Monday, February 15, 2016

"I'll Eat My Hat... you ever tell the truth."


Anonymous said...

I took a look at the totals regarding the Kal Israel Mind Cemetery show.

It's over 400 views now. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff lied about Don Ecker? Oh my, I am shocked! Korff a liar? Korff a Colonel in S3? Korff invented Hypercard? Korff with an IQ of 219? Korff married an Indian Princess? Korff sucked Steve Jobs johnson? Do you see where I am heading?

Korff is a 350 pound fucking Idiot and Moron! Korff is a guy (he is a guy isn't he?) that if he told me the Sun rose in the morning and the Moon comes out at night ... I would have to go outside to look. Korff has the same problem with truth that vampires have with the Sun ... they can't stand the sight of it!

Korff, Fuck You, you asshole. Fuck You ..

Anonymous said...

Kalvin lied... Count on it. Sun up, sun down.

WAG said...

WAG Update

Korff might be wondering why people can't find his new bio...

Check the spelling of the URL:

Kal Korff, Accredited Journalist and an IT Expert.... hiding his "articles" from the world.

niedermeyer said...

gee wow, another four minute Youtube video with people talking at a cafe while cradling their iphones as ominous copy paste stock music thunders pointlessly. sign me up for that fucking bullshit

Anonymous said...

"Kal has been an Analyst, Broadcaster, Commentator and Investigative Journalist on or for such popular TV networks as ABC, CNN, Discovery Channel, FOX, History Channel, MSNBC, NBC, National Geographic and has appeared on countless radio shows and in the newspapers, including [...] Facebook and countless others."

Kal appeared on Facebook??? So did a billion other people. LMFAO! This bio is the biggest pile of bullshit. I'll pick it completely apart when I have more time. Kal is missing liar, thief, predator, identity thief, and asshole from his bio. Quite a fantasy life Kal has created for himself.

Anonymous said...

This movie must be a scam where Korff suckered some investors so he could continue preying off others instead of being a man and actually working his way through the world.

Anonymous said...

WAG Checks In

You might be wondering what's been going on, why no updates?

Korff's been very quiet. He checks in on FaceBook once every few days with nothing much to say.

It's a Korff vacation, but I will monitor Kalvin and we all wait...

Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

Kal Korff: I had a headache yesterday, which was unusual. Normally I don't get them. Realizing I had no aspirin, I went to the pharmacy here and they charged me 13.7 CENTS for 30 tablets! It was Nine Indian Rupees. I hate inflation!

Anonymous said...

Well Tubby, have you ever considered going on a Slim Fast diet? Those last number of photographs of you are really showing off your lard and grease. BTW, what kind of diet are you on in India? Usually one does not see many over-weight Indians in pictures ... so like what are you scarfing down fat boy?

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

If you really wanna know what's going on in the head of Kalvin Karlton Korff, look here.

Korff, commenting on a news article; Muslim cleric ‘says Cologne sex attacks were VICTIMS’ fault because they wore perfume’

Kal Korff: What always bothers me about these nut job comments is how the always "blame the woman" when no one "forces" men to behave badly with women. Instead, men CHOOSE to do so.

If a woman wears a short miniskirt, it is still THE MAN'S FAULT if he CHOOSES not to control himself.

I see this stupidity here in India among Stone Age conservative types, who "blame the woman" if she dresses "modern" and of course I have seen it in bad incarnations of Islam. It is not religion specific, it is a sexist, stupid way to think, period, even if one is an atheist.

Kal Korff: Many people, especially men it seems (just look at all the violence and wars they start!) never like to take responsibility for their own actions. Cause and effect, simple physics, too often ignored.

Anonymous said...

"It is not religion specific"

Really, if you're following the path as laid out by your "good book", or your belief of what the book is telling you to do, your acts aren't based on religion.


What a fuck nut.

Jimmy D said...

"...they charged me 13.7 CENTS for 30 tablets..."
--- yeah, but Karlton, for a man earning peanuts and living in a slum whose streets are paved with shit, 13.7 cents is a lot of money!

Anonymous said...

The average wage in India, 2009, $295 per month. Even if it's gone up to $500 a month. Think about that, think about what it costs you where you live, now replace your monthly income with $500. Now add in the fecal matter and the public urination, those smells, that grime and dirt.

Was is worth it Kalvin; moving to India to reach your goal of being an accredited journalist, a goal you could never reach in the USA.

Kalvin Korff, "I could have made it there!"

Really, show me a single "article" that you "wrote" (even since the CZ) that got picked up and PRINTED (not a link on a website, what the hell, show us a link) anywhere in the USA?

Anywhere Kalvin.