UFO researchers, his expertise is studying UFO photographic cases and applying science to the UFO subject in general, has AGREED to be a special guest on my new show. He is now the fourth person to confirm. 1st show is the 28th of Feb, more details soon.

Anonymous said...

Still a draft template web site, put up by Korff to help support another lie.

Anonymous said...

Perpetuating a fraud, you mean.

Anonymous said...

contact this bruce guy and let him know, POLITELY, that appearing with Kal would ruin his reputation.


Anonymous said...

My God, how have I made it through life with never owning an Apple product?

Kal Korff: I do not feel "sorry" for the other platforms, who are now struggling (as they should be) with inferior products and offerings. Consumers are voting with their pocketbooks, and it's APPLE. :-)

Kal Korff: They make unmatched products, Libby. They lead the world in ease of use, every iPhone iPad and iPod touch owner I've talked to love their products, the return rate is only 2%, while their competitors average 16%. I have seen many times in person when I use my own iPad, like now, people who don׳t own them go buy them. In the tablet market they have a 95% share, which isn't bad, and on the phone front, Nokia lost to Apple and they passed Blackberry. Now iPhone 5 is coming and wait til you see what this does, as well as iPad 2. Hope you are well. :-)