Friday, February 17, 2012

Kal K. Korff LIES about lecturing at IAU

Lads i think you should all know that kal K. Korff NEVER lectured at the International Astronomical Union's General Assembly held in Prague in 2006. This is but another sad bit from Kal that has a grain of truth imbedded in a much larger falsehood. Kal used his media credentials from Metropolitni Expres to access the event as a "journalist" and used the opportunity to for a picture of him at the event with a microphone in hand. This microphone was for questions from the press and Kal was NEVER a lecturer let alone an actual participant at the event.

A commenter left on this very blog is further evidence of Kal's deception:

A man named, Kal K. Korff, is making a claim that he gave a talk, or a lecture at an International Astronomical Union conference held in Prague in the mid 2000's, maybe 2006'ish?

I was hoping you could assist me in confirming that Kal K. Korff did indeed give a speech at this event. If you can not, do I need to send my question to some one else?


Response from the man in charge:

Ian Corbett

We have no record of Kal Korff ever giving a talk at an IAU meeting.

I appreciate the person asking the question and getting an answer but it was not me so I am not sure why my KIAI is in the post.  Not a problem though lads. So there you have it with more bullshit from kal.


Jimmy D said...

My last post, re-posted:

"The answer to that is quite mundane and not really important in the scope of things - but basically typical Korff BS"
---mundane or not - how did he do it? I used to fire off letters to the editor (and comments on his columns - for example, left right and centre, and so did plenty of other people. But to no avail,for a good three years or so.

Jimmy D said...

Stand by, KalIsrael - for what you did to Mr S*dl*c*k, and a hundred other kind, overly-trusting dupes before him - you about to be richly rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Just so we're all on the same page. The e-mail that the Youtube channel uses is,

We use this address to ask questions of people. We sign the e-mails KIAI so we know which address we used, etc.


Anonymous said...

O.J Simpson trial recap and not a single mention of Kal.

Anonymous said...

Korff posts a dozen .PDF "article" links on his Facebook wall this morning.

The "newpaper" in India posted zero on their web site.


Jimmy D said...

Am having fun editing the website, Karlton.

Jesus, you have been a bad boy over the past 20 years or so. All those lies. All those people hurt.

And what was the point of it all?

You really are a prize specimen of pond life, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

You're a huge help Jimmy. After so many hours of putting the info on the server, many late hours and burn-out, it's nice to have someone with a clear eye and better language judgement to help clean it up.

Very coon Korffers, we will launch very soon.


Anonymous said...

That should be very soon....

October 19, 1973 said...

You shame everyone with an appreciation for paranormal interest subjects, Kal Korff. That is why none of them will have anything to do with you, and you have to resort to a con about being a journalist for attention after being outed on your failed terrorism consultant scam. Sounds like you preyed on Americans as long as they could tolerate it, fled to Prague and preyed on Czechs as long as they could tolerate it, then fled once again to India where no doubt it's the same thing all over again. What a loser.

Brit in Prague said...

My sources tell me The Great Man is still in Prague.

Whatever ...

Anonymous said...

Could we turn off the double word anti-robot thing and go back to the one word. What a pain in the ass.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - "worthless scum" is kind of redundant.

"Scum" is sufficient.

Anonymous said...

I am CRINGING at the near certain attempt Kal will make to link himself to the new film "Act of Valor"

still free

Anonymous said...

Korff Website Update

Found some new stuff (old stuff just found) and OMG! So much gold.

More work but the site should be ready for the launch date....


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd give you a taste of the material we're working on. Amazing horse shit by the horse shit master, Kalvin Karlton Korff.

This material in confirmed to have come directly from Korff. We have confirmation from other sources regarding the whole thing... Sad Sack Korff.

Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "On several occasions, after I sold the Syrians bogus plans for an a bomb, there were attempts on my life. THIS is THE REASON I LEFT CALIFIORNIA PERMANENTLY, RESETTLED IN WASHINGTON AND WORKED AT BOEING."

Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "I relocated to Prague BECAUSE this is the best place to be and WHERE all the action takes place. You may remember that Muhammad Atta was in Prague. I was the individual that LEAKED the story to the press because we knew that the Miniter of Interior here for the Czech Republic, Stanislav Gross, was corrupt. Gross later resigned. He resigned because of corruption AFTER he became Prime Minister here."

Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "The reason Bush is even now using the term Islamofascism is because I have been forcing this issue as part of trying to force Condoleeza's "politically correct" Dept of State to REALLY TALK TO PEOPLE, ADDRESS THE CAUSES, ETC. or we will LOSE this war."

Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "I am never returning to America as far as I know, and am working on nanobot assassins, which are in the book as well."

