Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Korff On

You remember way back in the mid 2000's when Kal Korff started using the name Martina Tycova as he passed her off as his Super Model partner in fighting consumer fraud and terror of all kinds.

Korff even bought and paid for her website URL. That was then, this is now.

Welcome to the 3rd Korff URL we now control. Keep watch Kalvin, you only have one left.

The Syndicate awaits....

Don Ecker checks in on Facebook!

Kalvin Korff steals identity of a Southern California lawyer to threaten Don Ecker!

Kalvin Korff sends Don Ecker PROOF of nanodust!

Kalvin Korff; fights terror with shoe tracking dust! 

The Kal Korff Show #5 (but identified as #3...)

NOTE: Korff removed the download button from his soundcloud account. Much like Korff claiming that he inserted code into his "articles" which he "writes" for his "media giant" that would hide the articles from his haters and critics but not from the general pubic. Korff assumes that by removing the download button that the files cannot be downloaded. Wrong.

In this episode Korff calls out Andre because Andre will not make a bet with Korff, as bet which would result in Korf getting a free trip to Europe. Funny thing, Korff was offered a free trip to debate Kevin Randle and Korff declined. In any case, Korff talks about nanodust and other things. 

The long of the short of it; Korffer's live rent free in Korff's head. 10 years on and Korff continues to spend his time talking about Don Ecker and his haters and critics.

2016 and the Korffing gold kontinues

Korff Kliams Game - Which Claim is True?


Photos - True ~ FBI involvement - False

Web Site Blog - True ~ Monitored by anyone other than Korff - False

Daily World, a media giant... a social media giant? (1 Follower)
Their Facebook Page is down, broken or doesn't exist. (0 Likes)

And what of Korff's other media giant?
The Daily Post, a media giant... a social media giant?

Speaking of Korff's media giant, here's some homework for any Korffer's willing to go after some information.

Ask Korff's boss, Manish if he's down with Korff swearing like a sailor on social media and in his "shows" while doing a public shoutout to Manish and his company.

Hey Manish, what's next, strippers at the Christmas office party. Fuck yeah dude! You're the best boss ever. Kal Korff, Special Adviser to Owner

Manish Tiwari - email:
Manish Tiwari Publisher Mobile Number: 8591859122

Phone: +91 172-5201100

Korff On...


Anonymous said...

Okay, this proves that there are others interested in this lunatic besides this blog. Cool. So, I go to the paracast and root around. It looks like our village idiot has been discussed before there. I found this thread up on the paracast.

This was from a few years ago. Okay, I know that one of korff's claims was he worked at LLNL's but he refuses to provide any proof except to say "it is a matter of public record." Hey asshole, NO IT ISN'T. This blog posted a letter from LLNL stating YOU DID NOT WORK THERE. So, it is UP TO YOU to provide proof. If you can't then this is just another example you are a liar. A world wide and KNOWN LIAR. Like everything else you claimed ... if there was proof you would provide it. You don't which means you can't.

Case closed korff ... YOU LIE.

Anonymous said...

"A world wide and KNOWN LIAR"... a matter of public record.

It's interesting that Korff uses this phase to back up the majority of his claims. Some are real; his meager news coverage while he lived in Fremont, CA and in references to his media appearances before 2000.

In nearly every case with this public record claim you find that Korff had a hand in making it matter of public record.

The best example of this is his secret agent claim:

Try to find any other public record about this, you can't, it doesn't exist. What you will find is this .PDF that Korff made and other references made in conjunction with Korff's appearances on McConnell's show, etc.

You'll find zero matter of public record on this claim which Korff didn't have a hand in.

This behavior repeats itself on an endless loop of lunacy.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I love this new pink heavy look on this blog. Perfect fit for a pansy assed Momma's boy.

Anonymous said...

Another media giant with 1 twitter follower and no e-mail address to contact them.

Ha, ha, ha! The epic failure kontinues.

What a freaking joke.

Hey Korff, at the least, put up another web site to support your lie, you know, like the fake school web site.

1 twitter follower. ha, ha, ha....

Anonymous said...

