Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EXPOSING the LUNACY of Kal K. Korff


Lads this is no bodge job by any means. It is utter aces lads and the amount of work that must have gone into EXPOSING KAL K. KORFF was a huge undertaking. People were cheesed off at that cunt Kal and they went out and did a thorough job TEARING KAL APART piece by piece using KAL'S OWN WORDS!!!! ahahahhhaaahahahahahaaa!!!! So how does self claimed genius level IQ toting Kal get taken out by a bunch of guys on the internet? First of all lads Kal is no genius. Second of all if you wave your utter nonsense about enough sooner or later someone will kick you right in the arse. Kal's had this coming a long time and rightfully so since Kal claims to expose frauds. Table turned Kal table turned and someone picked it up and cracked your skull wide open. That's has got to hurt chaps!  ahahahahahahhaaaaaahhhhaa!!

Go crawl back under your rock Kal. Naff off Kal. Can't wait to see how shirty Kal gets over all of this. I'm sure he'll be back in no time with his lawsuit threats and KMPG audits! ahahahahahhhaaaaahahaha

What a fantastic job done by the Korffing Syndicate.  Bravo lads!  Bravo! I did none of the work on that magnificent website other than advertise it here. Good job lads!!!!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

You madman, Korff.

Anonymous said...

It looks like things continue to get really bad for kalvin, REALLY Bad!

Anonymous said...

It must be udderly vial to be KalIsrael Karlton Korff right now ...

Brit_in_Prague said...

Has the Great Man pontificated on events in Syria yet?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I as a rule don't eat beef, ate is when I visited the USA, my Indian wife had never seen it before and could not believe it was once a cow. :-) I don't blame her.


Anonymous said...

Korff hasn't posted any articles in a month as of March 15. No articles on scribd, one new article on the India paper in weeks, and zero "military" related material on Facebook, of any real depth or worth, and in general, in weeks.

Maybe Korff's running away from this fake persona now, as well?

And no mention of the Korffie Leak web site.

He's hoping it will go away, when all HE had to do was to go away, and the site would never have been launched.

Anyway, expect a huge article up load from Korff now.


Jimmy D said...

I believe FN should play fair about this.

Could FN perhaps stipulate clearly his terms for taking the new website off public view?

For example:

Apologise fully and unreservedly for his treatment of Mr S*dl*c*k, M*ch**l* K*c*s, Tina and her daughter, David Biedney, etc. etc.

Provide a full and detailed list of all his lies and a full and unreserved apology for having made them.

A promise (to be swiftly acted up) to haul down his online pronesence (FB account, YT account, website).

I doubt he'd ever agree, but we should give him the option of being allowed to crawl back into his dungheap.

Jimmy D said...

Sorry for the typos. Should read:

A promise (to be swiftly acted upon) to haul down his online presence(FB account, YT account, website).

Anonymous said...

The Syndicate is in agreement.

We would leave up a truncated site, laying out Korff's behavior that led to the removal of the material.

But yes, we'd be more than happy to remove the majority of the material if Korff did the right thing as JimmyD had laid it out.

Something along the lines of the apology Korff gave to Art Bell, et al.

We would expect Korff to post a video regarding this "change of behavior" and we would expect Korff to post the same material on his Facebook wall for 30 days and then delete that account.

Anonymous said...

It will never happen. Kal is probably right now looking for names of lawyers he can impersonate to send more fake legal BS letters.

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Anonymous said...

Tune in tonight Korff.

On the X-Zone Radio Show

SEGMENT 6: 03 am - 04 am Eastern / 12 am - 01 am Pacific
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Anonymous said...

Korff is not bright enough to figure out he should apologize, do a round robin of sorry's or take responsibility for his actions. He is in essence a 10 year old in maturity, a genuine sad-sack of a human being. Kind of a shame really, when he was a kid he seemed like he had a bit of promise. What ever happened to him he managed to piss all that promise away and now he is just a nasty little prick.

Anonymous said...

"Korff is not bright enough to figure out he should apologize...”

That is a Klassic Korff summation Korffers.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Fuck him. Kal would hang anyone he felt slighted him on the web. Piss on him and I say leave it up no matter what. You will never get a sincere apology from Kal so don;t waste your time. Remember now that Kal says he does not negotiate. Fuck you, Kal. How's it feel????? LMFAO!

Jimmy D said...

"Piss on him and I say leave it up no matter what."
---No. I say that it is important that we demonstrate that we are not like him. We must give him the chance of redemption, even though we know full well that he will never avail himself of that chance.

Daniela said...

Karlton is a sociopath:

He's other stuff as well (see his made up "sapstoe", "krava maga instructor" personae, etc.) but for starters, he's definitely a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Well, Apple stock is now over $600 per share. Apple will sell around 60 million more iPad 3. Apple is the world's most valuable company by a longshot, much bigger than Microsoft, Google, etc combined. Yipee! :-)

Not a single iPad given away for peace, ever.


Anonymous said...

Korff hasn't said a single word on FB about the Korffie Leak site.

How can he? If and when he does, Korff’s “sequestered” fan base will be done with.

How’s I feel Korff?

How does it feel….?

Anonymous said...

A psychopath thinks 2+2=5 rather than 2+2=4. A sociopath knows 2+2=4, but hates to admit it.

Anonymous said...

For what you did to Tina and her daughter I hope you burn in torment for ever, you scumbag.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Korff;

"Give a lunatic a keyboard and and an internet connection and that's what happens."

Anonymous said...

There's nothing Korff can do but ignore that website.

What a wonderful way to end up; a life full of lies and hate and now.....


Congarts Korffing Syndicate to a job well done.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

kernal kornhole knows that if he mentions it he's toast with his flock of hoodwinked followers. how many pages of that would dr. bruce macabee have to see before realizing that kal is just a liable to turn on him as anyone else? i was sad to see that bruce had friended kal but i guess he's never googled korff's name before. anyone who would comes here, and then they go there, and then its bye-bye kernal kal. he can't speak a word and is praying that nobody else stumbles across it on there own ... so, let's help them.

anyone got bruce macabee's email address? :D

Anonymous said...​m