Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kal Korff scamming in India? Probably

Dear god lads!!  I was just making my way through the internet and decided to do an image search for that bloated wash up Kal K. Korff and look what I found! It is an older fatter looking Kal who looks to be lecturing at Indo Global Colleges. It looks like Kal has slithered into yet another venture and this is likely why lads we have not heard any of the bloody nonsense about him being a colonel in some time. Has Kal conned and connived his way into yet another job at the cost of the unsuspecting? We need our Korffing detectives on this!! We must continue to alert and protect consumers!


Anonymous said...

This is the conference Kal was attending: national conference on ‘Recent Trends in Human Resource Management’ hosted at the Campus of Indo-Global Colleges at Abhipur. Capt Priya Panjikar, director HR of JW Marriott, Chandigarh, was the guest of honor, Vishal Sood, director of IIM-A consultants, Dr Vaneeta Agarwal of UBS, Dr Poonam Agarwal, Divesh Uppal, and Dr Kesar Singh were the other dignitaries who enlightened the participants.

Kal listed himself as
Mr.Kal Korff, Daily Post
HR Director. And describes himself as a keynote speaker at the event.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal.. stick this in your pipe and smoke it!!!

AMC is planning to develop Annie Jacobsen's nonfiction book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" as a television series, The New York Post reports. Gale Anne Hurd ("The Walking Dead") is set to executive produce with Jacobsen co-producing. Todd E. Kessler is already attached to write.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Korff mentioned this a number of months ago. Of course, he refused to tell his Face Book "friends" where this took place, what the name of the venue was, etc. Same old from Korff.

Korff knows if he ever mentions anything about his activities that we will research the truth and inform those being duped what the truth about Korff is.

If Korff ever posts another video, we will edit the truth into it, etc.

In the end, all any people or venue looking to "work" with Korff needs to so, and they will as part of the vetting process, is a quick search on his name.

God it must suck ass to be Kal Korff.

Good find.

We will do some more research and post on the Korffie Leak site.

Korffing Syndicate

KalIsADipshit said...

I immediately saw the weight gain and graying hair. That sweater is hideous. Oh and no marriage ring on the hand. Kal's motto must be "if you can't beat them, run away to the other side of the world, pretend like a nut, and make fun of them at all costs."

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to contact the venue and ask them a few nice questions about Kalvin's apperance there. You know, we'd like to have him speak at our venue, how did it go, is there a video tape of his appearance. etc.

Jimmy D said...

We're coming for you, "KalIsrael" ...

Anonymous said...

I take it Kal Korff is not the director of human resources at the Daily Post India like he claimed at the conference?

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to see Korffs message.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Back from a nice long vacation and boy did I not miss hearing about KALVIN K. KRAUTHAMMER KORFF, now apparently on the outs in India? Took long enough. Where to next, genius? And whom do we know who claims to be a "writer" and has a gift for finding the perfect quote, usually from people who do not even exist?

NEW YORKER Writer Resigns After Making Up Quotes...

Yes Kal, that story relates to you. Plagiarist, liar, false-claimer and braggart of things you never did.

The Unknown Korffer said...

This one comes off as a bit odd too: another Human Resources director, holding the rank of captain at a Marriot? Is this perhaps a NEW PERSONA of Kal K. Korff's. The language is sickeningly similar to Kalvin's frequent use of "humbled" and "honored". the "you guys are great" also comes off as odd, as if the good Captain didn't bother to pay attention to anyone's names.

1.03.2012 Capt. Priya Panjikar,

Dir. of Human Resources, JW Marriot.

"I am honoured & tuly humbled to have been invited to your fine school & event. I shall never forget it, You guys are great."

Same date too.

1.03.2012 Mr.Kal Korff, Daily Post
HR Director

"Honoured by the opportunity to be key mote speaker. Thank you for the hospitality extended ."

Rat-like stench permeates.

Anonymous said...

keynote is one word, mr. apple fanboy

Anonymous said...

scratch that. it says "key mote", what a fucking class act you are kal. or is this a new korffism?

KEY MOTE: like a keynote only more prestigious, given only by executive grades. no record of it is kept by the institution and nobody can prove it never happened.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kal's vibrator may have shorted out

Anonymous said...

Kal's title should read "International disgrace, pretender, maker of legal threats, scumbag, and all around asshole."

Kal is an idiot said...

How in the world does Kal K. Korff continue to con his way into these things?????? Kal had to flee to the other side of the world to con a bunch of foreigners because the good people in the states had finally let him have him. Good Korffing all around lads! You can run Kal but you cannot hide.

Jimmy D said...

"Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff.

The man who rose without trace.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kal will put his 219 IQ to work solving the problems with India's power grid, or give his assessment of why the problems occurred. Since he's adding new titles and qualifications to his resume ( HR manager at Daily Post?) why not " Electric Grid Engineer-Consultant"? I hope no Apple retailers have allowed Kal to sign for any Apple products and have the bill sent to Daily Post!

