Sunday, July 30, 2017

Kalvin, drinking his own kool-aid...

The Korffing Syndicate did it's research on this claim. We've proven that Kalvin Karlton Korff lied about this claim.

LINK to proof: LIAR

Mr. Petrocelli responds.
Dear Kal Israel,

I am not familiar with the person below.
Dan Petrocelli


Anonymous said...

Kal's own statement shows he is grossly ignorant when it comes to the law and legal proceedings. O.J. was not convicted. Let's get that straight first. O.J. had a judgement entered against him. Big difference and one Kal clearly has grasp of. You CANNOT be CONVICTED in a CIVIL TRIAL. Kal was NEVER an expert witness in the civil or criminal trial,of O.J. This is an ESTABLISHED FACT. Kal's name does not appear on any witness list and people directly involved in the case have NEVER heard of Kal who is LYING and trying to ride the MURDERS of 2 people for his own selfish need to try to be someone important which Kal never will be. Kal is a bottom feeding scumbag.

Anonymous said...

"This should be illegal but our politicians were bought off by lobbyists years ago." Kal on Facebook talking about the poor conditions chickens are raised in. Come on Kal, you aren't fooling anyone because we all know this will never stop your fat ass from buying two or three KFC buckets and stuffing them in your big fucking mouth. said...
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