Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What the fuck is wrong with Art Levine?

Levine kontinues to ask Kalvin for his input, etc. ues Art, we know you did an article on Kalvin decades ago ( LINK ) but really... are you still willing to "work" with a proven liar and fraud like Kalvin... I guess you are.

If you haven't seen it, Kalvin did a very, Very, VERY long Skype "interview" with Levine a while back. LINK

BTW, Kalvin never responded to Levine's FaceBook post, at least in public.


Anonymous said...

A 2 hour and 42 minute interview... you gotta be fucking kidding me.

Korff, you're a fucking lunatic!

Keep it up buddy, we're loving the new promises and claims and lies.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Here we go Korffer's... 20 books, 20 books!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

20 books!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Kalvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raj Reddi: What book series?

Kal Korff: The six volume series on the Big T I have been working on for years. The second volume is all about the different ideologies, how they overlap and how they are different, so that people understand why it is that these various groups think and act the way they do.

Tomorrow the video goes up showing the first wave of 10 books coming and what they're about, then it shows the next ten after that.

Raj Reddi: I thought you were referring to something you had published already.

Anonymous said...

Now Kalvin Bubble Butt is promising 20 books? Shit, I would be happy if Pig Grease would just bring ONE fucking book out. One book you fucking moron .. just one.

Yeah, sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Promise - Claim - Lie UPDATE

No videos posted yet. In fact, it's been over two months since any video's have been posted on Kalvin's Media Giant's YT channel:

This was posted a few days ago:

Anonymous said...

Ehh ... i'd almost hazard to guess that Levine's questions about mental health policies to escaped nutcase Korff are loaded. seems to almost be baiting Korff to lecture everyone on the enforcement of mental health treatment -- which is surely one of the many reasons why Korff FLED his home country to live as some wandering disheveled Fakebook using vagabond. fitfully clutching at his plaid covered drug store essay booklet from 1976 with his hand scrawled babble talk teetering as close to the edge of hysteria as a 14 year old obnoxious know it all friendless misfit can get.

to anyone with observation skills Korff is a classic manic obsessive living a fantasy life just based on what he chooses to post to Fakebook. rantings of a madman whom few dare to call out for fear of pushing Korff completely over the edge. while he was a dick for doing the 3 hour marathon interview i'd be very surprised to learn that Levine is not already fully aware that Korff is certifiable and living on the run from something related to refusing court mandated mental health evaluations or treatment. the sad part is that for some that's probably one of the things that makes Korff so entertaining to keep on as a Fakebook buddy. Just for the entertainment factor.

sad to know that all of those people are just using poor dumb fucked up psycho idiot Kal and that he mistakes it for affection. the fucking IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow the video goes up showing the first wave of 10 books coming and what they're about, then it shows the next ten after that.

If it doesn't happen it's a delusion. It apparently DIDN'T happen, so that's being delusional, Kal. You can't claim you are debuting 20 books unless you have the 20 books ready. If you don't have them ready you are either being delusional OR, lying.

See, Kal? You're trapped. Catch 22. Kobayashi Maru situation only it's real and it's about you. No way to win. While others would insist that you know you are lying your fat ugly wart covered fucking worthless pock marked face off, I give you the benefit of the motherfucking doubt by going with the conclusion that you are exhibiting typical Kal Korff delusions. And delusional thinking is an indication of mental instability if not outright mental illness. You are fucked up and need help. Until you seek it out at your own behest your life will continue to be the miserable embarrassing mess it has been since at least 1997. Your family is ashamed of you and you have embarrassed everybody who has ever been personally linked to you.

Sorry. ASSHOLE. Come and sue me motherfucker. I dare you.

Jimmy D said...

Kalvin's "Noble World" school website appears to have been turned into an ad site for online Viagra orders:

Anonymous said...

Nah, you need to clean your computer a little. The template site is still there...

Anonymous said...

Kalvin finally took down his "extra" education from his FaceBook.... All it says now is:

Studied Science Information Technology at Various
Past: John F. Kennedy High School (Fremont)

This is as truthful as he'll ever get.

Anonymous said...

BUTT, it's still there in another place... lying prick....

Class of 1981 · Science Information Technology · Worlds End Creek, South Australia, Australia
I finished high school in three years, but stayed a fourth year to graduate with my friends and people I knew.

Hey Kalvin, many (if not most students in the '70's) had enough (or very close to enough) credits to graduate a year early. Many (if not most) students worked a real job everyday during their Senior year. That's the way it was set up. You didn't "stay" you didn't have enough credits to graduate, so you "stayed", filling your time with a few extra credit classes and then you graduated in your 4th year. This is a proven fact. Stop lying.

Anonymous said...

WAG Update

No video, no book, no updates from the Bulbous One.

Anonymous said...

"The main reason I do not use Microsoft products is because as a rule, they suck. I'm not the only one who feels this way, countless millions do. Consumer Reports now refuses to recommend their loser Surface tablet because at least 25% of those who buy it, complain." The main reason Kal doesn't use Microsoft is that he'd rather jerk off while fantasizing about sucking off Steve Jobs then swallowing with a smile. It is clear that Art Levine does not know about Kal's special secret service delusions or his manic activities and lies. There is no book series just like there wasn't before and just like there never will be.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Art Levine, you might want to have a little talk with Kal K. Korff about mental issues because it is pretty clear Kal is in dire need of serious help where his mental health is concerned. Hopefully Art Levine reads this blog and gets a clue about how delusional Kal really is.

Anonymous said...

The Syndicate reached out to Levine numerous times. He has signed off on Kalvin's lunatic behavior.

Anonymous said...

Kal going off about people complaining about the Surface Pro. I guess Kal didn't realize that Conusmer Reports piece was about Surface Pros from two to three years ago. Way to go again Kal you ace idiot.

Anonymous said...

August 8 at 11:34pm

Kal Korff: Tomorrow the video goes up showing the first wave of 10 books coming and what they're about, then it shows the next ten after that.

August 11

Nothing, nada, not a fucking thing posted, no updates, no fucking nothing.

Damn this guy's such a liar.

Anonymous said...

Where was the mighty Kernal Korff and his special secret services when this went down in his own backyard? I thought Kal had the answer to all the problems in the world?