Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kal K. Korff EXPOSED!!!

It looks as though lads we now know where Komrade Kal obtained his sense of fashion.  Many thanks to the comment poster for this. And I see Kal is still arse over tit with his nonsense about being a syndicated writer. This is BLOOMING FALSE lads and we all know it. And then there is Kal and his utter bollocks about the heli crash sadly killing many soldiers from the states.  Kal has tripped all over his own words and silly conclusions about what was really happening. Kal should just leave this sort of stuff to the REAL military people and the REAL intelligence people. You have to be bonkers to think that being a private security guard for a bank is somehow the equivalent to being a REAL soldier or serving in REAL special intelligence. STOP pissing around Kal and be a man and admit that you are a FAKE COLONEL! STOP STEALING VALOR Kal that you have never earned!  Kernal Klown is just that.


Kiai said...

On the road... FUCK YOU KORFF!

Kal Korff: I was on the road when I received this report, but the US has hunted down, Israeli style, and now eliminated Israeli style, the killers who shot down our Navy SEAL troops. Praise YHWH. While this will not bring them back, it is JUSTICE and it is the RIGHT thing to do. They used an F16 to nail them, so they also learned their lesson NOT to use a CH-47 again.

and again FUCK YOU!

Kal Korff: The military has now ordered a probe into the bozo orders that got the SEALs killed. Even fellow Commando groups are complaining, everything from the choice of sitting duck chopper used to a failure to vet the bogus intel supplied. These developments vindicate the expose I wrote, although I wish I was wrong and that those men were still alive. Those who did this should be prosecuted and resign.

Anonymous said...

Kal needs to read more, think less, and say even less! For instance, see:

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol on the road with the shitty iphone 4 his mom pays for, oh save us kal save us. i still want to see what korff thinks his credentials are for being such an expert. he has no background in any military and flunked out of college.

Anonymous said...

Jesus! Hey Korffers, guess what? Korff's "almost" done with his "book."

What a huge panty waste loser.

Book, books, it's done, almost done, look I'm sending off the manuscript.

Lie, lie, lie, lie. Lair, liar, liar.

Hey Korff, what unites Korffers is you and your lying way. We've done such a great job proving that you lie at all times that you've run away from your old, fake, persona.

Fat chance, lying lair.

Kal Korff: Gonna now delete more CONspiracy nuts from my "friends" list. I have all the quotes from them now that I need to finish my book, as well as cyberstalkers. As I prove in my new book, there's no difference between an Islamofascist who wants to harm you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of religion, vs. a cyberstalker/CONspiracy nut who also wants to do the same just because you don't believe in Little Grey Leprechauns. What unites these types is hatred and extremism.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff, a huge Douchebag.

Kal Korff: Tomorrow, my article on the hunting down and elimination of the Taliban who killed our Navy SEALS will appear, I'll post the link. In the earlier expose I wrote indicating that it had been a Taliban trap and that these deaths were avoidable, I specifically said that they would likely be hunted down and eliminated and I'm glad this was done. MONEY was paid to these "devout Muslims" to turn in the killers, they were eliminated by an F16, which was a smart call unlike sending in the Chinook.

And as big a liar as nobody else on the planet.

Now it's back to a series, not a "book" and more URL's to nothing. Thanks for stopping in kalvin. Ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: Tomorrow I will have as many as four to six articles published, I'll give the URLs when I know them, on a roll, feels great. Also winding up the book series, it has been in the works for eight years, it has six volumes.

Kiai said...

Korffers, you want to see something funny? Type in:

Kal Korff in the news

Into the Google search block and see what comes up.

Kalvin, you're Mommy must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Also, do a search of the name Kal Korff using the URL a Korffer supplied to this blog:

Guess what? A '02 to '11 search comes up with ZERO results.

Exactly where are these articles being posted or printed, Kalvin?

Sad little man.

Anonymous said...

from November 30, 2010

"Heading back to Pakistan, towards the Afghan border. I will be out doing drills all day and a fast war exercise before taking off... Looking forward to this, I’ll be the commander of a small op for our training."

