Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kernal Klown

If there is a single picture of that idiot Kal that fits him to the letter this is it! Credit to Kult of Kal for the fantastic picture from his blog!!! ahahahah

Kernal Klown! ahahhhaaahhaaa



The Unknown Korffer said...

THANK YOU!!!! LOL, even with the clown face he's screwed. Lookit them purdy shiny US MILITARY RANK INSIGNIA on them epaulets!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! That's so klassic.

From Face Book today... delusions...

Kal Korff:

The guy from the U.S. Government has contacted us again, he said he is "really concerned" about the material we are releasing at the international press event during our online conference tomorrow. We have now received the material from PAKISTAN, we ARE set. He asked if they could "see it first before the rest do," I told him it depends on what time zone he is in. :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's something interesting. This guy must be a Face Book friend of Korff's. A buddy sent it to me to post here.... The lies continue, remember there was a start date attached to Korff starting that editor gig if I recall correctly...

Hey Kal, what happened with that editor deal you had with that paper a few months ago? Just wondering. 14 hours ago

Kal Korff

Still is "a go" I am waiting for THEM to decide when launch of paper will be, blah blah blah. They also know I will be touring, so we are arranging to do things so that no matter where I am, as long as there's a internet connection I can work. Nothing fell through the cracks, it's just very complicated and until the economy improves, the new paper is on slow burner, like USA, papers are switching to online because print market is dying. These Euro "experts" figured it was two years away, well it started happening this year. In Czech Republic iPhone accts for nearly 60% of all mobile online traffic now.

Hope you are well, THANKS for asking.

That 60% call out is not right. Look here, fuckwad:

Always wrong or changing the facts.

In any case, Korff kontinues to post a huge amount of "shit" on Face Book and his template site remaines pretty much dead.

Thank God for Face Book I suppose.

Jimmy D said...

The launch date was at the end of last January.

Sorry to hear about the snags with the paper, "Colonel", but why no updates on your website? Why announce that something stupendous is about to happen within two weeks, and thereafter make absolutely no mention of it? Do you think we have lost our memories, or are simply stupid?

Lying scum.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Hi everyone, we just found video we shot of a Secret Op against real Nazis we did here in Prague (reason I shaved my head to pretend to be a "skinhead" years ago, I went undercover to "blend in" — they had NO IDEA I was a German speaking JEW!). It WILL be in the preview of the new show and media event tomorrow, along with many Xposes, especially of my "kritics." I wouldn't want to be them, especially after tomorrow.

Wait a fucking minute... Michael Hessemann is on record as to speaking German to you, Kalvin, and you had no clue what he was saying to you...

Oh, you understood but we're "acting" stupid to put him off his guard...

Fuck off Kalvin. You do not speak conversational GERMAN.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin K Korff template web site update.

As of Friday morning, August 13, 2010, Kalvin has “reposted” his 3460 word “resume” regarding how great he is and how he will save the world. He also “reposted” his diatribe on Michael Horn, another 1159 words, at the end of which he still “promises”...

“FREE issues of the Silent Revolution of LIES will be available STARTING JUNE 5, 2010!”

After he reads this I’m sure he’ll edit his “old” post and make it look “new”.

In any case, 4629 words, to once again explain to the ignorant world why Kalvin K. Korff is so important and how Kalvin will save the world for itself.

One would think that such an important person might spend less time on Face Book and more time ensuring that we Korffers have less of an opportunity to continually bring up his failures?

Kalvin K. Korff, you’re fooling no one, sadly, not even yourself.

Failure. Lozer. Thief. Liar.

Michael Horn, laughs at you.

The world, laughs at you.


Anonymous said...

rsinHey Kalvin, you're "locking horns" with no one. What a fucing lozer.

Kalvin, responding to his own post, as usual:

Timothy P. Carney: Obama closes curtain on transparency | Washington Examiner

Kal Korff:

It figures Obama would send THIS guy to the Czech Republic. Great! Now I know WHO I WILL be locking horns with over Iran. This soap opera just gets worse and worse, notice Obama's PLEDGE and PROMISE of "TRANSPARENCY" has NOW BEEN DELIBERATELY BROKEN!


