Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nobody believes a word you say Kal

Korff never took his education past high school so is it any wonder why Korff would
think that anything goes in "journalism"? Udderly expected.

So honored, so humbled.

So fat....

Lads it has been some time since I have been here.  I do read the amazing comments here and just could not stand to let this bit of rubbish from Kal go without taking it to task. I wonder if Kal has told his supposed shop owner friend about his time with the imaginary Special Secret Services that delusional sack of cowardly shit Kal made up? Judding from the photos I have seen of Kal it is very clear that he is regarded as nothing more than an oddity in India. But do not fear lads because we all know it is only a matter of time before Kal snaps and is mad as a hatter again. I hear rumblings of a new bit coming out on Kal that is sure to be aces all around. But we will just have to wait for it and shaking our heads at the madness and lies that is Kal K. Korff. So Kernal Korff are you feeding the same lies to your new victims in India or have you created a whole new set of bullshit stories your lying arse can use to manipulate people?? I wonder if the good people of India have been able to see your youtube videos where you pretend to give a speech to an empty room? Perhaps the lads and I here should take out a few ads in your paper? i thought you had more ethics than the corrupt politicians you pretend to expose but in the end Kal you are just like them if not worse.

kal Korff: I'd like to share with everyone something that happened to me last night. For dinner, I decided to eat Channa Bhatura, which is an Indian dish. Since I have the world's worst California "Hindi" accent, I don't bother, in fact when I see Hindi words that have "Ch" in them, I often switch to my Hebrew accent as a joke, this throat sound Jews make when they say certain words.

So I stopped by my friend's shop and he asked me what I bought for diner and I told him in my Hebrew accent, "Channa Bhatura," and there was this man standing there and he got excited and he said, "Oh, you are ISRAELI!"

I looked at him, surprised and I said, "No, I am American, but how did you know I was a Jew?"

I never knew my Hebrew accent was so good!

He then told me he has "lots of friends in Israel" and that they always visit him after they get out of the army. I told him I would love to meet more Jews in India, especially since there aren't any in this area.

Now that's going to change"


Anonymous said...

Good to see you check in. As you can see, we're keeping the flame going and were keeping after the Lard Ass.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic loser you are Kernal Klown.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible? Is it possible that Lil' Kal's "crazy" is kicking back in?? Well, the well informed says ... Yep! Keep tuned in ... we will keep you all informed!!!

Anonymous said...

Korffing Syndicate

Here's a taste of what is to come....

We at the TKS found it very difficult to listen to this audio. To hear Korff ramble on and on about what is already known, already said, and for the most part, already proven lies and fabrications...

In any case, if you can hold the bile down, listen to this Korff appearance from June 9, 2015 and get ready for blast off....

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

Unlistenable. Doesn't this interviewer know about the blog, exposure site, YouTube channels, various released emails, and other 100% convincing information that Korff is a toxic parasite? Now his first love was astronomy, and he got an email from Jesse Marcel Jr. There's no end to it.

He hasn't been doing interviews because he got found out as a fraud, has been on the run from his past, and nobody will touch him. Nice research work Mr. Radio Host.

Anonymous said...

He does. I sent him all the links via e-mail, Facebook and twitter. Much like what Rob McConnell did initially; he's believing Korff that's it's all just haters and kritics and there's nothing to it.

Many of these "shows" need to feed the beast; get people on regardless of their reputation....

I'm not a robot said...

if you dance with the devil you'll get burned. consider the interviewer's place on kal's haters list to be merely "pending".

joi said...

infoya sangat menarik...

Anonymous said...

I knew it was only a matter of time but the Village Idiot JUST COULDN"T survive much longer without attempting a Come Back Tour! Well Chaps, it has been 4 or 5 years now and except for this site and maybe one or two others ... the Idiot has vanished! I knew he could not contain himself only on Face Book, who sees it?

Crazy Is as Crazy Does. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yep, FaceBook could NEVER FEED that BEAST. There ol' Kalvin been stewing in his own juices and now it seems like he is boiling over ... Scuse' me while I go get some popcorn ... it might get interesting ...

happy red mogul balloon! said...

how's that 219 IQ working out kal? who else says they are "armed" with an IQ? except an idiot!


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am sorry I have not been posting much material lately, but I have been extremely busy and am writing a large full page special for Sunday's issue of the Daily Post India newspaper on the counterterrorism operation that India launched against some militants and the news and subsequent events related to this. My schedule will be much more free in about a week, I'm just jammed with lots of different things to do, part of life. Thanks for your questions and concerns, no worries.

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

What exactly would a flying saucer expert have to say about counter terrorism that would be of any use to anybody with a brain? Korff has no practical experience in the field.

Anonymous said...

... nanodust experience.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's what Kal Korff... feels... now there's some world class reporting right there.

I got your daily anal...ysis right here Fat Boy.

Anonymous said...

Remember this one:

Noble World School - July 27, 2014 ·

Hi everyone. We will be starting our iPad and AppleTV driven SmartClasses very shortly, I'll give you an update and post photos and videos of this next milestone in our educational growth and evolution sometime in the next two weeks.

Almost a year since Korff posted this on his fake schools FB page and it's the last post on that page.

And, the fake schools web site hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years.

