Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doesn't "syndicated" mean appearing in more than one place???

Lads I have yet to find a sinlge column from Kal appearing anywhere other than the single place he has it posted on the internet. Kal IS NOT SYNDICATED anywhere except in his tiny brain and deluded fantasies.

Kal says he has 10,000 articles published but the only ones I can find are in obscure flying saucer like magazines and free daily papers that Kal was long ago fired from. Can someone with more skill on the internet perhaps located and tally all of Kal's articles?

Another ruse by Kal that has utterly failed! What it must be to live a life of utter failure. Perhaps Kal can write about being a failure and that might actually get published in a legitimate paper.  That's a BIG MAYBE though lads!


Jimmy D said...

All I want to see from you is a public apology, "Colonel".

Apologize to M*l*s "Fuck You" B*rtu for stealing his property.

Apologize to V*jt*ch S*dl*c*k for stealing his honor.

Apologize to M.K. for harrassing and bullying her so much that she felt the need to flee to Hawaii.

Apologize publicly, unreservedly and in full to these people and I promise I will leave you alone for good.

If you don't, then I swear that I will hound you until either you or I cease to draw breath.

Anonymous said...

This sorry excuse and waste of skin and blood is will never excuse himself in any manner. Look at his photograph, look at that piece of shit dirtbag brother and tell me where they would ever be able to take responsibility for their actions. This sad sack excuse for a "sub-human" human being is nothing more than a useless eater. No self respect, no sense of responsiblity, nothing but lies, excuses, more lies and hiding out. This shit for brains knows if he comes back to the U.S. he has law suits waiting for him, Mommy will not be able to bail his sad sack flabby ass out, and the dirt bag brother is still in the clink. Just a matter of time till the fates catch up fully to Kalvin. His time is coming, we know it and somewhere in the dim recess of his rat brain .. he must know it.

Anonymous said...

Great, a new thread. I’ve been waiting to post a few things. First up, here are some additions and deletions to Korff Face Book Info Wall; I added the CAPITALS for clarity and lie focus, all capital words and sentences are LIES.

Notice, Korff is now publicly married. Korff is writing a singular BOOK. Ufowatchcat and are no longer listed. And there’s ZERO mention of any free iPad scam.

Of course, and are up and running, and awaiting the time to finish a major Korffieleak, one of a few major, major, “Oh my God, people have taken the time to research and post the truth about me and I’m even more a Loser and Wannabe and Never Was than ever!” Korffieleaks.

Korff Face Book Additions and Deletions:

I am also an OFFICIALLY ACCREDITED INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST AND COLUMNIST, analyst and executive special advisor. I have worked at several newspapers and for various media entities, and am the author of non-fiction books.

My upcoming BOOK on Islamofascism, terrorism, haters, extremists,

In studying this subject as an Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Videographer, COUNTER-TERRORISM STRATEGIST AND ADVISOR

which COMPELLED me to leave the United States and relocate to Europe to "fight the good fight" — try to help people.

Relationship Status – MARRIED


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Keep it from the media! What a fully demented lying piece of bat shit!

The read this over and over again; a 50 year old Sad Sake, who's in love with a Princess (you're public words Korff, not mine) and he's so happy to have found the one.

Syndicated asshole.

Read on Korffers

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, THANKS for your private emails especially, and your instant Facebook messages and best wishes, I really appreciate them.

Just letting you know I updated my profile info on Facebook.

I was actually married this last January, while my "kritics" LIED and said I never got married.

I told the truth. She used to be part of a royal family in India, but India became a Republic many years ago, so titles mean nothing. They are used informally, but have no power. Not into the "royal" thing anyway, but yes she is Indian by birth and nationality.

I wanted to keep it out of the media, and keep it private, I'll be starting a family soon, we are planning it now and will "get busy" in that department soon. :-)

THANKS again, I have never been happier with anyone and it is great to be married to someone I feel is truly the love of my life.

Anonymous said...


Jindus doesn't come up in a Google search at all, ZERO results, just like when you search for any Korff articles posted by anyone else other than Korff himself within the last 10 year, give or take.

Hinjews does... :-0

Hinjews are 1/2 Indian and 1/2 Jewish. They are extremely cheap, but at the same time they are very intelligent and very good looking.

Kal Korff: Our children will be Jindhus or HinJews, depending on your view.

Anonymous said...

Korff, you can Like whatever you want on Face Book but many of these are lies, and things you've lied about. This is a small selection of a very LONG list of things Korff says to Like. All, or most, from higher education, much higher than Korff could ever achive.