The Unknown Korffer said...

I am CRINGING at the near certain attempt Kal will make to link himself to the new film "Act of Valor"

I was thinking the same thing F1. The term "embed" or "embedded" will likely appeal to LITTLE KALVIN THE FUCKING LOSER because it would give him a pass to claim to be attached to a military unit with his make believe press credentials. A foreign military unit too, from an unnamed country serving in an unspecified area undertaking classified activities.

IF YOU CLAIM TO HAVE DONE SO KAL YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR. No squad would want a lardass with a big mortar target on their back like Korff stumbling around and fucking everything up, getting good men killed. Lie it up Kal, you're scum.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

can't wait to see a picture of kal wearing one of those night vision gear setups with his paintball helmet and trying to look all super serious, like he's about to dish out some of those israeli tactics on a bunch of teen age kids in a paint ball league. with a caption claiming it was taken on a recent "op" he headed up as an accredited journalist assigned to the military beat there in the newsroom. go kal!!

Anonymous said...

Facebook Update

Korff's at it again. He posted a long rant regarding his (now changing story) that he “agreed” to give a short speech from the public microphone at an International Astronomical Society's conference held in Prague. No Kalvin, you said that you we're invited there to give a speech. Just like when you stated that you we’re invited (at 18 years old based on your UFO and JFK “work”) to the 1980 World Affairs Council to give a blistering speech about the Soviets, after which the G-Men approached you and you began your (still on-going) adventure as a freelance counter-intelligence analyst and fighter of communism.

He goes on an on about the IAU “speech” with new claims. All of this will be posted on the web site. It’s called confabulation people. Korff was there, Korff wasn’t there in the capacity that he claims he was there. We contacted the people in charge and they confirmed this FACT for us.

Here's the new claim; no name college with no claimed photos posted.

Kal Korff: I received an invitation yesterday and had a three hour meeting with two people from an engineering college. They have invited me to give a speech at an all day seminar which will be held on March 1st. We took a few photos yesterday.

I am honored and truly humbled over this invitation, especially since like the last one it was totally unsolicited.

Could this be true? Sure, why not. But why not tell your Facebook friends the name of the college? Are you afraid that Korffers will contact them and maybe bad mouth you, like you'd done to others?

Also, Kalvin, we never said your last “host a debate” claim never happened. No, we said that you’ll never post the name of the location or the people that we’re involved. If you do post a video, we expect it to NOT present any researchable information.

Get your facts right.

Yes, the life of Kalvin Korff. Secret delusions.

Its coming Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Other than updates, corrections and maybe some more video the sites done.

Long and drawn out and a bit of a bore. Just like Korff.

Check it out if you have the link....


Jimmy D said...

Good piece about Scott Ritter, here:

You remember Mr Ritter, don't you, Karlton? You should do. He featured in one of your most deranged fantasies:

Anonymous said...

We sent a letter to Ritter and we're waiting for a response.

Don Ecker said...

Korrfy, all I will say is this ... You my boy .. are about to have a very memorable 50th birthday. Oh yes kalvin, happy birthday ...

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

Maybe Kalvin can update it as a Life Event to his Timeline?

"You at age 50 - Professional failure, exposed on the internet as a low-level career con artist, family shamed, prospects: none."

Anonymous said...

"Bless The Beasts And Children said..."

Ha, ha, ha!


Anonymous said...

Added a ton of audio to the Claims section. Letting Korff speak for himself, priceless and very funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

If only you could control your kneejerk urge to lie, Karlton ...

Lying, pedo scum.

Jimmy D said...

Do you know, there is enough material on the new website to keep a generation of researchers busy for a lifetime.

With that in mind, Karlton, how about - with some of the 50 million dollars the Saudi government gave you to set up your Israeli-based (huh??!!) counter-terrorism operations - endowing a Faculty of Korffing at one of the better-known US universities. You could even appoint yourself head of said department and award yourself higher degrees in the discipline of Korffing. "Professor KalIsrael Korff, PhD" has a certain ring to it.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll add another section "Korff Komendy Titles"

"Professor KalIsrael Korff, PhD"

Anonymous said...

You are evil, Korff.

Not just a buffoon. But actually evil.

Anonymous said...

when will be able to view the site? I thought you were lauching at the end of this month. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

The site will be launching in a couple of weeks.... KIAI has the material to announce the date, etc.

KIAI said...

Well lads I fixed that bloody comment pass code deal and it is now off. I also discovered that the comments vanishing is because of some spam filter that was instantly erasing some comments. All should be well now.

Anonymous said...

KIAI, thanks buddy!

T-minus 13 days to web site launch.


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