Korff always promises photos and videos and in almost every single case, nothing is ever released. That is a lie Korff, plain and simple. Sad for him, but warranted because of his lying and lunatic ways, Korff can't post any photos or videos of his "wife" or his Mom (when she's visited India), or anyone else he knows... because we guarantee those photos and videos will be taken and edited with the truth and Korff knows this, down to his rotten core.

Nice life Korff.

Kal K. Korff; absolute and true failure.

Anonymous said...

And who can forget Clean-Up India.

Almost a year ago Korff started posting "articles" on this blog.

Over the course of the year, his "articles" have resulted in ZERO comments.


Anonymous said...

With news that the "Korff front" is starting to froth a bit, how about his "secret agent scam?" What news is there?

From the freeKurtis website -

"Korff Rank Klaim from December, 2008

"So this is what I have spent my last seven years focused on, as an Analyst, a Jew, and I got promoted two ranks because of agreeing to sign on for 10 years, years ago, and because of this project (Book series?) and also three people getting killed which depleted our ranks. We are a private group, and if people knew the HEBREW name it of course has been right under everyone's nose."

ed. First off, Korff skipped more than two ranks. Korff claims to have been brought into the ranks as a Captain, and then within a short span of time Korff was promoted to the rank of Colonel. In "normal" service, here's a common ranking oganization step chart:

Captain (Capt.)
Major (Maj.)
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.)
Colonel (Col.)

Regarding the 10 year claim, one assumes 1999 to 2011, Korff claims a marriage to an Armenian in 1999, Indian princess in 2011 and Korff dropped all reference to these SAPTOE claims in 2011... coincidence, or truth?

Here's a January 2012 reference to this claim. Try as he might, Korff would love to change his history. The truth here is, Korff was being cagey about just what the S3 was. So by not supplying enough information in the early days of this ruse, people rightly assumed Korff was lying, by way of his lack of sharing information. Kalvin Korff is not a member of any kind of Security Group, not since his time as a security guard back in the '80's, a job he cites here."

Say boys, lets NOT let this Turd Boy forget his multi-storied career! Let us ALL grind his "pug nosed" pudgy face in this "turd stew!" He has it coming ...

Anonymous said...

My, my my, ... Kalvin, you tubby little turd taster ... how is all "your fame" sitting with you these days? Back when you decided you wanted to be internet famous did you think it would drape you ... you know, like it has? Kalvin Karlton Korff, the world wide Internet fucking JOKE! Oh yea ...

Anonymous said...

turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster turd taster

"They Weren't Green" said...

How honorable and yet how humble.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Gee, you think he'll post a few images of his flat, his wife, his....? Nah.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Sorry for not being online much, but I have been swamped. I just moved into a new flat and still have lots of unpacking to do, and will need to set everything up from the previous residence I lived at for years. I'll post stuff as time permits, just very busy right now. Thanks!

Avram Davis: Post some pics of your flat

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I have been getting emails, which I appreciate, about my new weekly column called Hollywood Schmollywood. Just to clarify things, these are the regular features I now write for Daily Post India newspaper:

Appears Daily - except on Monday: Kal's Korner, NRI World (International page) covers international news and analysis.

Appears Wednesdays: Hollywood Schmollywood, covers events in Hollywood.

Appears Saturdays: Food Critic, Restaurant Reviews.

Appears Sundays: Travel column.

Appears Mondays: Technology column.

I also write when asked to do so, full page Sunday Specials, depending on the topic.
Hope this info helps. Thanks!

The Unknown Korffer said...

I prepared a little something to share.

KORFF: Kalvin K. Korff, flying saucer fanatic, military wannabe, poseur citizen journalist and documented cyberpath hiding from his past in a 3rd world country.

ex: "Kal K. Korff Klaimed Kredit for being a Kurd-saving Kernal but was really just a Klepto Klown in a Kockamamie Kostume."

KORFFING: To research & publicly expose Kal Korff's deceptions, abuses and scams as what they really are.

ex: "Sometimes for the hell of it I'll do a little Korffing and try to help with the effort to counter Kalvin K. Korff's loathsome toxic presence on the intarwebs."

KORFFER: One who engages in Korffing.

ex: "Big Don Ecker and Kevin Randle are the hero of every Korffer out there, and we humbly thank you both for your honorable service to our country!"

It should also be noted that all Korffers are volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey! Well Done!

All praise the volunteers.

Keep Kalm and Karry on Korffing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fellows .. lets not forget some of Kalvin's other greatest hits! Boy oh boy, there are so many! His nano-dust, his 500 book deal, his Arab Sheik that financed his Jewish Special Secret Services! Was this asshole doing acid while getting ready to marry his Indian Princess? Or his 219 IQ from the hardest IQ test on the planet from Omni Magazine! How about his chasing Saddam's A-bombs out in the Iraq desert? Or going to Germany with his mom hunting down neo-Nazi's?

Kalvin's Greatest Hits .. shit, who could forget?

Anonymous said...

asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid asshole doing acid

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Do... they... people... what people.... Tubby.

Kal Korff: People wonder WHY I love science!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

the greatest "korffer" of them all is kal himself! who else could provide us with so much zany fun right from the horse's retarded mouth. keep up the great work, kernal!


Anonymous said...

