Friday, September 20, 2013

The Penis Size Worldwide

Kal Korff: Obviously size cannot be "everything" because India and China (the smallest) have the LARGEST populations!

I live in India. I assure you that rape is not "legal" (four rapists were just sentenced to death a few days ago) and that there is a minimum legal age for consensual sex in India just like the USA. There is a difference between laws as written versus people who choose to ignore laws.

If I applied this same standard, then mass killings in the USA by military grade semi automatic weapons would be considered to OK. Of course, it's not. And I am American.

What I have seen in India is that their culture is more conservative (not so much among the youth however) than the older generations, that is to be expected.

Many Americans consider themselves to be "liberal" or that we have liberated sexes, but compared to Europe, Americans are practically Puritans. I spent a decade also in Europe, much nudity is everywhere and it's "no big deal" whereas in the USA it's OK one minute (when pixelized) but a "scandal" if it's during the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Oh Goody! The wit and wisdom of Kolonel Kalvin Karlton Korff, the transplanted American dick-head. Korff, give it up asshole ... You loose. Nobody gives a good damn what you have to say. And yes, we do track your thieving ass ... daily. Bet on it cock breath.

Anonymous said...

"I live in India .." yea asswipe and most of the Western World is damned grateful you do. What you didn't say though, is how you could never make it in any manner if you still lived in the USA, or just about anywhere else in Europe. We are on to you korff. All anyone would have to do, ever, is simply pop your name into any search engine. Boy korff, bet your family, well the ones not in jail, are so very proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy D said...

"Seven annoying Facebook habits"


Anonymous said...

“Kal K Korff tries to analyse the new form of racial hatred sweeping America, one that is based on ignorance rather than colour prejudice:”

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored and genuinely humbled to report that I have a full page special article on the racism which reared its ugly head when an AMERICAN won Miss America. The winner was born in Syracuse, New York.

The piece also reviews some dark moments in America's history when we banned Chinese from immigrating, had blacks as slaves; it also argues that the "All American" look is really European, and that the color of one's skin is determined by genetics, not nationality.

I sincerely thank Daily Post once again for deeming this article worthy of publication. As a journalist I truly appreciate it.


Take notice of this “introduction” penned by Kal Korff himself, as he attempts a “60 Minutes” style lead in, an introduction which attempts to make Korff seem like a wondering, roving reporter with just so much on his plate. Look at the construction of this sentence; it’s got Korff written all over it.

“Kal K Korff tries to analyse the new form of racial hatred sweeping America, one that is based on ignorance rather than colour prejudice:”

Anonymous said...

BTW, after being posted for 9 hours, this "article" got one like, from our friend, Lonnie D. Franks.

Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Well Korffer's, how can anybody "like" it when asswipe has his page locked down tighter than Grandma's nighty? Our Village Idiot is simply playing with himself in between shifts at the local whatever store. You know, the one that takes pity on the "low and slow" residents that wander the streets. Oh Kalvin, come on home ... we want to see you.

Anonymous said...

I object. Kalvin isn't a slow learner. He just likes to learn at ... his ... own ... pace.

Anonymous said...

... as Korff acts like he's got the info and no one else does... fat chance. It's all over the net, over 4 hours ago, before he posted this on his Flack Book wall....


Eearly intel reports indicate that the terrorists who took over the mall in Kenya and murdered dozens of people are being led by a BRITISH WHITE FEMALE WHO CONVERTED TO ISLAMOFASCISM, her name is Samantha Lewthwaite.

TWO other terrorists are AMERICANS from Minnesota and Missouri.

More news about this later...

8 minutes ago

Brit_in_Prague said...

Kalvin, pls let me know what's happening in Nairobi. I've no other way of finding out ...

Anonymous said...

Take it away Korffer's....

Kal Korff: I don't think it's merely a "coincidence" that Ted Cruz's last name has the same number of letters in it as the word "Joke" does.



Anonymous said...

Oh, it was painfully obvious..

Dave Henderson: One might wonder if your first name having the same amount of letters as the word ASS is a coincidence, but then one wonders what the point is?

Kal Korff: At least my name is not a four letter word

I guess it wasn't obvious above, including the smiley face, but I was trying to make a J-O-K-E, which is also a four letter word.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, I despise you. If you could somehow distil my pure loathing of you and stick it in a bottle, you'd have the most potent chemical weapon ever produced. Just a drop of it in a municipal water supply could wipe out an entire city.

You are scum, Korff. Irredeemable scum.