Monday, October 8, 2012

You're DONE Kal! DONE!

Lads here is a bit from The Korffing Syndicate. Enjoy!! Oh and I am still waiting for those bloody slow agents from India to show up!  ahhhhahaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaahaha!!!!

Kal K. Korff Con-Game Closed Down

August 20, Saturday, 2011; the Syndicate took control of the Kal Korff URL name, .

September 02, Friday, 2011; the Syndicate took over the Korff URL name: a short time later we pointed our newly acquired URL the just launched Korffie Leak web site.
September 4, Tuesday, 2012; The Syndicate launches the Kal Israel Face Book page, Immediately over 100 people ask to be friended, many of these people are already friends with the real Kal Korff. Kal Korff blocks the Kal Israel profile from his profile within the first week of it's launch. Kal Korff continues to run away and to not face his own demise.

March 10, Thursday, 2012; our Korffie Leak web site was launched:

March 04, Sunday, 2012, a few days before the Korffie Leak web site was launched, not coincidentally, 3 days before Korff’s 50th birthday, Korff sent a threatening e-mail (using the same anonymous e-mailer that he used to send his last threats to Don Ecker) to a member of the Korffing Syndicate. As expected, 7 months have elapsed and nothing ever came of the threat and the web site was launch. This threat was also the last threat Korff sent to anyone associated with the or the Korffie Leak web site.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Kulin"
Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2012 9:10 AM
Subject: Libel, slander, and the consequences

You think your ILLEGAL AND FRAUDLENT website about me, which is full of FALSEHOODS AND LIES is going to stand?

I have been patient and tolerate of your HATRED of me for quite some time but the gloves are now off!!!!

YAWEH help you for what I will do to you. I did NOT rise to Colonel by playing NICE. I did not get trained in Israel because I am timid.

Your cover is BLOWN and the wrath of G-d shall come down upon YOU and your whore family.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in your little website, YOU, Ecker, Underwood, ALL of you are going to pay a HEAVY price.

As I speak now several Indian based agents are headed to the airport to pay you all a VISIT. My contacts at Interpol have provided me with ALL
your locations.



Over the past 7 months since the Korffie Leak web site was launched, Korff behavior changed in a very dramatic manner. Now vanished from the internet; the personal threats, the promises of legal actions, the iPad’s for Peace scam, the nano-dust claims, the braggadocio rants about his super secret and world changing missions as a fake solider working for a fake secret service, fighting on all fronts against terrorism and consumer fraud. Gone, evaporated, like that history and behavior never happened.

The truism here is that it never did happen in our reality-based world. Yes, Korff traveled to the Pakistan border with vials full of air, he traveled to India to fight in paint-ball battles and to pose as a fake Colonel passing himself off to the unsuspecting as a man of honor and importance.

Korff spun his wheels for over a decade trying to regain the minor celebrity he enjoyed for a short time as a child and adult before the age of 40. After the Korffing Syndicate stopped playing with Korff; poking at him to get him to react, we focused our efforts to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a lair, a fraud and a thief. Korff’s response to this information release…

Poof, all gone, never happened, nothing to see here but the Korff Man-Child wishing it all away. The internet never forgets. The Korffing Syndicate will forever be vigilant; monitoring Korff’s behavior and keeping the world apprised of his actions.

Korffing Syndicate


Jimmy_D said...

Are my and F1's residences still under police surveillance, Karlton? It's been, what, two years now?

Lying vermin. Evil scum.

Anonymous said...

And what of the Korffer who got this last threatening e-mail from the idiot? What happened to him?


Absolutely nothing.

Blow-hard, man-child Korff followed through with ZERO threats, ever.


Anonymous said...

David Biedny, Royce Meyere, Paul Kimball and Don Ecker are LAUGHING at you Kal. The only pain they suffer from is their sides cramping up from laughing so hard about what a delusional fuckwit you are Kal.

Anonymous said...

Korff's more for Romeny than Obabma. Korff's old teacher really hates this and now that Romney got a boast in the poll, Jerry's not feeling the love even more....

BTW, Jerry seems to theink it's okay for people to not pay Fed Taxes in the USA as long as they pay the rest. Really, where's it say that in the Constitution?

Jerry Lapiroff: Speaking of deception, you have this piece. The reason for the statistics are that the large number of Americans living below the poverty line who do not pay income tax but pay every other tax, and the substantial number of people in the top 1% who get most of their income from Capital Gains, which is taxed at a lower rate and not included in the commentary. Do you not believe that inequity is at the core of the economic disaster from which we are slowly emerging, or do you believe it?

Jimmy_D said...

I would like to thank Mr F. Nut. Thanks to him and his efforts (and those of the Syndicate), the lying toerag is ensconced permenantly in his foxhole. He knows that if he sticks his craven neck out, his fat, bloated head will get blown off.

All you need to do now, FN, is keep that foxhole in your crosshairs. Keep tabs, remain vigilant. (What would the Dubya term that - amber alert? pink alert?)

