Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm Kalvin Karlton Korff... bitch's!


Anonymous said...

Kal claims to have all this military and Krav Maga training and it is so fucking obvious he does not know how to hold a gun or deliver a strike. LMFAO Kal's a complete fucking amateur in everything he does except being a despicable low life loser. Just like every promise Kal has made about tv shows and books and movies and the rest of it this movie will never see the light of day much like his tiny dick. Fuck you Kal.

Anonymous said...

That bloated glob of shit Kal K. Korff thinks he has an answer for everything. What really pisses me off is Kal criticizing countries as being ill prepared when it come so to terrorist attacks. The only thing I see Kal doing is sitting on his fat ass flapping his big mouth. Kal doesn't shit about stopping terrorists. Fuck you Kal. People get killed and he acts like he knows just what to do. This coming from a cunt who can't even keep to his own schedule of publishing books. Shut your mouth Kal you valor stealing twat. Your mother should have had an abortion.

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Anonymous said...

Who would have thought young Kal K. Korff would have grown up to be such a loser? Everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin, you tub of shit .. still HIDING OUT in India, huh? Still HIDING OUT behind your closed down Fakebook wall, huh? You really are a fucking waste of actual dogshit, aren't ya? An over-bloated tub of pork rinds and grease, farting out periodic bursts of more bullshit .. and you STILL THINK ANYBODY TAKES ANYTHING YOU SAY .. SERIOUSLY? My God, you are one fucking delusional FAT FUCK, ain't you? You are MENTAL you fucking Blubber-butt ... Fucking Mental ......

Anonymous said...

oh noes you covered up the FAKE EYEGLASSES korff wore for the interview to try and make himself look more intu-lektual but got called out for by people who knew kal doesn't wear glasses and was doing it as a front

Anonymous said...

If one word perfectly describes Kal it is FAILURE.

Anonymous said...

Kal is on today about some article he wrote about a terror attack where he does the usual criticizing everyone he possibly can. Let's look at what the self proclaimed "colonel" has been doing about terrorism. NOTHING. Kal has never been a colonel or any other rank in any military or para military organization. He has never had "international jurisdiction" over anything. Kal is a meager computer guy with big delusions who crashed hard. Kal is not a spy or anti-terrorism specialist of any kind. Kal is a LIAR and DELUSIONAL LITTLE PRICK who has done NOTHING but serve himself and his illusions about being some sort of journalist. Kal IS NOT an "accredited journalist" as there is no such thing. The only thing Kal is an expert on is KFC and junk food.

Anonymous said...

Kal is back through Facebook and it is the only medium he can get some kind of response to his rantings because nobody gives a shit about his sub par column in some little newspaper.

"I'm so glad the newspapers and media entities I have worked for over the years have never asked me to write about or report on 'deep' subjects like this!" Kal on a report about Obama's jeans. That article is deeper than anything Kal could ever fathom writing

"Well now, CNN it seems has some 17 MILLION FAKE 'followers' on Twitter. Obviously they're a network people can TRUST, right? This number is higher than Obama and Hillary and Trump's fake followers." It takes a fake to know one Kal that's why you're so good at it because you're more fake than anything out there you lying twat.

"What logical connection are you making between the integrity of journalists who work for CNN and the number of "fake followers" on CNN's Twitter account? Are you assuming that any person or organization with "fake followers" cannot accurately report the news? If so, what is the basis for your assumption?" A comment by someone calling Kal out on his train wreck thinking.

"Berlin is certainly a great party city, do is Prague, Budapest, Z├╝ruch, so many great places in Europe. This was too much however..." Kal on the firing of hundreds of G20 officers for having public sex and wild parties. Come on now Kal you're just jealous because you've been in Prague and you had to pay for the street whores you fucked

"I'm so sick of the bad soap opera known as the Democrats. As I have been saying for years, they still don't know what they want to be when they grow up and would lose a contest if they were its only competitors." Kal going off again about politics. Read that very very carefully Kal and you'll see it really is you describing yourself you worthless loser.

"Serves Google right. I wish the fine were greater and Google put on punitive probation." Kal on Google being fined billions by the EU. Of course we know if it were Apple that Kal would drop to his knees and imagine himself sucking the dick of Steve Jobs and swallowing.

"Yikes!" Kal posting an article about a 20 pound crab being seized by custom agents. Kal had 20 pounds of crabs once. Okay maybe 50 times.

"I just did an updated Twitter audit for Barack Obama, turns out that of some 58,448,276 followers are REAL and 30,922,276 are FAKE. Go Democrats! For Trump, 21,141,190 are REAL and 11,629,795 are fake. For Hillary Clinton, 10,670,444 REAL and 5,495,895 FAKE." We all know Kal stole these numbers from somewhere else and didn't confirm it. Speaking of audits when are we going to see that audit on the Roswell book Kal promised us?

"I'm glad they're resurerecting this!" Kal talking about Trollpikken which resembles a giant penis. I'm sure Kal has a gallon of vaseline lube on his list when he visits Trollpikken.

"This hero deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. He saved lives, the west has the best snipers. This sniper shit an Islamic State terrorist from a distance of OVER TWO MILES!" Kal spouting about a Canadian sniper. Kal clearly knows nothing about the Nobel Peace Prize.The real men and women fighting terrorism worldwide shit on fuckface assholes like you Kal.

"Here you go Microsoft fans!" Kal posting an article critical of Microsoft while sucking the plastic dick on his Steve Jobs sexdoll. Does Kal realize Apple makes it products in China and that country has abhorrent human rights? Fuck you Kal you shallow knob job.

Anonymous said...

"This hero deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. He saved lives, the west has the best snipers. This sniper shit an Islamic State terrorist from a distance of OVER TWO MILES!"

korff yet again demonstrating a grave misunderstanding about how even simple things work -- or trying to be "funny" and coming off as an insufferable jerk trying to push buttons with people who don't care what he thinks. about anything. because they know he is a misfit simpleton who cannot hold a real job down in a real job market.

let alone one which requires genuine intellectual capacity. the ability to type words and the ability to write are different. kal korff may be a lot of things but he's no writer.