Thursday, July 12, 2018

McCunttell & Korff - The Korff Reality... Loser... Liar.... Fraud.


Anonymous said...

Fucking Korff, still living off his past.

Anonymous said...

Kal you silly lying cunt. You were a lieutenant in your mind only. That or you worked as a very low level security officer supervisor in a private security company for a short period and you have decided that qualifies you as an officer in some sort of imagined military unit. There's a reason people like your cousin actually served and it is because they had courage. That is something you have lacked your whole life Kal you valor stealing pathetic rube. Kal you never served in the military or anything even close to the military a day in your worthless life.

Anonymous said...

"Apple has a robot that removes valuable material components from several different iPhone models so they can be re-used/recycled."

Kal really isn't that smart, is he? Oh my, what a complete twat he is. Another of many examples of why Kal would never make it as a professional journalist in the states. Quite embarrassing, or at least it would be to anyone else. I'm sure Kal, much like Trump, believes himself to be a genius. Goodness.

Anonymous said...

There is that slight grain of truth Kal likes to throw in there. A security guard at a bank LMFAO Somehow Kal went from leaving Apple as a phone tech support operator and working as a security guard to becoming a "colonel" in something that has never existed. LMAO The amount of delusion and lies coming from Kal is truly incredible but not surprising. Kal's claims do not hold up under light and common sense. Scoot along Kal you cockroach.

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

Here we go again with the fake law enforcement background based on being a bank guard. korff won't even admit the truth and refers to the menial low esteem position as "security services". Just like his Prague era paintball game with people half his age was a Super Duper Services "training mission" in Pakistan.

You also totally know that Larry King noticed Korff was wearing an insultingly phony cheap clip-on tie and that it was one of the reasons he was never invited back. not smart enough to even know how to tie a tie.

cheap tie, cheap guest.
fake tie, fake data.
phony tie, phony interview.

Mr. King only wanted guests on his show who made him look good. korff didn't, plain and simple, and was never invited back.

Anonymous said...

Kal writes "Shameful. There is NOTHING “incorrect” about an actor or actress playing a gay or straight person." in reference to Scarlett Johansson bailing on a movie where she was to portray a transgender person. Kal is a known gay hater and he clearly perceives trans people as gay and took this as an opportunity to bash those opposed to Scarlett J playing the role. This is Kal trying his best to look tolerant when he has said in the past that he used to listen to Judas Priest until he found out the singer was gay.

Anonymous said...

way to cash in on your cousin's service for unearned praise, kal

fucking leech. does he know you lied about having thanksgiving "dinner with the troops"

Anonymous said...

Kal is his own cult member. The guy will believe anything Apple Insider puts out even though PC sales DOMINATE Mac sales. You cannot upgrade a Mac. Most games are not available on a Mac. Most movie special effects are created on a PC. The world's fastest computer is PC based. These are know by a word that Kal has problems understanding ---- fact. Support the product you like but do not make it the end all be all when it isn't. Don't say iphone is outselling all other phones when it isn't. This is not a fucking contest though Kal really likes Apple and has deep sewn weirdness about it being the best. really sad.

Anonymous said...

the only time kal ate anything involving the troops was that time he serviced a glory hole at a bar near a military base.

Anonymous said...

Listen to a Pathological Liar's Life Story and then listen to the truth. links are not working.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know, the code doesn't work anymore, just being lazy... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff Of course he "appeals" to such types. But MOST Trump supporters are NOT "racists" and the Democrats and Trump haters are LYING when they make these accusations or stereotype his supporters.

When Obama ran for President, many people I knew who supported them were MAD at me because I wouldn't vote for him.

I said his "promises" of "change we can believe in" were really MORE chump change, that "Hope" is not a strategy but a dumbed down slogan that can fool people, that Obama would NOT deliver on most of his important promises, and he did NOT; and I said all this because to believe that Obama WOULD "solve" everything was to believe that the Democratic Party would achieve this.

BS! They're Democrats, neither party would ever achieve the things Obama "promised" because BOTH of them have CAUSED our problems.

Then I was hit with "But don't you want to be part of history and help elect the first black President of the USA?"

My answer was NO! I do NOT care what color a person's skin is, that's genetics.

To vote for Obama because he's black, is racist, and I know many "progressives" who did this only because he was black, and among my black friend it was overwhelmingly Obama.

Obama was helped by McCain and Pail running against him.

What a joke. He was also helped by the fact Hillary ran.

So I never drank the Obama kook-aid, and as I remind people, Obama was "so brilliant" (as well as the Democrats) that today we have Trump.

I have friend who voted for Trump in part because they thought Hillary would be worse and did not represent REAL change. They're right about this, she does not.

Trump represents "change" in SOME issues but not always for there better.