Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kal Korff returns to the Xzone AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!

Perhaps Kal Korff has located a pay phone to which Rob McConnel can call him at because Kal, after a long silence has announced he will be back on the Xzone this coming Friday for your snoozing pleasure.

It has been a bit too quiet on the Kal Korff front of late to the shock of many that Kal could keep his BIG MOUTH shut for so long without slandering or libeling a soul! So will this be the same old crazy Kal or will we see an emergence of an all new Kal after he has time to rethink his life after fleeing/getting booted from Prague and what appeared to be a lot of trouble he was having there.

Do we really care at all about a new Kal coming out? We all know it will be the same inane and wild bullshit that flows with regularity out of the hole Kal calls a mouth. And what about those nano bot bits that Kal says he sent to Rob McConnel and Rob said they were being analyzed? Will we hear more about that from Rob McConnel? Will Kal enlighten us all with his deftly short knowledge of politics? Will Kal go after the usual suspects with his same stalkeresque zeal? Will Kal announce once again that his terrorism book will be published "next year" like he has for the last five-years?

Will Kal announce setting a world record for door to door iPod sales and proclaim himself the best at selling iPods too? Will Kal announce he has just been made the new CTO and CEO - also known as shift leader and head burger flipper - of a McDonald's in Switzerland? Will Kal reveal that he is now smuggling nanobots into Switzerland by stuffing them in his &$^@)$$? Perhaps Kal has landed yet another lucrative television deal that will wind up on youtube with the rest of his amateur home video and fifth rate editing? Perhpas Kal will tell us more about the FAKE KPMG audit or the BOGUS complaints he claimed to have filed? Maybe Kal will dazzle us all by announcing he has dumped his $25,000,000.00 Saudi sugar daddy after finding out he was selected as a winner in the Canadian lottery? What new insights into will our favorite traveling fruitcake gush upon us all?

Tune in and see! Or don't because you have more important things to do than listen to Kal gush on with his fantasy life. Go to the Xzone website and join the other two or three late night listeners snoring blissfully to the crackpot stories from Conniving Kal!


Kal is an idiot said...

Share with all you rpredictions on what Kal Korff will be yammering about on the Xzone this week!

Personally I think Kal will announce that he has discovered he is the love child of Martina Tycova and Michael Horn and that Rob McConnel donated the sperm! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

You got it all wrong! Kal will reveal to the world that he is the love child of Michael Horn and Rob McConnell and that it was (gasp) Billy Meier who donated the sperm with the help of Semjase and Bigfoot!

Kult of Kal said...

My prediction is 3-fold:

1. Kal will announce his name is ("rightfully") cleared of all wrongdoings, with Vojtech Sedleck and/or Cables & Simms having humbly apologized to him.
2. Michael Horn or some other guy in the UFO circle has offered/agreed to do some book/TV/radio deal with him.
3. Lastly, Kal will proclaim he has been so busy acting as a personal advisor to the McCain/Palin campaign. Kal will spin what was only his unsolicited e-mails to some comment e-mail address as their request for his expert political consultancy.

Oh, perhaps also (you know I can't refuse)...he'll admit that, yes, true to our guesses, Martina does in fact swallow.

Bob in Florida said...

Well, she does look like she has a mouth that could suck the nanobots off a trailer hitch...

But let's not speculate on KKK's sex life. I'm already not feeling well today.

Having said that, ironically I believe that Kal has, if you'll pardon the expression, "shot his wad" with regard to his "Colonel Korff of the S3" nonsense. I don't believe he'll keep up that facade any longer. I think even he sees that it's not working and not fooling anyone. "Colonel Korff" will be allowed to die quietly (and hopefully that silly cowboy hat with him).

I mean, what other windmills can he tilt at? He can blather on and on about the (ooooh!) "Scandals of Kevin Randle" but who really cares anymore? Whoever did in the beginning? Korff's remaining time in the limelight is measured in, well, nanoseconds (sorry).

This week, after Rob McConnell tells him that the "nanobots" were really just pieces of solder, KKK will be reduced to an amature English coach and part-time iPod salesman...until the real wholesalers in Prague get tired of him undercutting them and want him out of the way, that is.

