Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kernal Klown needs to shut the fuck up

Kal K. Korff can't keep his big fucking mouth shut. Kal sas of the recent attack on and killing of part of Navy SEAL Team 6 "Thanks to Basic Failure In Command 101, Obama's lack of leadership facilitated this, he should NOT have re-stationed them in the area to be shit down and turned into a propaganda victory"

So Kal please do tell just what a Wells Fargo security guard who has NEVER served in the military and who poses as a FAKE COLONEL and STEALS VALOR from the REAL heroes on the front lines knows about military leadership?

Just shut the fuck up Kal. You are a nobody in the REAL WORLD and you don;t amount to a shit smear on a Jihadist's toilet seat.


Anonymous said...

BTW, reggarding all of those "new" .PDF's Korff is posting to that vanity web site.

Korff turned off ALL options:

to print them out
to save them
to view them using a moblie phone.

One would have to ponder, why?

Such an obvious liar.


Anonymous said...

Seems like Kal's behavour is getting a litle more bizzare lately. Even his latest rant on the USN Navy SEALS loss is rather incoherent.
Is he having mental problems, or what??

The Unknown Korffer said...

He's an expert on flying saucers, Bigfoot and assassination conspiracy theories, to which he devoted his life instead of pursuing an actual career, raising a family, or doing anything meaningful which now he can draw upon in his middle age. So of COURSE Kal Korff is qualified, knowledgeable and credible in the area of military tactics. And of course he's been briefed on the situation, is part of the communications networks facilitating US command and personally knows the Spice Girls. Kal's background, education, and life's work all uniquely qualify him to be an editorial journalist on whatever subject will get him the most attention from his followers on Flake Book.

I'm not even wasting my time on this one. There's no "mainstream news site" or print outlet publishing anything, just some douchebag using Scribd. Anybody can do that and claim to be an internationally renowned whatever. There's no journalistic standards, no 2nd party editing and no way to ensure a free exchange of ideas. Just more crap from Kernal Korff, who is nothing more than a failed flying saucer commentator. To use Kalvin's own words its just that simple.

Instead of wading through that I'd rather focus on trying to dig up the PDFs of those Josephine County court records which state incontrovertibly that Kal Korff lied to them about being a SAPSTOE Colonel in the Super Duper Services. Misrepresented himself in a court of law to deceive the courts, something that his "fake persona" explanation will N E V E R change.

Anonymous said...

just make screenshots! command + shift + 3

no journalist would take such steps to hide their work. its a 12 year old declaring "no girls allowed" at his tree fort all over again, only now he's a fully grown 50 year old sociopath

Anonymous said...

Kal, here's a news flash for your stupid ass: NATO says chopper crash that killed 22 Navy SEALs was part of mission to target leader behind insurgent ops.

Kal blows it with both lips and swallows hard AGAIN! LMFAO at your ineptitude, Kal.

Anonymous said...

Not to muddy the waters any further, but the latest on the CH-47 Chinook crash was that they were actually on a rescue mission to evacuate a squad of US Army Rangers who were 'pinned down' by the Taliban forces while trying to 'take out' one or more high ranking 'enemy' people at that site. Recovery was done successfully, but unfortunately, during the climb-out departure, the chopper was hit by a missile and crashed. All personnel on board, including those Rangers, were killed as a result.
Kal needs to get his act together before spouting off about something he knows little about. That is, if he wants to be known as an acreditted journalist! LOL
Obama had nothing to do with it. There have been over 2000 such missions done previously.

Anonymous said...

so how is kal korff supposedly privy to information on this tragedy that anybody else couldnt get? what makes his opinion on the incident of importance to anyone else? ok he has an opinion that fits in with his anti-obama rhetoric but so what. its not like he was in the navy or anything or is part of a news network getting exclusive tips from official sources. what makes his opinion any more valuable than your random person waiting in line at dunkin donuts?

Anonymous said...


Search the name Kal Korff and you get ZERO results covering the last, many MANY M A N Y months.

Lies, lies, L I E S!

al Korff: My next column, which was also adapted by the newspapers to be a regular article, is titled: Needless Deaths: Taliban hoax kills US-NATO coalition forces. The article proves how the Taliban fed us bogus intel, and ambushed the Chinook which got shot down. It names the Talibani commander who did it, they are now hunting him down to kill him. Had drones been used, no coalition forces would have died, it was inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

You can't hide.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The article proves how the Taliban fed us bogus intel, and ambushed the Chinook which got shot down.

