Sunday, September 25, 2011

Internet terrorist Kal K. Korff flips out

Well lads it was but a matter of time before Kal K. Korff flipped out again barraging his lonely facebook page with delusions about this blog and this website and Don Ecker and David Beidney and more delusions about police investigations. What does this all mean chaps? It means Kal knows he cannot escape the ever vigilant eyes and ears of Korffers worldwide and that he is being PUBLICLY EXPOSED for all his past and current nonsense. Kal is a delusional extremist with a DOCUMENTED past of BEING CAUGHT IN LIES and IMPERSONATING A LAWYER and others. In a brilliant move our very owner FN has taken hold of UFOWACHCAT.COM and unlike the many many many many promises Kal made about that website lads our very own FN will INDEED FOLLOW THROUGH! And make no mistake about it lads that Kal K. Korff has tried to frighten and intimidate people into silence through his schemes and threats and he has UTTERLY FAILED! We shall not stand for your internet terror tactics Kal! We shall not be fooled by your LIES and DECEIT and we shall continue to EXPOSE you!


Anonymous said...
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Nelson Muntz said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, over the coming months that web site will indded be updated and all the Kern Korffing information will be posted.

Until then, lets watch Korff twist in his own wind.

"Mom, everybody on the internet hates me!"

Sir James D said...

God bless Don Ecker.


Who is Santa, Kalvin? Who is the estimable F. Nut, esq.? He's one of your Facebook "friends" ... but which one?

Anonymous said...

Exellent Korffing. What will you do now, Kal...

Jimmy D said...

By the way, regarding the Great Man's reference to seznam....

Several times a week, I send him an email inviting him to apologise publicly for his treatment of Mr S*dl*c*k.

I have reasons for believing that once Karlton gets a nasty email, he immediately blocks the sender's address. Ergo, it is necessary for me to dream up a new email address for each fresh message (e.g.:

But with, there is a way to sign up for eight brand new email addresses with only one registration. Any Korffers who are interested and who speak a bit of Czech can find out more by emailing me at .

Karlton - that doesn't include you, as despite your having lived in Prague for over a decade, you still haven't managed to acqure even a passing acquaintance with the local language.

Jimmy D said...

Don't know what the last post deleted my contact email.

Anyway, it's: kalisaprick [at] g mail [dot] com

Karry on Korffing.

Karlton - you are scum.

Anonymous said...

A beating. A severe, sustained, merciless beating. To within an inch of his life.

That is the only way this creature can be made to see the error of his ways and forced to stop.

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

I seriously doubt a beating would accomplish anything. The wretch is mentally ill, in the same way that the Titanic was a disaster. We should not be making fun of him, but he is also a malicious little turd who will hurt anyone in any way he can just to get attention, so he's fair game as far as most sane people are concerned.

KIAI said...

Lads we do need to watch the content of our messages here. You know what I mean and I do not want to have to remove any of your fine comments. Korff on lads Korff on!

Brit_in_Prague said...

Yeah - suggest you take all incitements to violence down, KIAI.

Much though we might sympathise ...

Anonymous said...

Korff must be bored. He's going nuts, or more nuts again. In any case, Korffers will know what this post really means and says. Visitors just need to know if CON, KON, etc. are cited, it's a Korff lie, a Korff production, all the way.

No one has invited Korff to host anything and this specific lie will never, EVER happen. Korff may produce a youtube video but that's as far as this will fly, or sink.

Posted 4 hours ago, 2 people responded, both woman, whatever that may mean.

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! I'm honored to be offered to host a new documentary called An InCONvenient Truth, exposing the false claims of Al Gore and other GW alarmists. The point of the film is to challenge them to TELL THE TRUTH, instead of lying all the time. Of course I won't win a Nobel nor an Academy Award and I really don't care. I will likely accept this offer, and it'll be produced from the UK, which started the GW bullshi* claims under Thatcher, who never believed in it. The film will be based on my upcoming expose of GW myths and the hypocrisy and lies of their messengers, such as Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

Korff posted this to Gore's Face Book wall. Some may remember Korff "sending a letter" to Obama's some time ago. He posted that to Obama's wall as well, but it foisted it as a letter sent to him...

Lying liar.

Kal Korff: I sent this to Al Gore...How about the LIES you tell everyone, Mr. Gore? Like hurricanes being caused by global warming? Your own movie poster, which you approved of, spreads this lie since it shows a "hurricane" coming out of a smoke stack. How about those dying polar bears, and the judge in the UK ruling that you essentially did lie in your film repeatedly? Your so-called "cause" deserves the TRUTH not lies, lying doesn't help you, it revels your true character.