An Honored and Humbled WAG FaceBook UpDate

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am genuinely honored and truly humbled to report that I have three articles in today's issue of Daily Post India, one of which is another full page Special. It's always an honor as a Journalist to write a full page Special feature. There's also the usual travel column and the other column, Kal's Korner. THANKS AGAIN for you kind support and terrific emails, they are truly much appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Kal K. Korff recognizes his Father on social media!!!!!

.... of course.

Kal Korff: I wish my Father, Kalvin K Korff, a very Happy Father's Day. Love you, Dad, ALWAYS will of course. xoxooooxoo

The Unknown Korffer said...

Some great stuff over here, not sure if its been linked before. Not all the passages are complete but it's enshrined for EVER and has some marvelous gems;

Looks like most of the material is circa 2010 and this one made me laugh frozen yogurt out of my nose during some after dinner Korffing:

Kal Korff has confirmed that he has authored and forwarded a proposal to establish a formal fleet of remote controlled drones and a new class of drones, dubbed "suicide drones," whose design is to hunt down pirates and terrorists and either destroy them or "ram them" destroying both the small hunter-killer drone and the intended target.

A formal fleet? As opposed to ... ?

Anonymous said...

Korff is lucky he remembered to re-up this URL. We were waiting for it to lapses. Way to waste your rupees Korff, you haven't has a web site in over 5 years. IT expert... right.

No matter, we will monitor Korff until the end of his natural born life.

Creation Date: 20-jun-2007
Updated Date: 20-jun-2015
Expiration Date: 20-jun-2016

Anonymous said...

Korff should just take that fleet of drones and fly it right up his ass. It looks like is available. Anybody recall that laughable website? I wonder if we will see Kernal Korff enter the embassy in India wearing that oversized leather jacket, ten gallon hat and his phony bars and birds?

Anonymous said...

He never did anything with that site or freekurtis or andtheyfly or martina tycova, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Sung to the tune of "Ain't Life a Bitch?"

Kalvin Karlton Korff

You are such a fucking Dork

Each fat ass cheek looks like 60 pounds of Pork

you lie like a rug

your nose resembles a Pug (dog that is)

Ur Momma cries daily

She knows your gonna beg for more charity

That A bomb kid is such a hoot ..

You got a dirt bag brother

who is locked up in a collar

by the copper he tried to run over

Kurtis now knows

when the cop yells stop

that don't mean go ..

A bullet to the head

usally means ur dead

but not to the dirt bag brother

Why die and buy a plot

when the county can put u up and pay a lot

And Kalvin fucked up getting the loot

because he was as crazy as a hoot

Oh shit, I am tired of writing this now. Wait on Kalvin,
cause the bad man is coming to take you away, to the funny farm
where life is sweet, where we won't feed you wheat, you will
be eating curry till ur sweet.

January 12, 2012

On Kals Mind said...

31 Dude .. 31 ...

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that a number of the people Korff calls haters, etc., are living rent free in Korff's head. He can't move past things that happened to him (happened because of his behavior of course) some 10 to 15 years ago.

Ecker and Randle living rent free in the hovel which is...

Kal K. Korff's mind.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. While I sincerely thank you for your kind emails and questions about my expose book on Hillary Clinton, please remember that I CANNOT finish it until Her Majesty testifies "under oath" before CONgress. It's not possible to do so, and if I were to release it now it would be incomplete and require a revision – which I have no interest in doing. Since I am admittedly logjam with several books, my focus is in getting the others done and finally out in the market, especially since SOME of these titles have co-authors and it is not fair to have them wait while my logjam is getting slowly cleared. Too much work, never enough hours. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that I have another full page Special in today's issue of Daily Post India newspaper.

As a Columnist and Journalist, it is always a genuine honor to be asked to write such lengthy pieces, today's Special feature is an overview and analysis of the four recent terrorist attacks that have killed over 80 people. Bottom line: until ENOUGH people TRULY CARE and then ACT to STOP the Islamic State, it will only grow more powerful and more innocent people will needlessly die. History proves that evil can ONLY succeed when "good" FAILS to do its job.

Anonymous said...

Kowardly Korff ... ** snicker **

You're Such An Idiot, Kal. said...

Analysis ... of terror attacks ... by a flying saucer expert? Oh sign me up for THAT.

Luving that Kalvin said...

Can't sleep Kalvin? Yea, there is SO MUCH TO HATE .....

Kal Israel said...

WAG FaceBook Update - July 3, 2105

Raj Shekar Reddi: Haven't heard you mention the school you are starting lately. Is that on hold for now?

Kal Korff: No, it has been in operation for over a year now. Sorry for hasty reply, working on putting paper to bed for tomorrow and another Special, but this time on Greece.

Hope you are well.


A liar, plain and simple. Korff's template school web site has not been updated in many. many months; no teachers listed, no Admin people except Korff listed, no updates at all:

The Facebook page put up to to help make the scam "seem" real has not been updated since July 27, 2014. In fact, this page has had a total of 3 posts since it's creation:

The Twitter site is just as unused; 1 tweet in 18 months, 1 follower:

Kal K. Korff, you are a liar, a scammer and a thief.

Korff, if you're reading this, let's debate the claims:

Or are you chicken....

