Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kal K. Korff's FELON brother arrested again!!!

Well lads it looks like the "innocent" brother of pretend colonel and fake anti terrorism specialist Kal K. Korff has been arrested AGAIN!!!!  Instead of being arrested for trying to run over a cop it looks like Kal's brother has been arrested for assault and breaking the rules of his parole. I'm sure Kal will be flying in from Prague to do his own investigation and in short order we will all be seeing more madness on youtube from Kal proclaiming his brother's innocence and police corruption. Maybe we all be treated to a fond repeat of Kal writing those insane legal papers again!  ahahahahahahahahhahahaha!


The Unknown Korffer said...

I seriously think the picture says it all.

Anonymous said...

The fucking apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

Anonymous said...

preidcting a post from korff thanking his readers or whatever & making note of stats after his idol druge put this up thursday night:


Anonymous said...

I wonder what a side by side shower shot of Kern and Karlton would look like? Ha, ha, ha!

Jimmy D said...

Oh, joy!

This has made my day.

Your move, "KalIsrael".

happy red mogul balloon! said...

i would hope that kurtis' phone call included a plea to the family keep kal the hell away from any legal proceedings that will result from this temporary setback in kurtis' career path.

Brit_in_Prague said...

What I mean to say is,"KalIsrael", if you're looking to bust Kurtis from jail, you'd better rustle up some more of that nanodust.

Brit in Prague said...

Posted (and quickly deleted) by Korff on his website in January 2008:

Kal Korff, who holds the rank of Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, is the Counter-terrorism Commander for Kidon Unit Aleph, whose jurisdiction includes Prague.

Since that time, Colonel Korff has been communicating directly with Sheriff Gilbertson and is making nanotechnology components available to him to help fight corruption, courtesy of the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. Gilbertson will decide if he cares to use it.

Anonymous said...

Haw, haw, haw haw, haw haw, haw haw, haw haw, haw haw, haw haw, haw haw, haw.

Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

How does it feel, you udder, udder scumbag? I'm talking to you, Kalvin, not Kurtis.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good there, Kurtis.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to add other than that manson-alike picture scares the freakin crap outta me.

KIAI said...

FN, let me know when you are ready to roll and I will post a link here lad.

Anonymous said...

A face only a mother could love.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Kal hasn't said anything about the latest arrest of his 'innocent' kid brother. Maybe now he realizes that Kurtis is actually a real criminal, just like Kal himself.
A family trait obviously.
I guess he doesn't want his FB 'friends', or anyone else, to know the real facts. That would ruin his reputation!


Anonymous said...

Sure you post a picture of the scarey looking derelict but I have to ask, if you had to choose between the two with your life say in a foxhole who would you choose, Kal or his brother. I'm just sayin

Anonymous said...

Korff's been off Face Book since Tuesday.

Gets one wondering what the Little Shit does when he's not writing SYNDICATED articles.

I have it on good authority that Korff once said, and this was in the last 3 years, that he made $1.5 million a year.

This is above and beyond the $25 million the Arab gave him for research funds.

I really would have loved to have seen a single court case against ANYONE (not his dirt bag brother’s lame case) to have gone through their proper channels.

Just think how much fun that would have been Korffers.

Kern's lame case gave us just a taste of what was to come.

More on Kern's case later, and you know what I mean! :^)


Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker's video: Little Shit, is now over 600 youtube views.

Congrats Don, you now have more views than the majority of Korff's youtube videos. As it should be.

God Bless, Don Ecker.

Anonymous said...

Notice, Korff is back on Face Book.

Notice, an accredited and SYNDYCATED.... wahtever, loser.

The format of this post has not been altered in any way.


Anonymous said...

Old news Kal. Like about 3 weeks ago. NYPD et al will be at a special ceremony later.
Sheeze, do some homework before you spout off!!!

