Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Little Kalvin Korff with Penis in Hand... and in McCunttell's mouth.


Anonymous said...

Kal's claim of having written 10,000 articles is 100% bullshit. He just can't afford a new keyboard. Kal could prove me wrong by posting a list of the articles he claims to have authored but we all know that will never because you can't prove something that doesn;t exist. Over 10 years even if you wrote an article a day that's just over a third of 10,000. LOL Kal must think people are really fucking stupid to believe his nonsense. I hope Kal knows articles don't include letters to penthouse about his frequent masturbation.

As for women it is clear Kal is a misogynist who displays his immaturity with those ridiculous photos while trying to be funny. Here are a few examples of Kal and his misogyny



And don't forget the shower photos Kal "Anthony Weiner JR" Korff sent to a girl. Clearly Kal has no real understanding of women short of his fumbling and embarrassing attempts at sex.

Anonymous said...

Kal: "Consumption of cow based beef in the USA is now on the down-swing." WRONG again. LOL Kal appears to not know what the word research means. I'll show Kal what it means to do research and I don't call myself an accredited journalist. LMFAO Kal must REALLY be this STUPID.

Beef is back on the grill and its sales are heating up, too

'Beef Will Always Be King.' Americans Are Set to Eat More Meat in 2018 Than Ever Before

This is why Kal has to go live in another country because there's no way he'd ever get hired as a journalist here with such SHODDY and INCORRECT work. There are 8th graders that do better research and writing than Kal. It really is EMBARRASSING to read Kal's poor work.

Anonymous said...

Stop lying Kal. Microsoft has never had a PR company, they've always had an in house PR department you lying twat. Microsoft wouldn't waste its time on a bottom feeder writing for a fifth rate rag. By the way, Kal, if Microsoft is so terrible how is it Windows is the most widely used platform?

Here's your bullshit post, Kal, you lying sack of shit "Ah the memories....After this review was published, the PR company for Microsoft contacted me and wanted a meeting. We met at the newspaper offices. I asked if there was anything wrong in the review, they admitted that no, I was right. I then asked WHY we were having this discussion? Their answer was they wanted to see if there was a way to do an event together. I told them that the only possibility I saw was to do one that was of interest ONLY to Windows phone nuts, of which were there wren't very many. I then pointed out the fact that at Elante Mall in Chandigarh India, the Microsoft Store is the only one which never has any customers! It's been closed now for a long time, Microsoft terminated their Windows Phone, WASTED BILLIONS buying parts of Nokia and fired thousands of workers. The PR company was great, Microsoft, however, sucks!"

Professional journalist? That last sentence is an atrocious wreck. I guess that's what you get with a high school level journalist without any sort of advanced degree. Kal, your Facebook post only proves what a delusional narcissist you are. Microsoft would never waste its time or resources on a nobody like you, Kal. LOL

Anonymous said...

10,000/365=27.39. That is an article a day for over 27 years. I think not.

Anonymous said...

So let’s see. If I look carefully at this keyboard that wrote 10,000 articles I see that the letters ertioasdcnh are either completely missing or partially missing.
Just what words could Kal be repeating using these letters that would cause the letters to rub off?
A little inspection reveals a few choice words.

Tina cheats satire
Nosh eats nacho tacos diners
Hate hatred treason racist tirades
Erotica scrota randiest hedonic incest
Tarnished atoner antihero
Recants redactions

Very revealing.

Korff on!

Anonymous said...

Kal, please learn how to write. It is painful to read your amateur writing. More painful is how obvious it is you regurgitate what you've read elsewhere, you know, plagiarism. You have zero in the originality department, Kal.

Anonymous said...

San Jose Mercury News
January 23, 1994
JEFF GOTTLIEB, Mercury News Staff Writer

Kal Korff aims to solve some of the world's great enigmas such as Kennedy's assassination, Noah's boat ride and UFO appearances.

Palo Alto computer nerd Kal Korff appeared on Larry King's television
show in November to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President John
F. Kennedy. He's developed software that allows you to test your very own
conspiracy theory and fire at the president's motorcade.

The JFK assassination is the least of the mysteries Korff says his
organization, Total Research, plans to solve. Try UFOs, the Loch Ness
monster and the truth about Exodus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah's Ark,
Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin for starters.

There are limits, though. "We will not investigate Elvis sightings,"
Korff said. "We are not lunatics."