"Our war game exercises included a FEMALE Indian sharpshooter who is a gold medalist in their country, she's a VERY nice lade. Another marksman who was a bronze medalist. It was interesting to see the different tactics Israel uses compared to India. In India and Pakistan they count their ammo, and measure each shot, as in shoot sparingly and try to get their targets with one shot. Since I am trained the Israeli way, this means to just open fire and advance while firing, so that the target is pinned down and cannot move nor dare show itself. As you advance you keep firing until you are on top of the target and it is then destroyed. The result was interesting...NO "casualties" on the Israeli side of things, the other side suffered mega hits. It was fun and educational. Often other personnel were taken out, leaving sharpshooters exposed and not exactly in the best position for them. It was quite a contrast."

"It is not practical, at least in my opinion, to do one shot, one kill in this situation. I prefer steady firepower, because it paralyzes the potential enemy. Then you advance while the target is trapped and trying to survive. By the time you are within point blank range it is too late for said target. I have seen many such engagements, especially with tracers used on the mix, the poor person on the other end does not stand a chance. It is always easy to revert to one shot, one hit, but it is more risky, since one is more exposed and it is hard to cover 180 degrees in front of you at times."

"In my exercise, I was pinned down by three very different types of soldiers, so I had to take out all three. I went after the two and SAVED the sharp shooter for last. The sharpshooter should have been peppering me while I was laying mega rounds on them, but I kept suppressive firepower going across the 180 sweeping back and forth and just advanced like there was no tomorrow, using combination os Israeli tactics mixed in with some good ol American improvisation. :-)"

kal's military experience?

Anonymous said...

Aside from trying to inject himself into all the front page news and trying to get credit for being a 'journalist' related to it, why was he so upset about the latest Chinook helicopter fatal crash in Afghanistan? I say latest, because it was not the first, nor will it be the last. And to blame it on Obama? Sure!!
Do some research first Kal, before you open your big mouth.

" June 28: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in Kunar province by Taliban commander Qari Ismail, killing all 16 US Special Forces servicemen on board. The US military says it was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. The helicopter was on a rescue mission for Operation Red Wings a team of four SEAL members, pinned down by Taliban gunmen."

Sound familiar? For the record, this happened in 2005! I don't think Obama had much to do with it.


Anonymous said...

More lies from the asshole.


Do a Google search for this phrase:

Kal Korff syndicated

See what comes up. Ha, ha, ha! So rich.

So, Korffer's, we were right, this is the URL Korff is providing his FB fiends to point them to his SYNDICATED artciles.

Ha, ha, ha! Such a freaking lying lair.

Kal Korff: Here is the URL link for my articles which get syndicated and released. Here you can view the shelf and read them online. More articles will appear in a few hours, I'll post the URLs then. I would like to sincerely thank those of you who have read them and for your positive feedback, much appreciated.

Kal Korff: Here's another edition of my column, which is syndicated. Hope you like it. Subject was too good to pass up.

Kal Korff: Here is my article about the increase in solar flares and how they can affect GPS and mobile phone devices as well as orbiting satellites.

Anonymous said...

BTW, some of you may be asking, "Why doesn't anyone call out Kalvin on this obvious lie regarding his syndicated article(s)?

Well, for me, I need access to his FB wall so I can copy and paste the material here, etc. if I question him on this, he’ll block me. In fact, as stated before, you can’t even comment on his vanity site .pdf’s material either. See a trend there? “Mom, those Korffers won’t let me post my material without locking it down!”

For the other Face Bookers? I think the right assumption is that he has virtually ZERO people reading and following the material, at all.

Check the followers on his vanity page = 1

The reads of the .pdf's are not reads, they count each time the .pdf was accessed.

So, nobodies listening, nobodies reading and most importantly, no reputable (or any at this point) news organization is posting or publishing Korff's material.

That's all that really matters. If and when they do... well I wouldn't want to be them, then....


The Unknown Korffer said...