Anonymous said...

as a repeat offender kurtis will hopefully be forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation. he obviously wasn't rehabilitated. failing to observe the law and follow the directives of a conditional release sound like someone with a psychiatric disorder. they run in families. the guy looks like he is irrational. how can you find or hold a full time job in anything other than ZZ Top looking like that? he also looks alarmingly like kal and when I first saw the image i thought it was kal in some new psyops costume. infiltrating a soup kitchen to expose how social misfits interact with each other while living on handouts.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares, and stop the lies Korff. Nobodies asking. Await the truth Korff. Run away.

Kal Korff: I'm uploading more articles, thanks to your requests. Here's the one I did on Gadaffi and the rumors of him being in Zimbabwe several days ago. Tomorrow four more appear in the newspapers, a long piece on 911 and lessons learned and not learned; touring Vienna, business article and FBI busting a Pakistani terrorist in the USA from LeT, the inside story from FBI documents.

happy red mogul balloon said...

all old news already reported on extensively by actual writers qualified in their areas of specialty or at the location of events they are reporting on. the term "business article" got a laugh, that's new. i see nothing about flying saucers, bigfoot, jfk or any other subject kal k. korff has traditionally been associated with prior to his kernal korff gig.

Anonymous said...

It won't work Kal. You're going to have to go home and get a regular job like everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Lying lair.

"re-distributed " Ha, ha, ha, That's rich lying Korff.

I'm syndicated, bitch! Ha, ha, ha,

Lying liar.

Kal Korff: Here's the link again to my full page special feature article on the attacks of 911 which was printed in the newspaper. Hope you like it, I am posting this again because several of you have asked me for the link. All my articles get re-distributed at: Thanks again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Korff, the FACT is, you're lying. Period.

Korffer's care about the truth.

Korffer's print the truth.

You want proof Little SHit?

You mean as you run away little man, run away.

Kal Korff: To show you how stupid CONspiracy nuts are, here's a FAKE letter from "Sean Connery" to Apple's Steve Jobs. It even appeared on a page called UNreal News, but this did not matter to these nut jobs. They took it as "real" because facts never matter to them.

Anonymous said...

You want facts Kal?
The 'attack' you refer to is known as 9/11, NOT 911. 911 is an emergency call telephone number.
Facts, facts, facts Kal.
Mighty sloppy reporting for a syndicated journalist!!!

Anonymous said...

How's it feel to be fully and udderly alone Korff?

Kal Korff: Listening to some great music by one of my favorite singers named Tarja Turunen, who was the lead singer for one of my favorite bands, Finland's Nightwish. She is a classically trained soprano, but sings Gothic Metal. Hope you enjoy it as I do.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that without this blog, the little shit would not even be a blip on the horizon. No where, and I do mean no where, is there a Kalvin K Korff .. except here. You crazy little shit Kal, how does it feel when "we" are your only "fans?"

Anonymous said...

what an ugly fuck

Anonymous said...

“You crazy little shit Kal, how does it feel when "we" are your only "fans?"

You are correct. If you do a Google search on the name Kal Korff, nothing really comes up, certainly no news reports, etc.

I have a good feeling that after the huge Korffieleak is posted on that web site; most of the Korffers will go off and forget about Korff.

Well, monitoring at all times, of kourse. :^)


Anonymous said...

Actually, the only thing of interest about Kal Korff these days is his rediculous and preposterous statements and comments. At least something to laugh at. Even the 12-year olds are laughing at him now.
Otherwise, just like his brother Kurtis, not worth much of anything.

Anonymous said...

Even on Face Book, he's basically a non-issue.

Post and post, as he might, and virtually no one posts back or pushes that Like button.

And one, a single follower, on that vanity publishing site.

One, 1...

Ha, ha, ha,!

As it should be.

Jimmy D said...

You and your dirtbag brother are two turds from the same cesspitt, "Colonel".

You are both irredeemable scum.

Anonymous said...

My God, check the writing "style" of this "syndicated" whatever he is?!?

Even today.

My God your teachers from that high school in Fremont California must be so proud.

Kal Korff: Obama's union thug, Jimmy Hoffa, yes, a biggie in the mafia controlled Teamsters union (the killed the other Jimmy Hoffa in the seventies and his body has not been found even today) speaks like a typical teamsters thug and corrupt criminal at this Obama event. It's more change we can believe in.

