Friday, June 2, 2017

1000 Days of Failure and Lies


I Luv Kal said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! The sweaty Pig/Human hybrid .. is officially ONE THOUSAND DAYS PAST DUE!! Shocked I tell ya, I am SHOCKED!!!!

happy red mogul balloon! :D said...

... Lying to people on Facebook for attention and praise. the proven ways of a loser, and oh how those lies will always catch up .....

DON'T THEY KAL??? you're a FAILURE! you fail at everything you try. everything! the only attention you get is from either people you have conned or people who know you conned or tried to con them, know you are mentally handicapped and feel sorry for you.

whats it like to get by on pity? well you won't find any here, which is why you hate us. we know who & what you are.


Anonymous said...

1000 days past due and another to add in a long long long list of failures. Kal is a predatory vulture who seeks to take advantage of those he feels are weaker than himself. This is a what a chickenshit like Kal does because he knows he is a weak little man with no future. Kal will keep taking your inner rage out on politics and the world and living vicariously through Facebook and thinking his praise of Apple will somehow get him back in their good graces. Kal isn't qualified to be a janitor for Apple. Loser.

Anonymous said...

is he lecturing all four of his friends about terror attacks tonight. feeding on an outrage like a leech to chat big shot chat on social media. trying to bullshit about having "access to intel" due to his cherished status as a self-accredited "journalist". "i've seen the intel" blah blah blah, oh I feel so bloated

Anonymous said...

Kal on facebook flapping his trap and criticizing world leaders again. And what has Kal done about any of it? Nothing but pretend to be involved and steal valor from the true warriors fighting terrorism. If Kal ever had dinner with the troops then they'd all beat him senseless. Wait. Is it possible to beat Kal senseless? Nah.

"On a more positive note, I took my Mom today (who is visiting India) to see the new movie Wonder Woman." Kal really means to say that his mommy took him to movies and paid for everything including buckets of KFC for fat ass to shovel into his hole. Funny how we never see pictures of these supposed visits. So Kal if your mommy is visiting I hope you aren't illegally using Daily World's money to pay for it without permission or listing it as some sort of expense with them. That would get you fired.

"May is desperate and incompetent. Yes, make it harder to access porno, that's REALLY going to help the U.K. in fighting against terrorism, isn't it?" Kal criticizing Prime Minister Theresa May. This lady has done with more with her life than Kal could ever have hoped to achieve. Kal is skipping around from country to country looking for the next sucker to con and here's Prime Minister May dealing with terrorism in her country. What has Kal done to help the war on terror? Nothing. Further showing how out of touch Kal is he of all people should know the current lingo is porn and not porno. I hope Kal doesn;t worry too much because if the UK regulates internet stuff it won;t have any affect on Kal viewing kiddie porn.

"AirTel SUCKS! India's Internet 'services' are a joke, they don't give you consistent throughput and rip everyone off. Vent over." Again Kal is so out of touch with current terminology that this is called a "rant" not "vent". Is Kal really as fucking stupid as he appears? Yep. And Kal is an expert of ripping people off.

"Fascinating, please read." Kal posting about a story on mummies while pretending he is Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Just stop Kal. You aren't smart on any level and continue showing your ignorance to all 3 of your facebook followers.

Anonymous said...

Kal looks like someone shit inside a sausage then raped it.

Anonymous said...

"To put the scale of earnings for Hollywood vs Bollywood movies into perspective, the just released Wonder Woman has taken in some $220 MILLION over the first weekend of its opening. Compare that to the largest Bollywood movie, which has earned roughly HALF that so far and it has been out awhile. Wonder Woman will easily join the BILLION dollar plus club, no Bollywood movie has made even close to this. They're just not of much interest outside India compared to Hollywood movies." Kal on Facebook blowing Hollywood's horn yet he's decried Hollywood for being too liberal. Why would you be stupid enough to insult a foreign country you live in? Kal isn't very smart at all because if he were he'd understand that Bollywood movies do not enjoy the wide releases most American films do and he'd understand the currency exchange rate. Duh. And Wonder Woman likely will not hit a billion. Kal is just repeating what he read somewhere hoping it happens so can say how right he was.

