Sunday, July 9, 2017

Not Fake News!


Anonymous said...

Korff's latest "movie" preview video on his Secret Wars channel has 397 views in 3 weeks.

At this rate it'll only take 13 years for this new video to reach the claimed 100,000 views Kalvin's original "movie" preview video... didn't get.

I like this "movie" preview much better!

By the way, why does this video open in the snow, in a green screen cabin? The Barney and Betty case took place on September 19–20, 1961, 56 years ago. I only state this fact because Kalvin's "actress" claims that the movie will be released to coincide with the anniversary of the case. And, Kalvin's "actress" also "takes no shit". Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

why is the video posted to a (failed) kal korff scam channel and not to the trendy fashionable Creativorssss channel where all the girls are

niedermeyer said...

the new evidence he brags about is kalvin's 8th grade book report in the plaid covered binder from the drug store, handwritten.

i would pay good money to have seen the look on the Creativorsss and Daily World pigeons he'd roosted when they finally got to see kal's class book from 1978 with its hand-written "evidence" that they'd hinged this "movie" project on.

he is a delusional psychotic. best advice to anyone is to stay clear of his radar lest ye end up stalked

Jimmy_D said...

How is the Noble World School scam playing out, Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

You are vermin, Korff.

Anonymous said...

"I am not a fan of "Professional" wrestling, because it is fake and scripted." Kal was on about pro wrestling and The Rock possibly running for president. Kal's entire life is fake and scripted. At least The Rock isn't a fat slob and a complete loser like Kal. Kal only wishes he were 1% what The Rock is! Kal wouldn't amount to a peanut chunk in The Rock's shit.

"Wonderful memory, thanks to Jasmine Bains for being my guest on the launch of the TV show." Kal celebrating the 1 year mark since he recorded a miserable failure he tries to call a tv program. Kal Israel's you tube video got more hits than anything Kal has ever put out there. I wonder if Jasmine knows about Kal K. Korff's past? Maybe she needs to be told.

"Butt of course! This is because GENUINE REFORM by the Democrats is something they refuse to do. May their stupid ways continue to sink their own ship." Just like Kal K. Korff sunk his own ship over and over and over with his stupidity and frail little ego? Oh Kal is so desperate to be something or a part of something meaningful but he's too fucking stupid to realize it will never happen and his life is an act of futility.

Poor dumb desperate Kal will never get it.

Anonymous said...

Look at this pure comedy gold I found while searching for Kal on the Internet

Fucking Idiot said...

"Wonderful memory, thanks to Jasmine Bains for being my guest on the launch of the TV show."

which lasted six "episodes", one of which was deleted and never replaced leaving five episodes. wow. now there is a fucking accomplishment to be proud of. bragging about hosting a "tv show" that is really just a video uploaded to you tube. kal korff was only able to squeeze six installments out of his FAT STUPID HEAD before he gave up, because it was too hard. and the girls never answer his message requests anymore, because they realized he was a creep and told each other to avoid korff. who has now been cut off from the daily world you tube channel and has to use his own to post the same fucking stupid bogus made up batch of lies that he had given up on a year ago.

because its too hard. because Kal is stupid and has no actual talent vision drive or creative ability to do anything other than rant like the psychotic loser he is about kevin randle or royce meyers, the Indians have hopefully gotten a clue and realized that Korff is a liability to anyone who associates with him


Anonymous said...

"Chicago has the highest murder rate in the USA, for years now. " Kal posted this in a comment on his Facebook page. Kal is WRONG AGAIN. East St. Louis, Illinois has the highest murder rate in United States. Chicago isn't even in the top 10. Kal is believing the hype of politicians instead of actually doing a fact check. Kal once again proving how DUMB he is.