Yeah don't call him out, your presence on the inside is too valuable. I don't know what kind of relations Kalvin has with his flock but by Face Book contacts and I only have cordial & friendly relations or nothing. No conflicts, dramas or prima donna routines. And you learn quickly not to respond to those who engage in them or at least shuffle them off to the side by editing them out of your newsfeed. That's likely what the majority of them have done, with a few family members and those who love the bizarre keeping him on just to see what trouble Kal will get into next.

I wonder how he got on this "syndicated" kick, what did he see or read or hear, with whose name attached which impressed him enough.

Anonymous said...

Here's a break down of the "traffic" on Korff's posts since the end of July; the first time he lied to his public and told them he was now a syndicated Face Book journalist.

Remember a "read" is a click of the link to access the page where the .PDF is posted, nothing more and not a proper read of anything.

Knowing how many downloads one might get per .PDF would be useful information but, more on that later.

(Total page views)

Total Reads: 640

Korff has uploaded 10 .PDF's since the end of July, 2011.

Uploads: 10

Korff has one follower. Early on a couple of Korffers did follow him but Korff removed them.

Followers: 1

Lastly, all functions other than viewing the .PDF’s on-line have been locked down.

You can't download a copy (since we did and then posted it on this blog Korff took that function away).

You can't print out a copy.

You can't access it through a mobile.

Way to go you fake, syndicated, Face Book Journalist.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess Kal didn't make the grade with his nuclear bomb. I guess they never went to to do their research.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

maybe kal was just having that dumbass ribbon carbon tested for someone

Anonymous said...

Hi Face Book friends! Here's another one of my "syndicated" articles. Please enjoy.

By the way, my book will be released soon and ready for you to enjoy.

Kal Korff: Here's my article on the U.S. military's loss of the second Hypersonic Transport Vehicle, which cost the taxpayers $320 million. The unmanned aircraft, which caused "UFO" sightings, was lost due to a communications failure. It flies up to 22 times the speed of sound, and was cruising along at 17,000 mph when they lost contact.

Anonymous said...

Kal: nice report from you today on Scribd regarding the loss of the HTV aircraft during it's test flight. We would never had known, although it happened 3 days ago and has been in the news since then! But thanks anyway for your 'syndicated' report!

kal korff = failure in life said...

its ok for kal to copy/paste from other people's articles but not his! hypocrite. he can't do anything right.

Anonymous said...

My God, this korff is such an insignificant and irrelevant shit-stain .. how can anyone, even him, think anyone would take any of this shit seriously? This in itself should prove this moron is mentally and morally deranged! Just where are the men wearing the white coats? Here is a pick-up for you boys!

squlikhkq;wbdjskqj vbq said...


You might want to contact the folks at Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths to direct the URL for their "Victims Speak Out About ..." for KALVIN KORFF back to this blog. It's currently directed to Kult Of Kal's blog which hasn't been updated since you came back online here in March 2010.

Anonymous said...

Korff's posting Apple and Obama links like a mad man today. I'm not going to wade through them all. I'll just post the most obvious lies.

Obvious lie #1

Kal Korff: You may be interested in knowing that I queried the US Dept of "Justice" for an upcoming article about Flash Mob attacks in America. I asked what they're doing about these civil rights violations and the fact that blacks are attacking whites, flash mobs are not usually whites attacking blacks. "Largely nothing so far," was the reply. If these attacks were always whites on blacks, Holder spare no expense to nail them.

Anonymous said...

It's so essy to comment from afar, isn't it Korff.

A this point you're not even skipping through the desert, like a fairy, scattering nanodust, are you.

Kommander Korff, Face Book Reporter.

Korffers, keep in mind, the response Korff gets to these posts is almost zero, and his "syndicated" articles get even less response, because you CAN"T comment on them.

Kal Korff: Let's hope the war to oust Gadaffy is over soon. It has been commanded in a wholly incompetent fashion, and could have ended months ago if NATO and our CIC were more competent, but they're not.

Anonymous said...

I got to ask, who is that pudgy, pasty-faced dweeb wearing the sunglasses and goofy Russian styled furry hat .. and the dumb-assed look on his mug?

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff; hater of the gays. And this, posted on Face Book. What a loser.

