Wednesday, August 23, 2017

McCunttell Opens Wide and Swallows...

McCunttell Opens Wide and Swallows...

Korff Raj kalls Kalvin out!


Kal Israel said...

Korff mentions that he hasn't been involved with the Noble World School in a few years. The school started in 2014.

So Korff got bored and left in its first year. The FaceBook page does show Korff posts, in 2014, it's Friend total has not changed since that time. Their template web site shows zero use since 2014 and every page of the site has been hacked and infected with Buy cheap Viagra online ad's.

Now that's education.

Do we believe that a school was set up and Korff was part of it? Yes we do. Do we know for a fact that Korff reneged on his endless promises of promotion, financial deals and free products from Apple and others... yes we do.

Another example; Korff promised McCunttell XZone branded Apple devices, McCunttell even started to take orders for the promised devices... they never arrived.

As always, a little bit of reality mixed together with lie upon lie upon lie.

Anonymous said...

A new thread already? Okay, in that case it is time for ... A FUCKING HISTORY LESSON!!

One thing that seems to never change is how Korff is and remains a total fucking moron. This has been the case and has been documented now for many, many years. For you newer Korffers ( Korffer= those who follow and document the antics of Korff ) if interested you will finds so much information on the antics, lies, delusions and the huffing and puffing of this very sad little fat man ... on the web. So much that after a bit of wading thru much of it, you will want to take a break and then a very hot shower.

Korff has been discussed ad nauseum (sp? .. who gives a shit?) all across the web from the James Randi foundation to the web site Above Top Secret. Here is an easy one and I put it up here because I have been a long time Korffer and recalling what a disgusting little fat troll he is ... I simply just LOVE TO HELP SHOVE "IT" UP HIS ASS!

And rest assured .. this is not even the tip of the iceberg etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Squonkamatic....

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:46 AM

One of the main interests in what we call "Korffing" is our alarm at how Kal K. Korff time and again infuses himself into an issue of the day and trivializes it as a way to promote himself. The discussions cease being about UFOs or Bigfoot or JFK or O.J. Simpson or counter-terrorism or technological frontiers, and instead become discussions about Kal K. Korff. Instead of debating the merits of ET visitations, we end up discussion the so called credentials of Kal K. Korff. Instead of discussion the possibility of a cryptozoological explanation for Bigfoot, we end up discussing the methods of Kal K. Korff. Instead of discussing the seriousness of worthy subjects like the JFK assassination, we instead end up discussing Kal K. Korff's claims or assertations about himself. It trivializes what could be profound subjects relating to the human condition and makes the focus of everyone's attention on Kal K. Korff himself. The UFOs and Bigfoot and forensic data cease being important, and what becomes important instead is trying to root out the truth on trivial statistical data about someone who has no discernable connections to those subjects beyond how he can use them to aggrandize himself.

He also goes about this self aggrandizement via character assassination rather than actual research or formulating hypotheses on his own which might contribute to the discussion: Instead of revealing further information about the O.J. Simpson murders, the claim of involvement becomes away for Kal K. Korff to promote himself at the expense of anyone who might publicly challenge his claim. Instead of pursuing a useful debate about various Roswell claims, he uses the opportunity to attack and discredit other researchers, to the point of giving himself the rank of a Colonel so that he has a moral authority over someone with a legitimate rank of a Major. It's childish, infantile, and trivializes not only the subject matter but the reputations of those who may have previously been involved with the discussion.

If this is what paranormal interest studies is reduced to then we might as well give up on it right now and let individuals like Kal K. Korff dictate what the human condition is supposed to be about, including our values systems on the different mysteries that add some spice to our otherwise dull communal existence. I reject such a conclusion and am offended by Kal K. Korff's single minded fixation on trivializing any and all subjects of inquiry into the mysteries of existence into platforms to promote himself, especially at the expense of the reputations those who arrive at conclusions that are at odds with whatever pet theory Kal K. Korff would rather us arrive at. Character assassination does not equal useful debate, and repeating the claims of others just to dismiss them does not equal valid research. He is also either completely delusional or a liar of such proportions that it is impossible to discern when he is putting on the world to pursue one of his charades and when he may be actually relating the truth of the matter.

But then again this is exactly the kind of attention that Kal K. Korff craves: the shifting of emphasis away from the phenomenon in question to a discussion about Kal K. Korff. In the end the only person who benefits from any of it ends up being Kal K. Korff, whatever the discussion maybe inevitably ends up being hijacked and trivialized. I don't know about anyone else but to me the subject of whether ETs have visited us or not is a far more interesting subject than whether or not Kal K. Korff is a Colonel or a computer pioneer or the Atom Bomb Kid. The problem is that if he has his way that's all we will discuss, and it sickens me to see such a single minded pursuit of self-interest to the expense of all other concerns. Whatever the subject it always ends up being about Kal K. Korff, and the rest of us just end up getting in the way of his "making history all over again."

Steve N. aka Squonkamatic

Anonymous said...

Kal 'The Weasel' Korff and Rob 'I Bruise Easily' McConnell have teamed up again? LMFAO I cannot stop laughing at this. Those two deserve each other and Rob must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for guests or new content if he brought The Weasel back on board. LOL This will be a wash/rinse/repeat with Kal spouting on about books he will never publish while Rob sucks his dick on air. It will only be a matter of time before Kal goes off the fucking deep end again diving face first into a pile of his own mental shit and loses it. Kal is craving attention and needs it so badly he does not care how he gets it. Raj sees right through this bullshit and I loved reading Kal panic and try to redirect it to a LOOK WHAT I'VE DONE/WHAT HAVE YOU DONE online game of dick measuring and the only problem is that when Kal whips out his pecker there's no question everyone in the world has him beat. Kal got owned by this Raj cat and he knows it. Let me get this straight. Kal claims to have sold businesses he developed and to have all these paid investigations done and books right? Then why the fuck did he have to steal a bunch of shit in Prague that led to him having to run out of town? The guy is a fucking delusional twat sore.How in the fuck is it that his facebook pals other than Raj do not see how fucking looney toones Kal really is?? Someone should tell Kal scribbling on toilet paper while playing in a pile of your own shit doesn't equate to publishing a book. LMFAO x1,000,000,000

Anonymous said...

Hey Kal, ever had to kiss Art Bell's ass again after the night he made you apologize to him in front of a worldwide radio audience of millions of listeners because you LIED about information you claimed to have on Art and that you verified this info? Remember that? A guy doing a late night radio show from a manufactured home in the desert verbally spanked your fat ass in front of millions and humiliated you. Well you really humiliated yourself when your battleship mouth wrote checks your tug boat couldn't cash. I can imagine how fucking angry you must have been after that phone call that night. You probably screamed until you could no longer speak then curled up into a ball in the corner of a room and wept while you kept whispering over again 'why?' 'why?' 'why?' haha You're a lifelong LOSER Kal. How is it a guy smoking in a trailer made you bow? Genius IQ my ass you lying maggot. go shove some more junk food up your twat hole.