Saturday, February 22, 2014

Korffing Facebook Update

As best as we can tell, and we're on the Korffing job every single day, Korff never made public mention of any kind of "work" or "project" other than his current job as a Citizen Facebook Reporter and Writer of Articles for his Media Giant's free newspaper.

In any case, assume that this "work" is for that English language "newspaper" (one of many based in India, since English is their "go to" language to make money) and, of course, Korff is humbled, and honored and blessed to be a part of this, no doubt, hugely important humanitarian effort.

Kal K. Korff: Look at me, look at me Mom! I'm doing good things for people less fortunate than myself... Hey you Ukraine's! I'll write up an "article" to help you guys out when I get back!" I'm udderly saddened by your current situation.

Fuck you Korff.

Feb. 22, 2014

Kal Korff: HI everyone. Happy to report that I have arrived safely at our destination. I am near the border with Tibet. Will be doing some stories and some administrative troubleshooting work from here, and also some community projects. Am honored to be asked to be a part of this, I feel so blessed.

Trying to use technology to bridge the distances, right now I'm saddled with using the Edge network, haven't used that protocol in years.

I wish the people of Ukraine the best, and may they finally exercise their right, regardless of how it goes, to self determination.

I'll try to post some photos later this week.


Anonymous said...

So, while Korff is traveling, and who's to say he's not aboard a donkey in the country, in India, swatting flies....

He's finding time to post, as normal, with nobody caring by the way, like he's not traveling in a 3rd world country with limited internet connection...

Again, not saying he's not traveling.... Just saying, until he posts the photos, or we find them on the web, he's a lying ass punk.

Oh, no direct link to his Media Giant's web site, as per usual.

Gee, you think Korff might be pasting up these images of an "article" in Adobe and Photoshop and making believe (lying), that they are being published somewhere other than a little seen web site?

He's never done that before, has he... Ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's my piece in today's newspaper and online about events in Ukraine. This was before the parliament voted to remove the President of Ukraine and before he fled Kiev.

Normally, I would have a piece tomorrow, but I spent almost a full day traveling, so I will resume filing stories tomorrow. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this one.

Tomorrow, if all goes well and weather permitting, we'll be traveling to a very ancient world heritage site, I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Tubby (oh sheesh! I meant Kal Korff) in his own words ...


Updates - Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 05:15:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kal Korff Admits He's NOT A Spy!

...As to my consulting for the government on anti-terrorist
issues, unlike certain "UFOlogists", I believe very strongly that
international terrorists MUST be stopped...

...For the record, as my new book on Roswell due out shortly
proves, I was also a consultant for the Prosecution on the O.J.
Simpson case. I resigned,however, after seeing how inept they
were -- much like several "UFOlogists" I know.

...I knew he was trying to set me up, and I don't play those
games. You see,Hesemann has a lisp, the poor fellow....

...As long as the UFO field is overcrowded with kooks and
charlatans as well, it will never attain the status of a
legitimate area of scientific inquiry, nor should it...

...I remember when I saw Meier's wife while I was there in
Switzerland undercover. She looked like a walking zombie, as I
mention in my book, and of course we've all known that Meier has
abused her for years. No wonder she's finally leaving him...

...Maybe Michael should share with us what he told Glen Hoyen and
I at the MUFON Seattle conference about what Meier makes the
women in his cult do everyday. Go ahead, Michael, share this
little sexual "gem" with the rest of the internet world, won't

...Of course, you won't, because then even fewer people would
believe in the Meier case and it would make you look even more
gullible than you are. Get a clue, Michael, and get a life!...

...As far as Bob Shell saying my "spy" background should be
investigated, I suggest that he team up with Hesemann and Mantle
and form yet another International "Research" Team and "expose"
me. I would rather have these clowns spend their time chasing
fantasies rather than continuing to meddle in(and muddy)the UFO
database of cases which deserve far better than the sorry,
inexcusable efforts of these three stooges. PLEASE investigate
me....and maybe while you three are busy chasing down a new,
non-event, the rest of us can try and get some credible work

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 05:34:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Kal Korff Admits He's NOT A Spy! [to Gary

...I stand behind my statement though that I wish Hesemann,
Mantle and Shell would tie up all their time "investigating"

Anonymous said...

More Tubby (oh darn! I meant Kal Korff) in his own words ...

Updates - Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 18:26:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kal Korff to DRudiak

...You are also VERY WRONG ABOUT MARCEL'S RECORDS. How do you
ALSO LIED ABOUT ENTERING THE ARMY as an aide to general Hap
Arnold! How do you explain this?...

...There are other lies that Marcel made, need I recount the pain
of all of them to you?...

Updates; - Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 19:16:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Korff Makes PEACE with Hesemann!

...Besides, it was YOU, Herr Hesemann, who was KICKED OUT of a
UFO lecture given by one of your fellow Germans because YOU were
SECRETLY PIRATING images that you were warned specifically
against copying! You did it anyway, and got kicked out...

