Sunday, August 16, 2015

"... its called entertainment."

Fun show, we got the info out there. Korff was asked to debate the Syndicate on this show, he turned tail to lick his ass. Kal K. Korff, you are a pussy and a coward.

We will post the archive link and the youtube link as soon as it's up loaded.

Here's the link - Kal Israel starts at the 26 minute mark:

We think you'll enjoy the show. Santa in a Floppy Hat called us to inform us that his drunken ass will be sending us a new video very soon...

UPDATE: August 31, 2015

Kal Israel will be appearing on the Mind Cemetery Show tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

We challenged the host to set up a debate with Korff. Korff declined, we didn't.

Kal Korff's Mind Cemetery show:

Live call in number: 504.273.7379
Live Skype name: mind.cemetery
Live chat room available during the show at: Paltalk UfO Paranormal Radio Network

We have a new member of the Korffing Syndicate, so to speak. André is not interested in posting on this blog, etc., however, he has been taking Korff to task regarding his claims. Lately he's been pushing Korff to prove that he worked at LLNL. We will post that information at a later date. André has given us the go ahead to use and post any of the information he sends us or that we locate on our own.

Some of you might have wondered why the hell would anyone have Korff appear on their media show. Korff hasn't been seen anywhere, by and large, other than on the McConnell show, since circa 2000. Recently he did appear on something called Mind Cemetery.

André tracked down the host of this show and he asked him the obvious question; why would you have this obvious lunatic on your show? The host opened his show with a bit news from around the world and during this segment he made a prophetic statement. 

"… so I don’t have to yuck it up for you folks out there who want to check out some actual decent information ... or some entertaining things… there’s nothing wrong with that… I’ve always said that multiple times…   the only thing I do have a problem with are blatant entertainers trying to deceive you into thinking that it’s actual information… when it’s actually noise”

The link to the Korff appearance is posted below, as are the other links associated with this show... just in case you'd like to ask him your own Korffing related questions.

And so, we present the first thread to utilize information from André.  

I've recently (early August) had a discussion on social media with the host of the Mind Cemetery radio show which had Korff as a guest a short while ago and he said that he knew that Korff was talking nonsense but he didn't care because all he cares about is the entertainment aspect of the show (see thread below). 

Kind regards.


André Skondras - Aren't you the Mind Cemetery radio host guy who had Kal Korff as a guest but knew Korff was talking nonsense but you didn't care because all you cared about was the entertainment aspect of the show? That's what you at least admitted to me and then suddenly the thread was removed … that to me is censorship.

André Skondras - Makes me wonder how factual you are in all your discussions. I guess your radio show is THE place where the Mind stops thinking, i.e. a real Mind Cemetery. ;)

André Skondras - I wonder why I keep reacting and I probably will get the same silly replies from Korff stating that he DID work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab while extensive database and publications research from LLNL shows that he did not work there … I asked Korff if he could provide me with info about his job responsibilities at LLNL, the department at which he was employed, the names of his co-workers etc … so that I could verify this info with LLNL again … but so far, no response from Korff.

André Skondras - People should get off their asses and do research, as Korff stated on your show, so I followed his advice. However, if my research contradicts his fantasy and exaggerated claims, than my research stinks, even accusing me of making false claims, but the statements I have made are based on info I got straight from the horse's mouth. I didn't only check his LLNL employment claim with LLNL but I also did some checking re his claims about Kevin Randle's PhD. The info I got from Randle's universities all checked out and matched with the info I got from Randle.

Chip Plescher - I'm fully aware Kal is off his rocker... hence why even having him on the show... its called entertainment. At this point if you have to be told Kal is less than what he claims then I feel bad for you. you, me and everyone else know that he is pure entertainment yet you have a problem with having him on a show to be entertaining.... Sorry you cant wrap your head around the fact he was on to be entertaining.

