Friday, August 10, 2012

Where is your proof Kal???

I saw this recently during a search for Kal Korff "
Kal Korff has pioneered original concepts and techniques in several fields of study. These include archaeology, artificial intelligence, computing, criminology, forensics, graphical user interfaces, historical research, human interface design, hypermedia, multimedia, nanotechnology, physics, and weaponry."

BOLLOCKS! Where do you dream this nonsense up Kal you lunatic? Show us one patent or other actual and verifiable credit. You won't Kal because you can't and this is because you have done NOTHING. Kal you sad little clown.


Anonymous said...

And yet, Korff's virutally unknown high school JFK research partner and still living in Fremont, California (we know because we called him, at his home, very nice wife as well), Richard Kirchhofer, is on record with having 4 patents on file:

Zero proof can be found regarding this claim: "pioneered original concepts and techniques in several fields of study."

We are looking into the possibility that Korff "invented" a new color of paint ball paint but so far we've come up empty on that as well....

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Reference page:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, didn't Kal train Capt. Kirk on how to command the Enterprise? Kalvin, take your friggen' meds you maniac!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

those israeli tactics came in handy when he had to fight the gorn! kal you dumbass, you never invented anything. phone support & a bank guard, that's all!


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Kal fighting the Gorn...or even Kal as the Gorn..someone do that with some computer jiggery pokery please!! Kal Gornf having his ass kicked by captain Kirk. I would rest easy then..

Anonymous said...

The gorn would fuck Kal in the ass like the little bitch Kal is. 'Gorn like Kal! Kal swollow!'

Anonymous said...

"The vision is hard to take seriously. As retired ArmyBrig. Gen. Russell D. Howard, a former professor at West Point, observed earlier in his career, “I am a colonel, colonels write a lot of crazy stuff, but no one listens to colonels, so I don’t see the problem.”

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

He can lie & lie all he wants to his "friends" and family but deep down inside Kal knows he's a failure who has to tell fibs for attention. That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Bless the Beast, in the end, you're right.

And his actions, or lack of actions, make it plain that Korff knows he done. It's over.

Post a video Korff.

Put up a web site Korff.

Tell the world about an upcoming event you're part of, but please, tell us where, and when and with whom....

We dare you.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Pull him outta the oven ... he's done!

Anonymous said...

Over the last 3 months, how many "articles" has Korff published on this vanity site?


Over the last 3 months, how many "articles" has this "leading media giant" published on their web site?


Expect a Korff Face Book posting soon appologizing for being "lazy" for not posting his "dozens" of articles which have been published in many newspapers around the world.

Lying Lair

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Here's another liar misusing "global warming" to push an agenda. These extremists do not understand that lying about their "cause" HARMS it, it doesn't help things. Same with "UFOs" — endorse hoaxes and no one will take you seriously nor should they.

Korffing Syndicate

Read again: "... endorse hoaxes and no one will take you seriously nor should they."

Now look at this web page:

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lmao cemetary.


Anonymous said...

"... endorse hoaxes and no one will take you seriously nor should they."

You mean like being a Captain-promoted to Colonel in a phony org. like the "Special Secret Services" and going to Iraq looking for nuclear bombs, planting "nano dust" on the Pakistan border, sending "agents" out to harass folks that call you on your horse-shit? Stuff like that?

Anonymous said...

Yep, stuff like that. I'm so happy this blog and the web site called Korff out on his horse-shit. He's a quiet as a fat little rat now and I'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

Kal showing his considerable knowledge of astrophysics on facebook stating that our sun will eventually go won't it will become a white dwarf.

Anonymous said...

Here's that super nova exchange....

Kal Korff: Here's a great photo of the remnants of the Tycho supernova which exploded centuries ago. One day our sun will also do the same. Looks like something out of a sci fi movie but this image is completely real.

Kevin Jundt: Nope. Our sun is too small to go nova let alone super nova. Blue giants do that shit! Our sun will probably end up a white dwarf.

Kal Korff: I know we won't have a supernova like this, but to everyone on Earth alive to see it for a few seconds will find it "super" enough indeed.

Read again:

"One day our sun will also do the same."

"I know we won't have a supernova like this..."

Lying Liar

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Lying scum. Lying vermin. Evil scum.

October 19, 1973 said...

Every 7th grader who did their classwork properly instead of running around pestering the grown ups with UFO picture books knows that in about 4 million years the sun will first EXPAND into a red giant engulfing most of the inner solar system then shrink to a white dwarf about the size of Mercury but still with most of it's original mass.

It will not EXPLODE, and Korff is busted for trying to be a pompous know it all when in fact he is a complete idiot suffering from psychological issues. One of which denies him the ability to keep his fat lying mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff, Pompous asshole with delusions of intellectual grandure. Yep, I like it.

Kalvin Korff Is An Idiot. Was true then and is true now.

Come back to the states Kalvin, we really miss you AND we want to See You. Yup!!

Anonymous said...

You are evil, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Evil? Yea, maybe. But mostly korffy is a delusional little lard-assed troll who never ever grew up. I mean it is so much fun to pretend. Lots more fun that actually working, learning a skill or trade, going to school and getting a degree in something useful or ... actually making contributions to society. When you pretend you never sweat very much.

A lazy lard-assed troll. Right kalvin dick-wad?

Anonymous said...

August 6, 1997

Dear Mr. Art Bell,

I offer to you, my personal and sincere APOLOGY to you regarding statements I made that you had threatened three radio stations and to pull their affiliations if they put me on their programs. There was NO MALICIOUS INTENT on my part to either libel or slander you, Mr. Bell.

The truth is, Mr. Bell, I BELIEVE YOU when you say you did NOT do this, and in the interest of getting to the truth I am making a point as I mentioned to you of getting all of the documentation to you that proves this was an innocent mistake.