This website, and the funny feeding-frenzy it created is largely responsible for the fall of KKK. I think the final act is about to be played out. And I certainly hope so - although a small part of me regrets it. It sure has been fun while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

Checked colonel Corkscrew's website today. Hmm, he had a cold. Or he accidentallly sniffed up some nanobots. The anti-Obama rhetoric is also indicative of colonel Blowhard's methodology. But what else is new.

Karl Pflock said...

..this article gave me an idea:

...since ANYONE can be nominated for a Nobel Prize, perhaps KKIAI can set up a PayPal-type donation button to fund the cost of the application fee....

..sort of like the anti-American Idol site 'Vote for the Worst'...

Kult of Kal said...

karl pflock-

I recognize your good intentions, but there I cannot contribute to what would allow Kal to brag "And I've even been nominated for the Nobel prize!!!"

Squonkamatic said...

Gee ... head out to a party down the block to ogle college aged women dressed in tight clothing while consuming alcoholic beverages with the lads, or stay at home alone on a Friday night to listen to Kal K. Korff over a low-fidelity internet stream as he makes shit up while hogging a pay phone at some vaguely defined location in Mittel Europe ...

Decisions, decisions.

Anonymous said...

Kal will slowly begin to leave the world of ufos behind in exchange for pursuing a political analyst angle. This is the MO of Kal Korff: hop on whatever trend appears to be getting a lot of attention and try to cash in on it while trying to get his name in the press and media any way possible.

Kal, you're a tool and an attention whore whose meager media appearances went to his head. Too bad some intelligence and common sense didn't make it to your head you grease bag.

Anonymous said...

Kal 'the Mouth' Korff will tell the world he is now involved in politics and that S3 has been hired to expose Barack as a fraud. Don;t think for a second that 'the Mouth' will give up his fantasy of being a colonel in an organization he made up and is the sole member of

'The Mouth' cannot allow what is left of his world to crumble into nothing by acknowledging that dreaded thing called reality where he is just another nobody the world could give two shits about.

Whenever fantasy starts to fade 'the Mouth' will revert to attacking those he believes have somehow wronged him so he can reassert his delusions and return to that comfy spot where the world that laughs at him bows before his self perceived awe.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Rob. With all of those unanswered questions hanging in the air, I could hardly hear the conversation.

Are you never going to follow up with the last two years worth of statements, promises and threats that Kal has made?

BTW, the Roswell material you brought up, which Philip Mantle broke the news of, has nothing to do with Roswell, yet. It's in the area but, it isn't connected to Roswell in any way, yet.

Read a site, do some research:

The Case Studies section.

Please save the world Kal.

Anonymous said...

I missed listening to Kal tonight but can see from the two latest posts on his website he is back to old hat and the usual tiring rhetoric. Did the hot air bag of shit say anything meaningful? Why on earth would I ever ask that question when I already know the answer is a resounding no.

Rob McConnell is hanging on to Kal because he can rely on Kal to a late night spot hardly anyone listens to. Let's face that fact and the fact Rob McConnell has a radio show that really isn't extraordinary in any way and it based off a mixture of Rense and Art Bell. Rob McConnell is desperate for aynthing he can serve that will create any sort of drama or controversy. Just listen to how flat the guy's show is. I really don't know how Rob McConnell scrapes a living off that show or why any station would carry it. But I digress.

Kal is for the nth time promising to expose Kevin Randle and Royce Myers and is now making an idle threat he will be releasing software to do it and it will go mobile and yap yap yap yap yap.

If Kal really had anything on the people he pretends to expose he would have released it. Let's review some of Kal's accusations that have never come to pass ---

Kal said he was having the KPMG audit on Kevin Randle completed and KPMG was going to contact Kevin. We all know the audit never happened and was 110% bullshit from the beginning.

Kal said he was going to contact the Pentagon and report Kevin to the military. Nada from what I can tell.

Kal said a complaint was being filed against Royce Myers and Kal had been in contact with "internal affairs." I sent Royce and e-mail and asked about this and guess what? No complaint, no surprise and this is an absolute fabrication on Kal's half.

Kal posted on his website that Royce would be receiving a subpoena at the end of September. Same as the aforementioned, complete bullshit. Where I'm from we call what Kal is doing lying and slander.

I could go on forever about the claims Kal has made that are complete lies, but I think everyone here is well versed in those imaginary claims.