Clearly, though, Kal Korff is different from other tech heads who come
home or work to play computer games or watch reruns of "Star Trek."
Korff, a college dropout whose job is solving customer software problems at
Apple's Claris Corp. software subsidiary in Santa Clara, says he has spent
$100,000 of his own money in the past five or six years to finance his quests
for "The Truth." And he has big plans -- for books, videos and computer
software documenting the results.

Total Research describes itself as a think tank composed of "a select
group of scientists, technical experts, historians, philosophers and
theologians who use their skills to help solve challenging problems, the results of
which have positive benefits for humankind."

A gathering of Nobel Prize winners it isn't. Among its members are a
director of videos for local rock groups, a self-trained historian who
sells real estate in Sonora, a manager of rock groups, a special effects
expert and a graphic artist. About half are people Korff said he met through
his UFO research.

''I'm out there to find the truth," Korff repeats over and over like a
mantra, pointing to the evolution of his views of the JFK murder from
conspiracy to the work of a lone nut.

But that's a tall order when investigating mysteries quite literally of
biblical proportions: Does the the Shroud of Turin show the image of
Jesus? Exactly where and when did the Exodus take place? And did Noah really
take that boat ride?

Anonymous said...

Second half of article:

Korff, 31, says he seeks only the truth, wherever the truth may lead.

But the head of his group's archaeology and history division, Brad
Sparks, who has written a 600-page manuscript on the Exodus,
describes himself as "a conservative evangelical Christian" who believes in a literal
interpretation of the Bible and is scientific assistant to the president of the
fundamentalist Christian Research Institute in Orange County.

It might follow that he would have a particular slant when trying to
prove or disprove parts of the Bible. Korff doesn't think so. "The fact is this man has found stuff no one
else has," said Korff.

Sparks said Korff has the same religious views as his, but "it's not a
label he wants to advertise."

Korff said he is a Christian but rejects further labels.

Experts asked about Korff and company's biblical research said many of
his facts were wrong and found some of his statements to be downright

Take his plan to ask the Vatican to allow him to test the Shroud of

''That's like saying, 'I'll have breakfast with the president. I'll
call him at 10,' " said Brent Walters, an instructor of western religion at San
Jose State University.

But Korff shrugs off the experts' criticism, saying they are biased.
Almost all thinkers who are ahead of their time suffer ridicule or worse,
Korff explains.

He forges ahead with his myriad schemes, hatching plans to help the
homeless, advance animal rights and rebuild Solomon's temple in

Korff's quest for truth started when he became interested in flying
saucers at age 11. While still in high school, he lectured and wrote a book on
the subject.

His interest in flying saucers has stayed with him. Although he says he
is neither a debunker nor a believer, his search for the truth about UFOs
gives a glimpse into the fervor of his efforts.

He remains obsessed with a Swiss UFO group centered around a one-armed
farmer who claims beings from a far-off planet visit him and take him
back in time and into the future.

In 1991, Korff let his brown hair grow, adopted a pseudonym and
infiltrated the Billy Meier UFO group at its Swiss headquarters while toting a
hidden video camera. He says a video of his expose will be released soon.

Korff's greatest talent may be his ability to garner publicity. He
talked his way onto Larry King's CNN show in November, at a time when a score
of JFK assassination buffs who had written books were dying for the

Korff says King told him during a commercial break that he wanted to
bring him back for a one-hour, one-man special on the JFK assassination. He
also was hoping King would write the introduction to his assassination book.

King's publicist asked the talk show host about those plans. "He's not
aware of this at all," she said.

Anonymous said...

This is a gold mine of Kommie Kal info https://www.theparacast.com/forum/threads/kal-korff-the-san-jose-mercury-news.890/

Anonymous said...

Microsoft sent their PR people to talk to Kal??? Bwahahaha! Why would anyone do that over an article that was already published? They wouldn't. Another Kal K. Korff lie. You would think Kal's editor would fact check Kal, but they only do that at real news outlets.

Anonymous said...

Remember Michaela Kocis, Kal? You scum bag, Kal, you conned her too and tried to ruin her life. Martina Tycova ring a bell? You sack of shit, Kal. I wonder how many people you victimized that we don't know about.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how long it will be before he blows his cool and hits someone again? He even admits that he wanted to KILL his ex-wife's lawyer in their divorce. That would be his divorce from actress Kim Basinger. He has hinted he wants to enter politics. Go ABC, you #MeToo "supporter" you!" Kommie Kal posting about Alec Baldwin. Some wonder how long it will be before Komrade Kal loses his shit again and goes full on delusional. Maybe Kal will fraudulently impersonate an attorney again. Maybe he'll pretend to be a colonel or spy. Kal pretending to be a journalist is nothing new. Kal threatened to ruin people's lives. The only hypocrite here is cowardly Kal K. Korff again.

