Friday, November 2, 2012

Kal can run and lie but he cannot hide!!!

Hi everyone, I wish I did not have to make constant reports like this, but in the interests of help spreading the TRUTH about the immoral cover up and disgraceful acts Kal K. Korff has engaged in re telling us the truth about his past, here's some more awful news.

Having access to such data, I have told several people about some of the stuff which is going to be released. Here's another nugget, and it isn't pleasant.

My motives are to try to help insure that mistakes made in the past, are never made again including the abhorrent use of basic English and shit use of proper grammar. Basic rules which were supposed to be enforced as per morals, laws, and common decency were blatantly ignored by Kal, and he should be prosecuted.

But he won't be for now.

What is additionally disgraceful is if this were a guy who had any fucking clue about what a dumbshit he is, he would have come clean a long time ago. But because he is a complete fucktard, one that everyone WANTS to see in jail very badly, they are not violating their own ethics as "journalists" and like Kal, are stonewalling the facts and trying to rewrite it to coverup his own bullshit.

REMEMBER how that cunt Kal made a "Big Deal" out of his imaginary rank as a colonel and said he was going to sue everyone and that he had operatives coming for those who exposed Kal? It has been DAYS AND YEARS since Kal made his threats and yet NOTHING EVER HAPPENED!

This is a great example of his bankrupt "moral" standards.

Kal is desperately trying keeping this off the map, including his CONveniently ripping off people in the Czech Republic and lying about being a human resources manager in India. But Kal will NEVER keep the truth from the public because Google has a search for Kal Korff ranking the top two spots to this blog and the website EXPOSING Kal!!  Fuck you, Kal.


Anonymous said...

I found this bio of Kal on an article he wrote for Skeptical Enquirer: Kal K. Korff is President and CEO of TotalResearch, a company dedicated to studying universal mysteries and concerns. He has appeared on such TV shows as CNN’s Larry King Live and Fox’s Encounters. He is the author of Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story (1996) and The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know (1997), both from Prometheus Books. He is a former senior systems analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the “Star Wars” program and is a recognized expert and pioneer in computer-based multimedia systems who helped develop Apple Computer’s revolutionary HyperCard software — the ancestor to the Internet software Browser.

Anonymous said...

We know this is all bullshit and I am curious to know if Skeptical Enquirer ever screened this. Appears not. The only thing Kal is a recognized expert or pioneer in is being a fat, lazy slobs who preys on kind people.

Anonymous said...

I took someones suggestion and googled KAL KORFF BIGFOOT. Lots of stuff there. for example..

Korff seems to have suffered a total mental breakdown. I feel bad for him, it's sad to see someone crack like that. He's desperate for attention of any kind - check out the comments on one of his Kevin Randle posts, they're all posted in rapid succession, I'm betting that they were all typed in by Korff himself. He's lost it.


Fuck you korff.

Anonymous said...

Nice posts people!

Fuck you Korff.


Anonymous said...


wank·er (w ng k r). n. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang. 1. A person who masturbates. 2. A detestable person. wanker [ˈwæŋkə].

Korff seems "taken" by this word now... he's been using it... udderly often...

Anonymous said...

Regarding that Paracast forum link above, what a grand place to read all about Korff's actions and reactions in 2007 - 2008. I saw 277 posts and then it died...

Great repost!



Anonymous said...

The paracast has some great korff stuff. Here is some more.

Anonymous said...

And a bit more from another site.

Here is an excerpt;


Mr Martinez: This subject suffers from a DELUSIONAL DISORDER. This is
the classic form of a delusional disorder. This individual suffers from a CLUSTER of delusions, usually involving a particular theme [the Billy Meier case/UFOs in general).

They may feel that others are out to "get" them, that they are being
cheated, conspired against, maligned, spied on and so forth. When characterizing the symptoms of this disorder, it also involves delusions of grandiosity and jealousy as well as persecution.