Really this simply proves that Rob McConnell is ethically deficit and doesn't care about providing his listeners with "the truth" as he likes to advertise.

Someone here brought up why it is Kal doesn't go after Rob McConnell for allowing all the ufo and psychic nuts on the air. I do believe someone said Rob is making money by allowing these sorts to advertise on his website and in a newsletter. So when does Kal start applying his own self righteous ethics evenly? He never does because that would mean terminating his only source of menial exposure.

And did we ever hear what the result of this testing of these nano parts turned out to be? Rob must be utterly desperate for guests to fill those late slots and we all know even if those bits of whatever Kal sent to Rob turn out to be nothing, we'll never hear about it and Rob won;t do anything.

I suppose some people just don't care how big of an ass they are making of themselves.

Anonymous said...

F1 Racer, where is this big thing you had on Kal?

Pat said...

Don't forget the case number for the DOJ Korff claimed he had, the same one Korff said he sent to McConnell and McConnell never published it even though it is a matter of public record. Korff and McConnell, just who do you think you fucking clowns are fooling with this pathetic shit? The FBI and DOJ cannot do a fucking thing in Prague. Is McConnell this clueless??????

Anonymous said...

The "thing" I MAY have on Kal is serious I do not want to say anything until I am 100% sure and convinced that it is true. I am re-checiking and re-confirming it multiple times for this sole reason:

It is so "bad" that if I jump the gun and post it and it isnt true, I COULD be legitimately sued not just by Kal, but by others as well.

Im taking my time with this one.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Francis, be sure to send it to KIAI first before posting it here. Sounds serious and I wouldn't want to see anyone get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Watching Korff's website today made me sick in my stumache. All those negative oriented posts about Obama, please. I'm not that much into American politics and to be honest, from an European p.o.v. there isn't much difference between Democrats and Republicans. In any case, it's up to the voters to decide.
Korff however, does something he always does. Present a one-sided view to make the case, disregard/omit that which doesn't help his preferenced (biased) opinion but most of all, like we see so much in American politics, throw a lot of mud.
It's sad Korff has to do that in every facet of his "research". "Research" being "the world according to Korff".

Anonymous said...

F1 - nail the sonofabitch. When I first became aware of this creature's existence two years ago, I laughed. Then I began to feel sorry for him. Now I absolutely loathe the bullying, braying, delusional, posturing, thieving, lying bastard.

Metropolitni_Expres_Reader said...

You are vermin, "Colonel". And like all vermin, you should be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

So when does Kal start posting that Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power as governor? When will Kal start posting all the negative stuff about McCain?

Kal is a half baked, one dimensional, one sided agenda pushing asshole. While Kal accuses others of having uneven standards, Kal shows us all every day through his words and actions he is the undisputed king of being uneven.

Squonkamatic said...

Good party ... did I miss anything? Where did he claim to be calling in from? Did he mention how his "research" into the PHd thesis fantasy was going? Or at least in what field of study he is supposedly specializing in? Has he been to a library yet to read other people's work so he can properly cite the references with appropriate footnotes and an annotated appendix of sources? Does Kal K. Korf even know what an annotated appendix is, and why one would be needed? Or does he believe that his work begins & ends with himself? I heard that once from some idiot painting major and the entire classroom erupted in sustained laughter. Like nobody had ever painted before in all of history and the guy had never seen another painting by anybody else in his whole life. People.

If Kal K. Korff really gave half a shit about American politics he should move his ass back to America. He'd better hurry up too because the stupid election is in like 23 days or something like that, each one more unbearable than the last. So in 24 days he'll need a new scam.

I bet he's had trouble on YouTube or had his camera confiscated (or stolen), there is a reason why he's not posting new comedy segments and it isn't just a case of the sniffles. If he's maintaining his website then he has net access, so it's either a technical issue or his use has been restricted OR he's ticked off at them for removing the video where he tried to explain away his apparent alleged supposed legal problems. Even Perez Hilton has had trouble with YouTube. Fat guys just can't seem to get an even break there.

Bob In Florida said...

I find McConnell's show to be quite annoying and hard to listen to. At the top of the hour is the news, followed by a bunch of commercials, then some promos and commenatary by Rob. Around :10 or so after the hour, he finally gets around to introducing his guest, then IMMEDIATELY takes another break before even asking one question. These breaks are always extended by songs that act as little musical "fillers" (i.e. time-wasters). Although I have to admit, the choice of some is quite clever.