Chip Plescher - You are upset I wont ride him off on a rail, which is pointless imo. do you really think my opinion or anyone else's will stop him? no, not even in the slightest. I was amazed he even came on to begin with LOL I figured he would at least have known a little bit about me or what I have railed on for YEARS. So, the next time you want to find your internet soap box to tell me how bad I suck ask yourself if it's really worth it.

Chip Plescher - A "Mind Cemetery" is also another term for a library used by the band Rage Against the Machine... I know its hard to, you know, "get off their asses and do research" when the low hanging fruit is so ripe huh? ;)

The Kal Korff appearence:
The Korff segment starts at the 18 minute mark.

Mind Cemetery Facebook


Kal Israel said...

Chip Plescher from Mind Cemetery, "Kal Korff as long been a lightening rod for controversy, even a man that many have loved to hate. Some of that same group of folks though seem to have no problem supporting other individual because they deemed them worthy, credible or the ever popular "nice person". Why? Let's all find out together shall we?"

And what did we find out together... Only Korff's life story as Korff positions it. A proper interviewer digs deep and asked the uncomfortable questions to allow the person to clear up any misconceptions that the public hate might be based upon, or to confirm that the facts they have presented, are not truthful. Chip did neither.

Chip also refers to "folks" (evidently the folks who do ask uncomfortable questions of Korff), of supporting other individuals who behave in the same manner; liars and lunatics, driven by ego to support a fantasy life. A proper interviewer would have backed up this assumption with some data, some discussion. Chip didn't. Not entertaining enough?

Chip Plescher from Mind Cemetery - I'm fully aware Kal is off his rocker.

So thank you Chip for allowing Kal K. Korff to present his "life story" the way he views it and to not ask him a single question about his claims or behavior.

One high point of the show; It continues to amaze that Don Ecker is living rent free in Kal Korff's head. At every opportunity Korff regurgitates the lie that he asked Ecker for show guidelines before he would appear on that show. Firstly, Korff never sent Ecker any personal e-mails regarding the invitation to appear (Korff's fake lawyers from the US and India sent two e-mails; neither asked for show guidelines) and more to the point, Ecker has never sent out guidelines to any guest, every, during his 25+ year broadcasting career.

Ask yourself Chip; do you send out guidelines to your guests or do you do show prep and then let the interview flow in an open and organic manner. We thought so.

We are available to debate Korff on his claims and behavior; anywhere, any time.

You game? After all, it's all just entertainment... isn't it?

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

So, lets see if I have this straight. This so called radio guy knows our Village Idiot is an Idiot but has him on for .. entertainment? Do I have this right? And, he got his radio training from George Noory? Well, that explains a pants-load. Good work there Bunky. Yep, you got a future in radio there dude.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Lard Ass, I scanned a little bit on the front page and remembered that Tubby was gonna have an expose in May on Hilda-Beast. so, where is it Numb Nuts? Just more horse shit from the champ Horse-shitter. His flapping pie hole writes checks that his tubby lard ass will never be able to cash. Nothing changes with this idiot.

Anonymous said...

flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole - flapping pie hole... and so on.

Kal Israel said...

Mind Cemetery: I would be happy to have you on and discuss all of your concerns. If Kal would like to debate you then again, I would be happy to have you both on.

I dont ask him about his life because frankly, whats the point? He's already been labeled a liar. What more blood would you like? Find me anyone who take him for what he says and I'll show you a gullible idiot.

Thanks for listening. We are all aware of his shortcomings.

Just ask yourself why "folks" like dolan, carey, maussan, Greer, Icke and on and on can get a free pass for BS though.

Mind Cemetery: No guidelines sent out, some show prep that involves googling basically and calling it an organic conversation sums it up perfectly. I let it go where it goes and enjoy the ride.

Do i get people/guests that send out a line of topics or questions? Yes i do and it makes it much more easy to conduct an interview.

Learned that trick from george noory the so called greatest host. I cant stand him but its a procedure that has gotten him paid very well.