In listening to his radio interview via the Web site, one of the prominent cluster of delusions Mr Korff suffers from is DELUSIONAL SPEECH. Seen most commonly in delusions of grandeur, when allusions to personal influence, power [rank of "Captain" in his make-believe-world of "The Special Secret Services"], accomplishment,
etc., are common, and in delusions of persecution, when the [spoken]
LANGUAGE is rich with paranoia, suspiciousness, accusations, etc.

A delusional disorder, grandiose type typically takes the form of
believing that one has some great, but unrecognized talent or insight;
this is to be distinguished from megalomania which is a greatly
exaggerated self-evaluation or sense of self-worth; this is a common component in narcissistic personality disorder also called macromania.

– MT, Class of '99, XXHS

Jimmy D said...

I believe the technical term is "worthless evil pedophile thieving lying cheating heartless cruel predatory delusional garbage".

The common-or-garden term is "scum".

God bless FN, KIAI and Big Don Ecker.

Anonymous said...

This happy horse shit from a huge Apple cheerleader, who claims to have bought and is still buying, all things Apple, every time they release a new version of the same old, Korff is waiting in line, or so he claims.

As Korff's loves to exclaim, "Yippee for Apple!"

Kal Korff: Until the world as a whole faces and fixes its key problems, one of which is that blind consumerism is a ticket to failure, it's not going to get better.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff, lover, care taker and world traveller.....

and lying liar.

Kal Korff: Yes, absolutely. I see it in India as well, which has only reinforced my opinion. I have seen it now firsthand on three continents I have lived on. Heartbreaking for anyone who truly cares about the condition of the human race, and of course many people do, but seemingly NOT enough politicians.

Anonymous said...

Korff certainly has his very own section of the web and it isn't very flattering. For example on the site Above Top Secret there is this.

The Rise&Fall of UFO Debunker Kal Korff

This thread is about UFO personality Kal Korff who made a name for himself by writing skeptical books about Roswell, Bigfoot and Billy Meier. Aside from doing lectures in the UFO circuit he has also made several media appearences in various tv-shows including Larry King live.

Although having received praise by ufologists for his work on the Meier case the last 2-3 years were characterised by fantastic claims (by Kal Korff) and many clashes with other noted ufologists such as Kevin Randle, Don Ecker and Paul Kimball to name a few.

More at link.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Korff has carved out a less than flattering internet presence. It’s interesting that the foundation of this presence rests squarely on the actions, lies and claims of Kal K. Korff.

As the great JimmyD has said time and again, all Korff had to do was stop, apologize to a few people and move along.

In the end it took this blog, the Korffie Leak web site, the Youtube channel and the Korffing Syndicate to force Korff off the web, albeit with a minor and sad Face Book presences.

It should be noted that the Korffing Syndicate will not stop monitoring Korff’s actions, where ever they might take place, and to notify everyone we can regarding Korff’s sorted past. Just this week we notified a half dozen people, and we will continue, forever, or until Korff does what JimmyD has asked for. And even then, the web site(s) will stay up, forever.


Anonymous said...

Old Korff writings, tuff to sit through....

Daniela_Abrhamova said...

When making Power Point presentations, even when you’re a woman, make sure that you use creative language, and that you get to your point. Power Point presentations are not supposed to be novels, unless you’re one of those cheapo authors or publishers who want an easy way to fake making an eBook which fools the technically ignorant so that you can market it to the masses.

---Kalvin wouldn't dream of faking an eBook, now would he? And by the way, Korff, what's with the "even when you’re a woman"???

Anonymous said...


This Korff is a cretin.

Jimmy D said...

I have this feeling that he's planning some epic scam in India.

I can feel it in my bones.

We must be ever-vigilant.

Anonymous said...

"We must be ever-vigilant."


Capitals for Korffing sake... :-)

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff is evil.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people are being conned right now in India by Korff. That delusional fat ass always leaves a trail of destruction so I guess we'll pick up on it sooner or later. Lets hope he gets arrested for some threats he makes there. Korff in jail, aahhh one can hope.

Anonymous said...

F U C K Y O U Kal K. Korff

Korffing Face Book Update

Kal Korff: People have been emailing me asking me what my "prediction" is as far as who will win the election to be the next president.

My answer is I have no idea. I have no prediction. I'm not really into predictions. But thanks for asking. Please vote.