Updates - Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 19:49:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Korff's Message to Ed Komarek

...I certainly hope that your Operation Right To Know is more
grounded in reality than your opinion(s) about me are. If it is
not, then your group will fail miserably and the UFO field will
have yet another black eye that has been self-inflicted...


Updates - Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 04:57:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Disproving Ed Komarek

...The reason I am getting so much attention from the media (and
it is only just beginning) is because I have always gotten lots
of attention from them ever since I was 15, whenever I made
myself available to them. I am using this attention to launch new

Updates - Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 22:54:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Bursting the Balloon

...The UFO field has sunk to new, all-time lows...and we have
people like Ray Scamtilli, Richard Hoaxland, Jim DileNoShow, Art
$ell and others to "thank" for this...

Updates - Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 23:53:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kal Korff's 'Open Letter To Art Bell'

...In the interim, if you could please send me an address where I
can send the appropriate documentation to you for my appearance
on your popular show, we can start moving this process forward
towards resolution. I would like an address from you, and will
send two packages of documentation via overnight mail, and I will
request that you personally sign for the package and will
guarantee me IN WRITING that you will receive the material AND
read it and ADDRESS it with me together on your show. If what you
say is true Mr. Bell, that you never made any such calls or
"threats" to these radio stations, then this should prove no
problem for you...

Anonymous said...

Oh Hell ... Fat Ass LOVES to hear himself talk ...

Updates - Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 00:05:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Phoenix Lights & Flares

PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. There is also an expose of Jim
Dilettoso published by the New Times, which cites his jail record
(Hoagland has one as well) and how he has conned people...

...People like Jim Dilettoso, and other con artists, give UFOlogy
a very bad name. The field has so little credibility without
these clowns scamming people. But this is why station KXAM plays
the song "Flim Flam Man" when they have discussed Jim Dilettoso
over the past month or so...

...This is why I LAUGH when Michael Hesemann and Jim Deardorff
cite the "scientific analysis" and "authentication" of the Billy
Meier UFO Photos, because what they are endorsing is Jim
Dilettoso's FRAUDULENT activities...

...PLEASE, for the GOOD of the UFO field, we need to root out the
Richard Hoaglands and Jim Dilettosos. Lying individuals who run
around claiming to have PhDs when they do not only HURT the UFO
field and do NOT help it...

...More importantly, because we didn't bother condemning those
people we KNOW are hucksters and con artists, or expose them, we
get thrown into their same bin, and judged accordingly, even
though this isn't an accurate thing to do...

BILLY MEIERS of the world...

...Otherwise, DON'T COMPLAIN if the media doesn't listen to you.
And don't then cry "cover up" or "foul," because the REAL cover
up and "foul" being committed is by the UFO researchers who don't
have the integrity enough to call these charlatans and EXPOSE
THEM for what they are!...

Anonymous said...

Fuck You, you blowhard asswipe! I love finding your bullshit on the web korff. Oh, I bet you are sorry now, huh cupcake?

Anonymous said...

Kal on another run again. Wonder who booted him out this time?

Anonymous said...

Notice, Secret Wars, blah, blah, blah, is no longer listed....

Anonymous said...

Want to re-visit the McConnell - Kal K. Korff love fest.

Take a listen to this old audio, posted on Feb. 19, 2014.

The only comment so far:

Wayne Patterson: You Talk about cons and you allow this buffon korff to be on your show. If you cant see what a walter mitty fraud he is then you arent "in touch" with much. Korff is such a text book liar it is NOT possible to be unaware of it. Do your self a favor, and get away from this loon.

And check out that klassic text intro we've come to love and throw back in Korff's face.

210 IQ.

You bet.

Anonymous said...

Audio link...

Anonymous said...

Mustn't forget Kal's birthday this coming March 14.
The big Five-O.

Jimmy D said...

No, no - I thought Karlton was born in 1962. FN - can you confirm?

Is Kalvin a 52-year-old piece of worthless dung or only a 50-year-old lying, bullying, braying criminal?

Anonymous said...

Korff is such a delusional psychopath

F1 Racer

Jimmy D said...

General Racer!

Long time no see.

We have the fucker hunkering down in his fox hole - no videos or other proclanations have issued from his fundament for many moons - but we have still to land the death blow.

Anonymous said...

Born March 13, 1962, Alameda, California

Anonymous said...

You are scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: This is true, most people "open" bananas arguably, the harder way.

Jimmy D said...

This is true, most people "open" bananas arguably, the harder way.
---Klassik Korff misuse of commas and quotation marks, there ...

Not only are you scum, Korff; [see what I did there with that semi-colon?] you are stupid, ignorant, uneducated, illiterate scum.

I loathe you, Korff. Come back to Prague, you weasly vermin. We have unfinished business.

Anonymous said...

Korff, the piece of dogshit that he is, is also an abject COWARD! If he ever returns to Prague, and don't bet on it, he would sneak in. You know, kind of how a "rat" sneaks around in the basement, and besides ... aren't the Prague cops looking to speak to him?