The actual interview does not start until :15 past the hour, at which point McConnell announces that this particular guest will " here for the full hour."

Err, what? Full hour? There's only 45 minutes left, Rob. Who are you trying to kid?

In one of the segments that preceded Korff's, both McConnell and his guest mispronounced Joe Biden's name, calling him Joe Bidden. This is why Canadians should stay the fuck out of American politics.

I tried...really tried to stay awake for the whole Korff "hour," but inevitably fell asleep for about the last 20 minutes of it, woke up at the very end. It was *that* boring - even more so than usual. Kal is now evidently an expert in politics too. Zzzzzzzz...

What I also found extremely annoying was McConnell's constant references to Kal as "my good friend," or "my friend," or "buddy." It is clear that McConnell has no adversarial relationship with Kal but rather a close and personal one.

If the supposed nanobots were brought up, I missed it. The whole issue seems to have been swept under the rug like so many cookie crumbs and/or pieces of solder.

Through it there were only one or two other internet streamers.

And to top it off, the internet stream just flat sucks - keeps cutting out. Rob's board master even denied it was a problem at first, hinting that it was my computer until another listener brought it up. Then they said they were "working on it." Yeah, sure.

I doubt I'll go out of my way to catch another of McConnell's shows. I actually listened for about three hours Friday night (yes I know, I have no life) and found nothing compelling enough to bring me back. If Rob ever was a hard-hitting, insightful (or incite-ful!) interviewer, he has certainly lost his edge and sounds like he's just going through the motions. Sad.

Anonymous said...

The X zone is one of the worst Coast to Coast AM clones I've had the displeasure of subjecting my mind to.

The show is dry, boring,lame and completely unoriginal. The host is terrible at doing interviews and is trying to be Art Bell and Jeff Rense at the same time.

Clearly, the host is so desperate for attention that he has repeatedly tried to get people to debate Kal Korff and he is using Kal for whatever ratings he thinks he can squeeze.

The host is by no means anything close to an investigative journalist. Hearing him say he is makes my stomach turn. The host is bland and wants to have his cake and eat it to by claiming his show is an opinion show but then calls himself a journalist.

The host is using Kal and doing whatever he can to get ratings. That all I need to know about this rube.

I don't think it will too much longer until the show starts getting dropped in favor of better programming and variety.

Anonymous said...

Looks the 'colonel' delusion is back on track. And I have discovered Kal's source for all of his intelligence information. No, really I have! And it is......

The Associated Press

Anonymous said...

"No, really I have! And it is......

The Associated Press"

You know what, he's at least partially right! Check it out! The mobile feature and some of Kal's headlines match up very closely.


Anonymous said...

The reason it takes Kal's webpage so long to load is because he is on's cheapest hosting plan. Looks like S3 isn't paying what it used to lol! Kal is such a crackpot.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Does anyone if Kalvin has given an explanation for his deleting his KPMG video? And has he announced when we can expect to view the findings of the KPMG audit that he - ahem - "commissioned?

Anonymous said...

"You know what, he's at least partially right! Check it out! The mobile feature and some of Kal's headlines match up very closely.


Let me guess who this is: Kal or the president of his one member fan club?

So please enlighten us all as to when Kal's book is coming out. Kal has been saying it is coming out "next year" for years now. And where oh where is the video showing Kal mailing off the manuscript he promised to show?

It is no where to be found because Prometheus recognized what a crackpot idiot Kal is and decided to not publish his nonsense.

If this book were to be anything like Kal's other books then I will predict dismal sales. Kal may be a published author but that doesn't amke him a writer by any stretch.

Kal's books are stale and so horribly written that the person editing his books should have done the honorable thing and quit working as an editor and make a career change to a fry cook.

Who in the world places that many exclamation points in a book? Any competent or skilled writer would never have to use such an obvious device to convey the importance of their subject to a reader.

Anonymous said...

My sites are on godaddy and they work just fine. I think it's the bloated and poorly "auto" written code that he uses.

Saying a cheap hoster is the problem doesn't cut it. Poor web site craftmanship covers it.

Anonymous said...

