Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kal Korff, You Lie!

This new series will focus on the threats and lies which Kal Korff made after joining Facebook in 2010; Korff joined (after saying he would not) in his attempt to stave off a number of impostor Korff's who had already made fake Facebook accounts using Korff’s name.

We still have a couple fake Korff pages up there, this Facebook Page is the only one worthy of being called a Korffing page.

First, lets look at a current lie and manipulation and then we will go back and start over; cica 2010.

Korff calls this Facebook post a travel update. An update for whom Korff? We went back 6 months and nowhere on your Facebook wall did you ever make any mention of any trip of any kind. Korff also mentions that he would continue to "write" and file stories while he is on the road. Korff continued to post "links" on his Facebook wall as if he never went on a road trip, all day long, like he was sitting at a desk, searching the web and posting links to fulfill his Citizen Facebook Reporter position at his "Media Giant". We're amazed at the wonderful internet and WiFi connection they have in Nepal....

Korff mentions that he would "try" to post some photos later on in the week. 13 days later and he's back at "home" and he's posted zero photos and he hasn't mentioned the trip again. Just another ho hum adventure for the Great and Humbled Kal K. Korff.

Not posting any photos comes a no surprise. Korff routinely makes claims to post photos, to post videos and to follow through with many things and he rarely comes through. As an example, other than calling his "wife", his Punjab Wife, he's never posted her name or photo anywhere on the internet. We know why, and he's smart for not posting a photo of her but really, it's your wife Korff. The love of your life... other than that lady you had your Genius Son with... and so on.

Of course, a current photo of Korff does get posted from time to time... much to Korff dissatisfaction....


Anonymous said...

Oh Goody!! A brandy New Thread!! Korff ON!!!!!

Brit_in_Prague said...

Ah, Mishter Korff [please excuse my Sean Connery accent] - of the Shpeshial Shecret Shervice: shmooth, shuave, sophishticated ... NOT!

For God's sake man - just take a look at you in this photo. You look like a slug. No - an amorphous blob. Terrorist-busting, Krav Maga superman, my fat bottom.

Chubby little loser, national joke ...

Anonymous said...

"The Amorphous Blob".

I like it.

You are lying scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Self promotion (with zero response), based on lies.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I have received a fair number of emails recently from UFO enthusiasts, expressing "surprise" that the mythical Roswell "UFO crash" did NOT involve the crash and secret recovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I know this because my book The Roswell UFO Crash" What They Don't Want You to Know, exposes every major book written about "Roswell" and was the first to also expose the lies and false claims of Colonel Philip J. Corso. This expose appeared in the paperback edition, I am honored and truly humbled that my book remains the bestselling Roswell expose of all time and has gone through several printings by a couple of different publishers, including Prometheus Books, Random House and Dell.

Hope you enjoy reading it, should you decide to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Korff, you lying Pedo, ANYONE in the UFO research field KNOWS you are a lying, delusional, full of shit, piece of DOG SHIT! You received emails? Where? To what email address? Your FB page is locked down tighter than Grandma's nighty! Take you fucking medications you fucking MORON!

Anonymous said...

Get a shit load of this Korff thinking....

Kal Korff: I was no on FB when Quayle was VP. It didn't exist. I wasn't on it when Bush was president either.

To be very honest, I only started using Facebook at the urging of my friends and people who have bought my books over the years.

At first I did not enjoy it, but having reconnected with many long lost friends and acquaintances, especially from the early days on up and relatives and former classmates and colleagues I once worked with and even some of my former teachers, I must admit I was wrong and ignorant.

I used to have my own web site and tried to do things largely through there and have a single source site, but I lost interest in it and then had no interest in reposting things across many sites, so I dropped it and may only resurrect it again when my next books come out -- the ones my "kritics" say don't exist.

Well, there's already functional prototypes downloaded on iPads and am in the final stretch, what my "kritics" do not know is that I have been conducting a several years experiment on people's beliefs, especially extremist ones, which forms the core hypothesis of my upcoming six book series on Islamofascist terrorism, extremist beliefs, and lack of critical thinking.

It's been interesting in the past, posting things to gauge their reactions, document them, form hypothesis to predict them, then seeing them verified so that they now den be regarded as established fact.

In a way they've been lab rats, they're still stuck in a loop, and that's another part of my theories indicating their wholly predictable behavior.

That and the over 100 emails over the years from largely the same people over and over containing death threats, etc. Also being published are the police correspondence and what they did, I intend to publish much of this material so that people can educate themselves about who and what extremists, haters and cyberstalkers are really like and about, -- hopefully a lesson for everyone.

Sorry I have digressed, for some reason your post made me think of these ancillary issues.

I think if there was a "Potato song" Quayle would have remembered it properly, Obama is the first person I have ever heard recite Franklin's classic wrong.

Ironically, the plural of "potato" does have an E.

I'll take a misspelling over any day over someone who says he's been to all 57 states, and says it after thinking it over for a moment when asked about his campaigning.

Anonymous said...

More shit from the mouth of a shit head....

Kal Korff: You know, I have a love-hate relationship with promoting my books. I just write them and they get published and I always feel pulled in both directions doing it and not bothering.

I wish they "sold" themselves so I spent no time promoting them, but one cannot raise awareness of written works without effort until the day comes that we're all "psychic."