Anonymous said...

The Daily Post won't answer my questions, maybe others can ask if Kalvin holds that position...


The Unknown Korffer said...

It should stand to reason that Kal Korff committed yet another FRAUD in misrepresenting himself as being qualified to speak about anything at "The National Conference On Human Resources Management" which took place on March 1, 2012. If he did swing a key mote it's an even bigger fraud: Kal Korff has NO background in business management, never finished even a year in college and has no practical work experience at anything, really. He is a low-level con artist in search of praise, adulation and recognition. This picture is proof of that fraud in action.

Contact page for the college so anyone can tell this college how Kal Korff lied to them and defrauded them out of a qualified speaker.

So much also for his claims of being a teacher or educator. Rule #1: No lying to the students and no false qualifications for a place at the blackboard. It's called academic fraud and YOU ARE BUSTED, KAL!

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

What a strange tale this all is.

You need help, Kal. Why can't you see that?

Anonymous said...

Part One

How does being married (supposedly) to a person from India, help you research an article?

Lots more "wrong" with what the great one spews in this posting. Korffers, you'll have fun with this one.

Also, expect Korff to add "Global Warming nuts" to his UFO nuts are no differet than Terrorist thesis...


Here's my repost, by request, of my expose which has hit the news of the FALSE CLAIM that the recent warming in Greenland was "caused" by global warming. Thanks everyone for your kind emails of support, much appreciated.

BREAKING NEWS! I am honored and humbled to report that my article exposing the false alarmist claims that the recent temporary ice melt measured over Greenland was caused by "global warming" has now been published.

The ice melt was first picked up by the INDIAN Space Research Organization, then it was verified by NASA (who claimed much of the credit and is over credited in the naive American press) and was verified by the US Air Force.

Being married to an Indian woman, I was easily able to CHECK and VERIFY the details of this story, which alarmists couldn't be bothered to do, their minds are ALREADY made up — it's "global warming" or what they now say is "climate change."

I checked with the ISRO and they said THIS IS NOT TRUE! NASA also said the SAME THING, even the Air Force agreed.

It turns out, as this article proves, that Greenland experiences this same kind of melting every 150 years or so. The last time was in 1889.

More importantly, THE SAME BATCH OF WARM AIR which caused the heat wave in the USA very recently, THEN MOVED OVER TO GREENLAND and sat there for a few days, CAUSING this melt.

Predictably, this heat wave was MISUSED as "hard evidence" by "global warming" extremists as "proof" that global warming caused the heat wave and there is ZERO "evidence" for this fact. This has also been CONFIRMED by both NASA and NOAA. In fact, an Inconvenient Truth is that while the USA experienced a heat wave, the rest of the planet did not.

So much for things being "global."

The lesson here is obvious: if the "case" for "global warming" is to be considered credible, its promoters MUST STICK TO FACTS AND STOP LYING.

A valid case for anything, regardless of the subject involved, CANNOT ever be founded on lies. When GW alarmists and extremists make a point to make FALSE claims and outright lie, (since no one "forces" them to misbehave this way), they HARM THE CAUSE they claim they are supporting.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

The logic in this is beyond obvious. Yet there is a consistent pattern of outright lies and deceit by global warming advocates. Not only have they censored people on the web and in the media, but they have even destroyed emails and legal documents protected by the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. This is ironic since they "bitch" about the other side and claim they deny the truth — while these alarmists make up their "facts" just like the other side does in denying the harmful effects of fossil fuels.

Both are extremists, and extremism is never right.

The FALSE CLAIMS that "global warming caused" the ice melt in Greenland, is regarded as pure BS in India, because it is. India should know, THEY DISCOVERED IT.

Therefore I am honored and humbled and grateful to be able to present to you my expose of it, published by a Punjabi News Service, it has also been translated into English, but here's the hard evidence it has hit the rounds in India and Asia.

This image shows my article. An English language version has also been published in the papers today.

In the near future there will be a hard hitting expose of some of the top "global warming" alarmists, confronting them with facts. Wait til you see how they cower, and several of them now admit that they are WRONG on previously stated key "facts" — and the expose proves that they DELIBERATELY obscured and ignored data which proves that since the last warming period in the Middle Ages, the planet has in fact COOLED and that there has been NO WARMING for about a decade.

To make matters worse, they KNEW about this Middle Ages warming period since the 1980s but they CHOSE TO IGNORE IT because it DESTROYED their now discredited "hockey stick" rise in temperatures.

Let me be clear: polluting is wrong. We must try to limit greenhouse gasses and other things which harm the environment. But trying to stop it, using "facts" which can easily be discredited, is not going to get the job done.

Instead, speaking TRUTH is, championing truth, even if we don't like the facts which exist.