Kal + KPMG audit = BULLSHIT

Kal has to sell i-Pods to make money. Why would anyone believe he could afford the services of KPMG? Maybe Kal is on a lay-away program for this audit? lol

Why would anyone believe that a reputable accounting firm such as KPMG would ever waste their time auditng a UFO book? They wouldn't.

The only thing with any validity coming from Kal is you can always count on him to open his big mouth and let fly with the bullshit. Kal can't keep his ego in check and sure as hell doesn't know when to keep that huge hole he calls a mouth closed.

Tapper said...

I haven't been up on the nefarious activities of Kal K. Korff since years ago. To say the least, I am completely *shocked* at how big of a nut job Kal has turned in to.

I always knew he was very much full of himself but had no idea he was this out of touch and was going to such lengths to get even with certain people.

Kal certainly has always waged his personal wars against people. You can see this going far back into his past. I think Kal has always had personal issues and has focused his own anger on others in order to deal with his problems. It looks as though those problems have manifested beyond his capability to cope in any manner.

It really, to Kal, is all about Kal. He has always been very self centered and has always yearned for the spotlight and recognition. When Kal figured out he wasn't going to be able to dedicate himself to getting an education, he latched on to "solving mysteries" and thought he would make it big time.

Kal was never one who would work toward a goal, he always tried to slide into things through people or by talking the talk. Of course, when it came time to walk the walk, Kal always had problems and went through jobs like a college kid goes through beer. Hence, his scattered resume.

Kal told a number of people he moved to Seattle from California because he had signed a contract to host his own radio show there. Truth is Kal burned all of his bridges in California and really had no choice but to leave.

If you must remember one thing about Kal, it is that Kal is a mouthpiece who doesn't know his own limits and certainly doesn't know when to shut up. This has always been the case with Kal and, to his detriment, will always be like that.

I most certainly wouldn't take anything Kal says seriously. But I think most people have already figured this out and it is apparent Kal is all mouth and no action.

This is really sad because Kal could have done something with his life if he has simply chosen to work at it instead of feeding his need to feel important and wanting for people to recognize him as a somebody.

A life wasted and it is also sad to see Kal focusing his personal issues and taking those issues out on other people.

Stop-lying-Korff!!! said...

You know, Kalvin really does offer a "one-stop shop" news service. I'd never have known about Jorg Haider's death if it hadn't been for him:

"Former Nazi-lover, Jew hater and racist, Austrian politician, Jorg Haider, has DIED due to massive head and chest injuries he received when his car veered off the road. Haider died a short time later in this accident."

By the way, Kalvin - when you write that Haider was a "former" nazi-lover, jew-hater and racist [my hyphen and lower case 'n' and 'j'], do you mean that he had renounced such views prior to his death? Or do you mean that his death automatically terminated his stance? You cretin.

Anonymous said...

Anyone write to Rob and ask him about those nano components?

I really need to know......

Anonymous said...

Don't bother wasting your time writing to Rob McConnell. he doesn't give shit about proving anything or holding Kal accountable for his atrocious lies and outright hateful behavior. Rob runs a small radio show and makes his living off bullshit, thus having Kal as a regular guest.

If you could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kal has been lying all along and gave that evidence to Rob, he'd simply ask Kal "is this just more crap?" and let Kal babble away.

Rob McConnell doesn't care and just wants to crate his own controversy. Don't waste your time, Rob is just as bad as Kal if you ask me.

Should Rob McConnell pull his head out of his ass and actually do something, then I will apologize. But I'm not holding my breath for that to happen any time soon.

Squonkamatic said...

Here here. The current definition of a "nanobot" precludes what ever it was that Kal K. Korff sent Mr. McConnell from being examples of them. If they can be seen by the naked eye they are NOT nanobots, end of controversy. Rob McConnell indicated that he could recognize them as small forms made up of solder and plastics, hence they are not nanobots.

If Kal K. Korff insists on referring to them as "nanobots" or even "nanobot components", which suggests they are supposed to be pieces of nanobots -- i.e. not even entire nanobots -- then he's being a ding-dong, a fruitcake, an idiot, and a bit of a prima donna. He is also lying unless he wants to change what the word "nanobot" is supposed to mean.

