Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Kal K. Korff secretly a scientologist???

You read it right lads!! This could be yet another momentous break through in exposing Kal K. Korff. While I cannot speak to this at the moment I will most certainly keep all of you Korffers appraised of this story if it proves to be true. And if one thinks about it then it makes perfect sense and explains a lot about Kal's fascination with flying saucers and religion. Though I think Kal ought not get his hopes too high that John Travolta will be calling for a back rub anytime soon. Kal may have hit the gold mine here with rich celebrities in an organized religion that he could try to con and beg. aaahahahhhhahaahahahahahahhhaaaahaha! Oh Kal you poor stupid cunt.


Jimmy D said...

"Lads there will be no more posting of the personal addresses of anyone on this blog."
---Kal's ma's address is still listed on the last thread. I know that this is a quote from another website (translated from the original Czech) but I don't think that should make any difference.

"Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff is evidently and indisputably worthless scum, but I feel nothing but pity for his mother.

Anonymous said...

KalIsrael: freaking out over non-existant gods and flying saucers for his ENTIRE life, with nothing to show for it. I pity that fool.

And so does his mother, you can bet.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff should be apprehended by the Indian (or Czech, or whatever) authorities and extradited to the US, there to stand trial and conviction, followed by a 10-year stretch in a six foot by six foot cell with a tattooed man mountain named "Spike" who is convinced that Karlton has been put on earth to be his prison wife.

You are evil, worthless dross, Korff.

Rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Face Book Update

September 29, 2012, Kal Korff: “The remarks you cite were the rose garden ones, as I said, and since I contacted the WH along with other journalists, they specifically told the press (me included since politics is one of the beats I cover, in addition to terrorism of course and international affairs, I get notices from the WH all the time and have scores of friends who also do who are also journalists) and they say no evidence yet to indicate a terrorist attack and deferred everyone to the video.”

Let’s see what a bit of Korffing brings up regarding this lie about Korff having a news beat that he covers.

The last time Korff posted anything to his scibd.com page: July 11, 2012, almost 3 months ago. Also, Korff has zero followers now and his page hits (not reads) have stalled.

The last time the India Daily Post posted any Korff material on their crappy web site: Who knows, you can’t get their search function to function at all anymore. But we won’t let that stop us. Korff posted an “article” on the release of the iPhone5 on September 17, 2012:


A Korffer left this comment on that page: “The majority of this "article" is cribbed from others sources. What does this mean; Kal Korff "borrowed" this information and made it his own without giving credit to the original authors. Thief”

Anonymous said...

We’ve sent letters to this “college” as we try to not only confirm this claim but to make them aware that they should be wary of any claims Kal Korff makes to them regarding any title or job he claims to hold.

Mr.Kal Korff, Daily Post HR Director
"Honoured by the opportunity to be key mote speaker. Thank you for the hospitality extended ."


We also sent letters to the India Daily Post and of course, they refuse to respond for fear of actually learning the truth regarding out favorite Village Idiot; Kal Korff.


We will not stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Kal was interested in ufo's from a young age, he only became a debunker after he was not allowed to meet Billy Meier with Wendelle Stephens when he was aged 15, Meier did not allow children to come to the center to meet him as he said people have to be old enough to discern truth from fiction, what ever people think of Meier Kal got really pissed and made it his lifes mission to destroy Meier, to the point where he wrote his book spaceships from the pleiades and got an artist to airbrush lines into original photo's he conned from a swiss family who were living locally to Meier, then claimed that he had found evidence of a great hoax. Interestingly Kal is probably the only one in the world with Meier's original photo's since most of the others were stolen from Meier. Kal could actually make himself really famous by proving the case through the photo's since no one else has ever had access to originals but he's so retarded and spiteful he's spent his life trying to do the opposite and still couldn't do it. The artist he used to doctor Meiers photo's eventually came out and issued an unreserved apology to Meier for his part in the book. What an unmittigated wanker Korff really is.

Anonymous said...

“Kal was interested in ufo's from a young age”

I actually agree with your time-line here and a lot of your reasoning as well. Korff has always allowed his emotions and ego to get in the way of his “research”. To his credit, I thought his process of taking a persons book, or research and making a series of Youtube videos presenting his view on that material showed a lot of possibilities.