"The DumboCrats just keep getting dumber, don't they?" Looks like Kal found some common ground.

Kal posts a video of SNL roasting liberals. We roast your dumb fat ass all the time Kal. How about sharing that on Facebook? We know Kal would never have the courage to do that.

Anonymous said...

WWDC is happening and guess who isn't there? Kal Korff. Why? You see, Kal thought he could con the great minds at Claris, a subsidiary of Apple and talked his way onto a big project. But as with all things Kal touches it turned to complete shit when the rest of the team figured out Kal had no clue what he was doing or talking about. Once Kal figured out he wasn't going to be able to bullshit his way through it, he got desperate to get out of the shituation he created and told people he had a terminal brain tumor and left. Kal never recovered from that fateful day. No, Kal didn't have a brain tumor. He lied to try and save face butt it was far too late for that. Kal took his big shot and tripped on his own shit again.

So here we are on WWDC and Kal, instead of being among the tech elite of Apple, is forced to be a lowly spectator watching from his tiny and crammed flat in a country where shit and piss run through the streets. If Kal wasn't such a tiny, depraved, narcissistic wind bag, he might have been able to achieve something great in life. Instead Kal chose to lead the life of a liar, thief, and con man. I wonder if Kal's vibrator is shaped like an Apple with Steve Jobs written on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's going to be a long hot summer Kal and I think ithe temperature is about to be turned up on you.

Anonymous said...

Loving the the helpful Facebook material. Thx!

Anonymous said...

So this is how the "great" Kal K. Korff winds up? A lonely single man scraping together a living in a poverty and slave driven caste society while he helplessly looks on as what little of his life he has left drifts into a bunch of meaningless Facebook posts and arguments that nobody really pays attention to aside from one or two curious foreigners and the few friends Kal might have who all are unaware of the lies and delusional fantasy life Kal lives. Still likely begging his mommy for money when he's in a bind and likely still sucking off her tits like an infant, so to speak. What sort of mother allows her 50ish year old son to carry on like that? My mother would've slapped me and set me straight. Nobody in my family would ever disgrace the family with such lunatic rumblings and antics. I'm sure Kal is just waiting for mommy to pass on so he get his hands on some inheritance. What a slimy twat Kal is and shame on mommy for enabling him. Then again perhaps she's just as crazy as he is.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Top of the world ma! Or at least on top of a rubber sex doll. Way to Kal you fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

Word: Kalories

The massive intake of fast food calories ingested until you turn yourself into a fat, bloated, useless, inept windbag.

Anonymous said...

Kal was going nuts with political shit on his facebook page today. I'm sure he jerked off during the Comey hearing.

"Early signs apparently indicate the election in the UK is too close to call. It could end up with a hung parliament. Now that Comey has testified and the "smoking guns" did not materialise Trump's opponents had implied or hoped would, I hope the media covers the UK election as they should, since it is extremely important." Kal needs to learn how to spell and he needs to stop repeating shit he read elsewhere as though he had some osrt of original insight into the politics of a country he knows nothing about.

"Still more fake news exposed. Notice how these news entities ABC and CNN just blindly repeat fake news." Unlike Kal at least ABC and CNN had to dignity to admit they were wrong. Speaking of fake news let's not forget how many fake and misleading articles Kal has written and you can see the next posts for links to some of them.

"Deal with reality Trump haters. Stop being deniers. Even Chris Matthews has now abandoned you." Kal hot on the trail of US politics via reading other stories not written by him. It must be nice to criticize your own country after fleeing it. I wonder if India has a current visa for Kal or if he's in that country illegally.