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Over 300 days of failure. A year of failure creeps up on the troll.

Luving that Kalvin said...

What, do you truly think Korff would agree to an actual and legit debate? Say Bro, did you inhale too many firecracker fumes? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

What, you say Kal Korff lies? Cough, cough....

"They Weren't Green" said...

What an honor it must be, to be so humble.

Anonymous said...

How humbling it must to be so honored.

Anonymous said...

So long since we've seen or heard Little Kalvin on Youtube. What happened Kalvin? Afraid we'll highjack any and all media you may release and the insert the truth and re-release it...

You should be, you are obviously you are a koward.

Kalvin Korff - Little Shit

1,187 views 4 years ago

Don Ecker gives us an update to Korff's last threat against him. Guess what happened? ZERO, nothing, just more empty threats. To keep it lively, we gave Don the Rappers Delight treatment. Kalvin; this can all be stopped, when you stop your lying and cheating and thievery we will stop making you eat your own excrement. The world is watching this Kalvin. Your family is watching this Kalvin. Had enough?

Bless the Beasts and Children said...



The lowest, most despicable and loathsome form of self promotion, often delivered in a terse one or two fragmented sentences on social networking sites. A typical and popular approach is to use a disingenuous complaint about something, a self-deprecating statement or a comment on something completely innocuous, as a vehicle to deliver the real message, which invariably shows the person in a favourable light. In fact it shows what an attention seeking and insecure person they really are.

Humblebrag example: "Two of my favorite "toys", per se - Mosquito Zapper racket, which also works on flies and wasps and spiders, and my "portable" weight lifting case :D"
Appropriate response(s): "Fuck off bitch"

What a pathetic loser you insist on being, Kernal Klown.

Anonymous said...

You skipped something:

Humblebrag example: "Two of my favorite "toys", per se - Mosquito Zapper racket, which also works on flies and wasps and spiders, and my "portable" weight lifting case :D"
Appropriate response(s): "Fuck off bitch. Dr. Bruce Macabee, Art Bell, George Takei, and 73 other people Like this."

I am sure Kalvin's "employers" appreciated his use of the word bitchin. If it was a paying gig he might have been worried.

Luving that Kalvin said...

This fucking moron's mind has been "missing in action" since the early 1990's and you are surprised at anything he might say? Holy Shit ...

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol kal might have at least thought to remove the weights from their wrappers so that they look like they've been used. can't do anything right can ya mr. volunteer analyst!


Anonymous said...

Korff, this life you've carved out for yourself... Think about it, you're living in India, living out your reporter dreams, because you couldn't do this in America; no self respecting media outlet (giant or small) would hire a high school educated reporter. Couple this fact with the material related to the name Korff on the internet and well.... your results as an adult are udderly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this Lard Ass is an idiot. They don't come any bigger idiot than this Korff IDIOT! Fuck you Newspaper boy, Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored and truly humbled, again, to report that I have another full page special in today's Daily Post India newspaper. This time the subject is the recent BRICS meeting and how it will certainly impact the rest of the world. I hope you find it informative. Thanks!

Luving that Kalvin said...

Well Kolonel Krap-ola, still totally full of shit right? Hiding behind your closed off Facebook wall, AFRAID and paranoid about having the PUBLIC see and comment on the KRAP you spew ... well no one here is the least surprised. You made your own bed Kolonel Tubby. You ranted and raved, you threatened and lied, you stole and then denied it and counted on your own poor elderly mother to BAIL your Fat Ass out of trouble. You and your dirt bag brother have that in common. I suppose shame and guilt is not in your vocabulary eh? About what now, 300 pounds of steaming shit .. right? Well chubby you won't always have your mother to bail you out of shit ... did you ever think about how you are going to feel when she leaves this earthly plane? Think about it you Fuck Up, think about it.

Anonymous said...

Chubby Tubby Momma's Boy.

Anonymous said...

Stolen valor, Kal. Stolen valor. In your case the valor of the Israeli military who are indeed a well trained bunch of badasses that only a complete idiot would want to be on the bad side of. I wonder who warned you off. Or was it your complete reliance social media? Knowing that someone from your life was going to call steaming horse shit over your claims of SAPSTOE intrigue with the silly vilea of nanodust, paintball tactics and ridiculous cobbled together costume you paraded around in. Tons of pictures still remain with the fake medals, the fake badges, the fake insignia, all the made up bullshit you tried to pass off in Czech Republic. Milos Bartu didn't buy your horse's ass of a story and I bet the people in India are getting tired of whatever simpering lies you've been feeding them. It's always just a matter of time, isn't it. One step ahead of whatever it was you are hiding from. We look on the bright side: As long as you keep running and hiding we won't have to endure your presence in the many television specials being produced on flying saucers, the new Bigfoot series or whatever else it was you claimed expertise in. Good riddance and keep running.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that I have another full page special in today's Daily Post India newspaper. This time it is on the Iran deal that Obama and Kerry are trying to hype. It exposes how Obama has not told the truth about the deal, and how it is a bad one because it doesn't destroy Iran's capabilities to make nukes.
I know this piece might bother Obama supporters and Iran apologists, but I don't care. Facts are facts. Iran is not being really disarmed from making nukes because what passes for "leadership" in the USA now have caved in. Shame on them. HOPING Iran for the first time stops cheating and lying and finally honors their commitments is not a strategy. Whenever anyone takes hope as strategy, they're desperate. It also exposes some lies Obama says, like "snap" 24/7 inspections. This is not true, it's BS. All Iran has to do is keep doing its rogue nuclear work at sites that have NEVER been inspected and REMAIN off limits. Hope you enjoy the piece, as usual it doesn't mince words.