Anyway, what I'm saying is that you can return to your wife and kids and your normal life. There is no need to go out on a limb any longer. Unless (no - make that until) Korff comes out with a fresh lie or scam.

Unlike most people, FN, you can truly say that you've made the world a little bit of a better place.

God bless FN and Big Don Ecker. God damn "Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff to eternal hellfire for what he did to V*jt*ch, M*ch**l* K*c*s, and countless others.

Anonymous said...

And God bless JimmyD and the rest of the small but hardy Korffer Klan for putting Kal Korff down, once and for all.

Go ahead Korff, poke your head up, try and make a stand.

It's over Korff.

We win.

Thanks very much JimmyD.


Anonymous said...

The Kal K. Korff unobtainable dream;

French: "Je pense donc je suis"

English: "I think, therefore I am"

Korff reality; "I lie... there you go."

Anonymous said...

I live on, but my lying life ended on March 10, 2012.

Anonymous said...

Karlton Korff. The face of evil.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Korff just moved along after this blog, the youtube channel and the web site did their work.

What else could he do I guess?

A life based on threats and lies cannot stand up against truth.

And so we have the Korff man-child, banging about on Face Book, acting a reporter, hanging onto that little area of cyberspace which Korff can call home.

What a life.

Anonymous said...

Yea Korffy lives on in FB but the asshole has it so locked off that he ends up talking to himself. Just another example of this morons mental illness.

Hey asshole, how are all those Indian lawyers and secret agents doing since S3 has cut back on operations? Your finances been cut, huh? Yep, nothing like the life of a secret agent man, right?

Anonymous said...

Yep, his Face Book account is way locked down.

His Scribd artcles cannot be commented on, although you can assign 1 to 5 stars, I've been hitting up the 1 star on many of them.

His old and never to be used again youtube channels don't allow comments either.

It must be very loud in that empty head.

It most be very lonely inside that friendless life of his.

To think that Korff actually thinks that people are listening, that people care...

The Korffing Syndicate are the only people watching, waiting, monitoring.

We will not stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Posted on the Kal Israel Face Book page:

Damn, I left the USA for reasons I cannot share with the public, in 2000.... Nearly 13 years later, years littered with countless claims, lies and threats and now, what do I have to show for it? I'm a Face Book "reporter" with a "locked down" Face Book Wall and a personal life so empty I never share any of it with my Face Book "friends". Some life I've carved out for myself. I'm sorry Mom for letting you down. Kal K. Korff

Anonymous said...

A comment left by BloatedSensations regarding this video:

located on the KIAI Youtube Channel.

BloatedSensations: The Korff eats breakfast 300 yards from 4,000 Al-Qaeda terrorists that are trained to kill him! So don’t think for one second think that you can put up a Youtube video and make him nervous! Keep this sort of thing up and The Korff will send Super Special Secret Service Agent Martina Tycova to your house with a vial of super secret nano-dust to sprinkle on your Rice Krispies when you're not looking! Consider yourself warned by the Super Secret Division of the Super-Special Secret Services!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, kalvin got his monkey spanked! Nice going there you fucking bozo! korff is such a *TOOL*, just a fucking tool. Give it up Monkey Boy just give it up. Your family must be so proud korff, just really fucking proud!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is an evil delusional shitbag.

Jimmy_D said...

Yes, "evil" is the operative word.

There are plenty of sick, delusional people in the world, Karlton and I normally wouldn't dream of poking fun at them because they are harmless.

You, by contrast, have hurt so many people quite deliberately. You must be stopped from hurting anyone else, and it is the mission of this blog to ensure that you *are* stopped.

You are scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

What is the current state of Kal Korff?

Korff posts nothing but political things on his locked down Face Book Wall.

Korff web site has been down since his free server service got hacked and shit down.

Korff stopped referring to any of his old lies, threats, personas, etc., after the Korffie Leak site was published in March of 2012:

That's all it took; the publishing of his proven lies and Korff ran away from 10 years of spinning his lies and threats... like it never happened.

Kal Korff is a pussy. A Momma's boy, a back biting little jerk-off who will not, and would not meet his critics head on.

Big Don Ecker asked Korff to appear on his radio show, Korff told the world that his fake lawyers told him he shouldn't and to let their "paperwork" don the talking.

How it feel Korff. Laughing stock, media joke, loser at life.


Brit_in_Prague said...

Just remember, "Colonel":

All you had to do was stop.

Anonymous said...

A blast from the past - check out Kult of Kal here (bloody hilarious):

Where are you now, Kult?

Anonymous said...

Korffing Scribd Update

How many clicks (not reads, as there is no way to confirm a click is a read or a read is a click) do Korff's last few "articles" get?