"Has anyone noticed that Comey wrote his memos while working, which means they are NOT his property but that of the FBI's. yet he hasn't turned them over yet it seems. Hmmmm" Uh Kal he did turn them over and had them filed with the FBI and sent it to associates of his. Try getting your facts straight for once you imbecile Kal.

"Trump haters will ignore this fact. CNN, WaPo and NYT all busted for fake news stories." And nobody can count how many times a low grade fake journalist like Kal has been caught lying and misleading people with his bogus stories.

"MORE FAKE NEWS by CNN. Busted! You know, those 'reliable' anonymous sources once again." You mean sources like Kal's imaginary Special Secret Services, $25mil Saudi sugar daddy, 500 book deal, "accreditied" journalist" and MORE FAKE NEWS BY KAL K. KORFF #kalkorff #kalkkorff #fakenews #kalisanidiot

"Comey admitted that Trump never asked him or anyone else to stop his investigation, said he wouldn't go so far as to say it, and admitted that he was the leak of his memos to the press. Notice some committee members did not distinguish between the use of the word HOPE versus a direct order. As I said, another circus." Kal misleading people again with his juvenile understanding of politics.

"Those who bitched about what Melanie Trump wears, predictably are silent when it comes to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama wearing equally overpriced clothing. Hypocrites. The difference is Obama and Clinton pretend not to be rich, while Trump doesn't hide it." Kal is the biggest hypocrite around.

"REMEMBER, folks, when Trump haters blasted Trump for claiming that the FBI Director had told him three times that he was NOT under investigation? Comey has JUST CONFIRMED that he did indeed tell Trump THREE TIMES that he was not under investigation. Bozos!" How many times did Kal jerk off to this? A lot probably.

"This was so predictable, as I said earlier, and Trump haters won't learn a damn thing from this, when they should. Shame on them. It's not about Trump, it's about the principle here!
Washington Post gets busted with fake news AGAIN!" Spare us your fake eithics and principles Kal you lying twat. You're a thief and liar.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at some FAKE NEWS by Kal. I bet Kal wishes he could make this to go away.

"50,000 Letters from You!" Kal never received 50,000 letters from readers.

"JUSTICE! He’s NOT Guilty" Kal bent this story and MISLED readers by saying his brother was found not guilty. Not true! His brother was convicted of felony assault and sent to prison! Hypocrite Kal writing to suit his own agenda which he tries to blast other for doing.

"Human Machine Fusion" Kal writes about nanotechnology but fails to mention his claims of using it to fight terrorism and we all know that was a LIE from the start!

"We Did It: Online and Real" Kal claimed he had a "reality-based TV show" but we all know what a FAILURE and JOKE that was.

"Tips for Public Speaking" Don;t be like Kal and PRETEND to give a lecture to an empty room and pretend you are somehow important. Kal lectured ina room by himself several times. LOSER!

"Know Your Cholesterol?" OK this is something Kal knows about considering how big his fat ass is.

And do not forget about the Expats message board EXPOSING Kal's ineptitude as a writer and English teacher from 10 YEARS AGO!! This is MUST READ!!

I could not find the story Kal scribbled claiming he found evidence of WMD in Iraq. Yes that fat sack of lying shit Kal K. Korff actually claimed he found the evidence first hand even though he has NEVER been to Iraq. LOL

"There will also be bread, and of course desert. Desert will be a surprise, but yes, it will contain chocolate. After all, I am a humanitarian." Kal doesn;t know the difference between desert and dessert just like he doesn't know the difference between principle and principal.

"5,000 articles" More FAKE NEWS and LIES from Kal K. Korff who claims he has written over 5,000 articles!!!! LOL Poor dumb conniving Kal just keeps LYING.

Anonymous said...


"There will also be bread, and of course desert. Desert will be a surprise, but yes, it will contain chocolate. After all, I am a humanitarian."

No you ripped off a humanitarian. Stole his trust in others.