Saturday, January 14, 2012


Lads it looks like that arse Kal K. Korff gets to dodge a bullet for another month or so.  Our very own FN has done a massive amount of work compiling a massive amount of information on Kal. I was able to see it prior to it being withheld for a longer period as FN is conducting more work and adding massive information to already BRILLIANT piece of work EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF thoroughly in a detailed piece that will have Kal and his bollocks running for the hills lads! Kal you stupid fat cunt. You have not a clue what is coming at you! I will post the website just as soon as FN has finished up exposing Kal so soundly that it will actually cause Kal to feel it right through taht stupid cowboy hat and those FAKE military collar rank!!!!


Anonymous said...

Soory KIAI, the sites not done yet so I had to pull the URL for a bit longer.

We're looking at late Feb. - March for a full Korffie Release.


Jimmy D said...

My advice: take your time, FN. The scumbag ain't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Part One


Thanks KIAI.

We will take the time; it takes Jimmy, as it should be. There's so much already done and we have a massive amounts of data to go through and then there's the road trips, the e-mails, the phone calls, the print and video interviews, etc.

Some might say why bother? If you can prove just a few Korff Klaims as positive lies and fraud, isn't that enough.


We mean this effort to be the end all in proving Kalvin just can't stop confabulating his bits of truth and lying outright to further support them. This web site will be a researchers dream and a high use destination for anyone interested in looking into Korff’s Klaims.

We plan to have professionals from many different vocations audit Kalvin's material and then go on the record and tell us just why Kalvin does this, in the most clinical manner possible.

We will publish this site only after it as easy as 1-2-3 for anyone, Korffer or not, who comes upon this site to come to the obvious conclusion in a fast and easy fashion.

I for one have spent far too long watching and researching Korff and gathering up a massive amount of information on him, to do a half assed job and leave room for Kalvin to weasel out of even a minority of the information our group will release.

(Regarding the group; we have Korffers from the UK, Australia, Europe and America helping us out. It’s a true Global Korffing effort.)

Anonymous said...

Part Two


Will all the conclusions be based on concrete, verifiable proof?

No. Korff’s, as Big Don Ecker so eloquently stated, is a sneaky little shit. No matter, we’ve already proven beyond a doubt many examples of Korff’s lying ways.

There is assumption that must be used because we can't fly to the CZ or to India to prove it all out. We base our assumptions on past fact, present fact and most importantly, Korff's behavior.

Behavior is the main tool that puts Korff's Klaims to waste.

Behavior doesn't care what you say, what you write, or what you think.

What you have done is based on your behavior. The eventual outcome of your actions is already set by your behavior. If the foundation of your behavior changes; finding religion, a near death experience, etc., then the outcome may change. Korff isn’t in any danger of this happening, but maybe this site will make even Korff himself audit himself, do some soul searching and change his ways.

Kalvin has done much, and very little, all based on his behavior.

It’s a simple as that.

You can't hide from your behavior wishing it to go away..

You can't lie about your behavior, hoping those lie change it.

Behavior is truth.


KIAI said...

FN, so sorry for the confusion earlier. Many apologies. Thank you for all the incredible work from you and others!

Anonymous said...

That's okay KIAI. I understand; you saw the site, you saw the information and then you really wanted to share it.

I've been holdoing back as well and it's not been easy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Soon my friend. So very very soon that buffoon Kal will receive his comeuppance.

Anonymous said...

Worthless, evil scum.

You have it coming, Korff.

Anonymous said...

In that picture accompanying the last post ("The F-bomb Kid"), Karlton looks like the new N. Korean dictator.

Anonymous said...

The more I hit up this site the more I think it must really suck to be this Kal Korff moron.

Why would anyone tell so many lies?

Kal is an idiot said...

Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The Unknown Korffer likes this post.

Anonymous said...

Take the high road KIAI.

Still sorting out the web site. Lot's of work.

Did you know Korffer's that Kalvin Korff was a pot smoker back in the day?

Even more interesting is the fact that when Dott Joss went to the CZ to visit out little Kalvin, he and Dot partied together on the pot.


All on the site....


Jimmy D said...

Kal's website as it was in mid 1999:

You cam follow teh links ... quite an interesting glimpse into the mind of a madman.

Jimmy D said...

Hmm. Not srue if that link will work for you. To call it up for yourselves, go to

then type into "take me back"

Anonymous said...

I copied all the Wayback material for use on the new web site.

Korff's own words sink him quite nicely.

Such a liar.

I was wondering today. After Don Ecker called the LA-based lawyer and then confirmed that Korff took that lawyers identity and tried to use it against Don, I was trying to put myself into Korff’s chair...

Imagine yourself as Korff, looking at those facts blazed across the screen.

What must have been going through Korff's mind right about then?

"But that lawyer did e-mail Ecker!"

"Damn, I've been found out!"

That one episode highlights more than any other just what type of lunatic Korff is. To steal a local (to Don Ecker) lawyers identity, with a web site and phone, and not giving the outcome any thought at all?

“Ecker wouldn’t have the balls to call that lawyer!”

Damn stupid. Damn straight.

Web sites coming along. Updated link was sent out. Don’t share it or post it please. Much more to get done before the launch.



happy red mogul balloon! said...

you shouldn't have stolen people's identities, kal! not just this lawyer cat but your poor former female sidekicks. when did martina tell you go go fuck yourself? 2008 maybe? she found out you'd been impersonating her ehh? which includes made-up interviews like the one on jeff rense with the first one. you're in trouble for it now, kal!


happy red mogul balloon! said...

and how's that migrating of the new website coming been what, two months now don't tell me this major media corporation can't even flip one of it's star asset employees some web space! just tell them you could work on it from the news room!


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