Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm A Little Teapot... A lying, thieving, conniving, viscously egotistical, little prick of a tea pot.

Check this out Korffers. From time to time Korff does revert back to his modest boasting and out right lying behavior. There’s so much to “question” in regards to this laughable Facebook post (March 20, 2014). Just read it over and enjoy the lunacy.

Kal Korff: I am NOT being "paranoid" nor CONspiratorial when I say this, but I am for SURE on their sh*t list, I found this out firsthand when I spoke with Homeland "Security" at the US Embassy in Delhi, India, after I got married and went there to report my marriage to an Indian Punjabi woman.

Boy, were they abusive and outright lied, I filed a Inspector General complaint against them (it was even assigned an official number and the case was accepted, which is still pending and nothing has been done so far as best as I can tell.

The sordid details are all in the new book, Volume VI, including written documentation.

(Korffing Note: Never forget that this book, or series of books, have been promised for over 10 years now. Recently Korff changed his tune, stating that this book, or series of books would be released in the e-book format. Meaning, no publisher will be needed, because anyone can publish and post an e-book, on and many other FREE sites. There's nothing to warrant checking in with Korff's "publisher" any more because Korff knows, and we know, that Prometheus will never publish another book, or series of books for Korff, never, EVER again. Burnt that bridge didn't you, cupcake.)
They were particularly arrogant and know-it-all concerning my activities with the Israelis when I was in Prague. It bothered them that I turned over evidence against Iran to Israel proving they were skirting sanctions and proceeding with a rogue nuclear program, I told them the truth: I did this because they refused to take the evidence seriously.

I had warned the US Embassy in Prague I would do this, and that if I got the "smoking gun" I specifically said, "Then you have to take this seriously."

It was "politically incorrect" -- as bad as Bush refusing to admit that the evidence for Saddam's WMDs was razor thin.

I'll be contacting the IG soon again to find out what, if anything, they're doing. I predict they have done NOTHING, -- should this prove to be true, I plan to take further steps (legally and ethically of course) which I won't telegraph here.

There's no question my complaint is wholly valid, and my motives for filing it is out of concern for inaccurate data in there files, and over the safety and security of our country. Since they got so many things wrong, and these are supposed to be "experts," if this is the BEST the Dept of State can do, we are in danger as a nation.

Next Up: More travel news from the lunatic. Notice that Korff mentions iPad's in this post. Whatever happened to those iPads for Peace you lying asshole. LINK

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am on travel again, if all goes well I'll be writing for my next travel piece on the temple where Buddha died. It was very interesting to see and tour, as were the other temples in the area. I'll work on the story today and tomorrow, if all goes well, all I can say is thank God for iPads, they're sure handy on long trips.

I'm on the far east side of India again, had a really great time with my cousin and his good friend who both visited, we met in the northern part of this large country, not terribly too far from the Pakistani border.

Where I am now, the closet border is Nepal, which is nothing like the northern Punjab region I am used to.

I'll be on travel for a few weeks and look forward to meeting lots of new people and making new friends.

More truth posted by Wide Load


Jimmy D said...

Lovely graphic, FN!

We will never stop, Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

FN, this is truly a beautiful bit of investigating! KLASSIC!! What fricking dedication!!

Korffers, if nothing else this tells ALL!!

Anonymous said...

The Syndicate will never stop!

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

Ha, ha, ha! And deeper the horse-shit goes....

Kal Korff: As an internationally accredited journalist myself, I appreciate these laws, for both journalists and confidential sources. It is quite common for journalists to get much material on background, I experience this all the time, and protections such as these are VITAL to any health democracy and fundamental universal freedoms.

Anonymous said...

... or when they show their rotten underbelly.

You fuck.

Kal Korff: It's incredible when people show their greatness, praise YHWH.

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar

Do a search: Kal Korff + Reiki

You will find zero results.

Lying Liar

Kal Korff: True! I remember exposing years ago, late last century, some Reiki frauds in the Seattle area. Boy, do these con artists make lots of money from well meaning but gullible people!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: True! I remember exposing years ago, late last century, some Reiki frauds in the Seattle area. Boy, do these con artists make lots of money from well meaning but gullible people!

Yeah Korff, gullible people ... and you ran outta them didn't you Fuck Face? The Korffing Syndicate ran your flabby ass outta town, you fucking moron!! We snatched you out by the short hair and ALL you got left is your FB horse-shit that NO BODY sees. Well maybe some poor gullible schmucks in India ... but that is it you ASS WIPE. God .. it feels GOOD that we put the stops to your insane bullshit! We DID IT ASS WIPE ... when you gonna sue us you sorry piece of dog shit? Huh?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reiki is alive and well worldwide, especially in India.
Nice expose Mr. Korff! Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

Korff just doesn't get it. Korff will never understand what this type of behavior highlights and identifies about, in this case, Korff.

Such a dummy. I love it! Keep it up wide load.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. This article chronicling my trip to the Buddhist temples just came out and is in today's newspaper, Daily Post, all editions; and of course online.

Here's the article and the link to our e-Paper web site where you can read every page of the Daily Post. DP is India's fastest growing English language newspaper, I have been with them for the past few years, before their founding, and feel genuinely honored and humbled to be a senior executive, reporter and columnist for this top newspaper, which is read in more than 100 countries.

Hope you enjoy it. THANKS again, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

"They" don't Korff. Only you do.

Lying Liar

Kal Korff: They don't call him Obozo for nothing.

Anonymous said...

... while eating fast food, I suspect....

Kal Korff: I'm enjoying listening to some classical music, Vivaldi. Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

A very cute photo of "Tinkerbell" in her little Apple suit .. but it must have been photo-shopped. Not nearly enough "gut" there according to the very last pic I saw of Tinkerbell!

