Monday, February 8, 2016

A Focus on Fraud

The Korffing Headworks is blowing up by the hour with new information. Keep making claims and spouting lies Kalvin, we will never stop until you do... maybe.

A huge shout-out to Korffer Andre for locating these images of Kalvin with his co-workers at the Daily Post India, not his his new job at the Daily World (India).

Notice Kalvin looks to be unnoticed, ignored... off to the side and dressed like a real slob. I ask you, who dresses like this for an office job? Kalvin "The Teenage Slob" Korff, that's who. Your wife must be so proud to see you waddle off to work dressed like this and worse, to see you dressed like this on the web and in print. Kalvin doesn't care, it's all about Kalvin, his wife's distress is of no importance to Kalvin. Shameful.

These images we're cropped out of two full page articles found on the web. We only present the images that have Korff in them. Many more images were presented; employees laughing and clowning a round, work friends getting along and actually enjoying each others company. Korff wasn't in any of those images.

Next; the WAG tells us Kalvin posted this article on his Faceook wall on 02/08/16:

Then WAG sent us this article, the truth about the one Kalvin posted, read it very closely and we think you'll see the truth she was talking to:

More Korffing images sent in by Korffers....

Is Kalvin Korff a thief, you bet.


Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

I missed this new Korff material, been out of town. Nice bathroom shot Korffie! Here's what his FB Friends think of his "look"...

Response in the last 5 hours:

13 people like this.


Karthik Kumar: And not use an iPad's c***py camera?? tongue emoticon

Marta Zahradkova: So funny. Nice Kal you are in shape!

Michelle Bell: lol Looks good to me!

Alan Dickerson: Wow, Kal, you look so strong!!

The Accredited Journalist said...

Ha, ha, ha! Korff Klown, napped by the coppers while riding a scooter! Ha, ha, ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Andre fellow is pure Korffing Gold!

Anonymous said...

Korff seems to be a humorless asshole.

Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

Kal Korff, trolling for some "I'm sorry" love.

Ignorant prick.

Buy one, get one free. Korff, you know that all to well, Fat Boy.

Kal Korff: I call it a tank top, got it on sale here in India, was a whopping $2.50, so I picked up three. I have this habit of buying things in groups when they're like buy two get one free.

Maybe I have been away from the USA too long, but what's with the "wife beating" comment? I don't get it, sorry for not understanding.

Anonymous said...

One can only presume that he told his co-workers his white trash slob camouflage t-shirt is lefover from his Super Duper Services uniform rather than just some unwashed laundry that was lying on the floor next to his cot back in the hovel.

Anonymous said...

At least he isn't on those television specials anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great looking group of people until you see the fucking idiot dressed in camouflage. You can tell a lot from those photos such as Colonel Pork Ass has no friends and is only at this little get together because they had to invite Kal. What a sorry sack of shit. Where was his Indian princess during this party?

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

E-mails, you mean like those death threats you've never shared... and even if you do, you're so far down the rabbit hole, no one could or should ever believe any "documents" you release.

It's already been proven and it's a matter of public record:

You lie
You fabricate documents

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I must apologize for being lazy and not posting here some of the most recent 53 or so articles I wrote in January, I have been swamped of course. Here are a few of them, chosen at random, some from February, hope you like them. As usual, comments always welcome. THANKS again for your support, I will also get caught up on the many emails you have been sending me.

Anonymous said...

Kal's fake school is even using fake pictures!
Check out

This appears to be a REAL school.
Do the pictures look familiar?

You can't hide Korff.

Keap Calm and Korff On!

Anonymous said...

Facebook Update.

Kal posted his recent article about Valentines day and how it is different in other parts of the world.

No mention of his lovely wife. Only reference to a past girlfriend in Prague.

There never was a wife (or kid) was there Kal?

Korf On!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Korffing. New thread blasting off ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy D said...

Stellar Korffing - absolutely stellar:

"Kal's fake school is even using fake pictures!
Check out"

Our Facebook moles must be sure to confront him about those photos. And keep confronting him, until he responds.

Anonymous said...

Tub a shit won't respond. He is full of shit, he knows he is full of shit and his only hope is he can bullshit everyone else. Except .. he can't. Any normal human being in his place would run and hide themselves away. This loony moron is just too dense to accept the obvious ... he is busted. He has been busted for years .. but the definition of insanity is at play here ... doing the same fucking thing OVER AND OVER and expecting a different result.

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

The Syndicate has been researching Korff's "school" web site and this new site

Not only do they share the same "student" photos but they share much, much more.

Some of the text, what there is, is very much the same.

And most of this new web sites links are dead, just like Korff's.

What is different is the FaceBook page attached to this school; it is used very often, as any social part of any real school would be.

Soon we will post a thread highlighting the obvious similarities between these web sits and... wait for it, more web sites that we've found in this area of India.

Think school mill, like a puppy mills but with a focus on children.

Same As Above said...

What is different is the FaceBook page attached to this school; it is used very often, as any social part of any real school would be.

Sorry, I couldn't get it to load just now from the FB icon on the start page but then again am not signed in to FB on this browser. If that's required to view the page it is hardly public.

Anonymous said...

You can't get to it from that link, I double checked the address and this seems to be the page. They done't have a twitter as best as we can tell...:

Anonymous said...

As the research continues we've noticed that it is like a puppy mill, there are hindreds of schools like Korff's and this new one, that aren't listed anywhere. It seems that kalvin stumbled upon an unregulated situation, allowing him to get involved with yet another scam that; will cost him very little money and and give him another opportunity to humbly brag:

Neither Korff's of this new school show up on this and every other web site we've tried, and there are many more sites we could check, instead, we sent out a few e-mails looking for help to; track this down and to hopefully get some in-country educators interested enough to look into Korff's newest scam.

Anonymous said...

WAG checks in regarding Korff's Valentine's Day "article" already mentioned in this thread.

Yes, I find it interesting that Korff took down his married status on FaceBook, he hangs around with models and beauty queens and now he writes an article on D Day and worse, or better, he doesn't mention his wife on FaceBook, at all, ever.

I went to Korff's Global media Giant's web site and I found that I cannot access any Korff related material on the site using the search block. Korff's, Kal Korner material comes up, in fact, that's the only way to get it that material, but nothing else comes up. Zero.

When you go to the epaper section you will find a Korff artcle if you manually look for them.

Interestingly, Korff (or Manish forced him to) uses his School Headmaster, Jobba the Hutt photo. Manish isn't playing the game that Korff plays on every social media web site he uses, using the 15 year old Photoshopped photo.

The larger question is this; if you take the name Kal Korff, add the tile of one of his current articles and do a search, rarely (if ever) do the results point to his Global media Giant's web site.

Good for us, not so good for Korff and his inflated ego.

Jimmy D said...

Trained by Kalvin, no doubt:

Who needs nanobots?

Anonymous said...

Valor Thief and Internet Stalker, Kal K. Korff.