Kal Korff: Obama says that our economic problems are "due to bad luck." WHY can't Obama, our fearless "leader" just admit HIS part? I hope be continues to put his dic* in his mouth with statements like this, a man who never admits it is his fault, is not worthy of being president of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Kal, just so you know you cannot "charge" the average citizen with violating someone's civil rights. You can get charged with a hate crime and the appropriate assault charges, but you can't get arrested for it.

You can sue for a civil rights violation, just like your dirtbag brother tried to do. Remember that one, Kal? Yeah that lawsuit you inserted yourself in and fucked up with your big mouth and lies. The one your GUILTY FELON brother lost. I'm sure you remember that, moron. LMAO!

Kal, when can we see a video of you visiting that crime scene where your brother tried to mow down a cop with a car? You did claim to have done an onsite investigation, so where is it?

Loser. Liar. Lunatic. Kal.

Anonymous said...

What???? A deep Korffisum people.

Kal Korff: We have two extremist parties in power. The Dems grow govt too much and over-regulate things, the Republicans say "hands off" and everything will be fine. WHY can't we ever have a party which will have balance and do what is right? It's because we make a point to elect those who do wrong.

The Unknown Korffer said...

FACT: Kalvin Korff currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, and has been there since at least 2002.

FACT: Kalvin Korff has almost surely not participated in any US elections since fleeing the United States.

FACT: Kalvin Korff does not a taxpaying US resident, and by all accounts has no gainful employment at all.

So, what's up with all the "WE" bullshit?

Kal Korff: We have two extremist parties in power. The Dems grow govt too much and over-regulate things, the Republicans say "hands off" and everything will be fine. WHY can't we ever have a party which will have balance and do what is right? It's because we make a point to elect those who do wrong.

Whom is he referring to with this "we"?

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff

Liar. Fruad. Asshole. Hater of the gays. Intolerant. Ignorant.

Did I say liar?

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff:

Reporter from afar.
Hater of the gay.
Small minded bigot.

Kal Korff: MILLIONS of ordinary people in India are now protesting all across the country against corruption. There is not much coverage of this in the USA, they don't care. If only MILLIONS of Americans CARED ENOUGH to also rise up and protest against the corruption and incompetence of our own government, then like India, the World's largest democracy, could make progress. Until enough Americans truly care, they don't.

Anonymous said...

What's with Kal's sudden interest in the situation in India?Something to do with his Indian Princess?
A guy named Anna Hazare is on a hunger strike to protest corruption. Nothing new, Did it before.
Millions of protesters? A very, very small percentage of the total population. No big news.
Corruption has, and always will, exist. Kal K. Korff is a prime example!!!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

korff seems to forget that we protest here annually every november. they are called elections. if he chooses to hide in europe and not participate he should shut up about the results.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a place where good people regularly rise up and protest against your bullshit, Kal.

Lying, Liar. Target of the fashion police.

Anonymous said...

flunk any grades recently kal? been kept back lately? or was that 1977.

Anonymous said...

KalIsrael was, is, and will remain an insignificant failure. He's one of the few rare examples that probably any of us will ever encounter of a man who has TOTALLY FAILED in life.


The Unknown Korffer said...

No splittle flecking beet red hysterical tirade from KALVIN over the terror attacks in Israel? I would imagine that would have presented a perfect opportunity for him to provoke attention from his Flake Book "friends". He could work in some bigotry against Arabs, claim to be in contact with officials from the Justice Department, make some anti-gay slurs and figure out a way to blame it all on Obama. Then brag about writing a syndicated op/ed piece on it, helpfully providing a copy on Scribd for free.

Anonymous said...

Syndicated WHERE?!? You lying fuck.

Kal Korff: I have had eight more articles published in syndication, I will post them on as time permits. I am writing more today for publication, been swamped lately. Sorry for this photo, but it shows up automatically when the URL where my reported articles are.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff...
What a joker!!!

Anonymous said...

Part One

Hello Korffers,

Soon the launching of a new Korffing web site and posting the largest and most expansive Korffieleak of all time will take place. After this history making and monumental data release, we will be taking an extended break from Korffing.

