Saturday, June 30, 2018

McCunttell & Korff - Kalvin see's Kalvin Everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Pussy hats, everywhere pussy hats.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Macabee comes across as an OK kind of Joe. In the end he is just another paranormal interest twat trying to sell a book on flying saucers. best guess is he is one of those who might feel sorry for korff and responded to his begging for a telephone interview by mercifully agreeing to.

but when you get down to it he is just selling a book and if korff's mom buys one too, well great. so he does the interview, keeps his mouth shut about it, and writes it off to how bottom feeding often means associating with fucktards.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to all true patriots and those who have served!!

Fuck you, Kal, you valor stealing want-to-be piece of lying shit. You are a nothing garbage pile who lied about being a colonel and having dinner with our amazing troops. You are a coward and do nothing but criticize this great country. Fuck you and enjoy living in squalor the rest of your miserable underachieving life.

Anonymous said...

You have no fellow Americans Kal because you have no country you fake Jew and fake Israeli spy.

Anonymous said...

Kal on facebook "Two of my favorite photos of my bad ass cousin and Combat Engineer, David Kramer and his wife, Sondra. He did tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and is part of the reason Americans get to celebrate July 4th. We must ALWAYS honor and especially care for those who serve our country." So does your bad ass cousin know you stole valor by pretending to be a colonel? Did you tell him about the time you lied about having dinner with the troops while you were ripping off people in Prague? Or are you just paying tribute to get his attention? Tell him Kal you coward.

I LUV KAL said...

Ah, hello? Anybody here? Hey Kalvin Lard-Ass, ya around? Been meaning to ask you, you fat fuck, where is that Betty and Barney Hill documentary you were gas-bagging about? You know, the one where you were bouncing around with your fucking iPhone, shooting a "movie" with your crappy "used" (or maybe stolen, who fucking knows) iPhone ... shooting a couple of talking head chicks in a coffee shop ... or whatever goes for a coffee shop in India. The one were you were jumping around with a toy gun, looking like an over inflated HUGE beach ball ... while ur pecker swelled up while dreaming you were James Bond? Just another "wet-dream" fantasy you had one night while whacking off, right? You disgust me you fat little man, just disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Kal defends Trump all the time even though Trump has had more of his associates and appointees involved in more scandal and indictments than any other president. Kal should also take a look at his own silly religion before decrying others like rabbis circumcising kids then sucking the blood off their little dicks. WTF???? I could see why Kal might be into something like that. Or how about not turning on light switches or using door knobs during certain times of year? How about wearing silly little hats and praying at a wall or growing your hair a certain way? You can mock any religion in the world too easily. Is it okay for Kal's religion to steal and lie? I'm sure Kal can justify his actions all day long. That's what crazy people do.

Kal Korff is a TOOL said...

NO movie.
NO books, or "series of books"
NO television show.
NO radio show.
NO more Indian babes.
NO accredited anything.
NO wife.
NO genius child.
NO "got my start in law enforcement".
NO Super Duper Services.
NO Colonel Klink.

NO shit. Fucking tool.


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff commenting on the deserved punishment of criminals is hilarious considering what Kal did in Prague. Kal is a hypocrite of the worst kind. #kalkorff #kalkkorff #korff #kalkorffisanidiot #kiai Aren't people of the Jewish faith supposed to not lie cheat or steal? Apparently not.