Well, I guess Kalvin will have to post something on his template site, he's "promised" his Face Book friends that he would... This Face Book thing is going to blow up in Kalvin's face, big time.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Brief update: Media event has gone PERFECT so far. Last hour now getting underway, everything will be edited down to 1.5 to 2 hour video highlights, including answering some of the questions you all have been kind enough to send in, and honor me with. What a life. ALL Xposes will especially be featured, nothing "important" will be left out. Getting back to it now...

Blithering Idiot.... I'm so honored, I'm so proud, meanwhile...

Kal Korff:

I'm SURE John (the bullet hit me in my butt so give me a Purple Heart) Kerry will use his CONsiderable "experience" and "expertise" in Vietnam to FIX everything that's going WRONG over in Pakistan, Afghanistan. Boy, this is REALLY a "winning strategy" to me. I feel truly sorry for our brave American troops and our allies over there.

Well there you have it, a fake "whatever" he thinks he is, pokes fun at a guy who served. Regardless of what you may think about Kerry, Kalvin, Kerry served.

You, my fine, fatty free loading friend, STOLE VALORE only and you PLAY soldier.

You fucking waste of space.

God you sicken me.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff & Special Guests, Online Video Press Conference THIS FRIDAY, 13 August, WORLDWIDE!

As of Friday the 13th, in the evening, all we have so far is Kalvin's response to this wonderful blog.

He's pulled down his 4000+ resume and Horns extented shit and he put back the old text.

Nice to know you're still with us Kalvin.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

It's 8:00 AM on Saturday morning in the CZ and guess fucking what?

FAILURE once again.

Kalvin K. Korff has failed to meet another self imposed and promised deadline.

Fancy that, you fat little tub of lies.

Don Ecker, RMIII, Michael Horn, F1 Racer and the very long list of people you promised to go after, and whom you "wouldn't want to be right now"... laugh at you, you mighty, mighty liar of the highest order.

You Face Book friends laugh at you Korff.

The world laughs at you.

Look in the mirror fat boy, your reflection laughs at you.

Sad little man.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

THANKS for reporting the PHONY "Kal Korff" to Facebook. This is NOT the first time this has happened, Facebook KNOWS about this, and if there is ANY chance to prosecute for ID theft internatially, which is a FELONY, unfortunately this means LETTING the person DO this for a bit, so EACH "friend" this person accepts as "...Kal Korff" (as per the poloce) is ONE COUNT to be charged. 30 "friends" means 30 counts of ID theft.

I'm udderly speechless Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff ALERT: There IS A FAKE PROFILE of me here on Facebook. This person has now been reported to police for ID theft. They use my Author photo from my Meier UFO Cult expose book. The picture shows me with a beard and mustache, wearing a suit. This is NOT the REAL "Kal Korff" but instead is a bozo who posts on hate-filled we...b sites. We NAMED several people yesterday at the media event, even mentioned their employers.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Here's an image yesterday from the media event, it was a combination of live talking and video we have shot over the years for the new series. When I first moved to the former Iron Curtain part of Europe, we started filming back then, you see me LOSE literally over 50 pounds by STOPPING my habit of eating the "All America DIEt," and a bunch of other things.

My "lives" are chronicled in it, everything from teaching to journalism and working for newspapers to producing to IT work to volunteer work to counterintelligence and counterterrorism. After remaining largely silent re the nonsense about me people have published over the years, fueled often by hatred and liars (I'm being polite here and scientifically accurate), I FINALLY get to fire back at these bozos, and lay them bare and Xposed before the only audience which REALLY matters, the global public.

These bozos are also part of my thesis on human behavior, hatred and extremism, as outlined largely in my Profile Page here on Facebook, so I won't repeat it here except to say AGAIN that there is NO DIFFERENCE between a Islamofascist who wants to kill you because you refuse to "believe" in their twisted doctrine, vs. a UFO CONspiracy NUT who also wants to harm you just because you refuse to believe that Uncle Sam has aliens stuffed away in pickle jars somewhere. The issue is extremism and hatred, the specific "cause" is merely a detail.

He, he, here's the Kalvin we know and love, freaking out on Face Book, a public site, for all too see. You go Kalvin.

One person said they liked this on Face Book, no comments. Run for the hills! :^)

Anonymous said...

It saturday afternoon, around 4:00 PM in CZ and guess what?

No "press confernece" yet but Kalvin has posted his 4000+ word resume and his Horn rant on his site again...?

But this time the photos and layout are all fucked up.

Kalvin, you having a problem with your template site buddy?