Using Youtube as a platform to get your thoughts out there can really cover a lot of people, it’s free, etc. Sadly, Korff couldn’t keep his ego or fantasies of fame in check and he went off on the consumer fraud path, which in turn sent him down the nano-dust, fake military freedom fighter path, which then sent him down the iPads for Peace scam path, etc. All of this is quite plainly laid out on the Korffie Leak web site www.ufowatchcat.com

If Korff could have (proven implausible now due to his run away ego and fantasy – escapism mental disorder) kept focused on publishing his material in a focused and mature “he said – I said” format, leaving out the name calling and the threats, maybe he could have amounted to something more than a minor footnote and ultimate joke in the UFO and internet community.


Anonymous said...

Kal MAY be the reason UFO's avoid our planet!

f1 racer

still making Kal look like a fool

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Kal suffers from cognitive dissonance. There's often a grain of truth in what he says or what he has experienced yet it is greatly conflated to meet the demands his ego puts on him. The person he displays is who he wants to be, not who he really is.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if you were in a room with Kal Korff who'd be in a straightjacket and you could pick his delusional brain?

Anonymous said...

According to Billy Meier Kal is even known in other galaxies as being a delusional asshole for his fraudulent work on the Meier case, how's that for famous!

Anonymous said...

I think Kal sucked Wendell Steven's dick.

Anonymous said...

I've read some things about Billy Meier and I'm sorry to say that he's just as delusional as Kal Korff. The two sit next to each other in nut school.

Jimmy_D said...

How many elderly philanthopists and young women have you managed to dupe/frighten so far in India, "Colonel"?

You are vermin, Korff.

Anonymous said...

And please don’t forget, you to can contact Kal Korff direct (if you believe the lie that he is the head of the HR Department at the Daily Post in India) and ask Korff, what happened to all the law suits, threats and lies… What happened to the iPads for Peace scam

Human Resources
+91 172-5201113

And you can write to the people who continue to post Korff “articles” and ask them why they continue to associate with a cyber stalker, liar, con artist and thief.

For letters to the editor email us at opinion@dailypostindia.com
For feedback email us at contact@dailypostindia.com

Jimmy_D said...

During his tenure at Metropolitni expres, the free handout defaced by his God-awful English column, I wrote to the editor (and latterly, after it had gone online, left posts under his articles) pointing out that he was an illiterate madman. So did many, many other people, both Americans/Brits and locals with enough English skills to recognize a charlatan when they saw one.

I never once received any kind of acknowledgement. I have a feeling that this might prove to be the case here, too.

Jimmy_D said...


I wrote to the editor *...at least once a week ...*

Anonymous said...

I wrote to the above as well, as well as many other places. Never got a response from anyone at any of these various places.

Even if they never respond, they still have to glance at your letter and, on occasion, I'm sure they mention this to Korff (if he's even there) and then Korff has to run over his history of haters again and, hopefully, people around him might do a search and then see for themselves what a search does indeed bring up.

Now that's worth our time and the look on their faces would be priceless! :-)


Anonymous said...

In the U.S. the Presidential Debates begin tonight. I "wonder" if "flabby ass Kal" sent any suggestions to either Mitt or Barack? What say Kal? Any words of wisdom you care to share?

Fucking Moron.

Jimmy_D said...

Kalvin - it's time for another of your hard-hitting videos.

What about another segment in the "Is it really true?" series.

For example:

"Jimmy D writes from the Czech Republic: 'Karlton, I've heard that you are a lying, thieving, cheating, scheming, cowardly, fantasising, delusional, duplicitious, pedophile scumbag of a scam artist who preys on overly-trusting elderly philanthropists and pubescent girls. Is this really true?' Well, Jimmy - and thanks for writing in, by the way - the short answer to that is: 'Yes.'"

Anonymous said...

New lies from Kal Korff

Hi everyone: It has been many weeks since I last uploaded articles I have written and have had published. Here's a dozen more, I will upload them throughout the day in between doing other things.

Hope you enjoy them. We are now heading towards the 30,000 "hits" mark for the over 150 articles I have posted.

Once again I sincerely and humbly thank you for your interest and support, I will try to upload articles more often as I write them. There are many coming out, and in this latest upload batch, I include articles that were published months ago but never reposted.

Right now I am working on redoing all of them so that they link BACK to the sites they originally appeared on, which is only right. Since we are talking about more than 150 articles, this will take me some time to do this in my "spare" time.

