Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kal K. Korff

Here we are lads right back at it after a bit of a hiatus on my part there. And yes unlike Kal K. Korff I do have a life and have other things to do beside get all obsessed and crazed and such.

Our greatest Korffing asset ever the one and only FN sent me a link to Kal K. Korff being back on that low rate show Xzone with Rob McConnell!!! Well lads it turns out that this is just a piece used to fill in some extra time and was very old. I did listen to part of it and heard Kal proclaim and gush about his CONVICTED FELON brother's innocence. RUBBISH!Too bad Kal can't tell the truth about his brother BEING CONVICTED OF A FELONY ASSAULT CHARGE.

This is old hat lads and I won't go on about it. The sound of Kal's low tone whiny voice was more than enough for me to turn it off about 10 minutes or so into the bloody nonsense Kal was on about. Amazing to hear a madman rant on in total denial of the truth.

And for those of you commenting saying you have sent me photos of Kal the fact is you have not. I have received 2 photos from the same person and no one else. Someone with some better computer skills than I must take this challenge of the photos up and make some! Lads be sure to take care and never let up on that valor and ipod stealing disgrace Kal K. Korff!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again KIAI. Looks like we will have to start up the Photoshop machine and get going on more Korff image mash-ups.

Any of you Face Book using Korffers, our KIAI Face Book page is growing and more people are friending us. We are up to nearly 100 friends now.

Instead of monitoring Korff's use less Face Book wall, we Syndicate Face Bookers have made the call to inform Face Book users about Korff's activities by way of our new and growing KIAI Wall.

We will take a look at the Village Idiots Wall from time to time but for the most part, he's toast.

Please keep a look out for Korff material on his personal wall, that scibd account and that terrible India Daily Post web site.

Please pass this around far and wide.

We will not stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

As we continue to keep the pressure on our Village Idiot, here's a copy of the letter the Syndicate sent off to the India daily Post. No answer of course but that matters little to the cause. Please do your part, be creative, respectful and professional.

September 6, 2012

Hello Gentlemen,

With all due respect to your profession and obvious professional excellence, why on earth would you allow a man named Kal K. Korff to use your company to further along his fraudulent activities?

Yes, Mr. Korff did write a few books and a couple of newsletters in the past and at one time he was a seemingly respectable writer. However, since Mr. Korff moved out of the USA in 2000 things have gotten very messy for Mr. Korff.

I won't bore you with all the facts however if you haven't already you really should do a bit of research on him. Use any search engine and see what type of search returns you get.

I'll give you one current example of what might very well be another fraud Mr. Korff has pulled, this time using your name and company:

Mr. Korff attended national conference on ‘Recent Trends in Human Resource Management’ hosted at the Campus of Indo-Global Colleges at Abhipur. Capt Priya Panjikar, director HR of JW Marriott, Chandigarh, was the guest of honor, Vishal Sood, director of IIM-A consultants, Dr Vaneeta Agarwal of UBS, Dr Poonam Agarwal, Divesh Uppal, and Dr Kesar Singh were the other dignitaries who enlightened the participants.

Mr. Korff listed himself as; Mr. Kal Korff, Daily Post HR Director. And describes himself as a keynote speaker at the event.

Of course, you may have hired Mr. Korff on as your HR Director, we haven't been able to determine this or not. More to the point, Mr. Korff is on record and as a matter of proven fact, has impersonated a lawyer on more than one case, etc. One of the lawyers in question can be contacted at:

Law Offices of Robert D. Coviello
31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
T: 949-429-7500F: 949-429-7505

In the end, Mr. Korff is not a person any media outlet should associate with, in our opinion.

We are happy to converse further with you on this matter.

Korffing Syndicate ~ Kal Korff Material ~ Kal Korff Information page

Anonymous said...

That letter was followed up with another sent to the Campus of Indo-Global Colleges at Abhipur.

No response as expected but again, what's of most importance is that people are informed and our Village Idiot understands that any time he makes the mistake to share details with the public, or when we stumble upon that information, we will act upon it.

We added this bit as well:

We are in the process of trying to confirm as truth or false that Mr. Korff is in deed the Head of the HR Department at the India Daily Post as he claimed when asked by your organization during your speaker vetting process. Given his past behavior we assume that it's a lie but we'll wait until we get conformation from Manish Tiwari, the Editor-in-Chief of Daily Post.