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar...,
President and CEO · Dec 1996 to present is a worldwide metaorganization dedicated to humanitarian causes and furthering positive and peaceful, social development. works with many groups and organizations around the world united in various common causes. I am also an officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and executive special advisor. I have worked at several newspapers and for various media entities, and am the author of non-fiction books.

Anonymous said...

Lying Lair

College: Various
Class of 1978 · Science Information Technology

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar

Relationship Status: Married

Anonymous said...

Lying Liar

Analyst, Author, Broadcaster, Columnist, Investigative Journalist, IT Specialist, Lecturer, Media Personality, President & CEO CriticalThinkers, Researcher, Sayanim.

I am a volunteer Analyst, Author, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist, who writes and submits reports to various clients.

Anonymous said...

There was an interesting segment on 60 Minutes last night about the counter-terrorism unit of the New York City police department. I just wonder, was the Kernal a special expert consultant, or is he possibly secretly the commander of this operation? Maybe he will write an Internationally Syndicated article (published on Scribd!)critiquing the unit and offering his expert recommendations on how they could improve. I'm sure something this important couldn't possibly exist without Kal somehow being involved!

Rupert Murdoch said...

I just love it when Kernal Krackpot goes all foaming at the mouth about lies! That moron couldn't tell the truth if his nuts were in a vise and telling the truth would release them.

Anonymous said...

The guys actually involved in REAl counter terrorism barely give a chuckle to knuckleheads like Korff.

Jimmy D said...

You are an evil man, Korff.

That is not just a figure of speech.

I mean that you are genuinely - irretrievably, irredeemably - evil.

For what you did to Mr S*dl*c*k I hope you rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Update

Regarding the lie that Korff has been asked to "host" a film, movie, a video, A YOUTUBE UPLOAD, whatever, here's the total responses over the last 22 hours.

This is good news Korffers. Nobodies listening, reading or caring.

23 hours ago: Elizabeth Moody Akaydin WOW...CONGRADULATION Kal.

22 hours ago: Michele Noe Prevette Nice work Kal! Congratulations!

19 hours ago: Kal Korff Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks everyone"?

Two fuckin' people, you nutless turd.

Anonymous said...

You greasy fat assed POS, come back to the States asshole, just come back. Your real fan club is here you nutless grease ball. Right here and we can't wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee Korff, your old friend and another person you never, EVER, exposed in anyway, that X-Zone host dude, is having on a real, honest to goodness counterintelligence specialist.

Not that he can hold a candle to your expertise; you paint-balling, Princess marrying, threat making little shit.

Ha, ha, ha!

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific

WALTER BOSLEY - Former FBI Counterintelligence Specialist - Walter Bosley is a former FBI counterintelligence specialist, former Special Agent AFOSI, is a licensed private investigator and personal security consultant, and is also founder and publisher at Lost Continent Library. Walter is in pre-production on 'Secret of the Amazon Queen', his first feature film as a director, and is co-author, with Richard B Spence, of 'Empire of the Wheel: Espionage, The Occult and Murder in Southern California' currently available at

Jimmy D said...

To misquote the Bard, Korff:

"How do I loathe thee?
Let me count the ways..."

You are scum. Apologize to Mr S*dl*c*k.

Don Ecker said...

Ho Hum. Well, it is apparent to me that the Village Idiot hasn't been run over by a Tram or a Taxi Cab while crossing the street. And! the little shit is still thinking about me. Well you little shit, I am thinking about you. Maybe I should do a special show all about you marrying that Indian Princess, hmm? Let me ask you turd-bird, was your genius level IQ kid your ring-bearer? Was Lt. Martina the maid of honor? Was WO Avim your best man? Hmmm? Gee, any chance you can post pictures of the happy event? Moron.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Big Don Ecker,

Please warm up that microphone and roll out yet another special on our favourite little turd.

Anonymous said...


Well our favorite idiot has posted more articles on Scribd that "appeared in the (always mysteriously unnamed) papers", and now, according to Kalvin, a paper has adopted some of his drivel as "the official position" of the paper. Very impressive!

Here's the challenge Kal. Post a link to any article you have published anywhere recently, excluding the Annie Jacobsen piece in UFO Matrix. Just one link to anything, anywhere. Here is a golden opportunity to prove to Korffers worldwide that you aren't totally full of shit. Post the links on your Flakebook page, template website or on here- we monitor them all. What is the name of any of these papers? Don't keep us in suspense Kal!

If you don't post anything to enable us to confirm any of this material you are allegedly getting published, it will just confirm what we already think, that being that Kal Korff is an idiot and completely full of shit!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, korff will accept your challenge just like he accepted the invitation to go on Dark Matters Radio. NOT!! What a putz.

Anonymous said...

So, as another Korffer already posted, Korff is making bold claims. Sadly, he's so stupid that he doesn't understand the Google search engine. Searching the news with the name "Kal Korff? comes up with ZERO results over the past month.