Kal Israel: Mind Cemetery Thanks for taking the time to respond. Correct, you didn't ask him about his life directly, you choose to allow him a platform to pass along his baseless claims and outright lies even though you knew that he is a proven liar and "off his rocker".

There is a difference here; one can unknowingly allow a person the platform or, as you choose to do, one can knowingly allow a person to spew their lies, half truths and baseless claims to service their own agenda; entertainment, ratings, social standing, etc.

You made the statement that "people" who make it their cause to hate Korff give these other "folks" a pass. You have any names of these people critical of Korff and his proven lies who give people like Greer a pass; we'd like to have that information. In any case, you didn't address this part of your promotion of that show.

The question wasn't if you ask your guests what topics or questions they'd like to talk about, that is a very common show prep technique.

The question was; do you send your guests - show guidelines? I think you will agree, these are to totally different things and in this industry, show guidelines are not used. Signing a release for future use, hold harmless contracts, etc., yes, show guidelines, no.

Regarding appearing on your show to set the record straight, sure. When and what time.

Regarding Korff standing up and debating his claims and behavior; that's up to you. You allowed him to appear because the entertainment possibilities were more important than the information presented.

It's your responsibility to set up a debate; it's your show and your guidelines. Our guess is that Korff will not appear.

You have my e-mail address.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that we've seen Korff's Facebook "friends" and this Mind Cemetery guy not using the very tech that they use to read about Korff and to know about Korff and yet they give him a pass.

This Mind guy really has no excuse; his YouTube videos get virtually no views, his show in general is off the map, nobody cares... So he had a choice to make; do I bang on Korff to get a bump in interest, or do I just let him blather on my show.

He chose blather.

Wrong choice.


Anonymous said...

F'ing Korff! Why don't you critical think a little dude! Your crazy will be on the inter web until Skynet blows it up and even then, the Little Grey Men already have a copy of that data any way.

My God Man, are you this stupid?


Luving that Kalvin said...

Is he this stupid? Surely thou makest a jest! Of course that greasy Lard Ass is that stupid. Geezus ... all anybody HAS to do is Look At this Idiots internet trail. It is there for the entire world to see.

Right Colonel? The guy who got an A-rab to finance a Jewish Secret Service group to the fucking tune of 25 MILLION BUCKS! The same shit-bird who signed a 500 BOOK DEAL! The greasy ASS WIPE who ripped off a humanitarian for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of ELECTRONIC GOODS ... and when the COPS started to ZERO IN ON HIS LUMPY ASS ... got MOMMY to bail his WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS outta trouble.

Anonymous said...

shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS - shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS - shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS - shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS - shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS - shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS - shit-bird - greasy ASS WIPE - WORTHLESS FAT TUBBY ASS well said.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff wants free stuff and for you to pay for it.

Kal Korff: I said I support Sanders right after he announced. He seems to me to be honest and means what he says and is not beholden to Big Business.

Anonymous said...

And of course, one of the issues with changing threads more often is; for the most part it's the same 6 Korffer's leaving messages and supporting the work. Not hating, or even bitching about it, just pointing it out.

We could always use some help, fresh thinking, twisted Korffing, etc.

Korffing Syndicate -

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

10 days later and Korff never responded to this Facebook post.... How can he? Korff knows this school was yet another pie in the sky, kinda, sorta get something going (which he did, ground was broke (actually the building was already there) to start a school).

As always, the project ended shortly there after.

Raj's proof; schools are social and yet, the Facebook page, the web site and the Twitter account linked into this school have been unused and dead for almost 2 years.

Case closed, there is not school.

August 12 at 2:39pm

Raj Shekar Reddi:

The only information on the website is about you, appears to be written by you, and refers to you as "head master" (not principal). It even shows a FB "like" from you. There is no information about teachers, students or curriculum let alone owners/founders.

Administrators: Kal Korff: Head Master Kal Korff, an American citizen who is married to an Indian Punjabi...