Presidential Debates - Romney 1, Obama 0
Reads: 64
Uploaded: 10/07/2012

Donna Summer - The Queen of Her Time
Reads: 49
Uploaded: 10/05/2012

Bee Gees Legend Robin Gibb Passes Away at 63
Reads: 69
Uploaded: 10/05/2012

Review - Apple’s New iPhone 5 and iPods
Reads: 65
Uploaded: 10/05/2012

Confirmed - Obama Administration Initially Lied About Libyan
Reads: 37
Uploaded: 10/05/2012

Foreign Direct Investment - A Double Edged Sword
Reads: 99
Uploaded: 10/05/2012

Apple Scales New Heights A Year After Legendary Steve’s Demise
Reads: 64
Uploaded: 10/05/2012

Keep in mind that except for the first "article" listed above, the rest of these "articles" are a repost in Korff's attempt to gather interest in his older, rarely if ever clicked, "articles".

As you can see, Korff is lighting the Scribd world on fire.

Scribd is one of two web sites on the internet that Korff's "articles" can be found on, the other one being the India Daily Post web site (terrible site).

With these kinds on results one can correctly state as a matter of fact that Korff's material is "read" by 10's of 10's of people from around the world....

What a joke.

I’m very happy that the Korff Con Game is over. All we need to do now is to monitor the Village Idiot and from time to time, report and post the truth and facts of his life to keep the informed and uninformed continually aware of his lying, thieving ways.

Korff made a huge miscalculation thinking that his behavior would not result in somebody, actually a team of somebody's, taking the time and effort to amass and post his lies and misrepresentations to such a degree that Korff had no other option that to leave a decade of lies and fraud behind him, like it never happened.

Imagine the effort Korff put into that decade of falsehoods and fakery. Actually you don’t have to imagine it, just check out the various sites and see it for yourself;

A wasted of a life if there ever was one.


Anonymous said...

Well FN, as people are fond of saying ...

The Internet is FOREVER!! Right kalvin, you FUCKING BOZO??!!?

Anonymous said...

You are vermin, Korff. Pure vermin.

Anonymous said...

"The Internet is FOREVER!! "

So right.

Korff, so wrong! :-)


Anonymous said...

Think about this korff. After you are DEAD and LONG GONE, people will still be able to read about what a FUCKING LOONEY TUNE you were! They will read about it FOREVER!! You, S3, NANODUST, your phony Lawyers, your phony LawSuits, your fucking phony trips to the border of Pakistan to plant NANODUST, your phony WARGAMES with fucking Paintballs. All of it you flabby assed fucking phony.

How does it feel AssWipe? How does it fucking feel? By the way fatass, how is your fucking Dirtbag fucking convict brother? Ooo, you Mom must be just SO Proud.

Anonymous said...


You ~ S3 ~ NANODUST ~ your phony Lawyers ~ your phony LawSuits ~ your fucking phony trips to the ~ border of Pakistan to plant ~ NANODUST ~ your phony WARGAMES with fucking Paintballs.

Anonymous said...

New book, or series of books? Still floating the lie on Face Book.

Kal Korff: Well I have never voted Republican. I was not on Facebook when Bush was president, so my comments about his presidency re terrorism are in my new book. The Democrats control the White House, and I used to be a hardcore Democrat. Now I support neither party because both have caused the problems we are in and I honestly feel we need a viable third alternative, not a tired and predictable schwing of the proverbial pendulum.

Anonymous said...

"...are in my new book."
---what new book, you lunatic? Name of publisher? Launch date?

Brit_in_Prague said...

I wish there were an emoticon that was capable of fully expressing the depth of my loathing for you, Korff.

Brit_in_Prague said...

:( just doesn't seem to swing it ...

Anonymous said...

I wonder what you're up to in India, Korff? What scam, what crime are you cooking up?

Anonymous said...

Korffing India Post Update

Been logging on and giving many dozen Korff "articles" a one star rating and then posting this URL in the comments:

Noticed under this "article"

in the comments:

April 12 at 1:29pm

Brainzz Tarman
Raleigh, North Carolina

This article is a direct cut and paste from a different author. Kal Korff did NOT write this article.

His Face Book Account

Anonymous said...

Korff did not write this article?? Geeze what a shock! To think, little kalvin is STILL A FUCKING THIEF!!! He steals computers, computer equiq., he steals other peoples work, he steals HONOR.

Korff, pleeeeze come home. There are SO MANY of us here in the States that really want to see your fat ass. Come home soon you fucking waste, come home.

Anonymous said...

Come home Kalvin!

Anonymous said...

Korff is and always was a gutless pussy with delusions of grandure. Korff .. add air and watch the asshole expand. Korff, a waste of space. Korff, so full of shit his eyeballs and face are .. BROWN. Fuck you Korff, you thief of other men's property and other men and womens honor. Go eat shit and die!

Anonymous said...

Gentleman. You have done a most excellent job. But, I am a little saddened. For you have also removed some of the best entertainment to be found on the web.

No more rants or threats or melt downs. No more youtube videos of fake press conferences.

While kal was a Internet bully and needed to be taken down, I will miss the ravings of the pudgy little supervillian wannabe.