Sunday, October 9, 2016

For Once, Korff Speaks The Truth, You Don't Matter


Anonymous said...

Didn't Kalvin say sometime ago that he would come back to the US if called to run for public office? Well clown ass, here's your chance.

Oh look, I found it on the Korffing Web Site:

Claim #100: 2008 - Kal Korff, "I would come back to America if I was called into public service."

Korff said this in one of those God awful McConnell appearances.


"Hi everyone. Me me me me me me me me me. Me me me. Me me me, me me me me, me ME me me, ME. Me me me me me me, pay attention TO ME, me, me me me me me. Me me me me, ME ME ME, me, me me me me me me me. Pay attention to me. I am important, what I post on Fakebook is more important than what others post, and me me me me me me me me me me ME ME me me me ME me me ME. ME ME ME me me me me, pay attention to ME. Me."

October 19 1973 said...

Kalvin responding to this blog. First he shaves. Then he tries to counter the "no advertising" observation with an embedded YouTube playback ad -- which "DIPFUCK" (combination of dipshit and fucktard) is not the same as someone buying advertising time or space from Daily World. DW makes nothing off YT embed ads. Duhh retard much, Kal?

BUT, and I cannot believe nobody has pointed this out before -- and just wait for it to change -- NONE, not one, meaning none of them, none of Kal Korff's DW TV kontent has the DW logo watermarked in them. All of the other video sniplets presumably taken from other India based video creators (with or without their permission? would enjoy knowing how that appropriation works) have a DW watermark roughly in the upper right quadrant of their picture.

Kal Korff's videos are not watermarked with the DW logo. A further attribute to set them apart from what appear to be legit Indian news agency video clips that make up the vast bulk of DW's 1200+ video uploads. No watermarking and only Kal Korff in front of an obviously fake digital background made to help him look more important than just some slob sitting by an ordinary desk in an ordinary room.

It is all a farce of some sort or another. New suggestion: Do a background check on this Manish idiot, see what kind of past he had. Any arrest records or mugshots, allegations of fraud or other indications of a less than honorable character. He and Korff found each other for a reason and it wasn't just that they both love chicken tiki masala.

niedermeyer said...

lol a whole nine views on that latest DW newscap!! with an ultra serious (and therefore ultra hilarious!) Kal Korff. that's three a day! such internet traffic should be recognized by an award or something. how about bragging about being up for a youtube award, Kal? tell them 9 views really means 900,000 and that the prime minister called to thank you or some other fucking idiotic lunacy that only a complete idiot would think anyone might believe

i love love love it when Kal tries to be all serious! go kal.

Anonymous said...


The People of India said...

Dear Kal Korff,

While we thank you for your interest nobody asked you to "champion our cause", and quite frankly we would prefer for you to stay out of our affairs with our international neighbors. Stick to your flying saucers, assassination conspiracies and that Bigfoot thing if you must; We are not interested, but know how to be polite as hosts. Especially to someone who has invested so much in the local fast food and home delivery take-out industry of the prefecture in which you have been made welcome.

We in return welcome your attempts, hollow as they are, to learn something about our culture, our people, and especially their food. But please, do not try to pass yourself off as some sort of empowered expert with an ability to do much more than order a double serving of kebab dal palak with rice and read about things on Drudge Report while over eating.

And please especially Mr. Korff, please leave our young women alone. They are being polite with you. Nothing more.

Yours truly,

The People of India

Anonymous said...

and read about things on Drudge Report while over eating.

Anonymous said...

Life is like bodybuilding, Kal, you get what you put into it. Kal, you clearly have put nothing but cowardice, hate, delusion, narcissism, hypocrisy, lies, contempt, lunacy, sexism, and a few thousand Big Macs into your life. You reap what you sow. Kal, you're a fat loser with no future. Pose for any more shower pictures, Kal? Creep.