This does not give anyone the right to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

This is the only person to "like" Korff's last post:

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how Kal becomes a cheerleader for the country he lives and lies in? Kal was big on the history and people of the CR and now he's on and on about India. Are you really THAT lost Kal?

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol korff posted all that as a status update on flakebook? doesn't the uber-mensch know that 40 - 60% of flakebook's users are connecting with mobile devices which show about a dozen words per screen? they give up after advancing beyond the 2nd or 3rd screen even if its about chicks getting naked together. what a douchenard to presume anyone has the time on there to read such a distracting mess. the misuse of capital letters alone is obnoxious even to those who can see it all at once. what a failure you are kal, everything you try to do fails & you know it.


Anonymous said...

You tell me what Korff means here... I think he's confused....

Nothing here is vegan, nor really veggie... I suppose beer might be called vegitarian to a certain point...

Kal Korff: Czech beer and 100% pure chicken hot dogs roasted over fire. I love my wife! :-)) xoxoxooo

Marie Piekarski: go vegan

Kal Korff: I am, Beer is not non-veg, so I am having best of both. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yea, ol' Kalvin looks like he was "french kissing" a bucket of grease at a Chik-fil-a restaurant. Nice job there dough-boy. You would make a great poster for a "Gay pride" parade.

A Friend From Facebook said...

Korff lying to his FB crew:

FEBRUARY 26, 2012

Kal Korff: I received an invitation yesterday and had a three hour meeting with two people from an engineering college. They have invited me to give a speech at an all day seminar which will be held on March 1st. We took a few photos yesterday.

I am honored and truly humbled over this invitation, especially since like the last one it was totally unsolicited.

A lie: The conference was not on engineering and was not at the engineering school of this college. It was "Recent Trends in Human Resource Management" hosted at the Campus of Indo-Global Colleges' SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT at Abhipur. Kal implied it was an engineering school -- then dropped all reference to just what kind of school it was -- knowing he would be ridiculed for claiming to have any practical working experience in the field of human resources management.

Being Brad Sparks' roommate at the Total Research compound/apartment does not qualify as human resources management. Sorry Kal, you are a liar. We're telling everyone on your Friend list about this, and I hope your "wife" won't mind.

Anonymous said...

they wait three days before the conference to schedule their chief guest and "key mote" speaker? lol more likely kal was promised a few quick words between speakers after spinning some lie about being a CEO of a non-existent company. note his name isn't anywhere on the projection screen. he came unprepared other than the fat guy sweater, positioned a flunky with a camera, had them snap some pix while the audience sat there wondering what was going on. its the IAU conference swindle all over again.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Just wondering -- Did the Korffling ever share this picture with his crew on Flake Book? Such a proud moment for Young Kalvin! lecturing to an attentive "foreign audience" in their own country. From March 03:

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, I am pleased to report that my appearance at a college at a conference was successful. There was a big welcoming sign out front, and everyone was really great. I met some great, new people and friends and we had a really great time. The audience was attentive, perfect actually, and I am just honored and truly humbled to be asked to be the Chief Guest at the event and that it went so well. We recorded the speech, I wonder if my "kritics" will lie about this and say this did not happen either? We also took several photos, and I got a copy of the conference proceedings which has many papers in it from several of the participants. I love addressing foreign audiences, meeting new people and new cultures is a key part of what life is all about. Praise YHWH!

What a jackass.

Anonymous said...

No photo of Korff doing anything after the "war paint-ball" photos have ever been shown on face Book.

Korff, still hating on the gays.

Kal Korff: Democrats "complain" about Romney hosting a $35,000 a plate dinner fundraiser, while they turn around the do the SAME thing and of course do not complain. As usual they went to gay Hollywood, a disproportionate number of Obama's largest donors are gay such as Harvey Weinstein.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, being the total moron he is, does not quite understand what a transparent tool he really comes off as. Poor dumb Kalvin, with his face buried in that fried chicken. Come on back to the States Dough Boy ... we really miss ya!

Anonymous said...

This is a teacher Korff had in High School. He's a huge lib and is always fighting Korff regarding Korff's stance on most everything.

Contact him if you'd like to.

Anonymous said...

I am sure this will piss KKKAl off:


F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Another possible example of material Korff may have read which then fed Korff's fantasy regarding Korff's own made up secret agent persona....

Look near the bottom of this page. Very similar claims and outcome...

Anonymous said...

Well Gang ... it is really simple. Think Occam's Razor.

This fried chicken chomping Fat boy is mentally ill. Period. Nothing more fancy than that. Mental Illness on display.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Syndicate

We have a a batch of new Korffing material to post... soon.

Nothing earth shaking just more proof that Korff still checks in here, often.

It feels wonderful knowing that Korff can never, ever, post another video or make any "real" (fake) claims ever again because, we will not stop.