Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oh Now They Didn't!!!!!!!


I LUV KAL said...

That photograph of tubby Korff in the new thread is just .. PRICELESS! He looks (because we all know he really is) a petulant little bitch .. just about ready to pitch a real HISSY FIT!

The little bitches movie? Oh sure .. that is happening! Just another broken promise in his Hit Parade of Years Long Broken Promises! Thanks lard ass for keeping my faith that at least in some things, they never really change!

Anonymous said...

Too much great info on this blog! Wonder how Kal likes a taste of his own medicine with the exception that the blog doesn't make up shit like Kal did for years about the people he viciously attacked out of spite and jealousy. Kal should open wide because I'm sure there is way more coming! LMFAO

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff -- A Petulant little Piss Ant for sure. The little "man" that is and was .. unable to EVER GROW up and be a Man. Still living in Pretend Land ... where he will probably die .. in Pretend Land.

Anonymous said...

Dropping by here from time to time, I am amused by the "countdown" clock on the front page. Of course Korff never mentions it or his book, or series of books, his radio or his TV show, his movie, nothing. Today as I jot this note down it is almost 777 days past due on all that dreck! Nothing, nada, no mas ... just Korff drifting through life. Like to poster said above, Korff is living in pretend land going thru life singing "la la la la" and hoping that nobody notices was a complete and total failure he is.

I was around back in his (Korff) heyday when he screamed, ranted and raved about all kinds of stuff (mostly his special secret services fantasy) and his feuds with a number of guys mostly because they called this raging lunatic out. Oh Korff, how the "mighty" have fallen, right? Like how Korff, with his raging futility against the police in Oregon after his brother was shot by police. Boy Korff, you sure managed to totally foul that up. I suppose this fool is too dense to ever grasp any of this ... but we all know that fool comes here often to read the comments. Hey, great job to all you "Korffers." Great job!!

Anonymous said...

"Hey, great job to all you "Korffers." Great job!!"

Thanks you very much,

Korffing Syndicate