As Big Don Ecker says, ho hum.

Kal Korff: Here's another piece which also became the official position of the newspaper which printed it. It comments on how France's Senate has swung over to the Socialists and how Sarkozy's situation is now similar to Obama's and argues that France must meet its international obligations, regardless, especially fighting against terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Post a single link to a single newspaper Korff.

It seems we've gotten under Korff vile skin again Korffers. He's responding directly to us again, and nobody on Face Book cares one, little, shit.


Kal Korff: Here's one of my more recent articles, I have had more than 12 published since last time I posted several of them, sorry I have been too busy and lazy to keep them up to date. I'll try to do better. Meanwhile, it is laughable to see my "kritics" say they were never published, so I started including the actual graphics of the articles, now they say I am just doing all of this myself. They refuse to believe they're appearing in real newspapers and online, they're syndicated. Syndicated means it appears in more than one place, duh! They deny it because they're haters/extremists, refuse to admit I earn a living as an accredited journalist and they don't.

Anonymous said...

Where's the expose on us Korff?

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Why are you scared of Big Don Ecker?

Why do you continue to lie?

Run away little shit, run away.

Lying Liar.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Such a liar.

Jimmy D said...


According to you, Czech police have had my residence under surveillance since April 2009.

Could you please tell me when they are going to pounce?

You are lying scum, "Colonel".

Chubby little loser, national joke ...

Anonymous said...

Korff, you are not even fooling your fellow idiots with the "actual graphics" bullshit. Your fellow idiots know it's far easier to post a few links, even if you don't.

Now show us one story in some real newspaper. You can't even name a paper that carries your silly crap, because there aren't any that would. I don't think there ever were, but if so they are long gone by now. Even good, reputable newspapers have been folding left and right.

Say, have you tried the Weekly World News? They might pay you a couple of bucks for some of your better crap. You know, the ones on which you used spell check, and haven't made too big a fool of yourself. Oh, wait. There aren't any of those.

Mojo Nixon said...

Kalvin's kareer as an "accredited journalist" would only be enhanced by people clicking on links to his stories at the newspaper websites. Has anyone seen a link to a story of his? That sure seems strange. You could even post them here, Kalvin. Nothing is stopping you. You could post them anonymously, without even any comment, since your "style" is so well known here. How long would that take you? Five minutes if you are extra slow on the keyboard? Think of all the crow we would have to eat here. Seems like a huge payoff for a few minutes "work."

Anonymous said...

Toilet roll is ever so expensive in this current financial climate. Any chance you could send me some of those articles, Kalvin?

David Biedny said...

I can't say this turd has even crossed my mind in months... Don emailed me and told me my name has appeared in Korff's sick little world again. Just a note, folks - the only people paying ANY attention to this clown are those of you who post things on this blog. Now, I'm obviously on your side, and I'll say it here - if I ever meet Korff in the real world, he'll regret it the rest of his days, but seriously, he's living off the attention he gets from you guys. Without out, he'd wither up and blow away like a stale fart.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lmao those original graphics are the same bug-eyed idiotic "kal trying to look like he's still 27" picture kal used in the free metro handout he had been fired from. his fonts are all paintbox freeware fonts which resemble print letter styles he has seen actual newspapers use. the shallowness of his deception is only surpassed by the universal indifference to the effort. once someone realizes an adult is lying to them they usually shut up and just let you lie to heart's content while focusing on something else. that seems to be exactly what his peanut gallery on facebook is doing. being polite to a known liar.

Anonymous said...

Right.... One link Korff, a single link pointing to a single newpaper or magazine which prints your "syndicated articles"... One.

From Korff's Face Book Bio:

I am an internationally accredited Investigative Journalist and Reporter. I write articles daily which appear in the press in various locations. I cover international events, politics, science, "paranormal," business, travel and technology. I am syndicated, some of my articles are posted on I also often write non-fiction exposes.

Anonymous said...

First it was internationally known accredited syndicated journalist. Now it's internationally accredited Investigative Journalist *and* Reporter. His lies change daily, usually fine-honed into a mature form before being dropped once mom threatens to cut off the money again.

Anonymous said...

Where's the expose on us Korff?

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Chubby little loser, national joke ...

Lying lair.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liar. No one sent you the link, self promoter of lies. That's not the way face Book works. Dummy.

Kal Korff: Here's a trip down memory lane, my debate against Jim Dilettoso, a promoter and chief "photo analyst" of the Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, here we appear on FOX TV where he loses the debate. Thanks for sending me this link, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

So easy to see right through this ruse, this lie.

Korff, once again, writes that the "article" at the end of his .PFD is what appeared in a newspaper; “…a image showing the actual article as it appeared in the paper.”

