Monday, December 29, 2014

...while stuffing his face with KFC with the other.

Korffer, JimmyD, checks in with his own Korffing thread. Jimmy presents more proof that Kalvin Karlton Korff, self anointed FaceBook Accredited Citizen Journalist, has as much control over the written word as he does over his lunatic behavior. In short, very, very little. 

JimmyD regarding the image of the Korff "article" included below his text....

Well, FN, I found around 25 errors in all – many of them involving one of poor, stupid Kalvin’s big stumbling blocks … the incorrect use of commas. Sometimes he forgets to use them (“This will give you the most time to enjoy it of course”); sometimes he uses them instead of a semi-colon or dash (“… seeing the castle should be your first priority, anything else in Cesky Krumlov is a bonus”); sometimes he slings one in because he just feels like it (“ …Always remember when visiting a country such as the Czech Republic, that it has seasonal weather and temperatures”).

There are a few old favorites from his English teaching column days in there too. For example, the old “complement/compliment” mix-up, which the fat fraud has never managed to nail (“No European meal … would be complete without a nice wine or beer to compliment it …”)

There is an instance or two of what Karlton’s fellow academics term “tautology" – saying the same thing twice (e.g. “the local natives”).

And of course, there are the bizarre flights of fancy that are the mark of an illiterate moron trying (and failing) to punch above his intellectual/artistic weight (“Regardless of it’s warm or cold outside …”; “in the peaks of winter time” – peaks of winter time?!!).
I could go on and on, but Christmas is coming, and I have other things to do. I *am* looking forward to it – my wife and kids, my brothers, their wives and kids, my parents … all together for the first time in many years. On the 25th, as I survey the happy chaos unfolding around me, I shall raise my glass and think of Kalvin Karlton Korff, the liar, fantasist, fraud, charlatan, scam artist, thief, conman, pedo, and living exemplar of “the banality of evil” … sitting alone in his sweltering one-room Indian slum dwelling, the smell of shit wafting in from the street outside, peering at niche porn on his ageing stolen laptop, desperately trying to crank up his tiny member with one hand, while stuffing his face with KFC with the other.

Merry Christmas, “Colonel”. You deserve it. You are pure vermin.

God bless Sir Donald Ecker. God bless General F1 Racer. God bless His Serene Highness FN.

We will never stop.

Jimmy D

Korffer's we're not quite done yet. You may remember a short time ago Korff made another beauty Contest Judge Klaim....

We thought we should look into this ongoing (before 2013) claim. Please watch this short video to see the truth, and the proof, that Kalvin Karlton Korff lied, again.

As the Koffers Korffer, JimmyD said, we will never stop.


Anonymous said...

My God! He steals the ID of a real lawyer and Don Ecker calls the guy up to prove it.

Korff tell's this beauty contest lie and FN locates the video on youtube proving that he wasn't a judge at this contest.

FN is right in saying that Korff may have judged a contest, they have hundreds of them in India, it's one of the ways people can make money and get out of that shit hole.

But, Korff lied about this fiction.

Kal Korff lies about the fiction that he made up.

l u n a t i c. . . . .

Jimmy D said...

You are pure scum, Korff.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a thoroughly miserable 2015. May this be the year in which justice catches up with you and you are finally nailed.

Anonymous said...


Let me take this opportunity to wish you a thoroughly miserable 2015. May this be the year in which justice catches up with you and you are finally nailed.

Anonymous said...

"The banality of evil."

Mmmm. That really is the crux of the whole thing, Karlton. You are evil. You are scum. You are irredeemable trash.

No amount of therapy or medication can ever change that.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Kalvin is hiring staff for the Noble World school!


For example, they need a receptionist: "RECEPTIONIST
Profile entails to attend parents & visitors in the campus."

Could we have that in English, please, you illiterate buffoon?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh all those visitors flocking to see this glory of modern education in person.

Receptionist requirements: Female, aged 24 - 30, attractive and willing to have her identity stolen for lots of creepy innuendo and suggestive posturing by a fat old loser desperate for attention on Flakebook.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget, Kalvin Korff has promised, many times, to post videos and photos relating to many of his lies and claims; Clean India, Beauty Pageants, mailing off his manuscript, etc. To date, the last time(s) Korff actually followed through with this promise was when he posted two episodes of his short lived Kal Korff Show:

I do find it fascinating that Korff not only makes things up to claim but then he lies about those claims that he has made up.

Anonymous said...

2015 already, and what? We have another year to look forward to with korff's insanity. Whew Hoo! Except it will be another year with a greatly reduced "footprint" of korff's insanity because ... wait for it ... where is that shitbag EXCEPT on his LOCKED DOWN Facebook page. Yea shitbag ... what goes around comes around you fucking lunatic!

Anonymous said...

We all know that Kalvin Karlton Korff is a COWARD, and if for no other reason he does not allow free and open discussion on his FB page. As we would say if he were in Texas, Kalvin Karlton Korff is < all hat and NO Cattle. > All hat that is full of cow shit by the way. Korff, you are a lying weasel that is such a joke, it begger's description. Fuck you, you lying lunatic.

Anonymous said...

What's worse that being stupid is that you're boring, Kal.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: OK, I might as well confess and get this off of my, I have not seen a single episode of Downtown Abbey.