Investigative journalism
Biblical archaeology
Macintosh Computing
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
Czech Republic
Quantum Physics
Information technology
Military Sciences
Graphic design
Professional in Human Resources
Space exploration

Anonymous said...

A Google News Search on the name "Kal Korff" brings up the link to his template web site, only.

ZERO links to any SYNDICATED anything, ever, anywhere.


Brit in Prague said...

"She used to be part of a royal family in India, but India became a Republic many years ago ..."
---In 1947, to be precise.

"I'll be starting a family soon, we are planning it now..."

So, you are starting a family with a woman who was alive in 1947? With a woman who is at least 64?

Jimmy D said...

By the way, Karlton - what's up with your genius son? We never seem to hear about him these days.

Liar. Vermin. Scum.

The Unknown Korffer said...

That is about the dumbest thing yet I've seen Kal try to bullshit people with. I give that "status update" about 72 hours before it is deleted as the baffled questions from those who actually know who/what Kalvin is (pathetic, mentally unstable, prone to fantasy and historically unreliable) straggle in, combined with a sinking realization that he made a total horse's ass out of himself.

I mean seriously, what a fucking idiot -- does he actually expect one soul to believe he was secretly married to someone in January? The idiocy of claiming it to be Hindi royalty is staggering. This is the lie of an 11 year old. Kalvin's biggest mistake is believing that anyone actually cares about his fantasies beyond those formerly close family/friends who will regard it as further evidence that Kal needs professional help.

One interesting sidenote, the week before I paged back through the blog's archives from the month of his Dinner With The Troops con (November 2010) and the bulk of the messages posted by the woman who was apparently the focus or genesis of this Indian Princess con have been deleted. Just a coincidence that Kalvin now seems to be returning to the put-on and reworking his account of it? He's upping the ante on the lie to now being actually married. To an Indian princess! Just like in a Steven Spielberg movie.

The Unknown Korffer said...

And he announced it on Face Book! To everyone! Which means one thing -- Kal is convinced that this will bring him the attention that his "syndicated journalist" lie did not harvest. He's seen some of the people on his sucker list get fawning rapturous attention at altering their relationship status and decided it was as good a gamble as any. Even negative attention will be fine. Kal doesn't care that most any human over the age of nine would consider his claim to be utterly preposterous. But he may actually be stupid enough to believe that there would be some who will actually believe it and congratulate him.

One last thought is that from my point of view this is Kalvin deciding that his discretion & restraint over the past few months has backfired. Back to the wild improbable and sidesplittingly hilarious claims. This is the first thing Kal has done since May or June that is entertaining. I prefer the nutty wild unrestrained Kal in his silly hats waving the newspaper clippings. Which is all those fake syndicated articles are: Just newspaper clippings, only now he bypasses actual media outlets & just fabricates them himself.

Look for more thank-you messages thanking his Flake Bookers for their well wishes and, hopefully, pictures of a woman meant to be his "wife". Twenty minutes on Webshots and he could hijack a woman's whole life. And some story explaining why this woman can't or won't use Flake Book, but likely will be posting to Kal's account. Or her own fake page, filled with images of Kal or her but not both in the same frame. Just sayin'!

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

Man, this is great! A certified attention whore wanting to keep his marriage "out of the media." Like any actual media person would give it a moment's attention even if it were real. I wonder if this pathetic little clown is capable of five minutes of any sort of human interaction without telling some idiotic lie. I doubt it.

Kalvin, you are going to have to do better than that. You might as well tell us you were one of the astronauts in the Apollo Program, but only went on secret missions. You would have been five or so, but that's not the sort of fact you let get in the way of a stupid story.

Anonymous said...

ah yes, lets see, he supposedly had a meeting with the unseen indian princess, whom he didnt know at time of meeting..lets see, wasnt that in Nov? around the same time he had thanksgiving dinner with the troop?... oh so that leaves maybe 1-2 months and then BLAM married.
sounds like a fantasy to me! wake up asshole...oh thats right, crazy people live their fantasies

Anonymous said...

Korff Web Site Update, sort of.

If you can stand a visit to the Genuine Idiots template web site, you'll see a lengthy, updated, fully fantasy bio Korff has updated.

He's written "several" books' not 10, or 50, or 500.

Of most interest is that he included a long "explanation" of what Kidon is and why he's not and never has been, or claimed to be part of Mossad.

There you have it Korffers, the reason Korff stopped all "military" activities.

Running scared and running away from his past, fake, internet, persona.



happy red mogul balloon! said...

make some popcorn and bring it on kal! entertain us, since that's the only thing you've ever done well. looking like a fool. all the way back to childhood you have stood out from the rest of the crowd as abnormal or awkward. a misfit who was prone to do things that the other kids would laugh at. thirty years later and we're STILL LAUGHING AT YOU, kal.