Let us guess which of the korff flakebook regular dingeroos is that one follower. I lay even money on it being Lonnie Franks or Jeffery LIpard.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korff feels the need to explain a little further just what this Global News Giant is....

Thanks for stopping by Kalvin.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I'd like to take a moment to talk about a newspaper I am also writing for, called Daily World. As its name implies, it is a global paper, unlike Daily Post, which focused more on India. I help oversee its American, European and Middle East bureaus, and write 2-3 articles a day for it, in addition to also writing for Daily Post. My radio show is also part of the DW family. I hope you like the new paper, it gives a complete overview of the major stories around the globe, here is the full page Special (my first) on the terrorist attack against India yesterday, counterterrorism ops are still going on, since not all of them were eliminated. Two terrorists are still being engaged...

Anonymous said...

So the Syndicate rules Korff on Twitter, Youtube, blogging and images on the internet.

That's gotta sting...

So honored, so humbled.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Tomorrow (ed. 01/04/16) we will be filming 10-12 more scenes from the upcoming Betty and Barney Hill UFO "abduction" case expose move. If all goes well, around mid to late January the first teaser previews will be out. There will also be a media event announcing the cast in the near future, scheduled for this month. Things are picking up production pace wise, which is good.


Kal Korff: I had already agreed to be on Ecker's show in principle, he lied and said I did not.


WAG called Mr. Ecker and she asked Ecker about this. Here's what Ecker said...

Korff never sent me an e-mail accepting my invitation. Even after I sent Korff another e-mail asking him to confirm, all Korff said, over the internet (via his web site and over Facebook if he had one at that time) was that he would not talk with me directly and that he would let his lawyers and his deliverables do the talking. I never received anything from a proven and vetted lawyer and I never got an e-mail from Korff accepting my invitation to appear on my show. If Korff would have sent me anything I would have posted it on the web and I would have talked about it on the show, as I made it my habit to do so. All of the Korff information I did get, both real and fake, is a matter of public record and easily found on the internet.


And this form "Andre". A better warp-up on and of Kal K Korff you will not find:

In conclusion, I urge you to think critically, folks, because most of Kal Korff's claims is based on flat-out lies, fantasies, clever twist of words, gross misrepresentation, narrow-mindedness, arrogance, prejudice and big ego; especially big ego because he said that everything he has said is true, in fact it was, again, a tedious monologue focusing on his big ego. Someone who repeatedly says that his ego is not that big, makes it abundantly clear that he has a big ego. Most of what he says has already been addressed many a time and not worth repeating again since this evokes the usual blah blah rhetoric.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that this kind of rhetoric will most likely follow, again cleverly twisting my words, an area he is good at. In other words, this has been the 4th show in a row dealing solely about a smooth operator, telling people how great and factual he is while the opposite is true.

As I said last spring when I first began my discussions with Korff, my conclusion - supported by others - is as follows:

"From my own assessment -- based on his ever-increasingly "fantastic" answers to my very down-to-earth relevant questions and observations and the mostly negative information I found online -- I can only deduce that he is leaning very heavily -- I assume most psychologists and psychiatrists will agree -- towards a (severe) narcissistic personality behavior disorder.

Anyone who will take the time to take a closer look at his "brief" bio (which he emailed to Sheriff Gilbertson in 2008) will undoubtedly come to the very same conclusion. His "successful" and "brilliant" school and professional life is based on fantasy, lies, exaggerations and distortions.

As a result, it's extremely difficult discussing with people like him because people like him tend to make up new stories as they go along without a care of the factual reality. I believe he knows that as well as I do. Either he is playing some kind of a game for whatever (sinister) reason or perhaps he really believes his deluded fantasies. However, I assume both scenarios are detrimental to a person's credibility."

The Unknown Korffer said...

Tomorrow (ed. 01/04/16) we will be filming 10-12 more scenes from the upcoming Betty and Barney Hill UFO "abduction" case expose move

LOL, in India??? That happened in New Hampshire. WTF are they filming in India, people sitting in a room?

Anonymous said...