Anonymous said...

Pure filth. The Korffturds - white trash scum, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

The Korffturds

Little Shit


Anonymous said...

Hey Korff, and everythings so much better in India... right? Dummy.

'India's low-caste 'hero' sent jet for shoes: US cables' on Yahoo! News.

A powerful Indian politician who styles herself as saviour of the country's downtrodden "untouchables" sent her private jet to pick up a pair of sandals, according to leaked US diplomatic cables.

Jimmy D said...

Oh, yes. The Barfturds.

They are both pure evil.

They are both pure vermin.

Can anyone be any doubt that the world would be a better place for their passing.

Anonymous said...

The guys just such a hip-o-crete and a liar and a HUGE loser....

Korff, try questioning YOURSELF for one.


Oh, that's right, nobodies listening.

Never mind.

Kal Korff: The issue is not "what Obama faces." We ALL face them. Obama has contributed to our woes, he has not made hardly any go away.

The first thing I would do is start calling people out and hold them accountable. But see Obama cannot do this, b...ecause it means he would have to hold his own feet to the fire, and even worse for him, the Democrats.

The problem is the political parties as typified by their membership.

I hear Democrat apologists always rationalize this and say lame things like it is a big party and has many wings and not all of them can be controlled.

Well, if a party CANNOT "control" its own membership, it is UNWORTHY of trying to "control" a nation.

The FACT remains that there never has been enough money to pay for everyone's VCR, cars, AC units and all of our other material "wealth," the whole thing has always been a ponzi scheme and as long as we have "representatives" who continue to "think" that lecturing everyone else but themselves to "live within one's means" while they put the nation on a credit card existence, we will never solve any problems.

NO NATION has the legal nor moral "right" to be TRILLIONS in debt. These acts were not accidental, they were deliberate.

Since no one "forced" these bozos to do any of this, I DO question their motives and integrity.

Anonymous said...

A fine speech from someone who hasn't had a job in decades and lives off the welfare contributions of other hard working taxpayers.
Isn't that right, Kal??

Mojo Nixon said...

I wonder if that guy is stoned or just batshit crazy.

Oh. Yeah, never mind. It's entirely possible there are critters living in that beard that have more sense than the two Korff brothers combined.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff: The issue is not "what Obama faces." We ALL face them. Obama has contributed to our woes, he has not made hardly any go away.

Wait, is Kalvin in Prague or not? Is that one of the big revelations of this new Korffing Leak site? That he has returned to the US? If not fuck the guy triple for talking shit about anything sitting in Europe on his ass spending his family's money.

Also, paying for people's ... VCR? Why Kalvin, you're showing your middle age after all. It's DVDs now, bonehead. How can one person be so completely inept?

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder from less than a year ago.

NOVEMBER 24, 2010

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING — Going to eat with some of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces. Wish my cousin were with me who is also here in Afghanistan, I hope to hear from him soon. Praise YHWH.

Stolen Valor.

Jimmy D said...

Karlton - I know you're reading this.

I really wish I could meet you face to face so that I could tell you in person how much I loathe and despise you for your treatment of V*jt*ch S*dl*c*k.

And for your treatment of Mich**l* K*c*s, for that matter (I was just hearing the other night from a former Sports Editor at the Prague Post about how you harrassed and tormented her).

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you Jimmy!


Don Ecker said...

Don't you think for one second that I've forgotten you Kalvin. Because I haven't. Oh yes, surprising resemblance between you and your dirtbag brother.

Mr. Ecker.

This is OFFICIAL notice to notify you that you are being SUED for LIBEL, SLANDER, AND DEFAMATION OF COLONEL KAL K KORFF.

You have been warned many many times to CEASE your LIES and SLANDER against Colo.Korff, yet you REFUSE TO DO SO.

You have left Colonel Korff with NO CHOICE but to press charges against you, in a court of LAW and bring you to JUSTICE.