Anonymous said...

Korff couldn't keep what he had for lunch secret if there was someone he thought would be impressed by it. Let alone being married for nine months. I guess he figures summer vacation time is over and he needs something good for show & tell. Since he stopped maturing emotionally at the age of 11 it should be no surprise that he still feels he is welcome to lie like one.

Interesting observation too about the comments by Tina (?) being deleted. And speculation that it might be related to a new push by Korff to front up a new con about being married. Since she was the focus of the original lie it's very likely she is the focus of the new pass at it.

One reason Korff lies so he doesn't feel like such a loser in front of his peers (or those whom he considers to be his peers). So for some reason it became advantageous for Korff to be married all of a sudden. Though it could just be that he got jealous at someone else's happy marriage shared on FB and wanted one he could brag about too.

So he either went back to the Indian princess story because he was convinced it was good enough to material to create an instant union of bliss to show off how successful he has been. Like the Czech supermodel porn star potentially lounging around his apartment half naked while producing his shitty webcam videos.

Or more likely someone he wants to impress brought up the princess bullshit as an example of what a retard he is and like an angry child called out on making something up he's trying to shove it back in their face.

"No, it's true and we were secretly married." Sounds like the brat at 5th period lunch lying about having a swimming pool in his basement because some other kid has one and Korff wasn't invited to the pool party.

Anonymous said...

After reading the last note, out of curiosity I went back, really far back, in this blog reading old posts. Back to early 2008. You know what? This fucking slug has not changed one iota. Not one. I find it hard to believe that a supposedly grown "man" could be this dysfuntional and somehow still manage to eat, sleep, for God's sake .. use a computer and spew all the bullshit he spews .. without Mommy. He must be under some kind of care, does anyone really think he could pull this off himself?

Korff, get some help and for God's sake, start taking your med's again! Do you have any fucking conception of how you appear to the rest of the world? You are a flabby assed little thief, liar, and mind sick individual. Get some professional help before someone finds you and kicks all your teeth in. And, even so you realize you are still a MAJOR ASSHOLE, right?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the last post, you're right, he hasn't changed and he can't. Change into what? Ha!

Anyway, from time to time Korff goes silent, then he comes back.

Well Korffers, here we go, let the fun and the Korffing start anew.

"....police investigation which always targets me. "

Who targets you, the police, the web site....? Dummy.

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! I am launching in a few days a new series of exposes of my "kritics" and especially a certain web site which is run by haters and extremists who are jnder police investigation which always targets me. The exposes feature their content and claims and exposes them for what they are. For each downloaded copy of each expose, when people click on one, I get a royalty so as a writer this is super sweet. I will post the URL soon, please feel free to "download away."

Anonymous said...

If your "expose" is as lucid and well written as your post about it, I don't think you'll be getting enough royalties to buy a decent bottle of beer. Of course it does not take a genius to figure out the royalties are as imaginary as your military career, or your book deal, or your marriage to an "Indian princess."

Y'all are right: Same bullshit, different day.

Anonymous said...

Korff Claims Marriage, People Keep Farting

Kal, not a single person gives a shit about your so called Indian Princess marriage. You're not royalty Kal and neither is the whore you took the picture with. shut the fuck up with your silly shit.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

note however that the korffster won't name this blog (its a blog kal,you simple simon idiot) nor link to it. just refer to it as some sort of distant rumor lest his so-called friends be given a chance to make up their own minds. but go ahead and expose away, i am sure the three people who read it will fucking care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Red, you kill me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ran into Andy M*rk*w*tz, late of The Prague Post, last week.

He was telling me about your disturbing, creepy harrassment of M*ch*l* K*c*s a decade ago.

You really are a sub-species of pond life, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Update

Korff; posting like a mad man - Apple and Global Warming.

ZERO rsponse to his post about exposing this web site (blog) and ZERO response to his marriage post, for the last couple of days.

The Unknown Korffer said...

First thing any human being would do at this point with 600+ friends clamoring to share in this happy union is drop their routine and post pictures of the wedding or its aftermath. That Kalvin claims to have suppressed that urgency in JANUARY is proof it never happened. The guy has been a womanless loser his whole life, unless she's Large Marge from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure he should be bragging left & right about finally getting some on a regular basis.

