Monday, April 4, 2016

Lies, evasiveness, distortion, smearing and video tape

In September 2015 Kal Korff made the following remark:

"What I do know is that barring something unforeseen, this [his upcoming docudrama about the Hill case] should beat the other production to market.” I’m not quite sure to what other production he was referring, but this production surely has beaten his production to market. I’m still waiting for the second sneak preview which would be out in about a week as he had announced on February 21.

When I addressed this issue in an early March discussion, he weaseled his way out of it by saying:

“Preview will be coming soon, date not set yet, and we have filmed scenes for the longer Director’s Cut or Special Edition, which will be likely one hour longer …”

Most of you, probably, have already seen the 1st preview which was hilarious. This segment below at about 4:19

corresponds with the segment below at about 0:52 

which is from Kal Korff’s upcoming Hill movie, but I have been asking myself what this segment has got to do at all with the Betty and Barney Hill case, except for the fact that it is perhaps nifty publicity for the organizer of these beauty pageants who also happens to be the producer of Kal Korff’s movie starring Kal Big Ego Korff and two Indian models.

Korff recently decided to ban me on social media after he clearly realized that he was unable to factually address my solid and structured relevant observations I had repeatedly brought up in our frequent lengthy discussions on social media which first started late last May.

My relevant observations even using his own words were always countered by him with his usual lies, evasiveness, distortion and smearing. The fact that he has blocked me seems to show the actions of a very irritated and mean individual in defeat unable to factually disprove my very relevant observations.

This situation reminds me of email discussions with a Belgian UFO debunker several years ago, who continuously made all kinds of irrelevant and baseless remarks which I was able to rebut each time relevantly and factually (= realistically), in the end he sent me an email informing me he didn't like discussing with me anymore and asked me to remove him from my (Belgian) list which I did without hesitation and without losing any sleep over it. He was just pretending that he knew it all, but when one looked closer at his theoretical statements they simply vanished into thin air.

Kind regards,

Korffer André


Anonymous said...

And look here, Korff's Global Media Giant has jumped into the mix to help Korff promote his super model contest tie in to the movie scam:

25 models to participate in Creative Miss India event in Chandigarh

I wonder if Manish knows about this....

I watched to whole video looking for Obese Korff, isn't there. Then I looked for any man in the crowd as fat as Korff, none there, then I noticed that Korff's iPod song ended at 1:47, over the next 5 minutes, no sound; no music, no audio of the lady's talking, nothing but silence.

Good job Korff.

The failure kontinues.

Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

As of this date, April 08, 2016, the Tub of Shit Kalvin Karlton Korff is 580 and one half days PAST DUE on the release of his book or series of books. The Lying Liar hasn't even mentioned them in well over a year ... PLUS. Where is the book or series of books oh great rotund one? Where are the books? Where is your super duper movie Cecil B DeMille Korff? Where is that fucking trailor?

How do we know when the Lard ASS lies? His fat face moves, the belly rumbles and he FARTS and the lies come rolling out.

Hey Kalvin .. GO FUCK YOURSELF you disgusting fat troll ... Go Fuck Yourself!!!

I LUV KAL said...

Ah, I think he HAS to fuck himself. Who, or what else would fuck him?