Anonymous said...

odd ... why would the readership of india be interested in poorly written "news articles" about american foreign policy. seems to me they would want to read about what is happening in india. though from all evidence kal korff himself has no idea, could not care less, and since he isn't being paid for the writing nobody cares. he just sort of does it to share with his "friends" on facebook, who have already encountered the actual genuine news articles kal korff kopies his information from. he is like an inept echo chamber speaking purely for the sound of his own poorly informed voice. what a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber - inept echo chamber...

Anonymous said...

45 days until another year of lies and failure lapse. Korff, what you have here with this blog

the web site:

and the youtube channel:

these platforms catalogued your lies, broken promises, threats and lunacy but this material will out last you.

Korff, think about this... In your little mind, this last 15 years is about you and only you. Do a search Korff, type in a family members name and look down the results and see where you come up... where your crazy, where your lies and images come up.

You've ruined the Korff name and anyone associated with it, for the end of time.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Could it be time for oh, I don't know ... maybe a NEW THREAD?

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Sorry I have not been online that much, I have just been swamped as in very busy. I hope to be back to posting things and uploading more published articles in the next few days. Lots going on....Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxo

October 19, 1973 said...

Wishing happy birthday to a family member who has been documented to exist but has no interest or presence on FB: annoying Like-baiting, but if done right can be cute.

Wishing happy birthday to the dress dummy propped up on a chair dressed in an Indian princess costume: creepy.

VERY creepy, actually. Kal you need help. Ask WAG to please keep an eye on the response he gets, if any. Those who really care about Kal won't touch it.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Regarding Korff's birthday wish and the response he got:

11 Likes / 3 Comments

- Bill Wigginton: Treat your birthday girl to a fine time Kal!

- Flo Singh: Happy bday to your beautiful wife too :)))))

- Dawn Ellen: Happy Birthday to your wife. We miss you.

- Kal Korff: THANKS everyone. I have been really swamped, so my absence was not intentional. I genuinely miss all of you as well. May YHWH keep you all safe and continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Syndicate

"...maybe a NEW THREAD?"

Sure thing.

Any ideas... maybe some images... some text....

Luving that Kalvin said...

Well, for all intents and purposes Mr. Idiot .. you are almost 325 days PAST DUE on your book or books. You really are .. not only an Idiot but the King of Idiots! Still living the dream, right Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream. - King of Idiots! Living the dream...

Anonymous said...

I will presume that Kalvin had a moving tribute to the late President Kalam in his Daily Post article for today. For one so wrapped up in Indian culture as Kal, having an Indian princess as a wife and all -- he is surely aware of Dr, Kalam's importance as both a scientist and popular politician. The boost in readership his article presumably got must have been surprising, as for a change he wasn't writing about purely American concerns like some sort of dim-witted loser who couldn't give a fuck about his host country. Or was it another gripping travel article with information copy/pasted out of Wikipedia? Always a bitching source for a professional of Kalvin's high journalistic standards.

Anonymous said...

dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ... dim-witted loser ...

Anonymous said...

Korff = nothing to the world.

"They Weren't Green" said...

How much honor can one so humble endure.

Anonymous said...

"Israeli tactics" LOL! That was a funny one Kal. Thanks for a decade plus of enduring hilarity. May the internet never forget the lies you have left strewn in your wake as you fail your way across the globe. Keep failing and be sure to tell everyone on FB about it so we can laugh along back at home. LOL.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update – August 2, 2015

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored once again to report that I have another full page Special in today's issue of Daily Post India. This time it is on the terrorist attacks in Gurdaspur and what happened. I'll be doing a follow up piece shortly in my Kal's Korner column from a counterterrorism analyst viewpoint. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It seems less like Korff is a reporter (name me another reporter anywhere who continually informs his "reads" that he has another article in the paper he writes for? It's a given, another day, another article, if you like my stuff, read away....), no, it's much more a case of a high school student working for the high school "hoping" somebody, anybody will read the work and give him some feedback.

The reason Korff does this is very transparent; he receives virtually no feedback on his articles; virtually none on Facebook and on the Media Giants website. More proof; look at the blog he kept up on for a couple months regarding the "Let's Sweep Clean India" campaign, not a single person posted a single vowel in response to that work.

Korff, keep barking for interest... it won't work but you just keep barking... at the moon.

Korffing Syndicate

Jimmy D said...

I feel sorry for you that you are bat-shit crazy, Kalvin.

I feel sorry for the world that you are truly evil.

You are scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

a counterterrorism analyst viewpoint from a flying saucer expert

whoooooboy. delusions delusions, and way to respond to the blog.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff, flying saucer EXPERT and counterterrorism analyst... ***snicker-snicker-snicker***

Anonymous said...

And for all of us that did go to college, Our Village Idiot did ALL OF THAT with just his handy-dandy high school diploma!! Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... handy-dandy high school diploma... true that.