"Stolen Valor" is NOT just a problem confined to the US. Losers impersonate soldiers all the time the world over for unearned respect, social advancement, military discounts and to impress women. The peckerwood in the video link below got two years for scamming free coffee with the wrong person present. Real service people can spot the difference and don't take kindly to it. I've always wondered if something like this happened to Korff in Prague. He sure dropped the act in a hurry and got the fuck out of Dodge.

This is what it was probably like:

Dinner with the Troops, Kal. Dinner with the Troops.


Anonymous said...

Or more likely this?

Fucking idiot.


Anonymous said...

We know, this first thread of the year is crazy, it's off it's rocker long... What the hell is going on!!!

This first 2016 thread is in honor and it's humbled in it's own way and in response to Kalvin Karlton Korff and his return to crazy, shit cake lunacy form.

Korff: It doesn't bother me, these UFO nuts and what they say about me."

Yes, that's why you're stuck in the decades long loop you find yourself in; still banging on about Ecker, Randle and now poor Andre. Poor Andre; exposed by Kalvin Karlton Korff... to be read and listened to by ones of 10's in India and throughout the world.

Yeah, right. kal Israel has more twitter followers, more listeners and watcher than you and that new Global Media Giant.

Kalvin, you wanted attention for your high school credits. You're getting the attention you've craved.

Has your Mother done a simple Google search on the phase; Kal Korff. I hope not... what a disappointment for her... A life time (and after life) filled with lies and half truths.

The Korff name is forever regulated to the trash heap that is the internet.

Anonymous said...

That threatening email from a "lawyer" directed at Don Ecker has Korff's writing style all over it. The grammar is also somewhat poor making me think Kal Korff was either drunk or having a hissy fit. Regardless, it shows what kind sociopath Kal Korff is.

Anonymous said...

and lol @ "your amateurish attempt at a radio show"

oK, then what's uploading two hours of talking to yourself on soundcloud supposed to be

Fucking dysfunctional fucked up idiot.


Anonymous said...

Fancy having seven shades of sh*t kicked out of you, Korff?

Cuz I'd be happy to oblige. You lying pedo.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Korff goes ape shit like it's 2008 all over again.

And we LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kal Korff: LYING is NOT stating "relevant" observations. LYING is LYING. Slander and definition are what they are.

You specifically falsely accused me of FAKING a lawyer letter, one that I had NEVER seen before! No, I did NOT fake it. I do NOT care what you believe, it won't change facts.

You have LIED about my never working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

I intend to take action against you for this. And other false claims you wrongly "ape" from other UFO Conspiracy nuts and a web site run by cyberstalkers.

You will either retract your statements or face the rightful, legal consequences. This is not a threat, I am not bluffing. YOU choose to either tell the truth or continue making statements that are not true, statements that you cannot possibly legally "defend".

Please give me the official contact information of your lawyer so we can begin this.

If you refuse, I will have you served with legal papers regardless, since we have located your address.

I will disclose more info on the radio show exposing you, in Part 2, so that the public knows the truth. I intend to go public with this so that complete transparency exists.

If I am wrong on any of this, I have no problem admitting it because I am NOT "narcissistic" -- which is more defamation by you. I do NOT think I am "special" -- not at all.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korffing circa 2008 is back. A huge shoutout to Andre for pushing and poking Korff and waking up the crazy!

We knew that Krazy Korff would come out to play again. Might his "marriage" break up have had something to do with this new rage fest?

Who knows and who cares. All we know for sure is that the Krazy Korff is back, and we love it.

Kal Korff: André is far MORE than what he has implied to you. This is a man who FALSELY l claims that I never worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the I "faked" a lawyer letter while I lived in Europe, never mind the fact I never faked any lower letter and did not live in Europe when whomever faked said letter committed their hoax.

He is a Stanton Friedman 'fanboy' and believes that there Betty and barney Hill 'UFO abduction' case is real. He also believes in what I call Little Grey Leprechauns and that Uncle Sam has preserved in pickle jars, aliens recovered from the mythical Roswell "UFO crash" of 1947.