Again, there's no mention of where and there's no identifier ANYWHERE in the posted .PDF pointing the reader (reader only, since you can't download any of this crap), as to where one might locate ANY Korff material.

In fact, Korff has never EVER posted a single link to a single publication anywhere, on line or in print which has published a single article since this new lie started.

Do a Google News Search on the name “Kal Korff” and see for yourself.

And, why write a travel piece when you can’t view this on a mobile? You’ve locked down your “work” so tight, so as to not allow your “haters” access to the material, that anybody wanting to read or use this material (fat chance), while on travel, can’t.


Lying liar.

Kal Korff: Hi, here is my article on the city of Venice, Italy, which has to be seen to be believed. I enjoyed traveling there, it's incredible. This article hit the international press today, at the end of the written text is a image showing the actual article as it appeared in the paper. In my duties as a investigative reporter and journalist, I write about politics, Islamofascist terrorism (yes, outside the stupidly "political correct" USA this term is not only "allowed" but is used!), technology, travel, and business. I am genuinely honored and I love the news/journalism business.

Venice City of Beautiful Masks, Gondolas

In yet another one of his travel articles, Kal Korff writes about another city he has visited. This time it's Venice, Italy, which has to be seen to be believed. by kalkorff in Magazines/Newspapers, europe, and venice..

Anonymous said...

Where's the expose on us Korff?

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Who have you sued Korff?

Chubby little loser, national joke ...

Lying lair.

Anonymous said...

A web site posts this info on September 20, 2011:

Korff posts this on September 29, 2011:

Google Introduces New eWallet for Smartphone Users

See for yourself Korffer's. While not a word for word rip off, it's very close.

Lying Lair.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Not to be outdone by human ashes stuffed into bullets, here's CheaterVille, where men and women who cheat on their spouses are outed. Isn't the Internet great? :-)

Yes it is Korff. It allows you to post your lies, steal valore and live your fantasy life.

Syndicated... like hell.

And it allows we Korffers to research and post the truth about you.

Yes, the internet is great.

Lying Liar.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Another fabulous day here in Prague. I went for a bike ride up to and around Sarka with my kids.

What did you do, Korff? Don't tell me - let me guess: you were holed up in your feculent, fetid one-room wank chamber posting lies on Facebook.

You are scum, Korff. Why don't you just end it all?

Anonymous said...

Brit you would be right. Check what he posted regarding "how easy it is to get legal in the USA."

Korff, you're an ignorant asshole.

Kal Korff: If their parents REALLY "loved" their families and children they would do everything they can to get LEGAL. I have no sympathy for them. It is so easy to get LEGAL in America, they should not be rewarded for breaking laws anymore than Obama's uncle should be allowed to continue to work illegally while having a Social Security card! They should charge him with SSC fraud, like the laws demand, but they won't because of Democrats largely.

Anonymous said...

Accredited journalism.

"Kal Korff:

Our war game exercises included a FEMALE Indian sharpshooter who is a gold medalist in their country, she's a VERY nice lade. Another marksman who was a bronze medalist. It was interesting to see the different tactics Israel uses compared to India. In India and Pakistan they count their ammo, and measure each shot, as in shoot sparingly and try to get their targets with one shot. Since I am trained the Israeli way, this means to just open fire and advance while firing, so that the target is pinned down and cannot move nor dare show itself. As you advance you keep firing until you are on top of the target and it is then destroyed. The result was interesting...NO "casualties" on the Israeli side of things, the other side suffered mega hits. It was fun and educational. Often other personnel were taken out, leaving sharpshooters exposed and not exactly in the best position for them. It was quite a contrast.

It is not practical, at least in my opinion, to do one shot, one kill in this situation. I prefer steady firepower, because it paralyzes the potential enemy. Then you advance while the target is trapped and trying to survive. By the time you are within point blank range it is too late for said target. I have seen many such engagements, especially with tracers used on the mix, the poor person on the other end does not stand a chance. It is always easy to revert to one shot, one hit, but it is more risky, since one is more exposed and it is hard to cover 180 degrees in front of you at times.

In my exercise, I was pinned down by three very different types of soldiers, so I had to take out all three. I went after the two and SAVED the sharp shooter for last. The sharpshooter should have been peppering me while I was laying mega rounds on them, but I kept suppressive firepower going across the 180 sweeping back and forth and just advanced like there was no tomorrow, using combination os Israeli tactics mixed in with some good ol American improvisation. :-)"

Anonymous said...

The link again in TinyURL form:

Colonel Kal Korff at wargames exercises near the Pakistani border, November 2010. His attempt to pass off Scribd posts as newspaper articles is just as weak. Just as one look at this confirmed that was a fraud one look at his article postings confirms that they have not been published anywhere by anyone.

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

Dear God, how I despise you, Korff...