Monday, August 22, 2011

Judgement dayis coming for Kal K. Korff

You have tried to hide and cover your tracks Kal but you have FAILED! You have tried to change your persona over and over hoping your past would not catch up with you but you have FAILED! Very soon lads there will come an ENTIRE WEBSITE EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF! Very soon the TRUTH will be revealed and Kal K. Korff will have no place to hide!


Jimmy D said...

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

I know what this is all about, "Colonel". And let me assure you: you richly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Korff, boasting, about posting, 5 more "articles" on that vanity site.

ZERO links to any other sites that have posted anything by the little boy.

No other site or publication has posted or linked to ANY Korff written article, ever, since Korff started this new lie.

Check this:

"... I have about 12 more articles published over the past few days, I will post them later as time permits, just like last night, today I am covering the fall of Gadaffy and other Middle East news."

New web site coming along.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Lying bastard.

How I hate you, Korff.

Anonymous said...

And lets all remember, Face Bookers CAN NOT post anything on Korff's wall, they can only comment on a post Korff puts on his wall. Korff's wall has been closed down to any and all unsolicited comments since very early on in Korff’s migration to Face Book from his template web site.

Korff had no choice; people were posting “questions” to Korff that he would rather not have to deal with. And, Korff’s template web site was and is getting ZERO traffic. After fake Face Book pages were thrown up on Face Book, Korff took the plunge and his ego got a huge boast from collecting “friends”.


People who do waste their time and surf over to that vanity site to read Korff's SYNDICATED "articles" - CANNOT comment on those articles either.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...


An accredited Journalist has reported that your sphincter is pulsating at the mere thought of what may be in store for you.

Tickety tock...

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Korff post 5 links pointing people to his "articles".

Not a single remark or comment.



As it should be.

Karry on.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Can't wait to see whatever it is that's going to happen. Answers as to why Kal Korff fled the USA maybe? Answers as to why he can't come home? Or what he can't bear to face. What'd you do, Kal? Whatever it was it must have been a whopper and something that his family can't buy him out of.

Jimmy D said...

Just you and me, "Colonel".

Just you and me and a blow torch and a pair of pliers.

For what you did to Mr S*dl*c*k you deserve to die screaming for Dot Joss.

Anonymous said...

Some "Accredited Journalist...."

Show me any other Accredited Journalist who writes this type of material? You can't.

Kal Korff: Joe Biden put his dic* in his mouth again. First he said be was not going to "second guess" China's genocidal one child policy. I guess murdering children doesn't concern him too much. Then, after he LEFT China, the White House went into SPIN mode and says he finds China's policy "repugnant." Biden either lied then, or is lying now. It's more evidence that Obama really has changed Washington, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Tickety tock, Kal.

Which colour wire will you choose to cut first...

Anonymous said...

Check this Korffers,

I got a Google Kal Korff News Alert, finally!

And look closely, “Fair use,” does NOT apply. ...

Ha! Yeah, ain't that freaking rich!

Anyway, as expected, the only "syndication" Korff gets is his own.

Kal Korff: Aug 20 2011 - HP Quits the Smart Phone, Tablet and PC ...
No part of this content may be reproduced in any form nor by any means without the express, written consent of Kal Korff. “Fair use,” does NOT apply. ...

Anonymous said...

Check it more,

Korff printed out and then scanned his "article" and posted it as page two.


He's trying to fake people out by making page two look like he cut it out of a newspaper, where it was SYNDICATED and printed.

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

And just so you know, Korff is posting up FAKE newspaper looking scans of all of his new "articles" as the last page to his .PDF vanity "articles".

And, so sad... Korff still has a single (one) (1) follower.




The Unknown Korffer said...

Haha such a fucking idiot, didn't even fake a date/time/city of origin for the story. My favorite touch is the 10 year old picture he used, same one for the free Czech metro paper last decade. Kal can't even lie effectively, he's so stupid.

Anonymous said...

why kal its just like you're flunking the 11th grade all over again. or was that the 10th grade? you know, the year you were held back? must have been humiliating.

Anonymous said...

Yup, easy to do.
Type something into Wordpad or whatever, using 8-point text and newspaper looking text style, then post. Looks official, except no dateline, no publisher banner, and last but not the least, author 'Kal KKorff' (A little typo maybe?)