He has not only said many false things about me, I plan to now pursue legal action against him for doing so. When he isn't blindly aping others by repeating nonsense by CONspiracy buffs cyberstalkers, he seems to just make up things. I plan to expose him again in Part 2 of my weekly radio show, since his arguably ballistic reaction to my exposing him in Paert 1 has supplied enough material to justify a part 2.

I can go on and on, but will save it for the show.

Bottom line: Since the 1970s I have had in my possession original documents that prove that the Hill "alien" abduction case is NOT as its proponents falsely claim. The movie I am finishing goes into all of this and since it contains facts anyone can easily verify, it doesn't matter what "believers" in this case think. Their views won't change the facts.

Andre told you he is a "UFOlogist" -- I disagree. Firstly, there is NO REQUIREMENT to be a "UFOlogist," ANYONE can claim they are a "UFOlogist" the title means nothing and "UFOlogy" is NOT a recognized valid science nor field of inquiry. Instead it is basically a hobby and religion to the more fanatical types.

The term "UFOlogist" implies a certain sense of "expertise" which doesn't exist. ANYONE can say they are a "UFOlogist" since no requirements exist.

Andre claims he is a teacher, I have no idea.

What I DIO know about him is that he first the definition of a UFOOLogist, which is someone who makes CONclusions which are NOT derivable from the data.

He was not even into the subject of UFOs when these documents featured in the movie were first created, unlike Andre I have been studying UFO reports for some 43 years now, and am going public about the Hill case only because I am tired of UFO CONspiracy nuts trying to rewrite "history" and mislead people.

Andre can say whatever he wants, he likely will, but the fact remains I am going to go after him for making false, libelous and slanderous claims against me as I have specified.

I will record Part 2 this weekend, post it, read from his spam like comments which he amusingly says are valid commentary, and officially go public with my intent to pursue legal action unless he recants what is unquestionably libel, slander and defamation.

The thing I am happy about this movie is that it contains fact anyone can verify. Otherwise I would never have done it.

Sometime in the next several hours the web site and first sneak preview will be out.

Tomorrow we film more scenes and this will continue until the film is done.

Anonymous said...

Korff and this Andre person are really going at it. Interesting that all it took to get Korff to start screaming sue, sue, sue again is a person to start calling him out in a big way.

Good job Andre.

#No Lawsuits Filed
#Korffing for a Korff Free Internet
#Korffer's Unite
#God Bless Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: LYING is NOT stating "relevant" observations. LYING is LYING. Slander and definition are what they are..

WTF? or did he mean defamation. Fucking idiot!

Andre told you he is a "UFOlogist" -- I disagree. Firstly, there is NO REQUIREMENT to be a "UFOlogist," ANYONE can claim they are a "UFOlogist" the title means nothing and "UFOlogy" is NOT a recognized valid science nor field of inquiry. Instead it is basically a hobby and religion to the more fanatical types.

You would know, Mr. Flying Saucer Fanatic! Takes one to know one. Go get em, Andre.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Jabba the fat assed HUT (our very own Village Idiot .. Kalvin Karlton Korff) is apparently in an Indian movie! Oh Yea, Kalvin "Jabba the Hut" Korff has fucking gone BOLLYWOOD!! (That is Bollywood with a B, NOT HOLLYWOOD!) As he has been Huffing and PUFFING ... filming is movie ... a REAL HONEST TO GOD EXPOSE!!!! ON THE BETTY AND BARNEY HILL CASE ...and wait for it ... yes . it is coming ... Kalvin Karlton Korff is JUMPING AROUND ON SCREEN waving a fucking GUN!! I guess his WET DREAM of being a SECRET AGENT ARMED WITH REAL GUNS (and not his usual Paint Guns) has finally been realized! Well okay .. it IS A FUCKING MOVIE (I guess that is what you call it) but God HELP US ... Jabba the HUT has a GUN!! I bet after you watch the following trailer you can imagine he goes home to his hovel at night and must "beat off" while he watches this on his stolen Apple computer! Way to GO Tubby!! Way to Fucking Go ....

Yes Gang ... prepare for it ... THE KRAZY IS COMING BACK AND ON THE MARCH!