Not into making predictions! My God, what a freaking liar! He predicted that Ecker, Meyes, Meier's and many, many, MANY more would be arrested, jailed, followed, and sued.

He won't predict because the race is so close it's any bodies game and he doesn't want to come out the LOZER in this if he makes the wrong 50 - 50 choice, as he has in LIFE, he's made the wrong choice over and over and OVER again.

Right, Wrong
Truth, Lies

Kal Korff, "I'll take the latter of the two..."

F U C K Y O U Kal K. Korff

Jimmy D said...

I am eagerly awaiting a magisterial press conference, delivered over YouTube, in which the great sage gives his take on the election.

Anonymous said...

God, how I wish Kal Korff would release a new video. It's been 19 months since the last one...

I love the idea that if and when Korff does release a new video, the Korffing Syndicate will poach it, insert the truth and wait for the next video to be released.

They will not stop.

Go ahead Korff, make our day you little pussy.


Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

We've added a bit of information to the Junior High School section in the Korff Education Section of the Korffie Leak web site.

We got our hands on Korff's 8th Grade Yearbook. This is important because Korff made his first claim to fame in 8th grade; the Atomic Bomb Claim.

We've added a few photos to the top of the page which help lay out Korff's activities during his 8th grade year. There in no mention of Korff winning anything and more telling, there is no listing or appearance of Korff other than his photo in this yearbook.

Did the claimed science fair happen and did Korff win it based on a plan for a working atomic bomb? Who knows, other than the little red ribbon and youtube video no proof can be found to prove this claim. So, it’s a lie until proven otherwise, and with more than a ribbon and a youtube video.

Nano-crap FTW said...

What a nano-brain.

Full of vile nano-crap.


Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

And least we not forget the words of Kal K. Korff and how even he knows he's lying about vast groups of people behind him, supporting him, etc...

Letter to Royce Meyers III

Kal Korff: So a SAPSTOE stands for Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution. Basically, I OWN the WHOLE widget. There are literally only a handful of "my types" walking around.

Korff OWNS the whole thing. Meaning: SAPSTOE is Kal Korff, nothing more, nothing less.

Regarding Korff's JFK research and who paid for it.

Kal Korff: It's all me, I paid for all the research myself.

Regarding Total Research and Critical Thinkers being a Meta organization.

By Korff never, EVER revealing any other group or people associated with these shell web sites, it's a lie, pure and simple.

Korffing Syndicate

Jimmy D said...

Well, being an habitual, pathological liar is one thing.

But one thing about Karlton that always bugged me was his use of the word "literally":

"There are literally only a handful of "my types" walking around."

happy red mogul balloon! said...

kal's type = kal's a picky guy and he loves a man in a tight uniform. grrrowl go get em tiger. it's raining sapstoes


Anonymous said...

Fuck off Korff. Threats and lies all around for over a decade and YOU talk about being united.

Nobodies buying it Korff, that's why nobody responds to your pathitic posts on Face Book.


Kal Korff: Hi everyone, my feature article about Obama should hit the newspapers in a day or two. It recaps his history and reviews his victory over Romney and covers how he won it.

I hope both parties learn from this election and start putting partisanship aside and concentrate on doing what is right for Americans.

Put the needs of the country and citizens FIRST!

Based on emails I have received, it seems...that conservatives are bitter. Holding onto bitterness won't solve anything. When someone remains bitter, they remain a captive to bitterness.

We must support the president, he won, and we have to put an end to being a divided nation. There's a reason we are called the UNITED States of America.

We must always be.

Anonymous said...


My upcoming book series, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, consisting of six volumes on Islamofascism, terrorism, haters, extremists, and the arguably delusional mindset of the CONspiracy and pro-paranormal crowds, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, goes into all of this in unprecedented detail and forms my core thesis.

Jimmy D said...

How is your dirtbag brother, Karlton?

Do you know, something tells me we haven't heard the last of him. (Snigger.)

Anonymous said...

