Tuesday, March 20, 2018

McCunttell & Korff - Choking the Chicken

Posted by a man-child who lies about his education... his high school education....

The high school graduate speaks....


Anonymous said...

Democrats Are 3 Times More Likely to Unfriend You on Social Media, Survey Says

Kal Korff: This is TRUE based on my experience trying to reason with Democrats, especially Hillary supporters. As I keep saying, those who would unfriend someone over disagreeing over politics is not REALLY a TRUE friend. I am not referring to extremists, one Democrats pro Hillary type unfriended me because I predicted Trump would win. He did win, I made the prediction and was teased about it by my colleagues at Daly World newspaper, because I understood the mood of the American people.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Donald Croft Brickner if you’re referring to me, since I support neither the Dems or Republicans and believe both parties are wholly responsible for imploding this great country, I’d say you’re wrong.

Please provide facts to support your point. I have no ego in this, if I’m wrong I’ll admit it.

Let me give you one real fact for you to consider.

I am the author of the bestselling Roswell expose book of all time. MOST Americans wrongly believe ‘aliens’ crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and the govt secretly covered it up.

My book shows it was a classified military project, ergo no aliens.

I don’t care if most Americans wrongly believe whatever about Roswell. It won’t change the facts.

Same with JFK’s assassination. MOST Americans wrongly believe that Oswald didn’t act alone.

My extensive 16 year study proves otherwise, which is why my research and myself was featured on a special anniversary episode on Kennedy’s murder on CNN’s Larry King Live.

Since that time other studies done by more qualified researchers than me, have vindicated my research.

I can defend both my views on Roswell and JFK with facts, while CONspiracy nuts behave emotionally and irrationally, the same sickness we see with rabid Hillary supporters and rabid Trump supporters who won’t even admit when they lie.

Anonymous said...

Donald doesn't like Kalvin... or so it seems.

Donald Croft Brickner: Most Americans -- the MAJORITY of Americans -- are fed up with people like you.

THAT's the real truth. Delusions don't suit you.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi Sharon, I understand your point, but I have to correct you on some things in the interests of clarity and understanding, otherwise I’d be lying to you.

I do not think for one minute that I have the golden ticket on or fir truth.

I’m human of course, I do make mistakes, yes I am a journalist, I have been blessed by having published books, even by top publishers like Random House/Dell, Prometheus Books, etc., and over 10,000 articles, I only claim to know SOME things with certainty.

Regarding Trump, I will use the example I mentioned to David Orriss Jr., which was not refuted.

Trump said that China started changing policies or doing something about being a currency manipulator after he started talking about it.

Nonsense, China started those changes years before he said anything.

Then he said again they changed after he mentioned it while campaigning. I remember Trump saying this, I covered it as a journalist. Living in India this was mocked because Indians understand more about China than Trump does, they’re neighbors and China invaded India when JFK was President and China won. China is constantly crossing India’s borders and funds Pakistan to do the same.

Then Trump said it was after he became President they stopped.

So which is it? ALL THREE CANNOT BE TRUE. Trump undercuts his own story.

So now the question becomes WHY does Trump say these things?

Does he have gremlins who tell him such lies and he’s so ignorant he can’t know better, or did NO ONE tell him and he just made this up which means he lies?

The latter is more likely.

As I mentioned to David, I’m working on a piece that analyzes most of the claimed lies by Trump according to the media. The point of the piece is to expose what you and others have pointed out, that there is a difference between being wrong or ignorant versus lying or misquoted, etc

The purpose of the piece is to separate fact from fiction and to expose bias and double standards.

I think when the piece is out even Trump supporters will like it.

Thanks for sharing your views, sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Biden says he'd beat Trump up and Kal goes off. Trump says he grabs women by the pussy and Kal says nothing. Kal's shallowness shows up loud and clear in his childish posts on Facebook. Kal rails against China but supports Apple that has its data centers and has its iPhones built in China. Kal says he is neutral in terms of rublicans vs. Democrats but he clearly is against the Democrats though he claimed he support Bernie Sanders. Kal will use Facebook but then condemns Facebook. Then there are the childish and low grade jokes having to do with sex that are on a 4th grade level.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I have a short fuse for "politically correct" anything, let alone words. Stormy Davis is a PROSTITUTE, HOOKER, paid slut, whatever you care to insert here word wise as long it's a synonym. She signed an agreement to shut up, BROKE that agreement, yet TOOK THE MONEY which implies consent. I see no reason to glorify her, give her the attention she obviously seeks, of course 60 Minutes hires Trump hater Anderson Cooper. I predict no serious, hard hitting questions from 60 Minutes on this. They hate Trump.

She broke the agreement that was made, it doesn't matter what she does for a living. My issue isn't with what she does for a living, to each their own.

But to sign a non-disclosure, then take $130,000 for it, BY CONSENT, then BREAK it, that's not right. She obviously wants attention and there's just enough media wankers to give her what she wants. She may also be after a bigger payday re Trump, who knows.