Yet to then to immediately distract ones "friends" from the happy revelation with "BREAKING NEWS!!" about a bullshit personal vendetta suggests that Kalvin doesn't give one flying shit about this marriage. Which reinforces the conclusion it never happened -- has he deleted the claim yet? I would imagine that by Thursday suppertime its removed. Whatever he had hoped to reap from the claim has either come & gone or never happened. Look for a post thanking "everyone" for their fond wishes for them along with a weird explanation of why he can't post any pictures. "Security concerns" would be my first pick.

Kalvin is also almost surely using the term "web site" to refer to this blog to prevent people from finding it. Which is odd: If we're as bad as Kal claims wouldn't it be obvious to anyone who tried looking in on their own? Either that or he really is too stupid to understand the difference between a user-built website and an automated blog function one subscribes to. As usual you have to make a choice -- Is Kal Korff deliberately lying, or is he just plain too stupid to comprehend what he attempts to talk about?

Anonymous said...

Always like reading your posts Unknown.

"has he deleted the claim yet?"

Nope. He rarely deletes anything. Not sure he even knows how.

Anonymous said...

"I just found out" because you're to stupid to listen to the radio or wtach TV...

"I founnd out"


"me Me ME!!!"

Syndicated TV and radio user. Fine use of your Face Book account Korff.

Kal Korff: I just found out that Solyndra Executives now under criminal investigation will be pleading the Fifth Amendment, you know, because they're nice guys.

Anonymous said...

So, it reads like this from Korff's template web site:

Since October 19, 1973 Kal Korff has devoted his life to three major areas:

1. Conduct original research

2. Finishing research left incomplete or unresolved by others

3. Look at existing, important issues — analyze and understand them, then implement a solution.

But the reality of Korff's history should read like this:

Since 1973 Korff has lied.

Lying liar.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right.

Lying liar.

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS: My upcoming expose of the lies Global Warming promoters make has been accepted for publication. The latest measurements by both NASA and ESA confirm that sea levels have DROPPED .5 inches. Now if the world is melting, and it is not, where's the water going? Point is GW "science" is biased and often outright lies. The principle of polluting gets lost while they argue over thermometers.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff is pond scum.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

so has anyone even responded to the korffling's claim of being married?

Anonymous said...

Married? The only thing kalvin is married to is his right hand. On another note, every time I see a photo of that POS dressed up in his army man costume, I want to kick his front teeth in. Hear me Kolonel?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he got a number of "Congrats" on Face Book for getting secertly married in his attempt to keep the media at bay.... Then again, that's what Face Book is for, not this...

BTW Korff, 4 days and counting....

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! I am launching in a few days a new series of exposes of my "kritics" and especially a certain web site which is run by haters and extremists who are jnder police investigation which always targets me. The exposes feature their content and claims and exposes them for what they are. For each downloaded copy of each expose, when people click on one, I get a royalty so as a writer this is super sweet. I will post the URL soon, please feel free to "download away."

Kevin Randle said...

All -

Just a note to let you know that I have finished negotiating to do a new book... a real book, by a real publisher... due in June 2012.

I note this, not to brag, but to jerk Kalvin's chain because he doesn't have a real book to deliver to a real publisher.

And note, I'm talking about one book and not 500. How goes the delivery of those books, Kal? Sent anything in yet? Got any video of you sending off the manuscript?

Oh, BTW, most publishers now take electronic submissions, in case you hadn't discovered that yet.

Kevin D. Randle

Anonymous said...

Kevin Randle = hero

Kalvin Karlton Korff = zero

5 days and waiting Kalvin.

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat, Kalvin?


Anonymous said...

Scibd Korff update

September 23, 2011

3300 Reads (page views)
44 .PDF files
1 follower

30 FAKE and fully made up "newspaper scans" of Korff fully FAKE made up SYNDICATED articles.

Korff, who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Come on you investigative journalist, investigate something.


Anonymous said...

Good job lying to your friends about being married and having a job, Kal. Really impressed by all the hard work you undertook to con them. Shows how much you care. The results aren't very convincing but I can see all the effort that has been put into this act and sincerely hope you get exactly what you deserve for having undertaken it.

Anonymous said...

here we go again Korffers. And Korff, thanks for stopping by here and checking in. Nice to see you respond directly to this "blog" not web site.

In any case, let the Korffing begin....

BTW, virtually no response to this post, as nobody on his was knows who JimmyD is? Ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: Guess what, folks. Cyberstalker "JimmyD" (real name James Dalyrumple) is the official recipient of a police investigation for impersonating me. I will publish the paperwork shortly. Also, JimmyD is such a liar, he "denies" that my articles which are at, are from a real newspaper. Leave it to haters and extremists to deny facts and reality. As my new book series on extremists and haters heads to the publisher shortly, I promise you that he and a few others are exposed in the new books. They won't sue my publisher, they'd lose anyway. They even deny I am married to an Indian woman! They're beyond bozos.