And, if this asshole asswipe ever returns to the U.S., same thing. The little cheese snatcher will sneak in, too many people want to hit the little Fat Ass with paper. Yes you fucking Cheese Whiz, we got your number wide load. We got your number ...

Anonymous said...

Korffing Update - Facebook

Korff, making a grand statement regarding John Edwards a self proclaimed Psychic & Medium

Kal Korff: He should be sued for fraud, he has no morals.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

Korff's family member checks in....

Notice the date Korff's calls out as his date that his interests started... Any Korffer knows what this date means to Korff.

His awakening date to all things Korff; what it means to be a human and how Kal K. Korff can help humanity...

Like stealing, and lying and you know, all that positive behavior.

Mary Benson: You are so smart. There's nothing you don't know a little about. I know you got this from your auntie. Go on jeopardy, that's what I always get. Xoxox

Kal Korff Well, Auntie, Egyptology has long been one of my interests, dating back to October 19, 1973. Now I'm dating myself, age wise.

I was honored to be the only student journalist allowed to photograph the King Tut exhibit when I was Jerry Lapiroff's student at John F. Kennedy High School, enjoyed using my press pass back then in high school from the magazine I first started writing for which was published out of New York. Got to see and attend many events.

I have never liked jeopardy.

But remember when we used to rock in Trivial Pursuit?

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

You use Yahoo for e-mail because you're too ignorant to "use" much else. You know, like that web site of yours. Some IT expert.

And, you're not into the web cam sex thing... Really....

Kal Korff: I only use it for email, not into the webcam sex thing.

I am sure it is not "just Yahoo" -- they hack everything that can be hacked.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff is one proud and delusional mother fucker....

What will we never hear? That "they" will never tell "us" that "you" made this statement? Of that "they" wouldn't make this statement?

Dumb fuck.

Kal Korff: You'll never hear this from any Democrat nor the Obama misadministration.

Before Obama got elected, I went on record saying that he will NEVER be able to fix the economy and bring back the jobs.

They are LOST - forever.

Anonymous said...

Kal is married
Kal is near the border of Tibet

Brit_in_Prague said...

I despise you, Korff. I really hate you.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Evil. Pure, undiluted evil.

Anonymous said...

As we predicted....

Kal Korff: :Hi everyone. Here's my latest article published in the newspaper and on the Internet and in ePaper. Hope you like it.

I'll be reporting more on developments in Ukraine of course.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck? This asswipe hears and knows all... except who pulled his site down, etc. Ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: I have heard from several women that they think RoboCop is "sexy" -- I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

What did we tell you!?! Lying Liar. Show us the photos you fat fuck.

I'm humbled.... man boobs....

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Travel update: I am now some 80 kilometers from the border of the country NEPAL, working on a very exciting project involving humanitarian causes. I'll have details soon, I hope....lots of work and infrastructure here to work on trying to improve. This is a longterm project.

I'll resume writing and filing stories shortly for the newspaper I am a journalist and senior executive at.

Jimmy D said...

Korff: Keep your trap shut over Ukraine, OK? Just ... button it, for once.

Anonymous said...

No photos from your trip right Korff.

Lying liar.

Ha, ha, ha! Media giant! Ha!

Kal Korff: Well, it's nice to see that other journalists and far larger newspapers than the one I write for are FINALLY ADMITTING that Obama NEVER PLANNED for this kind of crisis in the UK, which means he is beyond ignorant. I wrote about this and it is in today's paper beating the Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

BTW, many hours later, ZERO response of any kind to any of these Facebook posts.

As it should be and as it will always be.

NOTE: We have a "Korff is Lying" retrospective in the works. Nothing "new" other than to present Korff's first Facebook posts from 2010 to highlight and archive the fact that he was lying then and after the website and Youtube channel launched, he stopped lying, for the most part.

We will never stop Korff. Learn to live with your internet footprint because it's never going away.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. As part of the Ukraine Diary series being run in the newspaper, Daily Post, India's fastest growing English language daily, here is my article on Ukraine, where and how Obama went wrong.

Anonymous said...

Lying, worthless, pedo scum ...

Anonymous said...

Facebook Korffing Update

Notice that Korff mentions "private" forums, etc. Why... Because 2 people Liked this post in 8 hours....

Korff's not fooling anybody.

Keep after it lard ass.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's my latest piece in the press today on Ukraine. Hope you enjoy it.

I wish to thank everyone, sincerely, for their numerous emails (I have never received so many on any other subject before) and for the dialog and exchange of views here on Facebook and online in private forums concerning this subject.

Anonymous said...

What kind of narcissist asshole would go to a barbershop, get a "buzz cut", film it and then put it up on YouTube so the public could see it? Kal K Korff, that's who! What a fucking loser fat ass! Nice Korffy, really fucking nice. What a Pants Load!!