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

So honored... so much so that Korff has to continually post noticed that he's a reporter for a "media giant" nobody in the USA cares two shits about.

You get that Korff. Try this; stop posting these humble bragging posts for a month and lets see how many people ask you for an update.

You know as well as we do that less than 5 people would even care to ask. That's some readership you have there.

Almost a year of failure to add to the lifetime of failure Korff. So honored.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that I have another full page special in today's Daily Post India newspaper. This time it is on the US presidential election, I hope you like it. As an investigative journalist and columnist, it is always an honor to be asked to write such Specials. It is also another honor to have more than one article in a single edition of the newspaper. In today's edition I have three, my usual travel piece, Kal's Korner column and the Special here. Hope you enjoy them. As usual, your comments are always welcome and THANKS for your kind comments and support.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's the latest article from my Kal's Korner column in Daily Post India newspaper, hope you like it. This is a blunt expose of what can only be called brazen LIES by Barack Obama and those who parrot him by stupidly repeating the falsehoods he makes about the impending deal with Iran. WHY does Obama outright lie since his dishonest claims cannot be accidental, butt instead are calculating and deliberate? You'd have to ask him, my answer is because he's Obama. This is not the first time he has lied and it won't be the last. These are facts, it is irrelevant that he is the President of the United States, it doesn't change facts. If anyone can DISPROVE what I wrote here, please let me know and I will be happy to correct the record. Until then, I stand by the blunt expose that is in this column.

Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that I have another full page special in today's Daily Post India newspaper. This time it is on the US presidential election, I hope you like it. As an investigative journalist and columnist, it is always an honor to be asked to write such Specials."

Oh yea Lard Ass, every accredited journalist I know of always drops a note to their readers telling them ... Hey! Got a new news story in my Media Giant! Gee Whiz, sure hope ya fuckin' like it!!

korff, what a fucking buffoon you are! And Tubby, ya NEVER disappoint us with "ur crazy" on display!

Anonymous said...

Looks like this blog is about dead. I guess there's little reason for it anymore....

Korff, one crazy son of a bitch

Won't Say Just Yet said...

Quite disagree. The blog is serving its purpose marvelously, and the lack of "action" means its working. Kalvin's lunacy is somewhat safely confined to FB where he is being dutifully monitored. Any rumblings of madness are promptly echoed here to be archived for all times. The blog and related exposure site will never go away unless those who created them choose so, and even then it likely would remain archived like everything else on the internet -- Including Kalvin's own footprints in the mud. He will never truly escape his past and those who can be touched by his lies are limited to his ability to use social media without giving himself up.

I'll commit to writing two pieces for the blog and agree with the sentiment above that the contributions are overdue. Point well taken, fellow delegates. I will contribute not to keep the blog alive but because it's about time. I feel compelled to note also that blogs also have a long term presence that aren't reflected by hit counts garnered by the online shelf life of a given thread. Look back to unique reader counts on threads from 2010 for an accurate estimate of what kind of traffic will ultimately end up exposed to its content. It is important that the data shared through these efforts remain in place for future Korffers to learn from and pass on to others. Blogger = Google too. Give it time.

As with the online content, Kalvin himself will never go away. Any sane, rational or truly intelligent human being would have bagged whatever rap he is on ages ago and gone legit. He is being enabled and as long as that pipeline is open he will never go home, face whatever it was that caused him to flee in panic and take to stalking the internet while avoiding actual humans. What happens on FB isn't "real", its the internet and while his ego may cherish the fleeting half-attention he can wrest from those unfortunates who have friended him, they are as distant as Pluto from whatever miserable pathetic existence he is willing to endure. Even if he were in the USA he'd have to shun other people lest his facade be seen through. India is as good a place to rot as any, isn't it Kal.