I LUV KAL said...

Well fellow Korffers, just a shout out to all you wonderful folks that have kept this blog going now for FREAKING TEN YEARS keeping that lard assed lunatic Kal K Korff in CHECK! For 10 years we have followed Korff, examined Korff and detailed Korff's much reduced lunacy. 10 years KaLVIN Butt Head, 10 years. You wanted famous and we gave it to you, You FUCKING MORON ..

Anonymous said...

YES! 10 years on and this blog is still Korffing, doing the good fight, doing God work.

Fuck you Korff

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kalvin Loves FKC and the grease... and his stubble little dick... I think you know where I'm going... and it ain't pleasant.

Kal Korff: Jon Perr I haven't followed it, the WC, but your mention of it reminds me of something I saw years ago in Prague when I lived there.

The USA was in the event, and in the center of Old Town Square in Prague they had these large LCD type flat screens and each time there were matches people from those countries would gather round and drink beers and eat and cheer their favorite teams.

So I left the pub I was in, because it had no TV, and walked out to the center and I heard in the distance chants of "USA, USA, USA!," so I followed the sound and in a few mins ran across a bunch of our fellow Americans who were cheering for America.

What surprised me however was this: Many of them, were wearing KFC buckets on tp of their heads as some sort of helmet!

Now picture this: imagine you have bought a large bucket of KFC. Then you take that bucket (I presume after eating the chicken) and you put it upside down OVER YOUR HEAD, but you cut out two holes for your eyes and one for your nose and another for your mouth. Then you wear this thing and chant USA while drinking delicious CZECH beer!

That's what I saw. I felt embarrassed but also amused to see this. No other people from any other countries had done this. Instead they wore jerseys, carried flags or whatever, but no fast food iconic "representation."

There were also American flags but people around the USA group just smiled and were surprised to see the KFC costumed supporters!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. Once again I am honored to report that I have a full page Special in today's issue of Daily World newspaper. As a longtime journalist and columnist, it's always an honor to have such lengthy pieces published. This one is about Vladimir Putin's latest speech where he boasted about his new nuclear weapons. It separates facts from fiction. Hope you like it, as usual your comments are welcome. This piece is blunt, as usual, and minces no words.

Anonymous said...

A guy pretending to be a ranking official in a nonexistent spy agency he created in his head and he can somehow separate fact from fiction? LMFAO Kal has specialized in fictional bullshit for YEARS! Kal needs to get a new tagline instad of using the same tiring shit he's been using. You know the crap he ALWAYS says such as "minces no words", "blunt", "I'm honored and humbled", "literally" and so on. Kal's play on words are a joke and amateur drivel at best. "Butt, of course", "Dumbocrats" blah blah blah blah

Kal must really believe his own media if he thinks he is being clever. The guy writes like a 7th grader and has no real style or originality. What's even more hilarious is the fact that Kal checks this blog regularly and then posts of Facebook in retaliation to what has been posted here. It just isn't going to get any better for Kal.

A sad little man stuck living in a different country because he's too much of a pussy to be in his own country to face reality. It really is great that Kal K. Korff was exposed on this blog and he was forced to create a new fictional life in India. This blog put Kal on notice that his bullshit would not stand. So just where are the special secret services now? LMAO

Anonymous said...

Get fucked Kal! Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera: How It Beats The iPhone X LMAO And how the fuck is it that Apple

Here's a few more for you Kal.

Apple employees at $5B glass spaceship campus are walking into walls

House of pane: Apple was warned of glass danger

Apple Park: Transcript of 911 calls about injuries from walking into glass

These fucking geniuses couldn't figure this out when they spent billions?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kalvin's in the states....

Here's what he posted on FB:

Kal Korff: Happiness is when you FINALLY get to have a REAL American made Burger King Triple Whopper sandwich made from COW BEEF, when in India they’d throw your ass in JAIL for doing this!

Responding to a friend remarking about the size of the burger....

It’s a one off. I’m at the gym tomorrow, seriously. I agree normally it’s too much. I always used to have when I last had one in Abu Dhabi just a double, enjoyed it because in India mutton Whoppers suck and Chicken Whoppers ain’t REAL Whoppers!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Kal not respond to someone asking where he is. Kal K. Korff is a low life cowardly fuck.