On the other hand, I have always enjoyed the tours, meeting incredible people, making new friends, debating and discussing the issues, but I SHUN and do NOT like the hyperbole and bozo TV network shows which exploit and dumb down their featured subjects.

Being a journalist and columnist as well, having written for the foreign press especially these past 14 years, I see things a bit differently once I left the American Bubble per se.

What is happening in Washington DC greatly bothers me, because I love my country and believe in what America ideally stands for.

Unfortunately too many of our "representatives" have forgotten this.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? Korff's book, or series of books with now be an e-book. Gee, a self published e-book maybe.....

"... wiring the code for them and engineering them."

Okay, whatever you say cupcake.

Lying liar.

Kal Korff: I have them on my iPad, a physical shipment of them are coming to India because people have been asking me for copies ever since I was a recent speaker at a book faire.

My next works will come out in eBook because they're too big. The six volume series on Islamofascism, haters, extremists, CONspiracy nuts, cyberstalkers, etc., is at present some 2,400 pages with some 200 pictures and video in it, etc. It's been really fun wiring the code for them and engineering them.

I was into eBooks and creating them for clients before Al Gore invented the Internet.

Was a former member of Apple/Claris' HyperCard Development team and did interactive multimedia when I worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and for customers, and book kiosks systems.

The media wrote about the stuff I did, but I was told by LLNL not to talk to the media while I worked there so I did not for years. I didn't "miss" doing so.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: Nice to see the NSA start posting messages on my Facebook page, isn't it?



There's NO SUCH THING as "DST" here.

No wonder you guys can't predict things like Putin's takeover of the Crimea. You're too "busy" hacking nude selfies along with British intelligence!

Anonymous said...

We've taken notice that ever since Korff made the claim that he's in Nepal he more busy on Facebook than he's been in months....

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

This is an out and out lie. If Korff is - was getting many e-mails, then his Facebook wall would support that fact. It doesn't, in fact, the majority of the posts on Korff's wall get zero response.

Sorry lard ass but that's the way a social network works.

People would read your "article" and then they would post their thoughts on your wall, under the image of the "article" you've posted (without the direct link to his "Media Giant" I should add).

This behavioral response is not happening of your facebook page Korff, for the most part, nothing happens on your Facebook page.

... awaiting your -book or series of e-books, self published, on your 10 years in the making e-book on your life and times.

BTW, do a Google search on Putin and the Mafia and you'll find loads of information that Korff cribed from to cobble together his "article".

You rotten bastard.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's my latest international article in the newspaper today, online and also sent to digital news subscribers.

I hope you read the article and finis it informative, since it is an expose.

This piece is about Ukraine and how Putin has made a point to put mafia figures in control of Crimea and recounts Putin's long association with mafia figures.

Those who "think" Putin controlled Russia is either a real genuine democracy or that Putin's intentions are "benign" are arguably insane, when not being ignorant, sorry.

I wish to thank everyone again for your positive reactions to my various Ukraine stories, I've never received so many responses and heightened interest to any other articles I've written over the years. Based on your reactions you're understanding the issues and now know what is not being said about this crisis.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing... Korff's tell's us that he's in Nepal, hanging out, helping humanity.

Nepal's isn't that large, you know, like the CZ...

In any case, one would think that if Korff was in Nepal, he would surely share with his "followers" this amazing Nepal tradition...

But nooooo. Nothing from Fat Ass. No promised photos and no report on this amazing tradition.

Lying liar.

Anonymous said...

You look like crap, Korff.

Anonymous said...

This lard ass is, by all accounts, living in his own little delusional "bubble", all by himself. What is sad and also hilarious is that he thinks there are people out there that still "buy" his brand of horseshit. This fuckwad simply talks to himself. Good! Let him ramble away, that beats him bothering people. And besides, who knows who this douche is anyway?

Anonymous said...

A few of his Facebook friends and that's about it....

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

March 10, 2014

Remember when Korff said that he only used Yahoo for e-mail… Here we have a Facebook post, posted via Yahoo.

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: Netanyahu is right on this, notice neither Obama nor Biden nor the DumboCrats nor really anyone is talking much about this.

The DumboCrats especially SHOULD SPEAK UP, since they hold the White House, but oh wait!

We might "offend" Iran.


via Yahoo

Anonymous said...

What happened with the "laptops for peace" [snigger] project, Karlton?

Anonymous said...

iPads for Peace, same question though....

Anonymous said...

Genius son, 500 book publishing deal, Secret Wars TV series, 219 IQ, celibrity batchlor women "bought", terrorism expert in high school, UFO expert in high school, designer of an A-bomb, S-3 Colonel, Arab Sheik gift 25 million dollars, iPads for Peace, works for a media giant, war games on the Afghan border ... Do you get the idea that this mouth breather lard ass is like, maybe outta his mother-fucking mind? Hmmmm ....

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Klassic Korffing post!

Anonymous said...

Whatever did happen to Kal arresting these Billie Meier or Mike Horn morons? Wasn't Kal supposed to arrest a bunch of these loons and have some kind of audit done? Fuck you kal.

Anonymous said...

God, how did I miss this in the first read? Kal now claims to be a "senior executive" at the paper. It's the perfect Korff modest boast: vague (no title given; paper name not mentioned, although we all know what the name of the "media giant" is). Just kinda slips that "senior executive" claim into the text like he's mentioning that he's going to the grocery for milk.