Luving that Kalvin said...

The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot The Village Idiot

That really does say it all, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

It does...

Anonymous said...;_ylt=AwrXgSK8C8JVY2wANTLQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMXM3OWtoBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM4BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

Another topic of great interest to the people of India (and around the world) that Kalvin Korff has failed to address in his Daily Post "articles" because he doesn't care about the people of India and is too busy playing Mr. Expert while lecturing "readers" on his pet subjects … Which his readership cares nothing about, as evidenced by a total absence of reader comments and low page traffic. Inept is as inept does, and exactly the response fitting for a flying saucer fanatic / misfit computer nerd wannabe who is trying to pass himself off as a professional.

As usual nobody is buying it and Kal kontinues due to mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does, Inept is as inept does...

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing great. I apologize once again for not really being online much, but I have been swamped for weeks now and this is likely to continue for the next few weeks as well. I'm not complaining, lots is getting done, but just overwhelmed with many different kinds of work. I am honored to report again that I have a full page special on the Pakistani terrorist who was caught alive in India, hope you enjoy it.

Raj Shekar Reddi: You "knew" the director of the CIA "personally"? Did he know you? You challenge your own credibility with outrageous statements like this.

Raj Shekar Reddi: I've noticed that India Post doesn't attribute the copyright to photos it uses. It appears that the main photo in your piece may have been poached from Zee TV. I don't know the ins and outs of copyright law in India but does seem like some kind of photo attribution is in order to give credibility to your stories if anything.

Kal Korff: Well, Raj, since it is TRUE, there's no "credibility" issue at all. My first interactions with CIA started in high school over FOIA issues trying to get alleged UFO footage released, specifically concerning the Ralph Meyer case, which was unsolved even by CIA admissions at the time. Just so you know, we share the same birthday and I met him through a mutual acquaintance who lived in Washington DC who later helped me write my Roswell expose book. This was never a secret, and one of several reasons why I later found the Iran-Contra scandal to be very tragic and wrongheaded. I even brought home Oliver North's signed book for one of my roommates last century. Just so you know. Hope you are well.

Raj Shekar Reddi: Meeting somebody once isn't the same as knowing them. This is kind of like when you say that you've "lived" in 25 countries. Taking the night train from Amsterdam to Paris doesn't mean you've lived in Belgium. But you seem to have non-standard definitions of things.

The birthday thing is a coincidence. You share the same birthday with several million people on the planet so I wouldn't ascribe any significance to it. Your going down the path of religion and astrology and other quackery with that one.

Kal Korff: Hi Raj, just so you know, I did NOT meet him just once.

Since I made no mention of how many times there were any interactions or about what issues, your remark is presumptuous and rather curious.

Raj Shekar Reddi: If you lived in Switzerland for some time that means that you spent even less time in those other countries you claimed to have lived in. A passport stamp is something that all travelers experience. It is not a proof of residency. It's all about credibility.

Raj Shekar Reddi: No more than Kal has with me Rick. Just trying to keep Kal on the straight and narrow when it comes to telling the truth. He still hasn't filled us in on the school with the free I-Pads of which he is the headmaster. I'm beginning to believe that this school doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you'd like to contact a guy who's asking Korff to back up his lies.... claims.

Anonymous said...

An example that even with the vast amount of material that's on the web, proving that Korff is a liar, and a thief, a very bad person, and lunatic of the highest order, people just can't be bothered to use, as Kal K. Korff himself would like them to, some critical thinking.

Dawn Ellen: Since you have absolutely no proof that Kal is lying about his research, life or where he has lived, I suggest you stop making these allegations against him.

Rick Harris: Im wondering whether Raj Shekar Reddi has a problem with Kal Korff or whether he is just another internet troll with WAY too much free time on his hands and has nothing better in life to do except pick an argument in Facebook...? Either way, I'm thankful for the "block" option in Facebook.

Jimmy D said...

I think Raj Shekar Reddi should be allowed/invited to guest-/co-admin this blog. KIAI and the original admin guy have busted a gut these past few years. Maybe they'd appreciate the input?

Anonymous said...

In fact Jimmy, we have two people we will ask. Great idea. I will send out a message right this very moment.

Korffing Syndicate

October 19 1973 said...

Raj is the man! Too bad Kalvin's friends felt compelled to try and shut him up before Kalvin really let loose. Kalvin even trotted out Oliver North! and the pathetic signed book, not to mention the shared birthday obsession. Boy he must have been pissed off.

The real zinger there is the photo attribution thing. That confirms there is no editorial oversight at Daily Post India and Kalvin's position as a "writer" is non-professional in nature. News portal run by a local ISP is the best I can think of to define what they may actually do. That could also explain the "media giant" claim, a strange boast for a company which has no real global online visibility and a website devoid of much in the way of revenue-driving advertisement. Because they don't need any?

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff equals .... 31 !

Anonymous said...

no editorial oversight... Yes. As someone posted a while back, they seem to go after students mostly, and they ask them to write up whatever their fancy might be, for free, and to serve their education and in Korff's case, his massive ego.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have WAG and others keep track of this lunatic.

What a life Korff, what a life.

The Professional said...