It's not even worth mulling over, whoever it is that said they "need to know". They aren't nanobots, you can get on with your life now, assured that Kal K. Korff has not developed nanobots, he has not sent them to Rob McConnell let alone deployed them to Pakistan or wherever to sky on Al Queda. All that was ripped off from Michael Crichton's "Prey", or inspired by it or made Kal K. Korff think it was a really cool idea so he'd claim to have done it.

Nanotechnology as it exists today refers to microbial life forms that theoretically might be "bio engineered" to perform tasks related to health care at the cellular or even molecular level of size. There are no nanobots comprised of man-made materials. Hence, Kal K. Korff is lying OR being fanciful about his little solder and plastic crafts project. They might even have some form of basic function as components of a circuit or small machine, but they cannot be "nanobots" simply because of the current definition of the term.

The operative, important part of which is NANO meaning microscopic in size: Too small to be seen with the naked eye. Therefore if what Kal K. Korff soldered together can be seen with the naked eye THEY AIN'T NANOBOTS, period. I too would be delighted to find out what Rob McConnell's "expert" may have concluded of them, not so much to find out what they are but to get a good look at what kind of a person Rob McConnell is. There is no doubt in my mind that by now he and Kal K. Korff have had a discussion about this away from the prying ears of a live microphone and McConnell has probably told Kal K. Korff never to mention the subject in conjunction with his name ever again.

Or, he has instructed Kal K. Korff that he'd better get busy on his own dictionary because what he sent weren't nanobots according to any accepted definition of the day.

Anonymous said...

Financially, it is rather expensive to manufacture nanobots and the components of such. we are talking millions of dollars in staffing, state of the art laboratory equipment, and the material and other facilities required.

Kal Korff doesn't possess anything remotely close to a nanobot nor does he deploy of produce them. Face the facts here:

1. Kal Korff was terminated from his position of writing a column in what essentially was a paper solely interested in generating advertising revenue.

2. Kal Korff doesn't possess the necessary educational or other scientific credentials necessary. I'm not even sure he has a high school diploma.

3. Kal Korff has never been published in any scientific peer review journal. (No, Kal, the San Jose Mercury newspaper doesn't count as being scientifically published - though I am sure Kal thinks it does.)

4. Kal Korff sells i-Pods for a "living" and I can guarantee he is not selling enough of these to fund any legitimate nanotech laboratory or production.

5. We all know Kal Korff has a wild imagination, zero credibility, and what some might call mental health issues.

Draw your own conclusions based on the above. kal Korff is a joke and a bad one at that.

BritinPrague said...

What you did to Mr Sedlacek was unforgivable, "Colonel". You are a despicable creature.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff = no credibility

Do not forget that anytime soon kids. And don't ever let this blathering sack of hot air ever scare you with any of his threats to sue or have anyone arrested. All that stuff Kal tosses out there is 100% pure, unadulterated fantasy on the part of Kal as is 99.99% of what he says.

And do not waste your time arguing with Kal. I would equate this to arguing with a egotistical psychotic who believes the world revolves around him. No matter how right you are, Kal will either find a way to claim victory or will ignore it. The truth doesn't matter to someone like Kal because there is only one truth and it is his.

The "great" Kal K. Korff? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

Good people die every day yet Kal is still around taking up precious oxygen and space on a planet that has more than enough assholes.

Anonymous said...

Ask any scientist working on nanotechnology who Kal Korff is and what work he's done in the field. You'll get a lot of puzzled looks because Kal wouldn't know a speck of dust from a nanobot if it were explained to him using crayons and construction paper.

Anonymous said...

You are as mad as a hatter, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Kal, please edit your comments before posting on your website. Your English is atrocious!
The word is 'utter', not 'UDDER'.
(udder: n. the milk gland, esp. when baggy and with more than one teat).

Anonymous said...

"Udder" LOL! this isn't the first time that fucking dumbass Kal has misused this. Must be that new "Kanglish" Kal is trying to promote as the latest fad. LOL!

And to think Kal wants people to believe him intelligent enough to write a doctoral thesis and produce nanotech. LOL!

And you know Kal is a nutcake because any other person with even slight intellectual honesty would admit they were wrong. not Kal though! LOL! Kal, you're a loser.

Anonymous said...

For more examples of bad English from the the lamest American ever, go here to Kal's old articles. Be prepared for piles of mistakes and misuse.

Anonymous said...