I know, Mr. Bell, that you are respected in your radio broadcast profession. I also respect you as well, and know (based on having listened to you and thoroughly enjoyed, your audio book "The Art of Talk") that you have worked very hard to achieve the phenomenal success that you presently enjoy. I have also heard similar testimonies about you from your professional peers, on whose other radio programs I have appeared over the past years.

I would like to re-emphasize to you, your listeners, and the general public, that there was no malicious intent on my part to either malign, libel, or slander you – I simply reported information I had been told from various sources which proved to be incorrect upon close, careful investigation.

As I have also previously communicated to both your attorney and yourself in our joint phone conversation, my allegations made towards you, which were in error, were the result of a hodgepodge of confusion, INNOCENT confusion, on the part of my sources. To put it simply, my sources, which have proved TOTALLY RELIABLE IN THE PAST AND ON ALL OCCASIONS, accidentally confused (in part) the actions of Jim Dilettoso with you, Mr. Bell.

As the enclosed documentation clearly proves, it was Jim Dilettoso who sent a legal notice through his attorney implying legal action(s) if a certain radio station permitted me. Kal Korff, to come on their shows to talk about my research.

I enclose for your perusal not only a copy of Mr. Dilettoso’s letter to one of these stations written by his attorney, as well as this station’s reply to Mr. Dilettoso.

I sincerely regret any problems this may have caused you, Mr. Bell, and as the last of the documentation continues to come into my office, I will forward all copies of it to you so that you may be assured that this unfortunate mistake was indeed an series of accidental ones, and was and is not deliberately malicious.

I have posted as of several days ago, a public apology on the radio show "Sightings" and will make every effort to make sure that THIS public apology receive as wide a distribution as possible, including the posting of it on my own personal website starting tomorrow for the period of one full calendar year. This apology will be posted on, early tomorrow morning, which is my own personal website.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Kal K. Korff

Anonymous said...

"The truth is, Mr. Bell, I BELIEVE YOU when you say you did NOT do this, and in the interest of getting to the truth I am making a point as I mentioned to you of getting all of the documentation to you that proves this was an innocent mistake."

So fat-ass, where is that documentation you lying POS? You are as full of shit as a country out-house .. and smell about as bad. This will follow you forwever you ass-wipe! For ever ...

Anonymous said...

A blast from the past:

March 13th, 2007 by Public Relations

United Arab Emirates, — Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sheik Khalid Mohammad, the gulf millionaire playboy who is one of the financial backers behind the new reality-based TV series “Secret Wars” which chronicles the real life activities of Captain Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (S3), has hired the firm of KPMG to begin an immediate forensic audit and investigation of UFO researcher Kevin Randle’s numerous claims and writings about the purported Roswell “UFO” crash of 1947.

“Mr Kevin Randle has made very serious and completely false allegations against our main star, Mr. Captain Kal Korff. Such lies are also a libel and slander against all of us, especially myself as a financial investor. Since Mr. Randle claims he has ‘the truth’ and even had the ego large enough to name his book ‘The TRUTH About the Roswell UFO Crash’ I have decided to order a forensic investigation into Mr. Randles numerous statements and wild accusations.” the Sheik said in remarks prepared in advance and communicated via his translator.

“The UFO field is in very serious troubles. We will spare no expense to expose before the public and even bring to justice in the courts if necessary many of the lies and slanders and blood libels that are often and eagerly spread by many so-called ‘experts’ in this field who have the public and the media fooled concerning their true intentions and their real motivations.

“It is an honor to document all of this for the world to see. It is something that should have been done many years ago. Unless KPMG cannot finish their task on time, we plan to release this audit exposing Mr. Randle’s very poor research in time for the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO anniversary celebration exploitation festivals.

“Furthermore, we are now sending out hundreds of ‘freeze’ notices to TV networks, producers and the media. If they wish to now interview Mr. Randle about Roswell, at least they will now be forewarned. We are also doing the same with other UFO researchers concerning other cases. We will also reveal instances where it seems as if Mr. Randle just made up what can only be called lies, and manufactured his Roswell ‘evidence.’ We have the proof now, have had it for years in fact.

“KMPG will be contacting Mr. Kevin Randle at the appropriate time. Mr. Randle will be asked to formerly cooperate with this credibility audit, or he will face very serious legal actions and consequences. We will be announcing with KPMG shortly which office of theirs will be granted centralized jurisdiction to proceed with their forensic audit against and of Mr. Kevin Randle.

“Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Paul Kimball of RedStar Films in Canada for continuing to provide us with material that we can expose in front of the world. Until Mr. Kimball published Mr. Randle’s legally troublesome comments and lies, therefore also incurring additional legal and credibility problems for himself, we had no intention of dealing with Mr. Kevin Randle at all. Randle’s claims were first exposed last century by Captain Kal Korff, who has written the best-selling Roswell UFO expose of all time. Mr. Randle has even admitted that several of his favorite Roswell ‘eyewitnesses’ were liars, — just like Korff proved last century, and showed in his book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don’t Want You to Know.

“Our next announcement concerning Mr. Randle will be made in conjunction with KPMG.”

Anonymous said...

Well Kalvin "fatass" Korff, what happened to that audit and your playboy Sheik? You have a lot of people here hanging on waiting for that audit to get done. Maybe that "playboy sheik" should audit your fat-ass, huh?

Fucking Moron ..

Trenholm said...

Well Kalvin "fatass" Korff, what happened to that audit and your playboy Sheik? You have a lot of people here hanging on waiting for that audit to get done. Maybe that "playboy sheik" should audit your fat-ass, huh? Fucking Moron ..