Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kal K. Korff CAUGHT!! The silence is deafening!


Well Kal when will you stand up? Kal won't because he has been CAUGHT! CAUGHT! CAUGHT! Just like most cowards Kal will run and hide and avoid it instead of being a man and standing up. I thought you were not "timid" Kal. Slither back under your rock Kal and stay there you craven loser.


Anonymous said...

The pressure is on KAL. The longer you stay silent the worse it will get.

In fact, we're reading a few new posts and pages....


The Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Well, I must admit I am not too surprised. korff slithered under his rock and he hopes it will go away. I don't see much chance of that happening, going away that is. Who would have thought kal, on your 50th birthday the entire WORLD would witness your "udder" downfall. Oops kal, on your ass huh? How does it feel kal? Well, I will tell you how Kevin Randle, David Biedny, Don Ecker, Royce Meyers III all feel. They are laughing their asses OFF!!!

Jimmy D said...

The offer is there, Kal. Come clean, issue the requisite apologies, delete your Internet presence, and this can go away.

Acknowledge your crimes and your lies, and apologise for them. Contact FN to find out exactly what you must do to make all this go away.

God bless you, FN. How I wish I could honor properly you by addressing you by your real name.

Jimmy D said...

I suppose KIAI should also undertake to hide this site if KalIsrael makes the appropriate conciliatory moves - what do you say, KIAI?

Anonymous said...

Facebook Korffing Update

Korff's posting cartoons and discussing things with two people on his wall.

Search "Kal Korff" and it's not pretty. It's only a matter of time before the Korffie Leak site works it's way up the returns.

Ignore this all you want KAL. We're monitoring and waiting.

There's no hurry. Life goes on, the world turns, and the the hit count continues to rise....

The Korffing Syndicate

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Did Karlton mention on FB what fun he had on his birthday? Did he thank everyone for their best wishes? And were any such wishes actually left on the creature's FB wall?

Anonymous said...

From Kevin Randle PhD. On his blog A Different Perspective

From March 6, 2007

"World hero, super-intelligent human, and exposer of fakers, Kal Korff (seen on the left) has brought up my name in conversation on a radio interview. Now I confess that I didn’t hear it and all I have is the report from a friend who mentioned it to me. Korff, according to him, said that I was claiming my Iraq service was more important than it was. He suggested that I was called to active duty because the Army didn’t have enough people and I was just filling in.

Well, Duh."

Now, some of you guys have suggested "we" give Korff a break if he says he's sorry? Fuck that flabby assed fraud. He's got nothing coming. I hope this data follows that fucker till he dies.

Anonymous said...

Check the site, this birthday info is under the 2012 Kliams link.

In short, very few people posted any birthday wishes on his wall and many less would have if Korff didn't post something first.

It's all expained on the site.

Anonymous said...

This guy is having very long discussions with Korff. Maybe we should try and locate him to inform him about his new "friend"?

Information found on the web.

No e-mail address found.

Steve Crietzman
President and CEO
Open Amiga Foundation
Tel: +44 (0)1778 393323

Anonymous said...

the Open Amiga Foundation is a group that focuses on the old Amiga OS and further development of it for people whos till use it.

I am sure Kal will somehow spin this into something of earth shattering importance but in fact its a non starter.

f1 racer

Jimmy D said...

Karlton - is my apartment still under surveillance? If so, the poor old cops have been sitting in the street for two years now.

Anyway - you might like to tell them that we moved six months ago.

Anonymous said...

This is nice to see, somebody on Facebook calling out Korff.

And notice, Korff saying he's been to lazy to post articles, etc. I'm waiting for the 30 plus articles to be posted that he's now late on.

I'm basing this on Korff's claims of having articles in the "paper" everyday, sometimes a few articles per edition.

Lying liar.

I did look for this guys e-mail address. Facebook now makes it much more difficult to poach e-mail addresses.

And, see where Korff called them "hits or reads". Thanks for reading this blog and the web site Korff.

Kal Korff: Here's the link again to an archive of some 136 articles I have written during the past several months. They cover everything from international issues such as terrorism, Iran, business, travel, politics, Middle East, UFOs, Apple, computing, technology, real estate — I am truly honored. Hope you like them. I will post more articles soon, I have written several but have been too lazy to upload them :-) THANKS everyone for your continued interest, we hitting the 19,000 hit or reads mark and will pass it any day now.

Karl Brian Northeast: ïnternational issues"... and Iran... counting internet hits and saying thanks... This is journalism?

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol hot!!! this guy's my new hero. hey i did some korffing, after recalling this from the kan o korff pages at ufo watchdog ...

Is the director of a nanotechnology project and had a forensics project in the Balkans. Korff also claimed he would have a chip implanted in him for his "ops" for a reality tv show showing "Captain" Korff fighting terrorism and taking down UFO frauds.

lol forgot about the chip implant. but the bit about the forensics in the balkans came to mind when going over this page at ...

relating the very real tale of kernal klown's disruption of patrick cooke's work regarding the brietenwinner cave. what caught my attention was the passage in cooke's emails (linked at the top) where he states that his assistant resigned abruptly after receiving unspecified threats.

a kommon korff tactic! even if they are just made up chest thumping cooked up in a frenzy of narcissistic rage. at being denied recognition by professionals in a field he has no knowledge of beyond what's posted at wikipedia. sounds like a lot of anguish and bad karma was generated, legitimate research was disrupted and careers adversely effected by the fallout created by one sniveling little coward of a liar. something to be proud of for sure: hindering progress.

yeah so kal! :D keep posting to your silly texedit uploads to scibdib or whatever its called! have fun. make up a new job title for yourself and post more pictures of your empty desk back at home. just stay clear of actual professionals trying to make a difference in the world. you are incompetent, inept, and a genuine force of evil if what this suggests is the case. a human disaster area! a train wreck hurtling through life looking for things to smash into. stay clear!

Brit_in_Prague said...

Karlton. I don't believe you are in India. If you are indeed in that fair country, then I challenge to you purchase a copy of The Times of India and post a photo on your FB page of you holding it. The front page - with top-of-page headline - must be clearly visible.

You must buy the current edition and post the photo on the same day.

Do you accept my challenge, Karlton?

Anonymous said...

Facebook Korffing Update

Here's Korff's response to Brian:

"Kal Korff: These are separate subjects and you are citing non sequitirs my friend. Nothing "wrong" with thanking people for reading one's work which has been published in the newspapers/international press. I appreciate their interest.

Yes, I DO write about several subjects, I am knowledgeable about them and am professionally accredited. Hope you are well."

And, this as a seperate post. Check the passive agressive stance. What an 8 year old! Ha, ha, ha!

"Kal Korff: This is for my friend Karl Brian Northeast. Hope you enjoy this example of "real journalism" :-)"

Anonymous said...

So Korff is more than happy to be publicly humbled and honored about his material but he’s not humbled and honored enough to share with his Facebook friends the stills and video, or name and location of any of his recently claimed college appearances?

The Unknown Korffer said...

Nothing "wrong" with thanking people for reading one's work which has been published in the newspapers/international press.

Only problem with that brilliant rocket science comeback is that Kalvin has only linked his Scribd postings. There is no convincing evidence that any of his "articles" has actually been printed by anyone. Brian was being generous by not calling the whole charade the FRAUD that it really is. People aren't that dumb, Kal.

Jimmy D said...

Worthless, evil vermin who is too cowardly to end it all.

Anonymous said...

Still running and still hiding, aren't you korff?

And the korff expose is still informing people you klown!