Anonymous said...

Sure, it has been awhile since these pages have been "graced" by the RAGING INSANITY of Kal K Korff. So, with that in mind here are some direct KOMMENTS from Kal K Korff!

" Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously". "
-- Kal K. Korff in an e-mail to Well, I suppose Korff has stunningly succeeded.

" I remind everyone I AM a SAPSTOE and the fact none of you seem to know what this means will remain a liability to you until you start to factor it into everything I do. IF you do, or when you do, you won't be so "surprised." You'll say instead, like they did today at the Embassy where two new contacts and liaisons had to be briefed, "Wow, I had no idea, but that sounds like something Korff would do." "

--More amazing evidence provided by Korff regarding his visit to the US Embassy in Prague. Did I miss something? Mmm, didn't think so.

" I just called the US Embassy about 30 minutes ago. They told me the story today and what I wrote about our meeting yesterday, where I visited them as a beyond 100% bona fide Captain, "gave them goose bumps." They not only are blown away, pleasantly, but as they told me yesterday when they saw the previews of the Meier books, where I showed them Scot Ritter, and the nuclear components from Iraq, etc., IMAGINE THIS... We went over ALL this stuff. "

--Yep. I'm imagining it all right now...UFOs, terrorism, nuke components, a call to embassy security for an escort out of the building...

on our way to achieving things that destroy the UFO "field" as we have "known it" since 1947. "

-- Destroy the UFO field? Yes! Really, because those bastard UFOlogists are much more of a danger than international terrorists! I'm sure the U.S. Embassy is very concerned about all these UFO Homeland Security!

"...the US government wanted to know about the latest activities of Kal Korff."

---Ah! Now I see the light...

" I remind everyone, that I am the only person with a 500 book deal...When Secret Wars airs, you will see me go undercover and root out very sexy agents who are honey traps... "

---More from "Captain" Korff on his alleged 500 book deal and his super secret rooting out of undercover female sex operatives...uh, sure. As for the book deal, someone better call Stephen King and J.K. Rowling...and they call themselves authors! The nerve!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Did that guy really say that stuff? Did he mean it or was that a put on? What a Loon!

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update


A response to Korff's ramblings about why he thanks people for links that he re-posts.

More to the point, Raj mentions that Korff hides his friends from public view, to which Korff responded...

Nothing, of course.

BTW, this is Korff's Indian friend from his high school years, 4 years. Korff mentions him as part of his early education on India, etc.

Nice life you got their Korff.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Since nobody can see your other FB friends (you have your FB locked down) I wasn't sure who you were referring to. Happy New Year to you too.

"They Weren't Green" said...

So much honor, yet so humble.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, i wonder why Kal and his nanobots aren't out solving the murder of Sunanda Pushkar? Kal is a fat, lying, fuck face piece of shit. It is priceless to see Kal proved to be a liar again. Priceless but never surprising given that lying fucking rat will make up anything.

Jimmy D said...

Just hearing the news from Paris. Please have the decency to keep your lying, braying, flabby trap shut about this one, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

That fat assed "tub of shit" has his FB "friends" locked down because he is TERRIFIED that someone here will direct those "friends" to this blog! Yep, does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out! Right Wide Load?

Anonymous said...

WAG Update

Korff has said virtually nothing regarding the Paris issue.

For a guy who still claims to be in the loop and reading hard to find terror reports, etc, he never seems to know anything.

Oh that's right, he a HUGE FUCKING LIAR.

Anonymous said...

In India they would rather have you celebrate your birthday like this.

Way to so your new country some respect Wide Load.

You ignorant, America hating, Mother Fucker.

‘Instead (of celebrating birthday with cakes and candles), we should follow a purely Indian culture by wearing swadeshi clothes, doing a havan and praying to ishtadev (preferred deity), reciting mantras such as Gayatri mantra, distributing new clothes to the needy, feeding cows, distributing ‘prasad’ and winding up the day by playing songs produced by Vidya Bharati.’

Anonymous said...

Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic
Kalvin K Korff = Lunatic

Kalvin K Korff = A Ragin Fucking Lunatic and ... those are his Good POINTS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blog screwed up, messed with the clocks. More later. Not that it matters, time matters little to this lying little weasel fuck.

Anonymous said...

The great one checks in regarding free stuff from the government. Remember, this is the guy who claimed that he hasn't and doesn't have to pay any taxes on the millions that various governments pay him for his service.

September, 2006: PLEASE don't HATE ME for this, but ever since 1991 the US govt has basically "left me alone" and I DON'T EVEN NEED TO FILE ANY INCOME TAXES! I HAVE NOT SINCE 1991 AND THEY ARE "OK" WITH THIS!!

Kal Korff: I have ALWAYS believed that education should be free. Kudos to Obama for advocating this.

Anonymous said...

You really are a loathsome piece of pond scum, Korff. I'd love to hear how your dirtbag brother is getting on.

Jimmy D said...

"I have ALWAYS believed that education should be free."

MacIntosh laptops too, Kalvin. Don't forget those!

October 19, 1973 said...

Kalvin Korff, college dropout and computer nerd.

Anonymous said...

"Kalvin Korff, college dropout and computer nerd."

And thief ... don't forget that. Computer nerd and THIEF!!

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