Ok so tonight at 5pm CET Time I will be getting the 100% answer to my Kal infor request.

I cannot and will not promise the result of which I will post, because it all hinges on what I am told this evening. However, in the event it cannot be 100% confirmed to my satisfaction i WILL inform KIA privately so he can verify the seriousness of the matter.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

BritinPrague said...

I hope you bury the demented, lying, delusional fantasist once and for all, F1.

BritinPrague said...

The following gibberish was deleted from his website only a couple of days later - doubtless after the buffoon had copped numerous guffaws from people like us (first noted at:

Col. Kal Korff Sends Classified Files to Sheriff Gilbertson re Deputy Jim Geiger
The News - Latest News
Written by Martina Tycova announced today that its President and CEO, Kal Korff, has sent to Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson the first of several classified files concerning the wrongful shooting of Kurtis Kern Korff, the younger brother of Kal Korff. These materials concern Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger, who late last year threatened Kal Korff in writing by promising to "take matters into his own hands," and is on record as having shot Kurtis Korff in the head, according to his own police report.

Deputy Geiger, in a blatant violation of legal due process and his own shooting case, contacted Colonel Kal Korff unsolicited, and then started verbally assaulting him and threatening him. As a result of Deputy Geiger's blatantly illegal behavior, Sheriff Gilbertson (Geiger's boss) contacted Colonel Korff and after ordering Deputy Geiger to cease all contact.

Kal Korff, who holds the rank of Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, is the Counter-terrorism Commander for Kidon Unit Aleph, whose jurisdiction includes Prague. The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (otherwise known as the YS3 or S3 for short) are scheduled to open up their formal office in Prague when Colonel Korff's new trilogy book series Secret Wars is published by Prometheus Books later this year. "SWAT," as the 5.5 year project is code-named, is Kal Korff's seventh, eighth and ninth book respectively.

Since that time, Colonel Korff has been communicating directly with Sheriff Gilbertson and is making nanotechnology components available to him to help fight corruption, courtesy of the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. Gilbertson will decide if he cares to use it.

"Nanotechnology is being used now to help eliminate terrorists. It is truly one of the last, and final frontiers where this war can be fought and still won. It is currently being deployed in Pakistan right now and Afghanistan, under my initiatives and in operations that I command. It will be many years before terrorists will be able to obtain such technologies. The time to strike them is NOW, not later. I assure you that if this material helps eliminate terrorists, it will certainly 'smoke out' Geiger and his partner, Deputy Johnson, who is the officer who REALLY shot my brother, according to the forensic tests which are about to be released shortly," explained Colonel Korff.

"We have ALWAYS maintained that there was a cover-up in my brother's shooting. The new forensic tests PROVE it. The District Attorney is reviewing the case this week, and we expect to next move on filing formal ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES against both parties, this would be Deputy Geiger, and Deputy Johnson."

"Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has spoken to his Commander at the facility where my brother is being held, and Sheriff Gilbertson has assured me that my brother is being protected and that his safety is OK. Gilbertson, much to his credit and in a true testimony to his professionalism, acted after receiving reports and concerned letters that these corrupt deputies might want to harm my brother, since they obviously failed in killing him when they first fired."

"We must NEVER forget, that as my brother was dying, bleeding from his head wound, they told him he was 'better off dead' and that 'society is better off without him'. Gilbertson knows all of this, and is being called as a WITNESS in the case against Geiger, since Gilbertson was TOLD by another deputy right after the shooting that "it didn't go down the way Geiger claims."

It is ironic that Gilbertson, who is Geiger's boss, will be called to testify AGAINST his own Deputy! Colonel Korff's documents, which have now been sent to Gilbertson concerning Geiger, are rumored to contain information concerning Geiger's impending fate and assured prosecution.

"I can confirm that the documents are legally classified as 'secret' -- not 'top secret' because there is no national security issue here. When this case is over or when it is the right thing to do legally, they will be declassified for public release. In the meantime, the proper parties certainly have their copies. I cannot elaborate at this time," explained Colonel Korff.

BritinPrague said...

You are scum, Korff. Utter, utter pond scum.

Bob In Florida said...

Brit in Prague, don't you mean udder, udder pond scum?

And while we're at it, shouldn't this read:
The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (otherwise known as the YS3 for short or S3 for shorter and sometimes just S or 3) are scheduled to..."