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way, when this loser is putting his scrawl up on Scribd he isn't trying to shit in anybody else's bed. Like the little kid running home from grade school with his new crayon picture for Mommy to put up on the fridge! "Look everybody! Look what little Kalvin drew!!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Lets get a read on Kalvin's 100% unprofessional delusional and grammar error laden disclaimer at the very end, as with all things Kal does to try and appear super-serious it is actually quite comical:

"Copyright c. 2011 by Kal K. Korff - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this content may be reproduced in any form nor by any means without the express, written consent of Kal Korff. "Fair use" does NOT apply. By reading this document you willingly agree to be legally bound by both its terms and conditions. Violators of this policy will have a felony DMCA Copyright infringement notice filed against them with law enforcement. First time offenders may be fined up to $500,000, Imprisoned for five years, or both. For repeat offenders, the maximum penalty increases to a fine of $1,000,000, imprisonment for up to 10 years, or both. This is a DMCA protected document, illegal copying and/or reproduction of its contents are tracked on the Internet and reported to law enforcement for felony prosecution."

Very obviously composed by Kalvin himself with plenty of unnecessary commas thrown in. I like the part about the contents being tracked on the Internet (incorrect capitalization -- still no editor or proofreaders available I guess). And the emphasis on punishment transforming what should have been a terms of use policy statement into an open ended threat against anyone who happens upon it. Not professional at all by any stretch of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Ah, amusing stuff. KKK - such a foolish little turd.

Nice post Unknown!

The Unknown Korffer said...

By contrast, let's look at Charles Krauthammer's most recent article here:

This is the entirety of Krauthammer's non-article text: Krauthammer writes a politics column that runs on Fridays 

That's it! nothing else. No threats, no promises of retaliation. The words can easily be copied and shared, leaving it up to the reader how far they take it. Most professional columnists know they can trust their readers with their articles to attribute properly upon re-use, and if someone steps over that line their newspaper/website takes care of the legal matters. That frees them up to do one thing: write interesting articles, which are then submitted to an editor who prepares them for publishing.

Kalvin can claim all he wants to being an accredited journalist when lying to his "friends" on Face Books, but he's far from an employed or professional journalist.

The Unknown Korffer said...

I also want to note that if Kalvin wants to go play pretend journalist by uploading "articles" he composes that's his business. It's the use of deception which triggers my urge to expose the effort for what it is. Just like the obviously phony attempt to show what is supposed to be a "scanned" page from a newspaper clipping (always with the newspaper clippings, this Kal!). What's the point? Looks like a page from Timothy Good's "Above Top Secret" showing a UFO document. Maybe some magic marker redactions next time? He just can't do anything right, so obviously faked, and that makes the righteous bastard in me come out. It's all a LIE coupled with threats & intimidation tactics to try and keep anyone from calling him out on it. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

No part of this content may be reproduced in any form nor by any means without the express, written consent of Kal Korff. "Fair use" does NOT apply.

i am reminded of the joke from the simpsons where they depicted major league baseball being rebroadcast from offshore oil rigs with implied oral consent rather than express written consent.

the only people who would want to reproduce korff's article would be doing so to expose him as a fraud, which is all that this accredited journalist bullshit is. another korff fraud and a rather boring one at that.

Jimmy D said...

Will the Great Man be putting himself forward as a candidate to succeed Steve Jobs, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes!

Step forward, Karlton!!!

Anonymous said...

He hasn't mention Steve Jobs yet? He must be heart broken.

Anonymous said...

Kal obviously has much more important things do do than be C.E.O. of Apple. He's already President and C.E.O. of several worldwide organizations, and is busy saving the world by tracking terrorists with Nanodust in his capacity as a Colonel in S3 and promoting peace by giving away (rather than stealing) I-pads. When not saving the world, he has his career as an Internationally Syndicated and Accredited Journalist to think about; copyrighted and DCMA protected articles to publish on Scribd, finishing his long awaited, definitive, six book (now one book?) series Secret X wars, and the 50 books to be published in 2011 and 2012 promised on his Scribd profile, which may or may not be part of his 500 book deal. In whatever spare time Kal has left, he has to oversee the 5 year expansion plan at Critical Thinkers, keep up with all the various lawsuits, legal charges and investigations he has filed and initiated, plus be a good husband ( Prince?) to his Indian Princess wife. Hope he doesn't have to do any Castle maintenance or upkeep!