Anonymous said...

More boasting and outright lies by Korff.

And remember; Korff told the world that his CD was being released, a concert was in the works, etc.

All lies, all the time.

We will never stop.

Happy Days Lard Ass.

Kal Korff: Well, it's time to open up this very good bottle of Italian Red Merlot, it will be a nice compliment to listening to Vivaldi. Just had a great Indian dinner, I never knew you could mix boiled sliced potatoes with curd and some mild spices and a little bit of butter.

Amazing taste, absolutely delicious. So I guess I'm now going to be up for several more hours enjoying a tri-continental cultural evening....USA, Europe and India.

If I get ambitious, I might mess around a bit and resume trying to compose some music. Not sure I will tonight, but I composed a few pieces when I was in Pragu. I don't remember how to read music, so I just play on an instrument until I like what I hear then try to remember it and put it together.

When I was in 4-5th grade I took piano, drums, saxophone, violin and the tuba, gave up the tuba fairly quickly, I only weight 66 pounds! Enjoyed al of them, especially piano and violin. Played around with a guitar when I was in high school, but other than learning some Beatles songs, never got serious about it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off dude.

You suck and you lie.

Kal Korff: Sometimes when I talk about this stuff, the younger generation will roll their eyes and make fun of opera. Then I'll take my iPad out, make them watch Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma, and challenge them to sing it as well and hold the notes (especially the ending) as long.

Of course they can't, and it seems to make an impression on them, as in they appreciate that it isn't easy.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff joined this Facebook Group recently.

This might explain (a little bit) why Korff is a lunatic....

... nah. He's just naturally bat shit crazy.

Post Concussion Syndrome (P.C.S & P.P.C.S) Awareness Worldwide

Anonymous said...

Klassic Korff Bullshit....

... a sign of Post Concussion Syndrome? I think not.

Lying Liar

Subject: From Kal, weather update.
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 06:36:30

Hi honey,

You picked a very bad time to go "disappear," which figures, this is my last update to you until I hear from you.

I just found out I WILL BE DEPLOYED TO AFGHANISTAN, you can fill in the blanks WHY, no "explanation" needed.

From there I will fly to the USA on a military plane.

DONE DEAL now, unless more powerful parties than me change their mind. The CIA may try to stop me, they are a RIVAL intel org, but fuck them.

ASSUMING I survive this, I will be set for life financially and everything else, and can finally give my Mom peace and security for the rest of her life and everyone else I love.

As I said, I will NOT allow anyone to pressure me, going there and training for this these past months has been pressure enough.

I had NO IDEA "it" would be there, I honestly thought I would be in Lebanon or somewhere else "closer" to do some things there.

I assume you now understand, again, I just found out that I am going to Afghanistan via Germany and a few other countries. I will be there "soon," I do not have dates yet, but will be gone as planned by the end of this month unless orders are changed and ordered to stop or prevented, whatever comes first.

Brit_in_Prague said...

You really are away with the fairies, aren't you, Karlton?

You are wired to the fucking moon, you noxious little toerag.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I've always said the speed of light was much FASTER in the past. Felt this way since the 1980s when I met my friend Brad Sparks in Berkeley, an Astrophysics major.

I hope you find this article of interest, I'm finishing work on my own piece on this subject soon, as time permits.

Anonymous said...

You fat fuck.

Kal Korff: When I ate like a "typical American"

This is a buffalo burger at Chilis, in Punjab, India.

It's not beef from a cow since eating cows is illegal in the state of Punjab. It has sautéed mushrooms on it, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, honey mustard.

Of course it was delicious with a Czech beer. Yes, it's possible to eat like this in India, thanks to globalization.

Anonymous said...

Boiled potatoes and curds with curry spices. A very common dish in Punjab Province, India.
Known as 'dum aloo'.

Anonymous said...

When Korffy was tiny did mommy often, by accident, drop him on his head? That would splain' it....

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes it would...

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

When will you stop lying, Kal?


Anonymous said...

When will he stop lying??? Are you shitting me? When will the Sun stop shining? When will the rain stop being wet? When will a duck stop quacking like a duck? When will my little dog stop barking at every damned thing in the yard.


Anonymous said...

You are scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Well, well well. I can see that Kal Korff is still an idiot. Not only an idiot I think, but a HUGE fucking idiot. Nice work Korff, you've managed to become the Poster Boy for all idiots. How did you manage that, Wide Load? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I have been receiving some emails the past few days concerning my book, The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know.

Here's a link for it, this revised edition was the first book to also expose the false claims of Colonel Philip Corso. It has stood the test of time and remains the bestselling Roswell expose to datum, which is very humbling.

Surprisingly, it's now being carried in India, which is a real honor. Over here, they're not so "UFO crazy" and kudos to India and Indians for that!

Anonymous said...

Yea, shure you have you lying wide fucking loaded piece of shit! Shure you have ...

Jimmy D said...

I really despise you, Korff.

I wish there was an emoticon that could get across the depth of my loathing and hatred for you.

Anonymous said...

Well Jimmy D, you are in a HUGE group. NO one likes that self-inflated ignorant, arrogant vicious little prick. He knows that if he tried to pull his shit in front of any of us ... any one of us would hand that fat boy his ASS. He is only brave BEHIND his keyboard, because if he tried that shit in front of this audience ... well hell's bell's .. he just wouldn't. Would you Fat Boy? Nope, you would not. Why? Because Ass Hat you may be ignorant but at heart you just ain't THAT STUPID, are ya? Go FUCK YOURSELF Wide Load, jus' go Fuck Off.

Jimmy D said...

Colonel Kalvin Karlton Korff - Internet hard man ...