I did some work for a very famous writer over the winter, name brand talent with a legacy of excellence, anyone who is reading this would recognize the name and be familiar with at least one of their works. It was an exciting opportunity which I took great pride in & regard as another small step up the career ladder. The writer's "people" actually sought me out after a related project came to the person's attention. A secretary called out of the blue one day while I was at the grocery store of all places, took the call in the produce section. Biggest mystery is how they got my number, which is unlisted … that's power for you.

Spoke with the writer many times on the phone (we are on opposite coasts, have never met face to face), I was paid via check written by the individual from their own checking account, who also sent me a very nice hand-written note. The results were shared off the writer's official website + social media with a "Thank you!" for a job well done. The entire project took about seven weeks with daily calls during the final stages. I still have the writer's private phone number in my contacts, we always addressed each other on a first-name basis, would like to think we would recognize each other if ever standing in the same room. Yet I would never claim to "personally know" the individual in any manner, or use the experience to publicly wheedle praise, confidence or trust out of others. It was just a job, nice to know they were pleased but even better knowing the check cleared.

That's called being a professional, KALVIN. Which you are most certainly not.

Anonymous said...

The Professional,

Well done. If you ever have the time and inclination, the Korffing Syndicate would be humbled and honored, and proud.... to have you write up a piece on our favorite Village Idiot.

A new thread, lunched by you, for us to enjoy and comment on would be an amazing addition to the Korffing cannon.

The Professional said...

Cheers, the blog and its related functions have provided many hours of hilarity. The hard work which went into them is evident to anybody who looks in. Will see if I can put something together for later in the month.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much The Professional. It's a labor of love and laughter.

The Syndicate can always use a shot in the arm with energy.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Korffer Raj kontinues the kuestioning of Kal K. Korff, and Korff isn't happy about it.

For those new to Korff and his lying ways; read this material over and see how easy it is to recognize just how pathologic Korff is; he cannot, not, lie and he will never take responsibility for his lies and false claims, that is now impossible, Kal K. Korff, IS these lies and false claims. There is no longer a Kal K. Korff based on his 3 books, or his “articles” there is only Kal K. Korff based on his lies, his false claims, his thievery and his lunatic behavior.

August 10 at 6:57am

Kal Korff: Hi Rick, Happy Birthday by the way, that's more important in my view.

The problem I see here is that Raj makes "conclusions" that have no facts to originate them. Like him not knowing that I knew Bill Casey.

Instead he jumped to illogic and embraced it by saying something like meeting him one time when he knows nothing about my interactions with Casey, he knows nothing about how I got to know him, etc.

As far as the school existing, I don't care if Raj (or anyone) wrongly "thinks" it does not.

It is beyond question that it does, and the fact that I was appointed Principal and helped found it. I am honored to have been asked to travel to the other side of India to stay there and help launch the school, help with its vision, etc.

I even enjoyed the home cooked food there more than I do here in Punjab.

No, I have not talked about it much, no laws says I must and if I talked about everything I am involved in, I would not have time to work my butt off like I do.

So this "logic" about it must not exist because Kal hasn't said much about it, well, that's nonsense, and as far as keeping me honest, I have no problem with valid criticism.

I try not to respond to what I call "criticism" -- which means attacks or remarks not derived from data nor honesty nor logic. I owe "kritics" (like people who cyberstalk me, harass me, make death threats against me, UFO and CONspiracy nuts nothing. NONE of them work for a credible newspaper, and anyone can say anything, and just because it is on Google or even in Wikipedia, doesn't mean it is automagically true.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Yet AGAIN you are ASSuming "facts" only in your mind, not reality. You were not present, you were not involved, you know nothing of any data, and I do not care if you choose to believe or not believe me.

I learned long ago dating back to high school when I first started interacting with the CIA not to bother with nonsense if I can avoid it. And while I have known you a long time, you do NOT know (nor can you know) everything I have done, and how I have lived all of these decades.

I don't even know what you do for a living, so by your peculiar "logic" you must be unemployed and YOUR job must not exist! smile emoticon

I'll be happy to elaborate on Bill Casey, I do in an upcoming piece anyway, because it is logical to do so. I was disillusioned under Carter, at first bought into what reagan was about, then became disillusioned again over Iran contra. One valuable lesson I learned, regardless of our official policies and rhetoric, we DO and largely always have negotiated and talked with terrorists.

This is partly why I object to Obama LYING and reclassifying the Taliban as NOT being terrorists, even though they are, just so he can "justify" talking to them. It's such avoidance and BS.

Anything but the truth, right? Or is it left or center? I don't know anymore.

I'll let my writings and research "speak" for themselves, and notice the attacks are personal, not data based as in based on the data as a rule. Same with my "kritics" -- which says all one needs to know about them.

I could NOT have done nor achieved nor worked where I have if I were anything even remotely close to whammy CONspiracy nuts lie about and delude themselves into thinking.

I do not want them as "friends" and they have a right to their delusions. This is not a specific reference to Raj, not at all, but these others know who they are and I have exposed them for decades in my published works and books.


Anonymous said...

