Sunday, April 17, 2016

"I'm Going To Block You For Being A Dick..."

We throw 2 thumbs way, Way, WAY up to the work of the Korffing Syndicate. Kalvin Karlton Korff pokes his nose into another Facebook group and those members start posting our material to highlight Kalvin's lunatic behavior.

In response, Kalvin lashes out, "AD HOMINEN!!!" "My KRITICS!!!" "ACCREDITED!!!" "BEST SELLING!!! "I WILL DEBATE YOU!!!" "I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE!!!" "BULLSHIT!!!".


Anonymous said...

I read this whole thing. I notice all Korff does is he responded to the images and he tells these people that he couldn't have the "career" that he has if any of this was true.

Really, come back to the USA and get a job at ANY media outlet, Korff.

Your "career" is based on location, not talent.

In any case, here we have a 54 year old man-child still balls deep in his decades old keyboard pounding cry for respect and attention.

I am humbled and honored to have helped the Syndicate put this lying lunatic in his place for the rest of his life and for the lifetime of the Korff name.

How's the sticky end of the stick taste Kalvin....


Kal Israel said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Full fat cream milk motherfucker AND food poisoning!!!

Kal Korff: Frigging INSANE! I WOULD NEVER PAY this much for one cup of coffee. In India, I get Nestle's for TWO CENTS PER CUP, including FULL FAT CREAM milk!

Raj Shekar Reddi: You're buying Nescafe and not Indian coffee? Actually it's probably hard to find Indian coffee on your location and sadly quality control isn't great (which is why Starbucks stopped carrying Indian coffees).

Kal Korff: I love Starbucks, try to have some when I can get it, but up north in Punjab alas there is none. This is because Starbucks doesn't franchise, they told me and won't expand more until Modi changes the laws. Apple said the same thing and Modi has revised the laws so now Apple will finally open REAL stores they own here, instead of these second rate knock-offs.

Yes, real Nescafe, I don't dare try brands I do not know. A couple of weeks back i had the worst food poisoning to date since living in India, it was some chowmein I ate and I will never go to that place again. Was very painful.

Anonymous said...


I checked in on the FaceBook group and looks like Kalvin got banned.

Anonymous said...

Banned from UFO Updates. Banned from the Czech Republic. Banned on yet another Facebook group. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA All of those posts, including the stuff from the satire Korff account, is PURE COMEDY GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does it feel to have your ass handed to you over and over Kal? HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA! But the problem here is this Kal: you're too fucked up to realize how big of a laughing stock you are. Kal is the ass end of jokes in all sort of circles. Even the UFO people are laughing at Kal AND banning his stupid ass. HHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Shit in one hand Kal and put your life achievements in the other. Yep. You've got a hand full of shit.

Anonymous said...

The reason Kal has NEVER posted the video of his alleged Patterson film recreation is simple - it looked like a 9 year old kid filmed it. Kal knows this video kills his lame and horrid analysis and Kal is good at lying and suppressing information and facts. He's done it his whole life. What Kal used to terrorize people and try to discredit them has become his worst enemy - the Internet. It has become too easy to look deeper into the lives of people and their claims. Kal was great at making shit up for years because he knew at the time nobody could look into it easily and he counted on that. But now Kal has been thoroughly and righteously exposed for the fraud he is. Kal has been exposed so deeply that he had to flee America and look to prey upon others in unsuspecting nations. Once he thoroughly burned all bridges in the Czech Republic, he was quick to leap over to India and try to recreate himself by leaving all the ufo and top secret agent bull behind. But of course and as we all know Kal just can't help but to let his nutty take over and return to his old habits no matter how much damage he does to himself or those around him. Kal only looks out for Kal and fuck everyone else is his philosophy. Well Kal, fuck you and I'm glad to see this blog has been your downfall and is alerting people to you and your predation.

Sherman Carson said...

This is because Starbucks doesn't franchise, they told me and won't expand more until Modi changes the laws.

Ahh the access to privileged inside information obsession. Just like casually feeding tips from sources at the state department, law enforcement, political organizations, or whatever else he needs to feel like a big man In The Know whenever encountering pet subjects. Yes, I am sure Starbucks' Indian regional director took time out of their busy schedule to explain the practices of his business to an unemployed former flying saucer and Bigfoot fanatic residing in India under dubious circumstances.


Anonymous said...

"including the stuff from the satire Korff account"

Right on the money.

Korffing gold right there.

Anonymous said...

WAG FACEBook Update

Doesn't look like he was banned. I logged on with another account and I saw his posts were still there... sad too say.