Our work has been successful though not fully; Korff has removed nearly all of his material which refers to: nanodust, fighting terrorism, the threat to sue anyone, giving away free iPads for Peace, etc. However, removing Korff completely from the internet is not a plausible outcome. Any idiot can post and dirty up the internet.

However, currently anyone doing a basic Google internet, image or news searches of the name: Kal Korff, will be rewarded with our work. Because of our ceaseless Korffing activities, even Korff himself has found it necessary to change his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

Korff has now moved on to laying the ground work, while trying to bolster this attempt by deleting as much of his past, fake, internet persona as possible, and to foist yet another fake, internet persona onto the world.

Korff’s new, fake persona is primarily manifested on the Face Book website. Korff is now a “syndicated Face Book Journalist”. And, nobody on Face Book is buying it.

So, unless and until Korff makes the mistake to make claims, threats or boasts which we MUST respond to, my personal Korffing duties will go silent, and into the monitoring mode, until my services are needed again.

Anonymous said...

Part Three

And make no mistake Korff, if I must, I will go after you with full researcher guns blazing until you or I (whoever goes first) leave this mortal coil. I will NEVER, EVER stop taking you down when your behavior and material warrant it. Your deliberate actions and your obstinate behavior deserve nothing less than a life-time of monitoring and when I feel it necessary, action will follow to counter your vile behavior, until the end of our natural lives.

Kalvin Karlton Korff; we have proven, and your actions and non-actions have proven this out for us, we have proven that you are a:

Liar ~ Fraud ~ Thief

So fellow Korffers; await the next and “possible” last major Korffieleak.

Korff; you my waste of internet space subject, will surely hate and despise yourself even more, if that’s even possible, after you see what we have planned.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I got to ask, who is that pudgy, pasty-faced dweeb wearing the sunglasses and goofy Russian styled furry hat .. and the dumb-assed look on his mug?
August 15, 2011"

For the record, he was an East German spy during the 'Cold War' era. He, among others, belonged to a secret unit called 'Stasi. They used to dress in various silly make-up characters so that they would be laughed at rather than be taken serious, while they meanwhile were doing their real serious spy duties. It actually worked.


Anonymous said...

Korff, you sick little fuck. Lies, all lies. Do a Google search people. This is all lies.

"Accredited journalist"

Ha, ha, ha!

Anyway, the reason Korff posts this stuff on Face Book is because he knows, we know, that he reads this blog and he thinks it’s funny to try and bait us by making these statements.

What Korff does not understand is that many more non-Korffers visit this site.

Does Korff really think people do not Google his name? Look at what comes up in the first few results Korff.

We do.

It's no game Korff. Not to Korffers anyway.

Every time you post a lie, we counter it; those people searching you find us and your lie.

Pretty amusing right, Korff?

Ignorant little lying prick.

Kal Korff: I've had 12 articles published in the last few days, four were printed by the media today, stories about Microsoft, HAMAS, Prague, Wooly Mammoth found, etc. I'll post em as soon as I have time, three more appear in syndication tomorrow, I'm truly honored. Thanks everyone for your support, interest and encouragement. It's great to be able to author them as an accredited journalist, I pull no punches re Obama, Syria, etc.,

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff, ask yourself, why do people despise you?

Jimmy D said...

Back from a Korff-free fortnight in Bulgaria to find that KalIsrael is up to all his old tricks.

Karlton - just to be clear: if I ever get my hands on you I am going to beat the living shit out of you. Got it?

Anonymous said...

kal has no education credentials. his claim of being accredited at anything is a lie. he is perpetrating a fraud on facebook and should have his account suspended. thats why he backed off the colonel korff claims. he got a warning.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's very difficult to get to anyone on Face Book to turn people like Korff in.

You have "by the numbers" click able options, etc. If you want to really explain to someone at the site the why's and what nots, it's very hard.

Unless Korff does something really stupid, we're stuck with him on Face Book.

Anonymous said...

A chunky piece of shit barely clinging on to the public toilet bowl of life.

Anonymous said...

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