We will also be issuing a restraining order against Cyberstaion usa to STOP THEM from broadcasting your amateurish attempt at a radio show.

We have also notified several newspapers of your SUPPORT OF TORTURE AND YOUR THREAT TO WATERBOARD COLONEL KAL KORFF.


Law Office of Robert D. Coviello
31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Anonymous said...

stolen valor charges are often based solely on verbal claims. kal specifically stated he was going to eat thanksgiving dinner with members of our armed forces, stealing their valor for having served. he then exploited the honor of a cousin of his (real or fictional, anyone?) to add that personal family heartstrings tug. it is behavior that goes beyond just being despicable, very similar to the alleged criminal harassment of his former female writing partner MK. then impersonating a lawyer (very poorly) whose name was chosen at random to try and intimidate (again very poorly) don ecker, someone who actually is a decorated veteran of our armed forces. let us never forget any of this by kal's current distractions, which may seem benign to those unfamiliar with his track record but are just as dishonest and manipulative.

does anyone have any info on this cousin kal claimed was in afghanistan while he was? invented relatives also in harm's way is a sadly typical attribute of stolen valor claims. i would expect nothing less from such a simpering lying simple simon idiot failwagon like kal korff.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Kal to comment on the Russian aircraft crash today which wiped out an entire proffessional Russian hockey team, including 3 star players from the Czech Republic.
May they all R.I.P.

Art Bell's Microphone said...

Thanks, Don, for reminding us just what a malicious little parasite we are dealing with here. Thanks to the others who have mentioned the creep's stalking and general abuse of those other victims.

From that hilariously inept fake lawyer letter (serving notice by way of email!):

We will also be issuing a restraining order against Cyberstaion usa to STOP THEM from broadcasting...

Duh. Real attorneys do not "issue" restraining orders. To say nothing of imaginary ones.

Kernal Klown, get off your fat ass and do something worthy of attention. You can start by apologizing to several dozen people. Then you can find some useful work and start to earn your keep.

Anonymous said...

Big Don Ecker!

America, Fuck Yeah!

Anonymous said...

So this Julius cat was calling out Korff as a hater against Obama. J. based this on the massive amount of anti-Obama posts Korff like a mad man, everyday.

Not a bad assumption, after all, Face Book is not a “news site” it’s a social network, asshole.

What Korff wants is to engage J. in endless rants, which J. already stated he was tired of.

Anyway, here’s what Korff wrote back to him. More proof that Korff is ignorant and not a very enlightened man.

Kal Korff: Julius, you and I have never spoken about my ideas and proposed solutions. For you to comment as if you know them is wrong sir. I DO have them. I do not live in the USA, sir, I have not for over ten years. I do not support either Democrats or Republicans because they are the only two parties directly and wholly responsible for screwing everything up. Why should I support them.


Anonymous said...

How do you "speak" to someone on FB? You write back and forth.

What an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is getting on with the nanobots "Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff sent him.

Anonymous said...

" I wonder how Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is getting on with the nanobots "Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff sent him. "

Actually, I've been told that another Korffieleak is being readied on this subject.

Mojo Nixon said...

He he! I'm sure that sherrif is being peppered with all sorts of childish fake "legal" mumbo jumbo from Kernal Kornhole these days. I bet that will be a big help to Asshole Brother. Then there is the poor public defender who has to deal with both losers, most likely. Yikes.

Brit in Prague said...

You madman, Korff.

You maniac.

You are wired to the moon.

Anonymous said...

" He he! I'm sure that sheriff is being peppered with all sorts of childish fake "legal" mumbo jumbo from Kernal Kornhole these days."

Actually Mojo, from what I've been told, Korff left behind that issue, and harassing those people, just like he's trying to delete and remove all reference to his past, fake, persona.

Don't be fooled. Korff let a few of his web site URL's go, he's removed nearly everything relating to his old, fake, persona.

The only thing left is his Youtube account(s).

I'm not sure why he's left that material (although I like that he has because people can find the kiai channel by way of his lying channel), but I can only assume that those videos continue to fill his ego.

What else does he have left?