Example of the post(s):

April 15

Kal Korff: If Gimlin had any ethics or morals or CARED about the TRUTH, he would admit his role in this hoax and move on. Instead, he will likely go to his grave being what he has been ever since he helped fake the film - a liar and a fraud.

Anonymous said...

it is too bad that kal korff kannot report on kurrent events in india with the same passion with which he posts to facebook about bigfoot and ufo's -- entertainment topics that only a 12 year old would koncern themselves with for very long.

it also takes an asshole of the supreme kind to brag about how many newspaper articles they have had "published" to people who likely are not journalists, or even just wannabe journalist poseurs who need to be put in there place.

to a real writer working a story is just work, like flipping burgers or pumping gas. to kal korff it is a "humbling honor".

Anonymous said...

The creep is creeping up on 600 days of no book or series of books. It's so cool that you guys left this counter up here. 600 days liar.

Anonymous said...

Yea on the last remarks here. Lard Ass Kalvin tanked on his book or series of books, the two ton moron tanked on his laughable "radio show", he tanked on leading the fight against Islamic terrorists and UFO frauds, now the tubby little troll is tanking on his "movie." What a load of bollocks and bullshit he is. Hey tubby, get the idea yet that you are simply full of shit? If not, then flubber man, you are more dense than I even gave you credit for.

Anonymous said...

What the fat ass would like to be able to do ...

Ha! Maybe he will go "transgender!"

Anonymous said...

Kal"s real title.
Internationally Accredited Masterbative Jerkoffulist...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the new people posting here. Great to see some heat on the blog.

Korff On

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

I took notice of this on Kalvin's locked down FB page:

Executive Producer at Daily World and President and CEO at,

Way doesn't Korff just take the Directors chair, he's directing a movie, right.

And, President CEO at 2 dead web sites... Really?

bf2006 said...

I would love to see the video evidence he claims to have of Bob Gimlin chasing him because Bob was talking to a young lady. Bob talks to everybody, man or woman. I know Bob, and he is a true gentleman and friendly, but do not rile him up. I don't think that footage of Korff being chased exists (he is the only one claiming it happened). Where are the witnesses, Kal? Do you have written testimony from anyone claiming to have seen him chasing you? I am of the considered opinion that the subject of that film is a real Sasquatch because of Bob and his testimony on the film, as well as the work of Bill Munns. I will be seeing Bob in a few weeks in Ohio at the annual Bigfoot Conference, and I always enjoy seeing him. He is one of the most honest individuals I know. Korff and Bob Heironimus are FOS. Heironimus cannot even remember how to get to the filmsite and changes his stories so often as to the origin of the suit and his alleged role in the filming that it is hard to take him seriously or give him any credibility. Bob Gimlin has been consistent for nearly 50 years and is a true cowboy. I do not feel he is lying about what he saw or experienced. Keep up the good work, guys.

Anonymous said...

Interesting material, thanks. Ask Bob G. if he has any info he'll share with you regarding Kalvin and report back if you don't mind.

I was thinking the other day... I was an okay sports guy back in High School. I won some medals, ribbons and a couple trophy's. Where are they? I'm not at all sure, maybe in a box in the attic, maybe my Mom has them.

My point... Would I gather up and bring with me my sports news clippings and those various ribbons with me if I move to another country? No, they don't mean enough to me anymore. Too many years have passed, that was me then, this is me now.

Korff, on the other hand, is the same person still.

I LUV KAL said...

I am sure I can come up with a convincing theory on why Korff would hang on to his various ribbons and etc. he may have achieved when he was a youngster .. even taking them to the Cz. and now India. What else in this life has Korff actually done? Well granted he did write a couple of so-so books, much of them being plagiarized from other authors. He was a phone tech at Apple, worked as a security guard, spoke on TV a few times and then ... bupkus. He may or may not have been married but if so .. at some point the unlucky lady or ladies gave this asshole the boot. Suddenly, for a number of years he became a "secret agent" and went on the internet to BRAG about it. Sure, just like a real secret agent. This is when his real KRAZY showed its ugly head. Then he became an acredited journalist ... and is honored and humbled when some bit of tripe is published on the web. You know, just like a real journalist. What in hell else does he have but his ribbons and 8th grade report and papers saved in his scrap book? There you have what is a life wasted, a buffoon still trying to stay relevant for his "Facebook Fans" while the rest of us know what a major joke our boy Kalvin truly is.

Sad in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff in his own words:

Anonymous said...