Korff, bragging and carrying on... to his uber-liberal high school teacher:

Kal Korff: There's no question mistakes were made. Enough facts are known about that, which have been released so far. To be blunt, what is holding up the investigation and slowing it down to a snail's pace is the fact that the CIA was running several black ops out of there, and this is also a fact.

The issue of damage control, politically, as well as national security, aren't always on the same path. I despite the political end of it, national security is valid always of course.

But the issue of having a center where they put all of their eggs in one basket, again, there are rules against this yet this is what happened. And it isn't exactly a secret. Even Petraeus' mistress knew about it and talked about it, and WHERE did she learn about it?

Also, sources in Libya, have also disclosed this. The "Libyan Street" knows about it as well. It's hard to hide when you're a white guy in a foreign land. And this was noted from Day One and is beyond obvious. So you put together a bunch of white guys, some with bulging necklines and this reminds me of the "Janet" Flights several times a day to Area 51.

The Top Secret facility used a private plane, a large Boeing jet, to fly the workers in and out, they were dressed as "tourists" but their bulging necklines betrayed their other line of work.

Same problem existed in Afghanistan when CIA personnel and Special Forces went into there. Their fake beards and real beards were not enough. Even the CIA's first man in there in Afghanistan said you could tell who the white man was always, from a kilometer away.

I can go on and on, but mark my words, the "mistakes" part WILL be a key part of the report. Leaks about this have already occurred and a basic analysis of public undeniable info also indicates it.

Jimmy D said...

Ah yes. Kurtis.

The klean-kut, preppy look (who's that fat little man next to him?):

[There was a police mugshot floating around the net of Kurtis (dating from his arrest for housebreaking and assault) with long hair, but nevertheless appearing relatively well-groomed and even handsome - anyone still have it?]

The "frontiersman" look:

The scary derelict look:

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry. Here's the "frontiersman" look:

Anonymous said...

Well Korffy, today November 12th is celebrated in the U.S. as official Veterans Day since the 11th was on a Sunday. Are you wearing your duckhunting shirt, pants and Kowboy hat around with your PHONY military rank? Are you talking your usual shit as if you fucking really know sumpin? Have you hustled your fat ass out to the paintball range and pretended like you really got into a gun fight? Are you eating dinner with the troops you sad sorry dipshit? Kome on kalvin, inquiring minds really want to know ... you fucking lozer!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to give us some prespective, Korff never, EVER talks about any of his old claims. That's done. He'll mention the "book or series of books" on rare occasion but as far as any thing releated to his last, hell, 20 years, he's moved on, thanks to us... :-)

Anonymous said...

Kurtis Kern Korff arrested 7/29/2011 for post prison violation and assault. Held without bail. File 37630, Josephine County, Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, the "dirtbag brother" continues to act out the dirtbag, huh? What is it with Kalvin and Kurtis I wonder? Must be bad genes or some shit, huh? What a pair to draw a hand to. What a pair ...

Anonymous said...

Attention Korffers,

Get ready for another huge Korffie Leak release.

Sometime over the next weeks we will be posting "new" material on Korff that will reflect his education (or lack there of) and his pandering behavior.


Korffing Syndicate


If you want another example of Korff pandering to talking down to people, read as Korff talks down to his "wife....

Face Book, November 13, 2012

Kal Korff: Happy Diwali to all of my friends in India and to my beautiful Indian wife.

I could not be happier with any mate.

LOVE YOU HONEY! xoxooxoxoo


As the bile rises up my throat, here's what he's talking about:

Brit_in_Prague said...

"LOVE YOU HONEY! xoxooxoxoo"

Pass the sickbag....

Anonymous said...

November 14th... in a day or three or four, hell, I’ll get it self-published when I get it self-published!

November 10 ~ Kal Korff: Hi everyone, my feature article about Obama should hit the newspapers in a day or two. It recaps his history and reviews his victory over Romney and covers how he won it.

Anonymous said...

You sad, pathetic man.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers?? What fucking newspapers you bloated Buffoon? Fucking newspapers ... what a laugh. Whats the very last thing you had "published" you pathetic asswipe? Hmm? Yeah, newspapers ... right!

October 19, 1973 said...

Anonymous said...

Nice video! :-)


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