Anonymous said...

Hey Korff, Big Don Ecker is not involved with this blog in any way other than as a poster. Dummy.

Kal Korff: Czech police have also told me that he is in the country illegally. We will see soon, I will be in touch with the Ministry of Interior and report publicly back to you. Since December 28, last year, he and his colleague who created the web site only to harass and cyberstalk me, have been under formal investigation by police. Documents proving it will appear shortly, as will exposes of them. It's about time and has looooooooooooooooong been in the works. They're held up as prime examples of how not to be. David Biedny and Don Ecker are also involved, and nailed.

Anonymous said...

Laugh away Korff.

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat, Korff.

Post a single link pointing to a single newspaper any of your .PDF articles have appeared in.

We've heard all of these LIES before.

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: Yes, the Illuminati forced us to marry, after first consulting with the Masons, who of course channeled the Pleiadians, who of course contacted the MIBs first for their secret orders, after first consulting with the Loch Ness Monster, his cousin Bigfoot, and of course their uncles who are Little Grey Men stored away in pickle jars at Area 51.

After threatening Roswell "witnesses" with death, they CONtacted Kevin Randle, who notified his extremist friend Desperate Don Ecker, who accused me of "stealing valor" by getting married, Desperate Don Ecker's opinion was seconded by David Biedny, who then threatened to show me "what the son of a Holocaust victim can do," all while JimmyD searches high and low for me in Prague, only to never realize that I've been there right under his nose, he suffers from Blog Blindness while hiding out from the Czech Foreign Police thinking that changing his email address from to gmail will "save" him, but it won't.

Despite these hurdles to overcome and the "Cosmic Watermelon," er "Cosmic Watergate" to defeat, a secret member of the imaginary MJ-12 committee was a witness at our wedding and made sure that we could get through airport security without being "groped" by TSA officials nor labeled as "racists" just because we were not stupid enough to vote for Obama.

Now that "global warming" has blessed us, Al Gore is sending us his blessings, but since their carbon footprint is too big, we returned them.

How bout them Bears? :-)

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

Korff, you termite, no one anywhere believes anything you say. Grow up, fool.

Anonymous said...

yes no one believes anything from that assholes foul mouth. In his world everyone lies, but him. this charade has been going on how many years? far too many...he promises book to publisher for the last 5 years at least? probably more. what a dick

Anonymous said...

So Kal went totally ballistic again today.
Nice job Jimmy D. You hit a nerve.
What Kal wrote is absolutely pure garbage of course. Notice that everything he says will 'happen soon'. Never does.
He always speaks in generalities, nothing specific. No dates, places, names, etc. Never.
What a poor demented joker!


The Unknown Korffer said...

Well ... if KALVIN's Flake Book crew weren't convinced that he's a paranoid schizophrenic mess they sure learned something today. I wonder if the ex-colonel knows what Timeline is yet, and understands that these posts he is making are not only permanent but will be part of his Flake Book history which anyone on his lists can call up at any time without having to page through his updates.

After threatening Roswell "witnesses" with death, they CONtacted Kevin Randle, who notified his extremist friend Desperate Don Ecker, who accused me of "stealing valor" by getting married,

Actually KALVIN, we have accused you of stealing valor by impersonating a very carefully worded counter terrorism analyst holding a rank of first captain and then colonel, and wearing US military rank insignia to further the fraud. Royce Meyer's website still has an image of you in your SAPSTOE costume showing you not only fraudulently wearing US captain's bars on your louse ridden epaulet, but you are wearing fake Interpol and US Marshall's badges.

The picture speaks for itself. We also specifically accuse you of stealing the valor of the men & women of our armed forces by falsely claiming you were going to enjoy "dinner with the troops" on Thanksgiving Day 2010. You also evoked the name of a "cousin" serving in Afghanistan lamenting that he could not join you for the holiday meal. So if this cousin does exist, you stole his valor too. We even have your Flake Book status update where you made the claim saved, in case you forgot your own words:

Kal Korff:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING — Going to eat with some of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces. Wish my cousin were with me who is also here in Afghanistan, I hope to hear from him soon. Praise YHWH.

The post in question is just over halfway down the page.

It really is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I have investigated on Kal's behalf as we all know he is incapable...

Q: Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

A: A man who repeatedly owns Kal's flabby ass on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Q: Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

A: A man who repeatedly owns Kal's flabby ass on a daily basis.


Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

As always Unknown, steller post.