On that account the blog and those before it have succeeded marvelously, as has Santa & the Syndicate's YouTube affiliates. Not one new Kal Korff video upload in how many years? Those which are still mothballed there on his channels serve no purpose other than to bring Kalvin continued ridicule: His weblinks and the lies spewed in the videos all lead to dead ends. As for his followers on FB they presumably are adults and free to think for themselves whether they choose to or not. Screw 'em.

This blog has bigger fish to fry than dingbats on Flakebook and needs to be ready should Kalvin's next scam manage to spill out over its festering rim. Keep in mind that if anyone on the planet searches his name this blog will always be in the top five returns if not the first. And in a bit of inverse logic the less number of people who do search Kal Korff's name the greater the blog's level of success. His online infection has been quarantined to FB and the number of new targets he can reach limited to his social circle or those of his proxies.

Am currently super pressed for time on a number of commitments but am putting a few things down every night as well as referring to saved media libraries for visual aids. Will contact the blog admins in the next week or two.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Bravo.

"They Weren't Green" said...

What a humbling honor!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Won't Say Just Yet said...,

If by chance you have any time in your busy life, we could use some new material and a new voice for a thread to recognize the approaching 1 year passing of Korff's last promise to release his book, or series of books.

No problem if you can't meet this deadline. We'll come up with something... interesting.

Kal Israel said...

Yes please...

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

I tried to find this show but no live links that I could find. What? Is this a real radio show? Do they want an audience to tune in? Like, WTF??

Kal Israel said...

We will have a direct link to the archive page in a couple days. yes, finding the live link is nearly impossible...

Anonymous said...

We're coming, Kal. No way to stop it.

Kal Israel said...

Here's the link - Kal Israel starts at the 26 minute mark:

Jimmy D said...

Regarding the refugee crisis and the awful news from the beaches of Turkey - Please don't use the death of little children to big yourself up, Karlton. Just let it be ... just this once.

Anonymous said...

You are scum, Korff. You are worthless vermin.

Luving that Kalvin said...

Kal Israel, GREAT Freaken' Job on that show! You Rock!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos for Kal Israel! We here at the Idiot blogspot are TRULY HUMBLED AND HONORED that you chose to share this show ... Honored and Humbled!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. It's a bit scattershot and staccato style but the real facts got out there.

Kal Isreal

Jimmy D said...

Is KalIsrael the same guy as Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Anonymous said...

Not sure....

Kal Israel said...

We found a guy on YouTube who made a list of Korff's videos, for some reason. We thought we'd post it here so new people can have easy access to Korff video crazy:

And please don't forget to take a view at many of Korff's videos, edit for truth, by the Korffing Syndicate:

Anonymous said...

a quick look at Kal's 3 youtube channels tells me that he started posting material 8 years ago and then he quit 4 years ago.

4 years of video crazy, to follow him for the rest of his life.

way to go Armpit.


Anonymous said...

The audio link is another nail in the Korff Koffin Lid. Banished in shame to FB where his waters grow stagnant. Well done sir.

Looking for the video of Korff and Dilettoso on Sightings from the 1990s. I know it was YouTubed at some point. There are interesting parallels to current day activity I wish to re-evaluate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As Kal Isreal said in his latest interview; “Kal is a coward and all of his internet material is based on emotions. What you’re seeing is a 12 year old acting out emotionally.”

Emotions fuel Korff’s irrational behavior, Korff’s character is built on his emotional response to his life experiences; this character trait also makes it impossible for him to take personal responsibility for his behavior.

Korff has always done “what feels right” and look where that’s gotten him; Google Kal Korff and see for yourself.

August 31 at 3:23pm •

Kal Korff

Well, after taking this "objective" test in compliance with Starfleet standards, I am undoubtedly Captain Kirk! Actually, I admire the charter of Spock, so I am both. But even Spock said, "Do what feels right." Not bad for a Vulcan who learned this lesson by finally admitting that emotions do play an important role in one's character.

Anonymous said...

Korff again? Well I have been saying it for years, this asshole is insane. Emotional or not .. simply fucking insane.