Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time is running out Kal you bloated gas bag

It is coming lads!!!! Kal K. Korff is about to be EXPOSED!!!!!! Keep an eye here lads.


sqawdsufwqdfjqvdvtiovoic said...

Kal Korff's own words:

"I relocated to Prague BECAUSE this is the best place to be and WHERE all the action takes place. You may remember that Muhammad Atta was in Prague. I was the individual that LEAKED the story to the press because we knew that the Miniter of Interior here for the Czech Republic, Stanislav Gross, was corrupt. Gross later resigned. He resigned because of corruption AFTER he became Prime Minister here."


Anonymous said...

Lying scum.

Anonymous said...

"I was put into special schools and classes as a kid. I have an IQ of 219 ( a matter of public record) and in my Freshman year in high school alone (I am not exaggerating) I took seven foreign languages!"

This is a lie.

Anonymous said...

"On several occasions, after I sold the Syrians bogus plans for an a bomb, there were attempts on my life. THIS is THE REASON I LEFT CALIFIORNIA PERMANENTLY, RESETTLED IN WASHINGTON AND WORKED AT BOEING."

This is a lie.

Brit_in_Prague said...

My loathing of you is a physical ache, "Colonel".

When will the pointless lies stop? When?

Anonymous said...

"This is a matter of public record, and I have the news clippings, but logically they are not all on the internet, but as you may recall I am the "A Bomb Kid" the young bozo who designed a nuclear warhead (a doomsday device) back when I was 14. I got into trouble, especially after I entered it into our school's science fair, and one of the judges there had a degree in physics and it scared him."

KAL Korff is not the A-Bomb Kid. This is a lie.

Jimmy D said...

V*jt*ch S*dl*c*k - contribution to his community and society: immeasurable.

Colonel KalIsrael Korff - contribution to his community and society: zero.

I loathe you, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Yikes! I am honored and once again humbled to report that there are now over 18,000 hits at my page. I am amazed at this because, even accounting for several hundred hits put there by a bozo in the USA, I have not uploaded any articles in a week and the traffic keeps improving. THANKS everyone!

On my YouTube channel, secretxwars, we have over 100,000 hits. I never thought this would happen. On my YouTube channel are lectures and rehearsals and answering questions from people who have emailed me and also exposing UFO CONspiracy nuts. These videos were done years ago and remain popular still, apparently. Who would thunk?

Rehearsals. You can't re-write history Korff.

You lying fuck. Ha, ha, ha!

T-minus 11 days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the names, and photos and the VIDEO and the proof with your Facebook friends.

Lying liar. Never stops.

It's coming Korff.

Suck on it Hater of the Gays.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, I am pleased to report that my appearance at a college at a conference was successful. There was a big welcoming sign out front, and everyone was really great. I met some great, new people and friends and we had a really great time. The audience was attentive, perfect actually, and I am just honored and truly humbled to be asked to be the Chief Guest at the event and that it went so well. We recorded the speech, I wonder if my "kritics" will lie about this and say this did not happen either? We also took several photos, and I got a copy of the conference proceedings which has many papers in it from several of the participants. I love addressing foreign audiences, meeting new people and new cultures is a key part of what life is all about. Praise YHWH!

The Unknown Korffer said...


Now that is a banner I would crawl a mile to see. And of course having a guest lecturer without a college education will inspire the students to follow in his footsteps by dropping out & becoming social predators.


Don Ecker said...

Hey Kalvin, counting down the days till your big B-day! %0 huh?? Oh yeah kalvin, gonna be a memorable day for you buddy. We are gonna sing a big Happy Birthday Pal. I promise you will remember this b-day. Hugs and kisses kal.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Korff's back to posting like a mad man on FB. He's poting all kinds Obama and Global Warming material.

I'm thinking that he trying to balance out what's coming.

KAL it won't help. There's so much truth on the site that whatever assumption we have up there (that you will try and fight against) is fully out weighed by fact.

You're so F'ed!


Jimmy D said...

Just remember you brought this on yourself, Karlton.

We told you to stop - again and again. We told you to stop lying, to apologize the myriad people you have hurt and/or dishonored. We told you to haul down your various websites and accounts.

But you wouldn't listen. You just wouldn't listen.

YOu are scum, Korff. Irredeemable, irretrievable scum. Here's to the next 50 years, you worthless piece of dung.

The Unknown Korffer said...

I love addressing foreign audiences, meeting new people and new cultures is a key part of what life is all about.


I enjoy lying to people and prefer preying on foreign citizens sympathetic to Americans. I think everyone is inferior to me and want to be the center of attention. I do not hold a job and live on handouts from my family.

I also wonder if KALVIN told his Flakebook crew about all of the videos he has deleted and why. Like the truly disturbing one with the young girl's pictures on his ipod, or the one where he was filmed distributing fraudulently obtained goods to "buyers" he had conned. Or that he changed his description texts for what he now claims are rehearsals for a speech, which were first posted as him giving the speech in front of an Israeli delegation. Or all of the videos where he wore his "uniform" costume while pretending to be some sort of expert on terrorism. I wonder what his buddies would think of those and if they would also come to the conclusion that Kalvin needs psychiatric help.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please remind me when the Great Man's 50th birthday is?

Anonymous said...

March 13, 1962.

The big 5-0 is coming.

Anonymous said...

"We are at the crossroads of our existence as a species, this century is the beginning of our end, if we do not learn to understand each other and genuinely get along with one another. Humans are the only life forms with the unique gift of choice, we must use it wisely. If we continue to make the wrong choices, it will be our demise ultimately."

Anonymous said...

Turn up your speakers!

Anonymous said...

July, 2006: KAL Korff, "I never plan to return to the USA, unless I am drafted into public service there. I am committed to humanitarian causes, and live behind the former Iron Curtain countries here to try and make a difference, to help them get to where they need to be but not to blindly copy the wrong parts of the west."

Anonymous said...

September, 2006: KAL Korff, "PLEASE don't HATE ME for this, but ever since 1991 the US govt has basically "left me alone" and I DON'T EVEN NEED TO FILE ANY INCOME TAXES! I HAVE NOT SINCE 1991 AND THEY ARE "OK" WITH THIS!!"

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom from a confirmed pot smoker.

September 2006: KAL Korff, "Booze doesn't really affect me, and the Czechs over here don't understand it, since they drink far more and many get drunk. I have never been drunk."

Anonymous said...

Monday, 01 October 2007. KAL Korff. "UFO WatchCat has published their first eleven expose points concerning Roswell "UFO crash" huckster Dr. Kevin Randle's "research." According to UFO WatchCat, they'll be publishing over 1,000 more!"

Anonymous said...

January 2007. KAL Korff, "And I now have a 500 BOOK DEAL with many entities. News will be formally published next week and sent abroad, I guess I just made Guinness. :-)"

Brit in Prague said...

FN: maybe copy and paste some of the above soundbites into some sort of "greatest hits" page on the new website?

Anonymous said...

Might do a sound board page..... We'll see.

Jimmy D said...

Don't forget your birthday emails to Karlton on March 15th.

He's unlikely to actually open any emails from people he doesn't know, so I recommend that you included your message in a/ your email address itself, and b/ in the subject line.

For example:

Subject: Frightened any teenage girls recently, "Colonel"?

Anonymous said...

t-minus 6 days.