Wow Kal! The military hasn't even finished their investigation into the incident and you know all about it just from looking at Drudge Report or whatever. Wasn't he just whining about conspiracy theory types making accusations without supporting evidence? And is he footnoting these "articles" to give credit to the journalists for the reporting he is basing his conclusions on? He certainly hasn't traveled to the crash site and seen anything for himself. And Scribd isn't a "news outlet", it's a free document hosting platform that anyone can use with no standards about what kind of material is hosted there. There's no editorial staff proofreading or editing anything. Isn't that why Kalvin's former buddy Rob McConnell was using it?

The Unknown Korffer said...

It's also telling that if you look at Kevin Randle's blog, a guy who not only has an *extensive* background in the US Military including service as a helicopter pilot, there is NO mention of the incident at all:

Likely because there are no words beyond honoring the sacrifice and urging others to allow the agencies in question time to conduct an investigation into the ascertainable facts.

The only individuals spouting off breathlessly with accusations are idiots like Alex Jones, leader of the pinhead conspiracy theory lifestyle. How can anyone claim know anything for sure about exactly what happened? It only happened three days ago!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: As promised, here's Part 2 of my syndicated article which proves that the chopper which was shot down and needlessly cost lives, was the victim of a simple deception by the Taliban, who we continue to underestimate, due to arrogance. Had drones been used, no coalition forces would have died. It disproves BS CONspiracy lies that "Team 6 was silenced." The Taliban commander who did it is named, and is now a marked man.

Anonymous said...

Lying lair.

Kal Korff: I have received now about 12 emails from people who have read this new expose. I wish to THANK YOU SINCERELY for your much appreciated comments. I hope those who "think" that Navy SEAL Team 6 was "silenced" will learn their lesson and stop their extremism and hatred, it blinds them from the truth. I am going to "unfriend" more CONspiracy nuts, what's scary is that some of them vote! :-)

Anonymous said...

More incoherent nonsense from the world's leading military expert!

Anonymous said...

syndicated at scribd? there's a laugh. i'm still waiting to see kal korff state what his credentials on this subject are. most people think he just does ufos. im a freedom of speech guy so he can write all he wants. nobody has to read it. but he shouldnt claim its being syndicated or published. why would a syndication group need to use a free website and have kal host it off his own account. doesnt add up.

Anonymous said...

" I am going to "unfriend" more CONspiracy nuts, what's scary is that some of them vote! :-)"

just noticed that. what a dick. actions of a man child. and when was the last time kal korff voted? he's been over in europe all last decade & this.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time Kal paid his taxes? Just because he is in a foreign country does not make him immune from fulfilling his obligation as a US tax payer.

Someone should clue in Kal what the fuck the word syndicated actually means. Kal, being syndicated does not include mailing a link to 12 of your facebook "friends" and asking what they think about some garbage you threw together based on your continuing delusion.

Anonymous said...

New Korff Kartoon:
v=AczPgRvg8MM said...

You're such a fruad Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kal will only unfriend the people questioning his ludicrous claims and patently obvious bullshit. Fuck you, Kal.

happy red mogul balloon said...

Military launches probe into helicopter crash,
Aug 9, 9:36 PM (ET)





Kiai said...

As if we need anymore proof that Kalvin Karlton Korff is a lying asshole.

Here's more proof anyway.

Anyone can set up a Google News Alert for anything under the sun.

I set one up for Kal Korff.

As I've stated again, and again, when you do a Google News Search for Kal Korff, nothing comes up for that last many months, and to see anything at all, you have to go back many years.

Here's what my Kal Korff Google News Alert sent me today:

Kal Korff is an IDIOT: August 2011
Watching on as a desperate lone nut named Kal K. Korff impersonates an Israeli intelligence agent and Krav Maga instructor and exploiting war victims for ...

The ONLY coverage this lying idiot is getting is from this blog.

You see this kal Korff Face Book frieeds,Korff is lying to you, over and over again.

Free ipads.
Home-made nanodust.


No lawsiuts filed. Ever.

Anonymous said...

hey, who does this look like?