I write about everything from science and technology, to travel, politics, terrorism, international affairs, business and military issues, as well as OpEd pieces.

THANKS everyone!



Look at Kal Korff, responding to our posts and remarks. Korff is reposting, and making adjustments to many of his older “articles” which received virtually ZERO clicks (not reads), etc., in the hopes that people will see them as new posts and not old, tired and unread posts. Let’s see, if Korff goes through each and every “article” and actually puts the link to the offending web site which posts this crap. I’ll bet you any amount of money that they will all point to this web site:


So, if you’d like to help rid the internet of Kal Korff, feel free to make an account on scribd.com and then start posting comments under each article (if Korff hasn’t already block that function, which it looks like he has, coward) and give him a one star review (click the star) on these articles. It’s easy and fun; and it’ll help drive Korff even crazier.


Anonymous said...

“Kal Korff, Right now I am working on redoing all of them so that they link BACK to the sites they originally appeared on, which is only right. Since we are talking about more than 150 articles, this will take me some time to do this in my "spare" time.”

So here’s what the Village Idiot did. Korff “reposted” all his “articles” so they are presented as a “new” post. He hopes that this will bring attention to his “articles” and he’ll get more clicks, not reads.

Korff also states that “they link BACK to the sites they originally appeared on” here’s what we found.

This is the first “article” Korff ever posted on scribd:


After doing an audit on this, here’s what the Village Idiot means regarding LINK back the original sites…. Korff has attached a list of “key words” to each of his “articles”. These key words, exactly the same as used by Youtube, etc, are used as search works, so people can find various “articles” which might contain points of interest they are looking for. In the “article” that were posted by the “media giant” http://www.dailypostindia.com/ Korff added their name “daily post India” to the list of key words,

Korff added that “key word” as his way to “LINK back to the web sites” it appeared on. Another lie or at best, a clear manipulation of the facts to give the uneducated the assumption that Korff’s “articles” appear “all over the web and in the printed media throughout the world”. There are no web SITES; there is only a web SITE.

Kal K. Korff continues to lie.

The Korffing Syndicate will continue to monitor his cavities and to report on his lies.

We will not stop.

Anonymous said...

If only....

Monday, August 11, 2008

New UFO-Related documentary

I've been waiting to announce this for over a year now, and finally the time is right. Along with all of the other things that I've been working on publicly over the past year, including Best Evidence, Eternal Kiss, and Synchronicity, I've also been working on a documentary about UFO personality Kal K. Korff, sub rosa, i.e. undercover. This has been done as a co-production with a film production company in the Czech Republic, where Korff, an American ex-pat, has lived for several years now.

The film profiles Korff, and his strange and sad journey through the world of ufology and other things. It was necessary to keep all of this literally secret as we went undercover and filmed Korff in Prague, as well as some work in California and Oregon, all with the aid of a member of his "inner circle". The only person outside my immediate production team who was aware of the project was my good friend Mac Tonnies. The film is in many respects inspired by the Errol Morris classic, Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter, which is probably my favourite documentary.

The feature-length documentary should be hitting a television station near you (well, in Canada at least) in the spring of 2009.

Paul Kimball

Anonymous said...

Korff is honored and humbled that the "article" which he supposedly gets paid to write, appears in the "media giant" who hired him to write it? Lying liar.

Kal Korff: Here's my review of the first debate between Romney and Obama, it has been published as a full page article which appeared in the press today. I am truly honored and humbled.

Anonymous said...

Scribd key words Korff used on October 7, 2012.

For fun do a search of Korff's name on the listed web sites; CNN and MSNBC and see what you get.

barack obama
czech republic
mitt romney
presidential debates
kal korff
daily post

As we expected, Korff read our last Scribd research, saw that we called him out on using Daily Post key word only and now he’s added CNN and MSNBC. It’s another lie. Also, why would CNN and MSNBC post any of his “articles” Korff hates Obama very much and Romney not much less.

As always, the comments function to the "article" (to any Korff “articles”) are disabled.

Lying Lair.

Caught again.

We will not stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Speaking of writing, where are Kal's 6 book series on terrorism?
Meantime, other real people have been writing real books.
As a for instance, Paul Kimball.
Remember him, Kal?



Anonymous said...

As a for instance, Paul Kimball.
Remember him, Kal?