Part 3

August 10 at 8:46am

Raj Shekar Reddi: Actually Kal I never said that you stayed in a hostel. That was a "for instance", a hypothetical, per se. An additional layer of weirdness is that you now claim to be "Principal" of a school in another state. On your school's website you refer to yourself as "headmaster". Every school principal I've ever known had to show up for work everyday. I think you're making stuff up. Hard to believe what is true with you, you've made so many dubious unverified (unverifiable) claims.


Kal Korff: Raj, I am NOT "making" it up, and I really do not care if you believe me or not.

Just like your weird claim that I somehow didn't know Bill Casey or that this was somehow even unlikely.


Casey was a very visible person, and knew lots of people. Before he became CIA Director, he was Reagan's campaign manager because he was a shrewd business man and tactician. He had been out of the intel business for decades but during WW II he ran the OSS ops in Europe against the Nazis which were very successful.

I assume you never bothered even reading his works.

I did.

Casey got around because he knew the right people in the right circles.

He was in with the very rich and the movers and shakers because he handled lots of investment issues for them. Knew how to make money and move it around.

As I got to know important types in Washington DC myself, people like Phil Klass (let me guess, you don't "believe" that either -- whatever, it's your problem if that is also true); I also met lots of people.

Your claim about keeping me on "the straight and narrow" is laughable in my view since you won't accept the fact about the school and many other things it seems which ARE facts, regardless of what you say and regardless of what you believe.

You are also not the arbiter of facts, Raj, just like Hillary Clinton should not have been the arbiter of sorting through her emails.

I won't answer any questions about the school now because you just can't seem to be bothered doing basic research to confirm it exists and that I was hired to be its Principal and did what I claimed.

The owner of the school, one of them, as I have said, is the owner of the Daily Post.

I am honored and humbled to have been asked to be part of such a great effort.

It's rather curious that you "think" you know either any "better" or otherwise.

That's mighty "progressive" and liberal of you, isn't it? smile emoticon

Just keep "believing" that the school does not exist, it's YOUR issue, Raj, I am not going to let you make it mine.

What's next? Little Grey Leprechauns at Area 51 stuffed away in pickle jars?


Anonymous said...

Part 4

Kal Korff: Rick Harris, there is a big difference. Unlike Raj, I don't doubt that certain schools exist when the evidence is undeniable that they do, nor do I ever consider someone not talking about a school they were originally appointed as being the Principal of when it was founded, to be "evidence" that said school does not exist.

To me, the term "liberal logic" is an oxymoron.
I cannot relate to this type of thinking, it makes no sense to me. So there is at least this key difference here.

I'm not wired this way and I don't care if Raj or anyone wants to "deny" something that is beyond dispute.

I don't let it keep me up at nights.


Raj Shekar Reddi:

The only information on the website is about you, appears to be written by you, and refers to you as "head master" (not principal). It even shows a FB "like" from you. There is no information about teachers, students or curriculum let alone owners/founders.


Administrators Kal Korff: Head Master Kal Korff, an American citizen who is married to an Indian Punjabi...


Luving that Kalvin said...

Ooooooooo .... and the plot thickens .... The Village Idiot .. has spoken ....

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: Head Master

Kal Korff, an American citizen who is married to an Indian Punjabi woman and is a resident of India, has educational experience going back several decades. Kal first started lecturing and teaching when he was just 13 years old, and completed his high school graduation requirements in only three years.

Korff is a well-known international author of books and expose articles, lecturer, and is a Columnist and Journalist for Daily Post newspaper in Chandigarh, India, Punjab’s fastest growing English language daily.

Kal has lived on three continents, has traveled to dozens of countries, and has a lot of international experience. Prior to moving to India, he spent a full decade in Europe as an analyst, broadcaster, columnist, executive, IT professional, journalist, media personality, producer, teacher, and counterterrorism specialist.

Kal Korff has appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live!, Discovery Channel, FOX TV, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and has done production work for National Geographic. Some of his past employers include Atari, Apple, Claris (Apple’s software subsidiary); Boeing, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Korff is considered to be an industry pioneer in the fields of eBooks, interactive computing, hypermedia and multimedia, his work has been featured in the press.


Bold items = lies, exaggerations of half-truths or unverifiable crap which might sound impressive to someone with grade school edumacations.

Bold items in italics = total horseshit twaddle of a pathetic wannabe who was busted for stealing the valor of the men & women fighting the War on Terror.

Anonymous said...

total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle - total horseshit twaddle... truth

Anonymous said...

23 days until another the year passes through the kolon of Korff lies... book or series of books.... et al

So humble, so proud.

Kal Israel said...

When a thread is allowed to over stay it's welcome, the interested can get bored.

Take heart Korffer's, this is not due to our laziness or apathy... no, not in the least.

From time to time, as we are sure you have noticed, the Korffing process is one that relies on more than just stone throwing, calling names and responses solely based on emotions.

Time away from the process can help us open our minds to other paths and avenues of thinking which can result in material and data we never would have gathered trudging the same worn path.

Also, let's be very honest here, among the core group of Korffer's, very, very few add to the data other than to comment on the thread. Let's all understand the time and effort it takes to research our Favorite Village Idiot and to come up with new, fact based and entertaining material.

Having said this....

The Korffing Syndicate is humbled and very proud to report that the energy around our efforts is sizzling.

New and fact based material is on it's way.

Korffing Syndicate

Luving that Kalvin said...

Oh!! Goody!!!