In the end, Mr. Korff is not a person a respected education center should associate with, in our opinion.

Anonymous said...

I implore any Korffers out there to take a few moments each week and send an e-mail or any kind of communiqué to someone associated with (or had been associated with) the Village Idiot; to educate, inform and further emphasize the facts, the truth.

It might be of interest if Korffers in the CZ could follow up with the Cable and Simms people and ask them what their thoughts are now, check in with and get an update from V Sed, contact the newspaper Korff used to write for and ask them for their currents thoughts on the turd, etc.

Korff continues to underestimate what our work has done to his reputation, for the rest of his life. It is obvious that he’s felt that wrath of the Syndicate; the liar and thief hasn’t released a new video since May 19, 2011, almost 18 months ago, the publishing rate of his scibd documents has slowed to one per month, his web site has been down since November, 2011, and his pathological boasting and threats from 2006 to 2010 have all but ceased.

Let none of us, or the world forget the behavior and harm that Korff caused to many people over the last decade. He cannot be left alone ever; the world must be updated and reminded on an irritating regular basis, that the behavior and activities of Kal. K. Korff must never be forgotten.

The big man has bowed down to us, he has all but given up, we own his ass and he knows it but that’s not good enough. The Syndicate will never stop; we will ensure that Kal K. Korff and his family will live with a largely negative internet footprint long after he checks out. The Fremont, California Korff’s will forever be tainted by the stink of Kal K. Korff’s lunatic behavior.

I think it's time to take this to the next level fellow Korffers.

Think out of the box and let's inform an even large segment of the world about Kal K. Korff and his wasted life at the expense of others.

No Law Suits Filed
Korffing for a Korff-Free Internet
Korffers Unite
God Bless Big Don Ecker

Korffing Syndicate

Jimmy D said...

All you had to do was stop, "Colonel".

All you had to do was stop - just stop - and all this would have gone away.

But you couldn't. You wouldn't.

And now you are going to pay.

Jimmy D said...

Is there a way of receiving alerts everytime someone posts to this blog or KIAI starts a new thread?

It's unhealthy the number of times a day I check this site.

Damn you, Korff. I long for the day of your demise, so that I can shake you from my life - you, a man I have never met and likely never will (unless you are still in Prague and I accidentally bump into you ... in which case, God help you).

Anonymous said...

This fucking POS korff doesn't even rise to the level of insignificance. He is SO toast, so last year, so "gone" we gotta ask who really gives a shit these days? korff has been shut done, his "glory" days are lost in the dust of this blog, the Korffing Syndicate, Dark Matters Radio. Long gone. Nobody these days can even remember this loser. Kal who? Sue who? What the fuck is S3? Lt. Martina? What the fuck you talking about??? LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Korff is over, old news, and not really worthy our attention but, personally, I'm not done yet. I don't think JimmyD is either.

At some point I'll let this go, but not yet.

I get much pleasure in knowing that every time Korff or his family or any possible employer, etc., hit up a search engine and search out the name Kal Korff and all they see is the results of the Korffing Syndicate which is a result of Korff's behavior.

Korff, "Oh they're just a small group of haters!" Korff, show us any group supporting you in a positive way. You can't.

That warms my heart and that alone keeps me going after him.

JimmyD, I also hit up the blog more often than the mental health experts would say is healthy but I'm okay with that. Just keep in mind that Korff does as well.

All this effort has been worth the results.

Kal K. Korff's internet footprint has been forever modified due to our efforts and his lunatic behavior.

I’m proud of this fact, and Korff’s family should be embarrassed beyond imagination as well and I'm sure they are.

Suck on it Korff.

We will never stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

We;ve just hit 100 Korffing Friends.

Anonymous said...

Yes, suck on it Kal, Take it up the ass like you deserve too

Anonymous said...

i never knew this nut until my army, the specially extra shhhhsssshhh secret canada division,CAN NUT 4 recieved a super secret decoded message that he and his special secret israli funded death dealintg demons squad would met us out back of the 7 11 two streets over from his moms at 11,30 cause he had to be in for 12.if he wasnt there his brother capt coronell kurtis would signal us by letting of 2 firecrackers tied together from their secret ammo dump under the dog house.he is for real rite.cause the ward is having porogies and poutine and i dont want tq miss it for nothing.