Hey, if Krazy Kal really is out there fighting terrorists, then why didn't McCain mention him in the debate the other night instead of going on and on about some fictitious "Joe The Plumber?" (Turns out his name is not Joe, and he is not a plumber.)

Ohhhhh, that's right - the "Joe The Plumber" story can only damage McCain's chances of winning the election. Bringing KKK into the mix would DESTROY them!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Kal praising Sheriff Gilbertson and did Kal not claim S3 got Gilbertson elected by working behind the scenes? I'm sure Kal was on that whole bit until Gilbertson didn't do what Kal thought he should and now Gilbertson is an evil cop now. Typical Kal - when the people are 100% agreeing with him they are okay. But the second they disagree or point out the obvious to Kal they become the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone listen to that butt sponge Kal tonight? I stopped listening and just look around to see if someone posts a quick recap of what the moron said.

If you post a recap I would like to thank you for saving me from the pain of listening to Kal blab through an entire hour of endless horseshit and other nonsense.

Since Kal has been exposed for making these fake threats against people I see he has moved on to politics by posting what he has read or seen elsewhere. Kal is terribly unoriginal.

You do have to give Kal credit for keeping his crazy going. lol The clown is completely bat shit.

Anonymous said...


When are we going to get some new stuff here about Korff? That loony ass sniffer has had to do something crazy of note lately.

Korff, please go back to making phony threats against the ufo people! Bring back the old crazy we can all laugh at! Yes that is right! We aren't laughing with you Korff!

Anonymous said...

What are you up to today, I wonder, "Colonel"? Engaged in secret, expensive and very dangerous operations against Al Quaeda? Or trying to raise a few bucks by selling off a couple of iPods that fell off the back of a truck?

You shit on both decent people people making an honorable living and the deeds and graves of genuinely brave men.

You pathetic excuse for a human being. I would travel a long way and pay a lot of money to see you hung, drawn and quartered...

BritinPrague said...

Aren't you claiming to be in Switzerland, "Colonel"?

They have fully-legal assisted suicide clinics there, you know.

I'm sure we'd all be more than happy to contribute to a whipround to cover your piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff was not on the xzone radio show last night. Rob merely replayed the tape from the previous week's show. The subject was UFOs. The usual uninspiring crap.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Kal? I want to hear about your recent adventures because I like fiction and I need a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

KIAI has been contacted.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Brad said...

Well, Francis, I hope your research project was fruitful.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you dug up....

Brad Hudson
Rear Admiral
Galactic Plumbers Union

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord,

It's a beautiful day here in Prague and I should be outside. But I'm gonna be checking this damned blog every 30 minutes until KIAI posts the new info.

Come on, boy - I'm on tenterhooks.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

"Colonel" - you must act before it is too late. Mobilise your nanobots. Don your duck-shooting camouflage jacket (complete with Colonel buttons and the S3 patch that your mother sewed on). Summon your operatives - trained in the deadly art of Krav Maga. Summon Martina. Summon Avimi (Avim for short). Summon, er, er...

Ere the sun sets this day, Underwood must be eliminated.h

Anonymous said...

Ok here is the deal:
After discussing it with KIAI I have decided not to post it.

Why? Because I still cannot 3rd party verify what happened and I do not want to give Kal a reason to legit sue me or get KIAI in trouble.

I tried and I tried. I believe what I found out to be true, however belief doesnt always mean "fact" as those in the UFO field probably understand fully.

jimmy and brad if you want to contact me on youtube I fill you in.

Unfortunately, I will not be posting it here. I am sorry, I cant take the chance.

the ONLY thing I WILL say is what I found out would make me legit kick Kal in the nuts over and over if I ever did run into him and that he is DAMN lucky he apparently got away with what he did.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd love to hear about it. You can send any info to my "Korff-buster" email:

Alternatively, a private message over YouTube woud be fine too. My user name is: zenatycizinec

Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

F1 - thanks for the update that you sent me over YouTube.

The "Colonel" had better have his health insurance up to date, because if I EVER run into the preening little dickhead I am going to kick seven shades of shit out of him.

Kult said...

F1 Racer, jimmy d, BritinPrague,

It is sunny, but freakin' cold. Warm me up with some news or a YouTube pointer.