Of yeah, being a fake, syndicated, Face Book, journalist, blah, blah, blah....

Lying liar.


Mojo Nixon said...

I was hoping he had forgotten enough passwords to keep some of his most idiotic stuff still up, just so he couldn't try to claim it never existed.

Kal, we are your biggest fans, and we all know you are an idiot.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Echoing the question above -- Does Kalvin actually have a cousin in the military who was deployed to Afghanistan during the period he was claiming to be on war games exercises?

Either way its a lose/lose situation for the Korffling to have the subject come back up. Kalvin was either inventing the relation to push that sympathy button with his Flake Bookers or was preying on a member of his own family to further the Colonel Korff con. It can also be argued that his Colonel Korff activities during Kurtis' legal fiasco was also Kal preying upon a family member during a period of vulnerability. Unless of course the family knew it was a con all along & just let him try his worst -- Or did he really have his family deceived to such a degree that they actually though he was a Colonel?

Jimmy D said...


Koming soon.

I kan't frigging wait.

Jimmy D said...

You (and your dirtbag, guilty-as-they-come brother) are scum, Korff.

Irretrievable, irredeemable, unsalvageable, incorrigible scum.

Anonymous said...

A quick review of Korff's Face Book wall shows...

Almost ZERO repsonse to any of his SYNDICATED vanity .PDF's. link posts.

ZERO Korff.

And still 1, one, ONE follower on his vanity publishing page.

We are your biggest fans.

We are (and Dott Joss) are the only people monitoring your activities, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Imagine escaping and faking and denying for all of your adult life. Imagine then, being KalIsrael Korff.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

'Not available'


Anonymous said...

I really don't give a crap about this post, except for this part:

"... who often invents "news" instead of reporting it."

EXCUSE ME! You lying liar.

There not enough room on this blog to list the INVENTED bullshit you've floated over the last 15 years.

Better yet, just check out the KIAI Youtube channel and you'll find many proven lies right there.


Lying liar.

Kal Korff: Yet another bozo article from the NYT, who often invents "news" instead of reporting it. They NEVER had a "good relationship." There are two reasons for this: Abbas is not a true partner for peace, he was the money man in the Munich massacre at the 72 Olympics, and Obama is incompetent. Put the two together and we have what we have now: failure and charades.

Art Bell's Microphone said...

Man that's rich. Stupid lying prick accusing others of producing only "failure and charades."

Failure and charades is a good description of Kalvin's "career" in a nutshell. What a moron.

Anonymous said...

Look! It's back to 6 books.....

Kal Korff: In my new six vol series on Islamofascism, I nail and expose liberal bozo Paul Krugman. Here's his wacko column for today. Krugman is not the only NYT "journalist" who gets exposed. The paper has lost much of their integrity, especially since 911 happened. He misses the POINT of the Iraqi war, and ignores as all liberals do, the conclusions of the ISG whose report they praise, but obviously never read!

Anonymous said...

Kal, it's 9/11, not 911, you dimwit!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Paul Krugman and Obama are BOTH Nobel Peace prize winners.
And what has Kalvin won? Oh yeah, a little red ribbon for a High School science project. Wow!
Of course with his IQ of 219, he is much more intelligent than they are. Uh-huh.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is always wrong.

Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder where that link will point to??

Kal Korff: Latest survey shows that MOST scientists do NOT support global warming any longer. I will be quoting from this latest survey in the new expose. So another falsehood has been exposed, thanks to the Bray and von Storch study.

Ric Neil: send me a link!

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar. Don't worry Korffers, nobody respondes to these FB posts. It's a non issue.

Kal Korff: Here's the URL some of you have asked for, it contains 43 of my latest articles. I have many more that were published recently, I am behind in posting them. Thanks again for your interest and support, it means a lot to me.

Imaginary Fan said...

I suppose it makes sense that a guy with a whole imaginary team of imaginary lawyers, who has written hundreds of imaginary books and millions of imaginary magazine articles would have lots of imaginary followers asking to see his imaginary newspaper articles, imaginarily syndicated or not.