Anonymous said...

i never knew this nut until my army, the specially extra shhhhsssshhh secret canada division,CAN NUT 4 recieved a super secret decoded message that he and his special secret israli funded death dealintg demons squad would met us out back of the 7 11 two streets over from his moms at 11,30 cause he had to be in for 12.if he wasnt there his brother capt coronell kurtis would signal us by letting of 2 firecrackers tied together from their secret ammo dump under the dog house.he is for real rite.cause the ward is having porogies and poutine and i dont want tq miss it for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, somebody should stay FAR AWAY from the really cheap wine!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol at the larry king live favorite tab! that page very effectively makes you look like an idiot, kal!


Jimmy D said...

Bilked any elderly philanthropists recently, Korff?

Frightened any adolescent girls?


Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

I've been reaching out and going deep and it paid off. I just got contacted by a past fraud of Korff's and they sent me a lot of information to go through. Over the next few days I'll sort it all out and post Part one of more, very soon....

Our work is not done.


Anonymous said...

Ah ooooo ... Earth calling kalvin Earth calling kalvin ... be prepared for another wake-up call you fucking moron ....

Anonymous said...

You know, for someone with an IQ of 219 korff sure has proven to be a real dumb ass. Bad genes?

Anonymous said...

Claim #132
September, 2006

Kal Korff, "I do NOT believe in IQs, but I have one of 219. Ever since this was "discovered" when I was in high school, I have led a very "X Files" type life. This is WHY there is an attempt now to do a TV series based on my many secret lives. So people will claim I am a government agent, spy, etc., and YES and NO!"

Anonymous said...

An attempt to do a TV show... Yes and no...

Lying Liar

dog soldier said...

okay guys, truthfully i agree with you all and the shit that he has put people thru is awfull.people who have built awesome carriers over the years,suffering the detractors quietly stanford freidman, don ecker,art bell.for him to come along and try to steal their thunder is abyssmal,good on you guys for protecting these people,you are internet hero,s dont let up. p.s. they didn,t show up last nite no firecracker

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dog soldier said...

oh yeah,i am an electrical engineer with an accredited diploma from a real college.kal you cannot keep nano whatever in unshielded hash oil vails as any errant magnetic fields would disrupted their very sensative programming.good luck in pakistan and don,t forget to put them on your speaker stupid. dweeb

dog soldier said...

to annonamous. i be way up here in canada.let me know if there is anything i could do to help you guys with your efforts,once again nail this miserable fat demented fuck so he stops his hurtfull diatribes against people who actually put thier lives on the line for what they believe in,not hide in a dark corner in the czech republic isuuing threats

Anonymous said...

Dog Soldier,

You can write to Mrs. Toone and tell her how sorry you are for having to put up with Kal's behavior for all these years.

You could go over the web site:

and follow up on any old stories to get an update from those poor people who had the misfortune to crossing paths with Korff.

You can fire up your Photoshop and make a few Korff image mash ups.

You could produce a few video's like Santa in a Floppy hat and post them on Youtube.

There's a lot one can do to help futher along the Korffing Syndicates efforts and to ensure Korff's history and bad behavior is never forgotten.


Bless The Beasts And Children said...

You know, for someone with an IQ of 219 korff sure has proven to be a real dumb ass. Bad genes?

More likely he simply cheated. Korff is a sneak and a cheat, a liar and a fraud. They come that way.

Jimmy D said...



Anonymous said...

Quite ironic that the photo of Kal as the 'lone nut' coincides Hwith the release of the photo of the 'Lone Ranger' (a Disney movie now in progress). Not only that, but the main actor, Hammer, in costume, is a dead ringer for Kal, complete with identical white cowboy hat, dark glasses (mask) and a badge. Even their sideburns are identical!
He even has an Indian friend (Tonto, which in Spanish
means 'idiot').

Anonymous said...

You're right, lets remove that address, even though it can be found on the web very easily.

It should be removed.

Anonymous said...

Please write in and tell KIAI to remove that address:

kalisanidiot at live dot com

More than that - why does the Korffing syndicate have to bother the poor woman at all? Why can't we leave her in peace?

Anonymous said...

No reason to remove her name, adress or phone number. Easily obtained on 'People Finder' and othe sources.
She is no angel,to put it mildly.


