Monday, February 13, 2012

Kal K. Korff on the run?

Well lads looks as though poor desperate Kal Korff has gone aloft from all. He knows there is a big pack of information about to be released about him that will FOREVER EXPOSE him and EXPOSE HIS LIES for all to see.

Comments lads? Thoughts? Stories? Come one share all!!


Jimmy D said...

Well, if "Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff has been beaten (metaphorically speaking) back into his hole, that can only be a good thing.

Worthless, evil, irredeemable scum.

October 19, 1973 said...

Boner!!! Hooray! Keep running Kal. All the way back home.

Anonymous said...

Korffing has been done. More later......


Bless the Beasts and Children said...

BONER hahaha, Kal Korff is a BONER

Anonymous said...

"Colonel" Korff's website has been down for a quite a while now. What happened to the old spin doctor?

I reckon he'll resurface again in India after duping a lot of people with his grand tales. Has he ever been checked for 3rd stage syphilis?

Anonymous said...

Just an update about the web site and Korff activities.

The web site is coming along. We have other projects as well but it's still on track.

Korff on Facebook. All reference to anything from his old personas seems to have been dropped. No terrorism, non nanobots, no suing, no threats, no kritics... From time to time Korff will mention this article or that but even that has slowed way down. I wouldn't want to be the boss paying Korff to do nothing.


Jimmy D said...

Noone's posting much, are they?

No matter - this is just the calm before the storm, Kalvin.

I've had a good look around the new site, and there is stuff that even I - a kommitted Korffer since you began your crappy Expres column - didn't know about.

Tick, tock "Colonel". Tick, tock ...

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, we've been searching far and wide for material. Phone calls, Skype con's, mining deep and then deeper for confirmation of the life and lies of Kalvin Karlton Korff.

And yes, we've found material that even amazed us well worn Korffers. We've even left some claims alone because we already have so much to present.

Here's another taste of a confirmed Korff Lie.



A man named, Kal K. Korff, is making a claim that he gave a talk, or a lecture at an International Astronomical Union conference held in Prague in the mid 2000's, maybe 2006'ish?

I was hoping you could assist me in confirming that Kal K. Korff did indeed give a speech at this event. If you can not, do I need to send my question to some one else?


Response from the man in charge:

Ian Corbett

We have no record of Kal Korff ever giving a talk at an IAU meeting.

The storm is coming Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Well, if this talk took place in the noughties, then there should be a cyber-reference to it somewhere, Karlton.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jimmy D,

Probably like most Prague-based contributors to this blog, I also became unwittingly aware of the wretched half-life of KalIrael via his abysmal column in Metropolitni Expres, Kal's Korner, or whatever the fuck it was called.

Oh, the times I was lost for words and left gasping (quietly) at the tripe I was reading on my way to work. I asked my friends, "How could such a clearly uneducated, illiterate freak sleaze his way in to a relatively decent daily rag as an English teacher no less!?" (The answer to that is quite mundane and not really important in the scope of things - but basically typical Korff BS.)

Initially, the kolumns that Korff would spew out each week gave me and a few ex-pat mates (+ some Czech students) a bit of a laugh. - Kinda like: "Hey, look what that weird moron said this time" re grammar, language, teaching styles, American & British English, etc. Oh god..

But soon, the ego-maniac-freak-tastic buffoon could simply not resist the temptation to start writing about his silly little obessive UfO/supernatural,vaguely shrouded neo-conservative, oldjewchristiantestament war-wanking end of days crap, with extra added uFO freakology to boot. (Oh, of course we can't forget the free AMERICAN-STYLE dinners cooked by Kal himself, oh no!)

The realisation that he finally had a captive audience and a negligent editor must have excited the sad little man greatly. Add trusty Czech speaking adjutant 'Avim' to make sure he got a nice hair cut, and crack pipe Martina to provide the occasonal dead fish fuck, and he must've been in little Kalvin heaven for a good couple of years.

Can you believe that he tried to spew this hideous, delusional drek to unsuspecting, bleary-eyed commuters - in an increasingly brittle attempt to package it as a fucking ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING COLUMN? Does this not show you ladies and gentlemen, that Korff was is and most probably always will be an ego-maniac and a deluded, narcissistic psycho totally dependant upon some sort of social validation in life - no matter how skewed or borderline.

The 'sad' thing is that this is just one isolated instance in the life of a poor, misguided, mentally deranged chubby little loser in a cowboy hat.

Ops, could write more, but my dear wife's called me off. Dinner time! :)


Jimmy D said...

"The answer to that is quite mundane and not really important in the scope of things - but basically typical Korff BS"
---mundane or not - how did he do it? I used to fire off letters to the editor (and comments on his columns - for example, left right and centre, and so did plenty of other people. But to no avail,for a good three years or so.