Anyway, if Kal did apply to be C.E.O. of Apple, he wouldn't get the job because he is obviously overqualified. With his lifelong record of accomplishments and 219 IQ, it would be like a demotion for Kal!!

Anonymous said...

The post above, classic Korffing!


Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

No part of this content may be reproduced in any form nor by any means without the express, written consent of Kal Korff. "Fair use" does NOT apply.

Or what? You'll get a badly written, poorly organized and bizarrely punctuated "legal" document via email, threatening to sic some imaginary lawyers on you?

That's a brilliant ploy there, Kalvin, printing fake news stories and then "syndicating" them on a free anything-goes web site. Surely someone with an IQ of 219 or 485 or whatever cannot possibly think he is fooling anyone.

Anonymous said...

Kal's Scribd articles started with 'Kal's Korner', changed to 'Kal Korff', and the latest is 'Kal's Korff'.
I suggest 'Krazy Kal' for the next series!

Anonymous said...

Lying vermin.

Lying scum.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Update

Korf's been off the Book for about 24 hours.

Writing and scanning "syndicated" "article" no doubt.

No response to his vanity "articles" in any way.

The loserdom kontinues.

Anonymous said...

More Face Book Lies.

A Google News Search on the name "Kal Korff" brings up ZERO results today, or over the last month.

Kal Korff: I found out today that a 1200 word version of my expose of Annie Jacobsen's literary fraud book on Area 51 has been accepted for publication this weekend in the intl press. Also, a 1500 word piece on Gaddaffi, today my article on Steve Jobs leaving Apple hit the press and tomorrow an expose of Standard & Poor's Poor Standards, and a piece on the new planet made of diamond found by NASA. Praise YHWH.

The Unknown Korffer said...


happy red mogul balloon! said...

sigh. if i wanted to learn about this planet of diamond the last person who's thoughts on it would be of interest is an unqualified buffoon former flying saucer enthusiast with zero education and no practical experience in astronomy, astrophysics, planetary science or science journalism.

now apply those same standards to korffy's other subjects and you have a working formula of why his articles only have 8 - 12 views. my best guess is that 7 to 10 of those views are Korffers, 2 or 3 of them are curiosity seekers from his 600+ friend list, and the other is his mommy.

Anonymous said...

Great post HRMB!


Anonymous said...

Mad Man Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Korff post 13 - THIRTEEN vanity articles this morning and nobody cares. Virtually no response.

Now that's what I call SYNDICATION!

Korff still has one follower, all “articles” are locked down tight and all articles come with the additional FAKE newspaper SCAN; each one with no by line and no identifiers as to where the scan came from; magazine, newspaper, throw-away subway paper, etc.

Why? Because it’s all horse shit.

Onward, if only Kalvin Karlton Korff cared enough about the USA (and he hated it and The Gays less) to stay in the USA and help make it a better place.

No, he'd rather run off (or get run off) to the CZ and India (?) and tell lies...

Only to run away from those lies and his previous, fake, internet, persona when people like Big Don Ecker called him out and little Kalvin couldn't deliver on a single lie.

Little Shit indeed.

Kal Korff: In India right now, millions are celebrating across the country because after 12 days of fasting by Anna Hazare, the govt has AGREED to pass an anti-corruption law which has languished in parliament for more than 40 YEARS! If only Americans CARED enough to engage in activism like this! We COULD make a REAL difference, toss out bozos in CONgress who are causing our great nation to implode. But until enough Americans TRULY care, based on actions not words, things will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

This sad, pathetic lil' shit is desperate for someone, anyone to notice his existence. The glory days of Kolonel Kornhole are long over. Lt. Martina Tycova, Warrent Officer who the fuck ever, all in the past. Except for the korffers and a few wanna-be's, who remembers kalvin's truckload of horseshit? I bet even kalvin has forgotten his bullshit, so it is up to us to remind him. Hey kalvin, when is the last time you did radio? Maybe you should have taken up the offer from Dark Matters, huh? You really are an ass-wipe.

Anonymous said...

So, why not just remove the post from your wall Korff?

It's an easy process.

That's the "option" you're looking for.

A Genuine idiot right there.

And a lying lair.

Kal Korff likes a link.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site...

Kal Korff: I did not mean to click on this, honestly, I was trying to see whom else "liked" it, but there's no such option!