Anonymous said...

She is no angel. If she would have stepped up, as an adult, and told her son to behave like an adult, then people wouldn't have been ripped off, bad mouthed and threatened.

I thought it might have been an interesting path to take to not only send her a letter telling her that "we" feel for her troubles but also, to get further under Kal's skin by opening up a line of communication with his Mother.

In any event, like Digger said, her info in up on the web but I do understand the issue from both sides.

Lastly, while I understand family is much more important that a job let us not forget that Korff contacted the bosses and businesses of Korffers in the attempt to get them in trouble, complicate their lives and to harm their professional standing.

Since Korff has no real job, our options are limited as to whom we can contact to have a similar influence.

It's a personla call as to ho far a Korffer will go to make the Village Idiot suffer the results of his behavior.


The Unknown Korffer said...

As long as mom's personal contact info is not shared publicly there's no harm in attempting to open that dialog in whatever manner possible. Especially if it helps to ultimately compel Kal to get the help he needs. The last thing in the world that's good for anyone is Kalvin K. Karlton Korff roaming Eurasia making up lies and leading a fantasy life. Mom can't want that though their willingness to have Kal as far away from them as possible is quite easy to understand. What a sad case.

Anonymous said...

I agree Unknown. No malice on this end against Mom either. I suppose one could make a case for going after any Korff at all in light of the shinangins Korff pulled regarding his interaction with others and their personal space, etc.

In the end, some times I do wish I could just drop this and let it go. Sadly, Korff has shown that if we give him any indication that the core of the Korffing Syndicate were to back off, he would surely start up his lying and cheating ways again.

Korff must be held in check.


Anonymous said...

Just to spill the beans a little bit... One thing the Syndicate is working on is researching the only actual job Korff did seem to have; working with a web site involved in teaching English in the CZ. We have it on rock solid authority that Korff did work for this place as late as 2009.

We will keep researching this lead and then we’ll try and make contact with someone in the business and see if they might comment off the record regarding Korff’s time there, his behavior, boasting, etc.

This is one of a few new leads that came to light after going through and contacting people made through our collective Korffing activities going back to the first days of this blog.

We will be in need of Korffers who are based in the CZ and whom have at least a basic understanding of the native language to help us gather new information and personal insights from these leads and contacts.


Anonymous said...

Typed in Kal Korff with the language CZ and a lot of strange stuff appeared like this:

Colonel Kal Korff Mossad agent in Prague - video contest for secret service agent

Logging into your contest video Kala U.S. Colonel Korff, Mossad agent and protector of the Jews (Kidon unit), who lives and works in Prague.

The Colonel Korff, we are waging a thick folder ", can be made available as evidence. Indeed, by the agent, not secret. Worked example in Metro and on certain radio (I guess Expres). Said when in danger threatens the contacts and the FBI.

I also suggested this - it concerns a dispute over nanoprach

Competition is a new video from the Czech Republic.

Anonymous said...

twit (noun)

a foolish person

synonyms: nerd, geek, dork, dweeb, schmuck, putz, goober, plonker, prat, wally

sample usage: Kal Korff is a twit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Found with a simple search.

Warning: Kal Korff - dodger '(12 September 2008)

UPDATE ( 1.11.2009 ) UPDATE (November 1, 2009)

Within a few days will be filed a criminal complaint for fraud and embezzlement.

UPDATE (27.1.2009) UPDATE (27 January 2009)

The goods have not yet been paid or returned. No other consignment has not been delivered. We consider reporting to the police of the Czech Republic for the apparent fraud. Some users are submitted links to videos where Kal Korff about us spreading lies.

UPDATE (3.12.2008) UPDATE (3.12.2008)

To date the goods were not paid. Kal Korff sent by post as a solution to international debt 1x iPod Touch 16 gigabytes We refused shipment. ( 2x ipod , 1x MacBook ) The agreement was, complete restoration of goods (2x iPod, MacBook 1x) or payment of the amount due.

UPDATE (23.9.2008) UPDATE (September 23, 2008)

Kal Korff asked for the invoice for the goods to another person for VAT deduction (exports outside the EU) in the name of Mrs. Dorothy Toone ,c/o DotJoss , 993 Bailey Drive , Oregon, USA 97527 Was a deposit invoice and sent to his address ...