I don't blame Trump for suing her.

So again, the issue for me is not what she does for a living, I'm not judging that, it's how she handled this whole thing. She should pay the price for breaking her agreement, give the money back, etc.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Kal is a crack pot. So Trump is golden in his eyes for paying a whore hush money and that's okay? Kal's just jealous because Trump got to fuck her and Kal's stuck jerking off to Apple. Guess Trump should be accountable for breaking his vows to his wife, that's an agreement too. Trump also denied having an affair with Daniels, so that makes him a liar just like Kal. Speaking of breaking agreements, lying, stealing, and cheating I wonder if Kal ever compensated the company in Prague for those Apple products? Kal likes to come off as living black and white but only when certain shades fit his hypocritical views.

Kal is a Commie said...

He doesn't blame Trump for suing her. LMFAO Stop playing high and mighty Kal. Kal has the morals of a kiddie rapist at a day care.

I LUV KAL said...

"and cheating I wonder if Kal ever compensated the company in Prague for those Apple products? Kal likes to come off as living black and white but only when certain shades fit his hypocritical views."

No, that FAT FUCK didn't but Kal's poor mother did. This proves my point, "spare the rod, spoil the child" AND ... that is how you end up with a useless, dumb, do nothing piece of shit like our fat-assed Village Idiot. An idiot living in a shit-hole third world country where it is common to see people dropping trow and shitting in the alleys and streets! Nice going there Bubble Butt!

Anonymous said...

So Kal when will the special secret services get your dirtball felon brother out of prison? Oh wait! The answer is never because there was never such a thing. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kal on Facebook "The hosts of the View are widely regarded as hypocrites. This proves it yet again." Looks like Kal has something in common with the View then. Trump is right to be angry over his affair with a whore coming out and the fact that he paid her hush money? Is Kal really that fucking stupid??? Apparently. Kal is a republican through and through. His little charade of being neutral is complete bullshit. He is a Trump cheerleader all day every day which would be fine if he would just admit it instead of playing the logical middle ground observer. Kal is fooling nobody. I see less than 10 have listened to his drivel recordings and probably most of those are people from this blog and maybe one is his mommy. Kal certainly has a face only a batshit crazy mother could love.

Anonymous said...

Kal you stupid fat fuck. The Pentagon study was for aerial threats. It was NEVER established to prove the existence of aliens. Get your facts straight for once you ignorant fuck. And you did not move to India. You had to FLEE from prague. I listened to part of your recording and quickly shut it off since it is clear you're a fucking clown with no originality or brains.

Anonymous said...

That piece of shit kal K. Korff knows no shame! To cement his DELUSION that he was some big shot at Apple/Claris that fucker Kal K. Korff had to nerve to post on William Campbell's legacy page after William died. You fucking scum Kal!!


Anonymous said...

Fuck you Kalvin.....

Bill Campbell was a man who was a real honor to work for. He was such a special person, I will never forget him. He was a big influence on me, I became a better person getting to know him, see him do what he did best lead.

Kal Korff

May 06, 2016 | Chandigarh

Anonymous said...

In the tech world Kal K. Korff doesn't event amount to a janitor. He's a nobody who tried to be a somebody. Show me one piece of innovative tech or software with Kal's name credited.

Anonymous said...

Saw a headline that Bozo the Clown had died and expected to see an obituary about Kal.

Anonymous said...

ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karton Korff, trolling for some attention.... How much, one Like...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's a full page Special in Daily World newspaper that hopefully will help you understand the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook, the harvesting of people's information, including possibly yours. As a journalist, it is always an honor to have published a full page Special. I hope you find this to be of interest, as usual your comments are always welcome. Here's the link, the JPEG is also attached below.

Anonymous said...

What Kal really means is "Hi everyone, here's a full page special in this third rate rag that was stupid enough to hire me and never catch on that everything I write I just get from other articles and cobble them all together. You probably won;t find this of any interest but I'm begging for you to leave some comments because hardly anyone else ever does."

Anonymous said...

Kal, Jim Carrey doesn't give a shit what a slimy little maggot like you thinks. Jim Carrey has a few things you lack like talent and money. Kal, you don't amount to small shit stain on the back of Jim Carrey's toilet seat. Stop hoping your little comments will get you the attention you so desperately crave. No celebrity would waste time on a half wit like you. Everyone who really knows about you knows you are the last person on the planet to pretend to be the moral police. Cables and Simms ring a bell, Kal?

Anonymous said...

I'd write a book about Kal's lies, delusions and false claims but it be a few volumes at least. What would I call it. Soooooo many options! Kal Korff: The Lies and Times of a Coward.

Anonymous said...

I'd Kal it: A Focus On Fraud


Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Kal's little sayings he thinks are so clever are very juvenile for a grown man. Let's make a list! "Blew it with both lips." "Dumbocrats."