For the first time in fifteen years of company history Cables and Simms Ltd. point out the possible collusion of one customer. His name is Kal Korff.

Kal Korff (American journalist) is introduced as an associate of the company will be conducted by the Agency Ltd First 22.4.2008 took scant value of goods and paid him cash, a document was issued at the request of the company will be conducted by Agency Ltd. The second time, 22.5.2008 went bigger van for 47250 CZK , again with a proof for the same company, this time to maturity, but which never, even after many reminders paid.

We contacted the representative of the company will be conducted Agetura Ltd. Mr. VS in the domain that is the person entitled to the repayment of debt. Mr. S, however, we confirmed our suspicions - Kal Korff is not and never was their colleague, only in the past, the agency conducted an external teaching English.

Mr. Korff with these facts and warnings, the fact that we publish. Constantly and moving the payment deadline (or return of unpaid goods) until finally Mr. Korff got to threats to our address - from giving the Tax Office, the Police, the U.S. amabasádu, haunting known lawyers to threats from alleged associate of the Israeli secret services .

In examining the cases we took the view that it is very likely that a similar "problem" with Mr. Kalem Korff can have multiple entities in the Czech Republic. If you have a need or interest to deal with us, do not hesitate to contact us

The case Cables and Simms Ltd. v. Kal Korff has strictly one reason - to highlight the potential defaulters and force him to settle obligations or return. Any other activities of this gentleman we ABSOLUTELY no interest

At the same time following is a list of products and their serial numbers, which is still owned by the company Cables and Simms Ltd., which will be reported to the police and to the Apple service database so that it can be identified.

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 32GB sn : S9C809A8W0JW

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 32 gigabytes sn: S9C809A8W0JW

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 16GB sn : S1B747EV0W4T

Apple iPod TOUCH 1st gen 16 gigabytes sn: S1B747EV0W4T

Apple MacBook 13" BLK 2.2GHz C2D sn : W880104KZ67

Apple MacBook 13 "2.2GHz C2D BLK sn: W880104KZ67

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff= Liar, Thief, Fraud, Degenerate.

Nuff said.

sqiughqw;kjqbwd;kjwvw3egv1vlknqdegv;jkl3negrv'l13egnv13'lfgkj13f said...

finally Mr. Korff got to threats to our address - from giving the Tax Office, the Police, the U.S. amabasádu, haunting known lawyers to threats from alleged associate of the Israeli secret services .

Proxy recruitment harassment and stolen Israeli valor. No wonder MR. Korff fled to India to try scamming people there. His mommy may have paid off the mean man at the computer store but he still LIED, STOLE, CHEATED and then acted like an arrogant fuckface issuing threats. He doesn't deserve help he needs to have his passport confiscated & prosecuted for his crimes. PRISON, Kal, prison, with your worthless fucking bunghole being raped by huge swarthy males who call you Mary.

Anonymous said...

Ial is either in India as a fugitive from justice, or he's behinf bars. Just like his kid brother, it runs in the family.

Anonymous said...

Like I already said,

Kal Korff = Liar, Thief, Fraud, Degenerate.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Come on Guys! I check this site 15 to 20 times a day looking for new posts! Get on with it!

Anonymous said...

I for one post over half the material on this site, on the Face Book page and on the Korffie Leak site...

Time for others to step up.


Anonymous said...

Deep thoughts from the dummy.

Face Book - Kal Korff

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Kal is an idiot said...

Lads there will be no more posting of the personal addresses of anyone on this blog.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The Unknown Korffer likes this.

dog soldier said...

sorry guys, i am awaiting my second grandchild been a bit said i could help by monitoring him. how and where can i find these an retired gm worker i have a lot of free time but am not that great on computers a little help would pay in the end .i believe this is a important thing you people started and i commend you all. the last thing i want is for future generations to be believing him .happy thanksgiving from your friends to the frozen north, rally on korfers dog soldier

dogsoldier said...

what the f*ck,cant he be arrested by interpol or czech authouritys for uttering threats or fruad.this guys is a loon he needs to be thrown in general population and bent over in the showers by a few big muscle bound iron they should be able to arrest him for terroristic activities and carrying a cap gun without the proper license.his is a nanofuck for sure theres another charge littering for throwing his mystery nanobots around india. later folks dogsoldier

Anonymous said...

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